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1  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Service Discussion (Altcoins) / Need help with an API call url on: January 03, 2019, 10:29:26 PM
I'm not sure if this is the right place to post this, but I'm trying to figure out the proper API url to get the balance for a specific DNotes wallet address from All the API instructions are here: , but it's not obvious to me how to construct the url to get balance for a specific address.

Thanks in advance for any coders who answer this question.
2  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / Some specific due diligence recommendations before you invest on: April 17, 2018, 02:03:21 PM
This web page from DNotesEDU is chock full of great specific due diligence recommendations. It includes a video from NextGen Crowdfunding that explains the specific questions to ask companies seeking to raise funds through your investment. Although there are some variations, much of this information is directly applicable to the cryptocurrency industry.

Having been burned by a failed ICO or two, I am coming to realize that smart investing is a skill that takes time and education to develop. I have much to learn. Feel free to join me on my own journey Smiley
3  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Altcoin Discussion / The peril of ICOs on: April 16, 2018, 06:04:45 PM
I thought this article was worth sharing. ICOs have become huge in the past couple years, and it's interesting to note that many of them often fizzle out, and when you invest in an ICO, you do not have the same types of investor protections that you would have if you invested in a venture in the more conventional way.
4  Other / Beginners & Help / Cryptocurrency Education Week is on! on: April 11, 2018, 05:10:31 PM
The good people at DNotesEDU have launched Cryptocurrency Education Week. You can see more information on this thread:

There are a number of contests and giveaways for those who share posts on social media.

The really fun part is that they have hidden some private keys on their website The first ones to find the private keys, import them to their DNotes wallets and withdraw the funds to their own addresses get to keep the coins! They keep adding private keys, so even though some have been found already, your chances are still pretty good.

Happy private key hunting!

5  Other / Beginners & Help / Great resource for scam protection on: March 27, 2018, 04:48:04 PM
Another Bitcointalk user drew my attention to this site, which is a very comprehensive list of Bitcoin scam sites:

This article is a great place to start. It explains a bit about how scams in general work and what to look for. The rest of the site is pages and pages of scam websites. It's worth skimming through the list because you'll see just how similar all those scam sites are to each other and you'll note the different ways there are of parting Bitcoin holders with their Bitcoin, especially those new to the industry.

Here are a few of the scam types I have encountered:

Bitcoin doublers--claim to double your Bitcoin in a short time. Variations of that include ridiculously high returns in very short times. I've seen legitimate returns of around 25% annually, but it's not super common. I'd be suspicious of anything higher than that.

Cloud mining schemes--Cryptocurrency mining is generally not profitable unless you own your own equipment, have access to cheap power, and know what you're doing. Most people dabbling into it will lose money at it. Many people mine for fun. You're not going to put your money into some site, leave it there for a few months, and profit by others mining for you. Many of those sites are scam sites. Others are well intentioned but won't make it. Either way you'l lose funds. When a "cloudmining" site is actually profitable, it's likely they are investing in other ways and simply calling it "cloudmining" for their own reasons. In that case, you'd want to know how they are actually making their money and if it's something you'd like to get involved in.

Trading schemes--Day trading can be very profitable... if you have lots of startup capital, know how to program bots, and know what you're doing. Most people are going to lose money on this practice. There is no "secret" to trading that is guaranteed to turn a profit every time. Variations on this include arbitrage trading, which means you take advantage of the different prices on different exchanges. That can sometimes be done, but it's not as easy as it sounds, and there are transaction fees for transferring funds between exchanges, and in truly open markets, those gaps close rather quickly. More often than not persistent arbitrage is a sure sign of some other issue lurking. For example, if a trading platform disables withdrawals of a certain coin for longer than normal wallet maintenance purposes, that coin's price will go down on that exchange as people holding that coin wanting an exit will sell it to obtain a coin where withdrawals are not disabled. So... you can buy that coin cheap, but you may or may not ever be able to withdraw it.

Lending schemes--I've not seen this as much, but they're out there. You "invest" your Bitcoin and the service loans it out at loan shark rates and shares the interest with you when the loans get paid back. I've just never figured out who the borrowers are who would pay such loan shark interest rates...

