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1  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Mining (Altcoins) / [OS] ZhashOS, Mine in 3 EZ steps, Power $aving Pendrive OS, Keep Win10/7 Intact. on: June 16, 2018, 09:47:26 PM

-Boot from pendrive, keep your windows intact.

-For the new BitcoinZ Zhash algo and other asic resistant Equihash 192,7, 144,5, 96,5 and 210,9 algos.

-For all NVIDIA cards GTX 9XX and 10XX series 2GB and up.

-Compact, download under 500MB. For 2GB+ USB Pendrives (USB 3.0 recommended).

-Just download, flash your 2GB+ USB flash drive with etcher (, plug the USB into your PC, Set your BIOS to boot the USB before the hardrive, Boot, Configure in 3 EZ steps and get to mining!.

- 0.5% Dev Fee + 0.5% BitcoinZ Community Fund Fee = 1% Total Fee.

-Please read the readme 1st pdf to understand the install & config process:

-Mega Download:!G3oHEYJQ!zn8K5XtdjDZ-62o4pxaXYjmZtL_DdLpikiLh_EHRGvw


Full details:

Hey Fellow Miners,

I have been developing and mining a simple version of Micro Linux for my personal rigs over the last year now.

Here's a couple of screen shots of the eye candy erm....I mean desktop in operation. Hopefully this will put Windows Users at ease and maybe even intrigued enough to check it out.


Desktop Mining:

I have built a custom version of it to handle the new harder equihash parameters that are hopefully more ASIC resistant.

So it can be used to mine coins that use the new equihash 192,7, 144,5, 96,5 and 210,9 parameters.

The idea of this came about as I am a fan of BitcoinZ which has done an algo change on June 16th,2018.

In the original testing on June 10th, the new algo was making 1060 3GB cards unusable in Win 10 for mining. Something about Win 10 using to much GPU memory for itself and not leaving enough for mining the new equihash or Zhash parameters.

So the only option at the time was to fall back to Win 7.

Knowing that Linux did not have that problem, and wanting them to not be left out or have to regress their windows, I decided to build this O/S as a work around for them.

But as I said, It will work with all newer NVIDIA cards.

Also, knowing most were Windows users are not Linux aware, My main goal was to make this as easy peasy as possible for them.

Just download, flash your 2GB or larger USB flash drive with etcher, pop the USB into your PC, Set your BIOS to boot the USB before the hardrive, Boot, Configure in 3 EZ steps and get to mining!

Then you can keep your Win10 intact. You can also use like I do and not even have a hardrive/SSD installed at all on your rig. Saves me few bucks on my rigs that way. And uses less power as well.

I think most Windows users think of Linux as not very user friendly and lots of command line  configuration stuff.

While that was true in the beginning(1994-2004), there has been a push to make things more user friendly over the years. I feel it has come a long way since then.

I very rarely have to config anything on the command line anymore.

So, I set about my task of putting together a easy to deploy and configure solution. And once set, it will be stable and just flat work.

While I was working on this, EWBF released his much faster miner two days ago. Kudos to him for his work.

Soooo, we stopped the printing presses and built a brand new version with updated drivers using his miner instead. What is this "sleep" you speak of? LOL!

So that's the history of how I/we made ZhashOS.

Since EWBF's release, some people are claiming success with 3GB cards in Win 10, others are not.

Please read the readme 1st pdf to understand the install & config process:

BTW, this is also a full featured O/S complete with Spreadsheet, Word Processor,Email,Chat, Paint,Web Browser, FTP etc.

I have been using this Micro Linux since it came out in 2006 and was an instant fan. Not bad for a 900 MB O/S. When was the last time you heard of O/S install measure in MB's?

4GB RAM recommended, 2GB Minimum. If you have at least 4GB ram, You do not need *any* swapfile(Virtual Memory).  The whole thing loads into a ram drive and is lightening fast.  If you look at the CPU utilization screen when it was mining you will see Total CPU was running at 8%. Basically  idling.

Old download link removed see new version down below

Be sure and read the readme completely before starting.

