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1  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / BitCoin Cleint buggy, having to Force Quit on: June 14, 2011, 02:42:31 AM
I've had difficulty using the BitCoin client when trying to open and when trying to close, usually resulting me having to Force Quit it Sad

Anyone else had similar difficulty on the mac platform at least?
2  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / Speculating on future prices on: June 06, 2011, 04:04:16 PM
What do you think the bitcoin price will do, short, medium and long term future?
Is bigger and more well known exposure of bitcoin going to be the main factor for driving up the price?
Would a bubble type event happen for any reason?
Things like this..
3  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / Experiences with technocash, please share. on: June 05, 2011, 07:25:51 AM
I need to know if anyone has had any bad experience with using technocash. I'm using their service to buy mt gox credit, I did this friday and it hasnt come through yet, wondering If it only processes on weekdays or something, any ideas, would not be happy if I lost my money.
4  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / How do you secure your BitCoin wallet? on: May 18, 2011, 03:17:07 AM
What are some precautions that you personally take to secure your money?
5  Economy / Marketplace / Buy Entheogens with your BitCoins on: May 17, 2011, 01:27:01 PM
Entheogen means "create the divine within". There is no direct danger in ingesting an entheogen when done so with due diligence.

But that's Illegal!

Yes it is, but is it unlawful?

What do you mean?

Legal and Lawful are distinct, there are only three ways to break 'law' in the strictest sense.

I don't follow

What is one way to break the law?

Umm, a parking ticket?

Did you break a law or did you 'break' a piece of statutory legislation

I still don't follow

Well the law is self evident, everyone knows the law. But to know legislation you have to go and look it up in a big book. One is created by principal and the other is made by man.

I think I know what you mean, if i break the law, it's because I violated a principal that everyone would deem aggressive or insidious, such as.... harming someone




And... um

The third one is conducting fraud. If we have an agreement and I break that trust and act dishonorably then I have violated the contract and broken the law. All contracts are law actually, considering that they don't include harming anyone or stealing from anyone of course.

That makes sense but surely there are other ways to break the law though!

No, the only way to break law will fall into one of these three categories.

And the parking ticket?

The parking ticket establishes or claims a contract for which you will or already have broken dishonorably.

And I guess that's the same for drugs too.


But hang on, drugs can harm people!

They can, your right.

So again, I don't get it.

Well, what is an instance when someone might be harmed by drugs?

Drug addiction

Sure, so if I take drugs and get addicted to them, what category have I fallen into?

Well you've harmed yourself

But It was my choice to take an addictive drug no doubt.

That's true, so its about consent also.

Exactly, If you agree to something and know about the risks and dangers, the law has not been broken. In any such instance it is..


Right on


um.. but anyway, there are lots of different examples like this with different scenarios which are decided in court and made into case law.

Alright back to entheogens

How do you think I can get fined or arrested or even jailed for doing something that doesn't harm anyone.

I don't know, something to do with a contract?

Yes, you get tricked into a contract by agreeing with someone that you had the choice to not agree with. But you thought you had no choice, or that is how it seemed.

This sounds like it could get confusing.

Not really, again it is self evident. How many ways can you respond If I accuse you of something or claim you did something?

Well, I can agree and I can disagree..

Yes, to act honorably and accept, or to act dishonorably and therefor still accept.

Is there more?

Sure, what If you said nothing at all?

That is true, that is another way to respond, and let me guess, it's dishonorable

Would you believe their is a forth way to respond?

I don't believe it

Its called a conditional acceptance and it is essentially agreeing to what they are claiming but only if they can first do something that proves their claim. This is the key.

I can't see this changing anything in practice though

It wont, we have to contend with a corrupt justice system, private prisons, political influence and special interest groups with far reaching power.

And so our solution is?

To adapt and leave. Without a trace. With our heads held high.

We have established that willingly ingesting anything is not a crime, it is merely an offense which you have the ability to honorably accept under condition. No man can impose his law over you without your consent as we are all equal. With this now understood we can claim the right to establish the infrastructure to allow for such lawful transactions. Unlawful ones must be treated as such.
Everything we need to spearhead a new paradigm in doing business openly and anonymously now exists and so too do the methods to do it in a way that it cannot be destroyed or usurped. The trick will be to make it out-compete the current way so that the market will need to adapt. It is a big idea that I hope you will help make a reality. An open source, decentralized, anonymous, international, national and local free market.