Great project idea--otherwise known as an ICO. Most ICOs have turned out to be money grabs with no return whatsoever. They may have started off with good intentions, but it actually takes a lot of time, effort and resources to bring such grand ideas to fruition. The problem with most "project ideas" is that they're all talk and hype and no delivery. How do you tell the difference? That is the hardest, in my opinion. You have to ask hard questions. You need to evaluate deliverables. That's not easy in such a new industry, but it's necessary. The best way to evaluate an ICO is to compare it with a truly solid project. I know of two in the cryptocurrency industry that I consider to be especially solid. You can get a real sense of what a solid project looks like by following their threads. Even if you don't invest in the product, you can at least gain a type of standard to set against other projects that do interest you.

Here are the two projects I endorse: DNotes
DMD Diamond

You can also check out the NEM project. However, the forum thread is not the main place where the devs disseminate information. You'll have to get on the various Telegram channels to keep updated. It is also a solid project.

There are certainly other good projects out there. The above are the ones I know about and I suggest them as a means for you to develop your own standards about what makes a solid project versus one that is all talk and hype.
6  Other / Meta / wiser's application to be a merit source on: March 21, 2018, 12:21:33 AM
I would like to apply to be a merit source. I am an established member of this forum since 2013. I'd like to have the ability to "discover" lesser known members, particularly newbies, who post quality content but whose work is not necessarily seen by people who can give them merit because they aren't promoting themselves.

Below are ten posts I'd consider to be undervalued in terms of merit.

I was wondering if/when spendable merit got replenished. I have spent some of mine but haven't noticed any more added. Is there a good thread that explains the whole merit system? I tried to search for it, but didn't turn up anything--this thread was the closest.

There are a lot of merit threads, but this one is where theymos introduced merits, and I suppose is the main starting point merit thread.

Regarding replenishing of spendable merits, the basic answer is that you only get more spendable merits by receiving merits from other members (at a rate of half a smerit for every merit received from another member) - unless you happen to have been designated as a merit source.   So far, theymos has only designated 80 merit sources, and you can see that here.

Theymos did state a plan to increase members who are designated as merit sources, such as 100s of merit source designees in the future, yet it remains unclear what kind of specific merit source target number he has in mind or the exact timeline for such, but I would think likely under 1,000 merit source designees in the coming year or so based on what he has already stated on the topic, but that is largely inferential speculation on my part.

The hacker is still moving XEM from account to account, and eventually into exchanges - primarily onto Bittrex. He probably has stolen identities and whatever else necessary to create the accounts. Pretty good sign that he hasn't been busted.
Last I checked there was 70mil XEM remaining in his last wallet, with ~30mil still in exchanges.
Hopefully he dumps it all sooner, rather than later. I think we are all ready for thought of him still having XEM to be over with.

I think it's best if we all look at the bright side of this, whether or not the hacker gets away.
1. He crashed price, giving us excellent buy opportunities.
2. Drew much attention to exchange security, resulting in actions to strengthen it.
3. One could claim he played a robin-hood role of sorts, redistributing tax (fees) to us lowly plebes.
4. Proved NEM blockchain tech. - A. It can't or won't be manipulated by a big boss or a government. B. It can be traced, even when laundered, and even by average joes like myself. C. NEM chain can securely handle large volumes of transactions even without Catapult implemented yet!

We all wanted to earn in cryptocurrency but we don't have enough resources and knowledge where to start. I have here some information that could help you guys (specially for beginners) on how to take your first step and resources that could maximize your ideas on how to minimize the risk on your investments and multiply your funds in the most effective way. If you love reading, just click these hyper links below. Enjoy! If you wanted to share more of your resources, please feel free to add some helpful information and I'd be more than happy to update this thread together with your name to take the credit. Smiley


BITCOIN wiki  → credits to seoincorporation
What is BLOCKCHAIN  → credits to Jet Cash
List of CRYPTOCURRENCY  → credits to wiser
List of TOKENS
List of COINS
MyEtherWallet Knowledge Center (ERC20 online wallet)
Your five MUST HAVE WEBSITES in crypto world
Your Total Beginnerís Guide to Cryptocurrency Trading

Transaction Fee Checker

BITCOIN FEE Calculator  → credits to jseverson

Remember! (for Ethereum Blockchain transactions)
✦ 21,000 is the gas limit for standard transactions (MyEtherWallet)
✦ 21,000 units of gas at 20 GWEI
✦ Sending tokens will typically take ~50 000 gas to ~100 000 gas, so the total TX fee increases to 0.001 ETH - 0.002 ETH