First formal release  with: New Nvidia 387 driver, EWBF Miner, Basic miner crash recovery, Dev(0.5%) and BTCZ Fund(0.5%) fee sharing engaged, More icons set on the desktop for user ease of access, updated readme to help new installations. etc.

We are going to handle the fee arrangement a little differently.

I set it up to 50% share mining on it for about 15 minutes a day. You and I would split mining shares for the 15 minutes.  The other 23hours 45 minutes are all yours of coarse.  

I guess we would kind of call it a dev fee. That would work out to be roughly a 0.5% fee.

I would rather do it this way because most pools are PPLNS.

Being a miner myself, I'm thinking if you stop mining on your pool account completely like most Dev fees work, it would be more harmful to your daily earnings.

Rather, if you slow down for a period of time while sharing with me would be less harmful as the pool will see you haven't stopped completely.

I will use the fee to further feature enhancement going forward.

Some of the thoughts I have are self-monitoring and repair of mining crashing i e watchdog, automatic fan and power control to keep the card safe when it gets warm, have the "option" to activate being able to remote into a PC via remote desktop, keeping up with new releases, adding other btcz miners as they are developed Etc. Things like that.

We have also set up another 15 minutes for the bitcoinZ Community Fund. So they would get a 0.5% fee donation as well.

So your total donation would be roughly 1%.

So check it out. Linux has come a long way since its beginning. It has a pretty good proven track record of just flat working which is why most servers are using it. If it is good enough for them than it probably is good enough for us as well. eh?

Update: June 19th 2018
Release 2 of ZhashOS is now availible.

Updated to EWBF 0.2 cuda 8 which allows us to use a more mature nvidia driver.

Added a icon for editing plus a dialog box reminder/instructions to activate it after editing. Be sure and restart the miner after you activate it.

Added "Take a Shot" screen shot program.

Have shrunk the download size to under 500MB. Will fit on to a 2GB USB Flash Drive now. USB 3.0 drives are still highly recommended. It is 6x-10x faster. Makes boot times measured in seconds.

Update July 4th 2018
Release 2.01 of ZhashOS is now available

-Updated to EWBF 0.3 for up to 10% faster hashrate depending on the card.

-Revised the 1streadme1st document to give further guidance

-added FAQ.PDf to instruct on setting up Power/Fan Speed/Overclock settings on GPU. Very Important!

-Made password change function (passwd) operational. All users setting up Remote Desktop are highly recomended to set thier own password for the rig.

-Shrunk the download even further. Now ~475MB.

Update July 17th 2018
ZhashOS Release 2.02 is now available.

-Updated to EWBF 0.4

Improved performance for algo 144_5 and maxwell gpus,

Allows launching over 9 gpus in a single instance

Update August 1st 2018

ZhashOS Release 2.03 is now available.

-Updated to EWBF 0.5 Improved performance for algo 144_5 and maxwell gpus,
I am seeing 14-15% increase on 1070ti's

-Updated Faq.pdf with more questions answered.

-Modified to work better with certain high power CPU's

-Added more information pertaining to P106-100 type GPU's in

-Fixed a small formatting bug in reminder dialog box.

Update October 28 2018

ZhashOS Release 3 rc2 is now available

-HUGE improvement in setup time and ease with our new SetupWiz. One "new" user reported he was mining in 2 minutes after boot.

-Now includes a enhanced software watchdog that monitors "multiple" GPU parameters for crashes and will reset the miner or restart the desktop depending on what is needed.

-Also now has "SmartFan", a option to run the fans at the "minimum" speed needed to maintain your target GPU temperature. If set correctly, this may extend fan life.

-Updated EWBF to 0.6, added MiniZ 1.0c, gminer 1.05 and bminer 10.2.

Update November 06 2018

ZhashOS Release 3 is now available

-Added extra support features.

-Turned off unneeded ports in firewall when Remote Desktop is not activated.

-Updated MiniZ 1.0e and gminer 1.07.

# MD5

Mega Download:!G3oHEYJQ!zn8K5XtdjDZ-62o4pxaXYjmZtL_DdLpikiLh_EHRGvw
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