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1  Bitcoin / Project Development / [ANNOUNCE] Elqnt | Arbitrage - A Bitcoin + Cryptocurrency Arbitrage Platform. on: February 11, 2014, 04:19:13 AM
We're excited to announce Elqnt | Arbitrage!

My partner + I have been in development on an advanced trading platform to allow those who hold cryptocurrency to automatically execute inter-exchange trades to capitalize on arbitrage opportunities.

We've just launched our Indiegogo campaign today and would love to have anyone interested ask us questions below and become backers to help get this platform off the ground.

Both myself, Stephen Sprinkle (sprinkle), and Brandon Andrews (lodlock) will be around to answer any questions.

Vaughn Murphy (coinking) is also working with us on promotion for the platform -- say hi Smiley

A bit about our experience + past projects:

Stephen Sprinkle -- Linkedin
Brandon Andrews -- Linkedin

Donation Addresses:
Bitcoin: 1xPuX9j31DvTo3re9PpeTKJUTj9H9qP5r
All Other Cryptocurrencies Via Cryptsy Trade Key: 208823d92c583a35ad391fa97c10d4f59e6fd6ff

Social Outlets:

Twitter - Main
Twitter - Dev


IRC Freenode: #elqnt


We've put out a short Q+A video set for some common questions people have been having around the platform.  That can be found here -->

Follow our dev twitter account to get live updates as we deploy features.




We've locked functionality and are now in the testing + hardening phase ahead of going live with round 1 alpha -- this is an absolutely crucial step, as we will be allowing live transactions.

This phase is the last major segment of development ahead of going live with the alpha.

We're also removing support for Mt.Gox in light of the developments yesterday -- we truly extend our regrets to those who held their coins with Mt.Gox -- may the community of companies building in the crypto space become more resilient, open, secure, and professional.

Lastly, we're going to be beginning to do a series of short demo videos in the coming days to demo some of the functionality of the platform ahead of the alpha going live.  We're just waiting to produce these videos until the UI is up to a presentable stage, which should be fairly soon.

Feel free to send over any questions you might have via private message or appended to the thread and don't forget to share the word about the campaign!

2  Other / Beginners & Help / [Project] Elqnt + Personal Introduction on: December 16, 2013, 10:56:17 PM

My name is Stephen Sprinkle -- I'm working on a decentralized fiat <-> BTC exchange called Elqnt.
I've been a long-time forum member under the elqntdotorg name, but am shifting to using my personal account for discussion.  

A bit about Elqnt:
Bitcoin needs an anonymous + peer-to-peer way to go in and out of Bitcoin -- we're building that way.

This exchange is a fully decentralized, anonymous, and peer-to-peer exchange that has two main components:
Exchange Nodes -- do the heavy lifting
Peers -- Android based apps used to initiate exchanges

We'll be launching a kickstarter to fund full-time development for myself + another Android developer soon.  
I'm focused on the exchange node development, he's focused on the peer application development.  

Feel free to check out the whitepaper (still in process).

Anyone have questions/feedback?
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