Useful Links for TRADERS

Newly Listed altcoins in COINMARKETCAP
Alternative to COINMARKETCAP
Your CryptoCurrencies Calendar (airdrops, conference, important updates)
ICO Calendar

Helpful Threads in

List of Decentralized / Centralized Exchanges  → credits to erzascarlet_30
List of Reputable ESCROWS  → credits to marcotheminer
List of Profitable Signature Campaigns  → credits to Mitchell
Comprehensive guide to Bitcointalk  → credits to iasenko
Guide for Quicker forum search  → credits to coly20032003 Merit System

A place where I search my bounties

Bounty Portal
Bounty Platform
Bounty Alerts
Bounty Hive
Team Amazix Bounties
Bitcointalk Bounty Section

My TOP pick Bounty Managers

✦ olcaytu2005
✦ Woshib
✦ aTriz
✦ Arteezy.rtx
✦ yahoo62278
✦ Edwardard
✦ needmoney
✦ Sylon
✦ deadley
✦ LukeL
✦ Irfan
✦ colorlessk
✦ Lutpin
✦ julerz12
✦ ahmedjamal1998
✦ bicork
✦ hua_hui
✦ Aerys2
✦ Hotachy
✦ BlockEye

*Reminder: To check their bounty campaign threads, go to "Show the last topics started by this person." on the "Additional Information" tab and do your own research


KYC - Know Your Customer
AML - Anti Money Laundering
TGE - Token Generation Event
P&D groups - Pump and Dump groups

We are on target for the prototype release of DNotes 2.0 on March 18th. CRISP and Invoicing system included. The actual launch date is TBD, but first week of April is the target.

CRISP we have changed to a 0.5% interest payment on a 30 day cycle, which will be 6% annual compounded monthly.
It is important to note that the reward is being calculated on a 30 day cycle, the cycle will begin 30 days after launch. The reward is only paid on balances that were in the same address for the duration of the 30 days. If you deposit to an address between CRISP payouts, you will not receive payout until the following full cycle.
Also, this is being paid by address, not by wallet. Your wallet can have any number of addresses, and as far as the blockchain is concerned, these are treated separately.

Deferred staking will be a follow up release, shortly after the launch of DNotes 2.0. TBD, but among our top priorities.

Github has been updated, except for a few recent changes:
You can view the various branches to see our changes in various phases.

The swap process:

All DNotes on the DNotesVault will be automatically swapped for users. The DNotesVault will be down an estimated 2 days to complete the DNotesVault swap.
All other users will be able to fill out a form or email us to perform a manual swap where they will have to send us their DNotes in exchange for DNotes 2.0.

All coins can be swapped until the deadline, 2 weeks after the launch of DNotes 2.0. Including all newly mined coins during that time.

Prior to the swap, we will reach out to exchanges to either briefly delist DNotes, and provide two recommended options:
1) Delist DNotes prior to the swap, requesting their users to remove their DNotes by the deadline. Then relist DNotes with the DNotes 2.0 build.
2) Take DNotes down for maintenance prior to the launch, send us their DNotes to be swapped for DNotes 2.0, notifying their users of the upcoming swap, and bring DNotes back up after the swap has taken place.
The alternative is they continue to list and trade old DNotes, and later do one of the above two options.

Prior to the soft deadline we will notify the mining pools of the upcoming soft deadline and request that they inform their users of the change, and stop mining DNotes at the soft deadline.

After the soft deadline, there will be a fork in the old DNotes network, which we will maintain, for late comers to still be able to swap their coins. No newly mined old DNotes, mined after the soft deadline will be honored for the swap process. Each case after the soft deadline will be reviewed and handled on a case by case basis.

We welcome all questions. If you see any potential issues, let us know.

Dear DMD Diamond Community,

DMD Diamond Foundationís second bi-annual meeting took place in March in Austria. Over the course of 4 days the core team has had several very productive sessions where it analyzed what had been achieved since the last meeting, discussed questions submitted by the community and explored new pathways for DMD in areas such as marketing, software development and additional services.

In the 6 monthsí period DMD Diamond Foundation has achieved 95% of set targets so this can be regarded as a success. Encouraged by that result we have set new aims and goals that we plan to accomplish within the next period. Some technical development however will become our long term goal, nonetheless, we expect to see meaningful progress each time we evaluate the situation.

