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1  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Altcoin Discussion / Thoughts on re-launching ICOs? on: October 18, 2017, 04:37:52 AM
"Good ideas and solid fundamentals don't experience lightning fast growth. But that's what assets like Bitcoin and Ethereum brought to the table to start, and they took years to grow. That's how real good ideas and solid fundamentals grow. Slowly, but surely, long term, with occasional hype and correction as they grow. Bullsh*t, on the other hand, explodes on the whims of emotion, and quickly returns to nothingness, perhaps to briefly do it again months or years later."

Now - we all know that the I is for Initial. But what are your thoughts on relaunching an ICO, given not enough interest generated the first time around? 'Good ideas with strong fundamentals' can be completely sound as far as businesses go, but they may not do as well as scamcoin marketing.
2  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Altcoin Discussion / The future of crypto ecology: governments, cryptocurrency, and cryptotokens on: October 17, 2017, 08:43:50 AM
It's no secret that there are many scam ICOs. These ICOs tend to exploit the novelty of blockchain, using flashy advertising and deceptive jargon to entice potential investors who are swept up in the blockchain hype. Often, their business models are unrealistic and poorly conceived. Many altcoin investors will not see their money again!

Of course, this is not to say that there are no good ICOs. The point is that crypto culture and infrastructure is still in its infancy.

Some interesting and thought-provoking predictions I have heard about the development of crypto:

National governments will soon issue their own e-currencies. China will allow massive companies such as Tencent to issue their own tokens. Crypto culture will continue to grow, with perhaps even more investors being duped by scam ICOs, but with old-school finance guys bringing their expertise into the crypto world and consolidating new infrastructure such as wholesale investment and brokers.

Cryptocurrencies will soon become dominated by major players from the old fiat world. New players entering as blockchain application startups will use cryptotokens instead a way of signaling a less grandiose 'currency' vision (the same vision that allows for ICO scamming), and a more realistic 'platform use' utility.


Is the Crypto ecology is still in its early stages? How do you think it will mature?

3  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Bounties (Altcoins) / [BOUNTY][PRE-ICO] █ Cooonet 喾网: blockchain social enterprise for e-learning █ on: October 15, 2017, 07:03:02 AM
Cooonet 喾网

CoooCoin Official Website
Cooonet Platform Demo (Beta Testing: Limited Access)
Cooonet [Pre-ICO] [ANN] Thread

Pre-sale: Ongoing
ICO start date: November 20

Tokens offered hard-capped at 300 million COOO
Total bounty campaign budget: 6 million COOO

We will be releasing our full Bounty program in two parts.
This is Part A and is comprised of DIRECT TOKEN REWARDS for our simple Social Media boost campaign
Part B will follow the conventional Stakes/Weeks structure and will offer a greater variety of participation opportunities

Social Media Bounty

Smiley Facebook Campaign

- Minimum of 200 friends
- Account is at least 5 months old

- Like our Page (50 COOO) here
- Like and Share our posts (100 COOO) here here and here
- All options (200 COOO)

- Click here to sign up

Facebook Campaign Spreadsheet

Smiley Twitter Campaign

- Minimum of 100 followers
- Account is at least 5 months old

- Follow our Twitter (50 COOO) here
- Like and Retweet our post (50 COOO) here
- Like and Retweet our post (50 COOO) here
- All three (200 COOO)

- Click here to sign up

Twitter Campaign Spreadsheet

There is no set limit to participants in Bounty Part A.
However, if our 6 million total bounty allocation is exhausted in Part A, we will immediately close registration.
This will occur if 15,000 participants complete the full Facebook and Twitter bounty actions.
Should this occur, a new bounty allocation may be created for Part B.
Bounty Part B may or may not be offered.
Tokens (COOO) will be distributed to participants at the end of crowdsale.
4  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Announcements (Altcoins) / [ANN] Cooonet [Pre-ICO] e-learning social enterprise; e-services marketplace on: October 12, 2017, 03:17:46 AM
Cooonet 喾网

Important November 20 Update:

We've ended our presale, and have decided to postpone our ICO.

We will be relaunching a presale in January and a TGE in February/March.

We will no longer be calling this investment round an ICO, as we are working closely with the Singaporean branch of an Australian wholesale investor whose preferred term is 'TGE', to differentiate the crypto event from typical ICOs.

We are taking a different route (TGE and partnership with financial institutions) due to the large number of scams and faulty businesses becoming associated with ICOs, and the difficulty of crowdfunding through purely public appeal. We will be focussing on private investors and going a more structured VC-type route, but will continue to maintain a public-facing presence and public options to buy (whitelist and email update subscription will soon become available on

Global online learning and digital services marketplace
Seamless peer-to-peer e-service blockchain-integrated transactions

Invest in digital education,
a borderless global gig economy,
and the value of a compassionate and connected world*

*For every twelve tokens (COOO) purchased, five additional tokens will be donated to the Charity fund.

We are an Asia-facing, Hong Kong-based ed-tech startup that has embraced blockchain application.

This is our pre-sale announcement to introduce ourselves to the community!
We will post an [ANN][ICO] down the road with a media kit, but all our information is available presently.



Smiley ICO website
Cooonet Platform Demo
Smiley Whitepaper


Contact for contribution*:
Other inquiries:

* Tokens are available at


Token: CoooCoin (COOO)
Pre-Sale Start Date: October 8 2017
End Date: November 19 2017
Accepting: BTC and ETH

Company Incorporated: Hong Kong
Platform status: Beta testing
Minimum viable product: April 1 2018
Key descriptors: edtech, e-services, peer-to-peer, marketplace, blockchain
Unique components: charity and social enterprise, sharing system


Cooonet is a blockchain-native platform designed to facilitate and host a comprehensive range of peer-to-peer digital service exchanges a completely digitized economy using a marketplace model. There is an emphasis on education and various types of skill acquisition through online learning. Users use the exchange token CoooCoins to pay for services and assets such as digital learning materials. CoooShares is an innovative application of blockchain technology to our business model: Cooonet is the first company to employ the 'truly shared' business strategy made possible through distributed ledger technology. Poised to be a global e-services phenomenon, our platform has been developed and is being beta tested our marketing strategy will begin with social enterprising through Education in Asia.
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