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1  Economy / Scam Accusations / Adkinsbet SCAM on: January 17, 2021, 01:14:35 AM
Scammers Profile Link:;u=2882335

Reference Link:

Amount Scammed: 0.44003 BTC

Payment Method: Bitcoins

Proof of Payment:

What happened:

Dec 8th
Deposited 50 mBTC.

Dec 9th
Deposited 80 mBTC.

Dec 10th
Withdrew 15 mBTC.

Dec 11th
Withdrew 30 mBTC

Dec 12th
Requested 45 mBTC withdrawal.

Dec 17th
I contacted them regarding my pending withdrawal.
They are telling me I need to fill in the details in my account profile. I did it.

Dec 19th
They told me they need to check the bets and transactions on the account and closed my account.

Dec 20th
They are telling me they found the issue with one of my bets. B607544431 saying it was graded as win and it should be lost.

They changed that bet from HT/FT 1/1 to HT/FT X/1

Game score:

As a "sign of good will" they let me 80 mBTC that I deposited and voided every single bet after that one I won. Something feels wrong here.

Odds on home team to win were around 2.20 so that means 1/1 should be around 3.30-3.45 AND IT IS, and X/1 should be 5.50+.
So they changed my bet, but didn't change the odds on the bet slip!!!

They also declined my withdrawal from Dec 12th (W607768698).
On December 20th they put my balance to 80 mBTC when in fact it should stand at 367.21 mBTC.

Dec 28th
Withdrawal requested (20 mBTC).
Withdrawal declined saying I withdrew already 15 , 30 , 40 mBTC which is more than 80 mBTC they "gave me as a sign of good will" so they took 85 mBTC from my balance.
Balance on the account 2.08 mBTC.

Dec 30th
I deposited (50 mBTC) here because I had only 0.08 mBTC on my account when I should have 374.29 mBTC.

Jan 8th
My balance here according to them was 0.98 mBTC so I deposited again (80mBTC). My balance if they didn't cheat would be 375.19 mBTC.

Jan 12th
Requested withdrawal 60 mBTC.

It gets real interesting here. I was still logged in and two minutes after this bet I have noticed that there's another bet on the same outcome but with 61 mBTC stake. That was impossible since I had a withdrawal pending I did not place that bet. I contacted support (someone was online) and they explained to me that they declined my withdrawal because I didn't put in the same address as I did during previous withdrawals. Well, that is not true, because I requested the withdrawal to the SAME ADDRESS as I did previously.
The address WAS THE SAME. You can see it here

I also asked them what about that bet I didn't place and asked them to void it. They did after some time and told me they won't be able to do it in the future (this is really important now).

They voided the bet, I requested another withdrawal 60 mBTC to that same address.

Jan 13th
Now, after the bet B610486144 I had 67.82 mBTC on my account. That match will be played on January 15th.
So, January 13th comes and I am sitting in my living room when I receive an email from adkinsbet that I have canceled my withdrawal and requested new ones and on the different BTC address so they declined those, and then they tell me I placed one bet for 67.82 mBTC on one match
Spanish cup, Girona - Cadiz over 1,5 goals in the first half on January 16th at 16:00 CET

As soon as I saw that I ran to my computer and contacted support. I told them it wasn't me who cancelled the withdrawal, requested new ones or placed that bet. At that moment it didn't cross my mind that they would do something like that. It was all clear when they told me that they can't void that bet because I placed it and they already voided one bet per my request (the first "phantom bet") and can't void this one even though it was 4 days away (because of their license provider). The first one they voided was in-play bet and the score in that one was already going in my favor.

I asked them a few times just to cancel that bet and let me withdraw my balance. They declined stating I am responsible for my account because my first thought was that someone cracked my password but that was not the case.

It all became very clear when another user posted accusation thread where he also had the same problem with bets not placed by him.

All the notes in the spreadsheet are written here in this post.
All the transactions (except for those phantom bets and declined withdrawals on January 13th)on the account are written in the spreadsheet.

Those bets and transactions are visible in other screenshots in this post.

Adkins changed my bet from won to lost.
Took my balance and placed bets themselves.
Stole 0.44003 BTC from me.
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