Using this opportunity we would like to announce that DMD Diamond has completed a design and brand guideline book which outlines general rules of usage of the logo together with its logotype, color scheme, display typeface and others that in tandem build the visual identity of DMD Diamond. This is an important step in the development as it allows us to harmonize the messaging and sets the tone that is consistent with our core values. The guide can be viewed and downloaded from:

All communication channels that use visuals will be successively updated to incorporate these changes. As a result the main website will undergo a major upgrade both in terms of content and its design. We will also improve on technical support section and accessibility to reach the community and developers. The transition is planned to be completed within the next 90 days.

Based on the available data and first hand experience DMD team recognizes that the Asian markets are going to play a crucial role in the future success of cryptocurrencies, not only because of favorable legislation in certain jurisdictions that encourage participation and development but also tech-savviness and forward thinking of that regionís population which can see the benefits of blockchain technology.

In the coming months, DMD Diamond will focus on gaining a foothold in the growing Asian market. Within a few months we will see new region specific languages being introduced to the website to make information regarding Diamond more accessible. Whatís more, new social channels directed at these markets will be established to directly communicate and educate people about DMD. We will also seek to extend the support team to specifically address these areas of development. We will continue to work on being added to a prominent Korean exchange Upbit which would have a major positive impact on the trading volume of DMD. Exchange listings are not always in our hands as they happen at sole discretion of the operators but we feel that eventually we will find our way to the markets from that region.

Nowadays, centralised exchanges are a norm, they are fast and some of them attract significant number of traders, however, there are many disadvantages to this model. They are not permissionless, they are prone to failure i.e. hacking and ever tighter legislation can in some cases create unnecessary barriers. Centralised exchanges are going to play an important role for foreseeable future and be main on and off ramps to FIAT. However, blockchain community as a whole is eventually going to move to a decentralised model of exchanging value. DMD Diamond will continue to develop technology, promote and work with projects that can offer such possibilities. Even though, this type of technology has still some way to go before it is ready for prime time, when it arrives it will change the crypto landscape in a significant way. DMD is currently working on integration with and we hope to be featured there in the near future.

Another positive development is that DMD Diamond can now be purchased directly with both Debit and Credit Cards via Indacoin. Even though customers would have to pay a premium in the range of 15-35% for the service, due to operating costs caused by things like credit card chargebacks, it eliminates an entrance barrier to DMD. We will work with Indacoin on implementing a direct purchase option to our website and if the system proves to be popular and effective in the long run we would consider even tighter integration. You can explore the option of buying DMD by following this link:

In terms of core software development DMD Diamond team has analysed in detail several different options, their negative and positive aspects as well as long term viability and impact on the value of DMD. The clear winner is SegWit technology that will allow for seamless integration with the Lightning network. Following this path will ensure DMD Diamond is a part of interconnected heterogeneous blockchain future and benefits from services that will be developed on top of it.

The latest buzz word in crypto is the 0 proof protocol that completely anonymises transactions. In theory this sounds like a very attractive ability to have, however, we donít live in the digital world only and such technology is incompatible with the real world where itís the legislators who dictate whether a cryptocurrency will be able to access the real economy and financial markets. There is a serious case for concern for coins that adapt such deep anonymity feature and we can expect a crackdown on coins that go this route. DMD Diamond Foundation would not risk compromising DMDís long term viability for the sake of short term gains. Infact, once Diamond gets access to the Lightning network similar anonymity will be achieved thanks to the way such network operates, as a giant coin mixer, without above mentioned legal implications and with a bonus of being able to be used wherever bitcoin is used.

Be no mistaken, 0 proof protocol has its use case such as hiding sensitive information in smart contracts and it will be very useful to lots of companies, but deep anonymity of coin transactions is a completely different matter that could render coins useless as a viable form of payment. Be weary of claims to the contrary as even at the next G20 summit countries will discuss how to prevent money laundering in crypto that such technology easily permits. This anti anonymity sentiment has already started to affect crypto, for instance coins such as Monero, Zcash and Dash that use anonymity features are being removed from the infamous Japanese Coincheck exchange as a precondition to obtain the licence to operate legally; this might well become a worldwide trend.

Decision to go with SegWit technology is a general direction of future core development. Itís an extremely complex task and there are no off the shelf solutions; it will have to be developed as industry first. There is no Proof of Stake-Masternode-SegWit enabled coin but we are determined to deliver just that within the next 12 months.

Current DMD wallet is a very advanced software with ability to implement most of the latest technologies such as smart contracts. However, any implementation of such features must be backed by a real demand for it. Introducing new technologies for the sake of adding them to create hype is counterproductive and not in line with Diamondís values. Eventually, smart contracts will appear in DMD Diamond but this will be in response to the need that we are going to create.

Another aspect we will focus on is an access to iOS devices. There is a huge potential for growth once the coin can be used in Apple products. We will try to achieve this via Coinomi mobile wallet which we are part of. We cannot put a definite time frame for this but we believe it's a very realistic prospect.

As we take on this ambitious development DMD Diamond Foundation is seeking to expand its core and support teams and we would like to officially announce that a new core member Steve MŁller (metamorphin) who has been a long term friend and supporter of DMD Diamond project is joining our team. He has an extensive knowledge and experience in marketing with plenty of new practical ideas and solutions of how to make DMD a stronger and more prosperous coin. He has been the decisive force in delivering success to many other crypto projects and we are excited to work together and learn from him the best strategies and practices. Due to the challenges facing crypto and evolving complexity of the blockchain technology we see it critical to engage with talented people (developers, researchers, professionals) who can deliver value to the project.

On the marketing side we have been in contact with a few different professional PR companies that we think would deliver a recognition in and out of cryptocurrency sphere. However, our community is full of wonderful people who promote DMD in a really professional way. Please take a look at the promo video created by a community member @drdmd. The love for Diamond shines through the quality of this work. Thank you! (male voice) (female voice)

Please let us know on Slack which version you like the most so we make it an official promo video of DMD Diamond.

DMD Diamond Foundation will also start a lottery for Tweeter where it will be possible to win 100 USD worth of DMD for retweeting official DMD tweets. With each round three people will be selected for awards. Out of these, one person will be randomly picked and rewarded while the other two individuals whose retweets had the best outreach would be guaranteed prizes. If people enjoy it and we see some good results this could become periodical.

As most of the community is aware Diamond Cloudmining is being slowly phased out and during the meeting the team had discussed an alternative that could replace constant buy pressure that service generated. It is still largely in a research stage, as all aspects from technical to legal need to be evaluated. However, we are positive we are on the right path to create a passive income service related to DMD that at the end could be open to investors. At that stage a Smart Contract solution will have full legitimacy to be implemented.

The team has also discussed implications of DMDís coin roll-out plan that entered a new phase. After many years DMD rewards which were extremely generous and worked wonders at the early stages in order to stimulate network effect are finally going to be decreasing. This is a good news for DMD holders as according to supply and demand principle the scarcer the coin the higher its value is going to be. As DMDís coin roll-out follows a gradual decay we wonít see any abrupt halvings and for the next 3 years DMD will stay still a very attractive with healthy big yearly returns. In the meantime we are planning to introduce multiple economically linked project that are going to generate demand and affect DMD positively in a big way. The passive income project we mentioned above will be the first one that we have planned.

DMD Diamond team has set realistic and achievable goals that we will be able to evaluate at the next meeting in September. The Foundation meeting was a great experience that helped to build team spirit, it infused everyone with enthusiasm and gave us a real boost to keep going and improving our work. Growing a cryptocurrency project is a marathon and not a sprint competition and as the saying goes constant dropping wears away a stone. With our long term vision and devotion there is nothing that can shake our resolve to deliver the best for DMD Diamond investors.

Yours truly,

DMD Diamond team

Original release:

In order to earn merits, you should have several things:
1. English skills for reading and writing.
2. Knowledge about crypto (its ecosystem, its market, its hot trend, etc.), which you can get by reading
3. Experience, which you can get by spending more time in crypto world and in the forum.
4. Skills for using the forum.

And something more. Mixing all those stuffs, you should try composing high quality, constructive posts to contribute to the forum and help other users.


Welcome to Bitcointalk riskrocks007,

I tend to agree with HappyMod:

"So, here is my opinion regarding merit. Does it show something? It could. But, does it mean new accounts don't have a solid opinion or saying about something? Definitely not."

I wouldn't worry about it - no one that has been around for a while will be judging you on it. You may write something absolutely brilliant and not receive merit points from anyone, but that doesn't mean people didn't really like what you had to say. If you contribute without motive, you will never be disappointed.  Smiley

"My advice would be to post around on topics you find interesting and have something interesting to comment to." (HappyMod) - Agree!  There are also off-topic boards where you can write about anything.

This is self-serving on my part, but if you are interested:

  -  Check out and let us know if there is anything that is difficult to follow in our beginner level material -

  -  DNotes 2.0 wallet is Alpha-testing if you would like to give it a try - feedback from beginners is invaluable!! -

  -  Let us know how you made out (very friendly forum) -

Post Reviews:
sMerit Post-Review
Merit System Upgrade for Full members, Sr. members and Hero members only.
Topic & Post Review (Specific Areas) - sMerit to give
[ANN] The Utmost Epic, Totally Tubular sMerit Giveaway ~ 170 sM Available
Awarding Merit for the highest quality threads/posts
[Merit Review] sMerit Post Review (Running)

Opens only on Wednesdays, only for members who have enough activity points to rank up:
sMerit for quality users [ Wednesday Challenge]

Altcoins Related:
New merit give away thread. For alt coin mining.
Altcoin Discussion Topic Review and sMerit Giveaway

Signatureless Challenge. If you think you are a good poster then join this challenge, everything you need to know is in this thread:
Joe's Signatureless Challenge: Win $25 ($10 for 2nd) + 8 Merits every week!

For reporting alts, merit abusers, rule breakers, etc. :
Joel_Jantsen's Merit Distribution Thread (Newbies Welcome)
Known Alts of any-one - A User Generated List Mk III (2018 Q1)

A Bitcoin Q&A, they ask, you answer. This is actually a pretty good thread to learn something new about bitcoin, give it a visit even if you're not here for the merits:
A simple bitcoin Q/A. Learn new and interesting stuff about bitcoin.
A Simple Bitcoin Q&A, if you're kinda new to bitcoin, then this is the best place for you:
Common Q&A about Bitcoin:Non-Technical Edition (Earn Merits)
Bitcoin Forum Puzzle, fun facts and merits! who would say no?
Bitcoin Forum Puzzle

Merits for creating art (image, gif, video...) that helps others understand Bitcoin or other related stuff:
sMerit for art !

Merits for providing certain information, like a guide on how to open a Lightning Network channel:
Provide information and receive merits from the most reputable source.

Rank-up Service, if you're messing one merit point to rank up then you've come to the right place! read the rules in the OP before you apply:
One (1) Merit point to Rank-up Service, Jr. to Hero Members Are Welcome

Probably not gonna last for long:
Post Reviews:
Point me to undermerited posts
17 Merits to give to Quality Posters
Awarding Merit for quality posts

Temporarily Closed:
Post Reviews:
Anti-spam Merit Giveaway - For Junior Members Only - updated
Merit giveaway for Jr Members and newbies
Merit review free service (READ OP)
14 merit bonus for quality users [Jr to Sr. Member]
TMAN's Level up challenge.-- UPDATED... for Newbies and Jr. members only.

Altcoins Related:
CLOSED Merit System Upgrade in Altcoin Section: Receive Merit from me
Merit point giveaway for alt coin miners Question to mod of altcoin mining.

I'll try to keep this list updated. If I missed a thread please post it in the replies, I'll be adding it asap.
Good luck on the merit hunt Grin

PS: Those threads are nice to get you started with a small merit boost, but you can't rely solely on them. If you really want to get merits, the best way is to get out there and participate in this forum Wink

If a bitcointalk member is doing a p quality post, aside from the possibility of earning merits from the viewers or from the readers, is there any chance, rules or thread that we can submit our post like nomination for a possible merit? Like the admins or managers can review the post if we are  qualified to earn merits from them?
Thank in advance for your answers..

There are also some threads where some generous members make the effort and review posts (edit: as SFR10 suggested) that you submit and then maybe give you merit if the post deserves it. As Merits are per se a highly subjective matter, don't be disappointed if your post doesn't get in right away. Some factors have to come together in order that you get Merit. The most important being that you create genuine content, that someone who values it - and who has (s)Merit - also reads it.

Here is a list:
Please be reasonable if you submit something, as it really costs a lot of time for those members to do what they are doing

Another helpful tool is the Browser extension "Grammarly" it automatically checks texts you type for grammar and spelling, then it marks possible mistakes and offers solutions.
Here's the link to the chrome web store
A post that is easy to read AND has value is more likely to get Merit Smiley

I would suggest looking at the weekly round up by Great resource in general.

Thank you theymos et al. for considering my application.
7  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / Trading platform Cryptopia does not respond to support requests on: March 06, 2018, 03:47:13 PM
I figure a warning is in order. The Cryptopia trading platform does not respond to support tickets. I have a ticket outstanding for several months which has not even received a confirmation email saying it was received. Others have been raising similar complaints. They warn you on their site that they are very busy and growing fast and all that. All trading platforms are growing in terms of user base but some have figured out how to deal with it better than others. Cryptopia, unfortunately, has not figured out how to deal with it.

As far as I can tell there is nothing substantially wrong with their service itself. You can trade, deposit, withdraw, etc., though there have been issues with XEM deposits confirming in a timely manner. As long as you don't ever need any technical support, you should be good. But you might consider moving your business to a platform that does provide timely support such as BitTrex, because, well, who ever plans on needing support?
8  Other / Beginners & Help / The all important permanent profile email address on: March 06, 2018, 03:40:11 PM
I recently have run into what is turning out to be a very expensive problem and I thought I'd warn others about it.

When you register with a trading platform you will use an email address. Do NOT use an email address that has any chance of ever expiring. For example, a domain you own that you end up not being able to afford to keep paying for, or an email associated with some kind of lesser known domain service which could be here today and gone tomorrow.

When it comes to many trading platforms, you email address is your permanent identity and it cannot be changed. This is true for Poloniex, SpectroCoin and (for practical purposes since they don't respond to support tickets) Cryptopia. BitTrex has a process for changing profile email addresses but it's not automatic. I'm sure there are others. When you make withdrawals, you will have to confirm them by email unless you have enabled 2FA and set it to bypass email confirmation. With Cryptopia, if you have not set up 2FA, you can't even log in without confirming the action by email.

So what happens if you've lost access to your email address? You might still be able to log into your account, but if you need any sort of email confirmation to make withdrawals, then you've just lost all those funds. You can see them, but you can't get at them, kind of like losing your wallet password and the private keys to all its addresses.

So the take home message: When you create an account on any trading platform or crypto-related service, remember that your email address is your identity and it cannot be changed. Use a gmail address or an address from another very reliable service, one that won't go away, to register your account. There are lots of free email and domain providers out there, but will they still be there next year? Make sure they will be before you use any of their addresses as your trading platform profile email.

If you do have accounts with questionable email addresses as your user ID, then go through the process now to change them to more reliable email addresses. It could be as simple as creating a new account with a gmail address and withdrawing everything from the old account to the new account. You could also contact support about changing it. Some platforms will change profile email addresses; many will not. But do it now while you still have access to the old questionable email address. Don't wait, or like me, you may be looking at writing off some losses.

If anyone reading this happens to know if there is a way to recreate the domain for an old email address where the domain service no longer exists, I'd be interested in knowing if there are recovery options. In the mean time, I figured I'd warn others.

Bottom line: you never ever want to lose access to an email address you are using as your profile address on anything cryptocurrency related!
9  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / Cryptocurrency education in high school on: February 22, 2018, 05:46:25 AM
This high school in New Jersey is already teaching its students about cryptocurrencies.
10  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / Twitter scam on: February 02, 2018, 11:22:00 PM
Copycat accounts on Twitter are soliciting small donations in exchange for the promises of larger amounts back in return. This is a version of send me some funds now and I'll send you more later--a very common scam that has been going on since I got involved in 2013. Don't fall for it.
11  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / Success in the work place (or in a new industry) on: January 02, 2018, 09:54:18 PM
Believe it or not, all of this applies to being successful in the cryptocurrency industry as well:

The surprising thing Google learned about its employees and what it means for today's students
12  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / Bitcoin 2017: a year in review on: December 11, 2017, 03:43:21 AM
I thought this infographic was well done. Here's how much things changed for Bitcoin in just one year, at a glance:
13  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / Women in the cryptocurrency industry on: December 06, 2017, 04:07:46 AM
Every so often I run into an article that talks about how few women are involved in this industry compared to men. My suspicion is that there are more women involved than anyone realizes; they're just not putting their gender front and center.

What do you all think?
14  Other / Beginners & Help / Getting started with Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies on: November 15, 2017, 05:07:16 AM
I've been involved in this industry for nearly five years and have been successful with it. In the interest of helping those new to the industry to also succeed I'm going to share a different "getting started" tip in this thread several times a week. I'll also update the top post as I add new tips.

Enjoy the steep learning curve. Do plenty of research and take responsibility to educate yourself, but be sure to also relax and have fun with it.

And now, the tips...

1. Get a good password manager.
2. Treat your BitcoinTalk ID as a valuable asset.
3. Register a Coinbase account.
4. Register a Free Bitcoin account.
5. Register a Moon Bitcoin account.
6. Start keeping records.
7. Understand there's more besides Bitcoin.
8. Organize your forums and other communication channels.
9. Know what makes a good altcoin.

NOTE: This forum apparently has a policy against users posting affiliate links. I can understand and respect that. However, if you use my Coinbase affiliate link to open your account, you and I would both receive $10 worth of Bitcoin when you make your first BTC buy or sell. For this reason I don't want you to miss out on that opportunity. If you would like to receive $10 worth of Bitcoin from Coinbase by using my affiliate link to register, you can find it here.
15  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Mining (Altcoins) / Can anyone tell me the exact dimensions of ZEUS MINER LIGHTNING X6 40-44 MHs? on: September 04, 2014, 08:22:04 PM
Does anyone own one of these units? If so, can you please give me the exact LxWxH dimensions please?

I'm having a hard time finding that info online and getting conflicting info from people I ask.

Those of you who actually have one, can you please measure yours and weigh in?

Much appreciated. Thanks.

Here's a link to an example:
16  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Altcoin Discussion / Devcoin Second Anniversary Special! Free Devcoins... on: August 06, 2013, 03:28:11 AM
...for those who subscribe by midnight August 6, 2013

(click hyperlink for more info)
17  Other / Beginners & Help / Devcoin Second Anniversary Special! Free Devcoins... on: August 06, 2013, 03:25:47 AM
...for those who subscribe by midnight August 6, 2013

(click hyperlink for more info)
18  Other / Meta / What's with the "activity" number? on: June 22, 2013, 06:32:12 PM
I'm not sure where to post this.  What happened to post count?  And what does the number after "activity" actually mean?
19  Economy / Service Discussion / Cryptostocks Security Certificate Expired on: June 21, 2013, 01:08:49 PM
I have an account with Cryptostocks and right now I can't log into their site using my regular computer because Chrome refuses to read its site saying it can't tell whether Cryptostocks owns the site or an attacker is now controlling it.

I checked Cryptostocks' profile and it looks like he/she hasn't been active on this forum since February.  Does anyone here know them and can bring this problem to their attention?

In the mean time, what are other people who have an account with them doing to be able to keep trading, etc.?
20  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Altcoin Discussion / How do you back up a Devcoin wallet? on: June 09, 2013, 03:22:58 AM
I am using the wallet called Bitcoin version 0.3.24-beta as my Devcoin wallet.  Even though it says "Bitcoin" it does work for Devcoins.  I can't find any internal instructions for backing up this wallet, no options for exporting or importing a file.  I'm writing for the Devtome and am a bit concerned about the possibility of having a hard drive crash or something right *after* receiving payment of several million Devcoins, so I thought it would be smart to back up my wallet in some way that would be restorable.  But... can't figure out how to do that.

Anyone here know how to back up such a wallet?  The wallet I'm using is one of the ones recommended on the Devtome.

I also have a wallet from (web-based).  Aside from the fact that it won't take generation coins (the reason I have the other wallet), can anyone who's used these wallets tell me how good they are in terms of security and reliability?  If I were to transfer all my Devcoins to my wallet, that would make it possible for me to access my wallet from any computer, making backing up my own client less crucial.  But... is it a safe, reputable wallet?  Would you trust it?  Are there any other web based Devcoin wallets that are trustworthy?  I'd *love* it if there were an equivalent of Coinbase for Devcoins--down to being able to buy/sell small amounts with USD--so if there is, please, please, please tell me about it.
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