The silk road is all well and good but i think bitcoin proves things can be done a little more sophisticated. I might add I am not a programmer but I do have ideas, and that's what is needed. To build such an infrastructure will require a host of different ideas, testing and experimentation, much of the work has already been done with the means of a liquid mode of exchange now taking the form of bitcoin. Bitcoin opens doors once welded shut by bureaucracy, an opportunity to sidestep the hurdles that once tripped up many movements. I will now sketch out in general terms one such way of conducting business with this hypothetical infrastructure in a safe and responsible manner from the comfort of your home without worrying about the criminal activity of the state (breaking the non-aggression principal). I would like to stress that doing face to face transactions with people you know and trust will always prevail as the ideal way to get what you want or need and should always be your primary decision if possible.

It all starts with downloading said hypothetical software from your favorite BitTorrent, TOR or a VPN tunnel from HideMyAss can be used to cover these tracks, remember that good deeds are done in the light but such a situation where we are condemned for such actions will mean that anonymity will prevail as result. The software requires you to check that it is indeed the true safe program and not a forgery before installment by checking the code for authenticity. Once installed it runs like any other application, it opens and asks for three pieces of information depending on your geographical area, Country, City, Suburb. If you have a particularly small town or city then suburb is optional, further ideas are needed to eliminate any third party tracking. Now that you have associated a general geographical location with your copy of the software it then communicates an encrypted message to other local 'nodes' running of other machines and the local grid is updated with your general presence. Ubitex is attempting such a decentralized geolocation community but it may be a while till enough people learn of bitcoin and find the service and live close enough to each other for it to kick in.

The task at hand is to make it more profitable to sellers, more convenient to buyers and impossible to anyone else. The sellers will have a larger pool of available customers and the buyers will never be 'left out in the cold' when it comes to moving to a new place and having to build up new contacts. OpenId is another option that may be integrated into this network, an anonymity test that is offered at the OpenId.anonymous website could be given to new users to let them know their level of risk. After your position has been generally defined, your software starts checking for updates to the local network and updating your list of local sales, sorted by distance, by type etc. Products that are sold on the network are regulated by selecting them from a large list of and a large variety of amounts. You start with a small mandate of accessibility meaning you can only buy from low mandate sellers. This way a new user can't come onto the network and claim his buy did not get delivered when it did, attempting to make the trusted seller look bad. As your mandate increases with ever successful transaction so to does those that you transact with, effectively separating the trolls from the respected users.

As for the transactions themselves they can either be done by BitDrop with the service of a trusted intermediary and network generated drop points (which is on a need to know basis for each person in the transaction) or can be done 'directly' at a drop point between the two geographical locations. The direct method involves the seller dropping off the item at a location that is unique, obvious and discrete and within a third intermediary network generated area, the buyer is then notified over the network that the sell has been transferred and the details of collection that the seller has written. As a rule the buyer dose a fake pass, pretending to collect and then once confident, can collect. If there were a way to verify both ends of the deal equally and simultaneously this technique would be adopted. A third technique would involve using a designated dead drop usb ( that the seller has and the buyer is told about to receive information on where to collect. Other precautions can be taken like wearing gloves or something to that effect to not leave behind fingerprints etc. (paranoid but rational)

The seller has an incentive to send out BitMail to possible buyers and grow his or her local network giving them more flexibility, the buyer has an incentive to use the network for convenience and reliability (driving up the price slightly), forming stronger anonymous ties to prospective sellers. It will be stressed that the only information passed from user to user is the local list of selling items , the bitcoin address and the mandate/trust rating. These are just my ideas to consider. The war on drugs is a war on personal freedom and a war on the consciousness of the species. Thank you.

Mock up:

6  Bitcoin / Development & Technical Discussion / Would this work? on: May 13, 2011, 04:15:54 AM
The whole deal with bitcoin is an alternative to regulated currency, a true free anonymous market, correct?

Hows about a program that once installed, you can put in your general geographical location and it will patch you in as a node in a local network for your area (each computer running the program in the area becomes a node). The program shares a distributed set of information and is continually checking itself for corrections and validations, like bitcoin. In this way I can become a node and share some weight in the data distribution then anonymously put an item I would like to sell to someone else in the local network, ask a price in BTC and then once the item is dispatched at a pick up point I can then forward the buyer the details of collecting. Or alternately I could use the programs to see a listing of things for sale in my local area, the price in BTC and then once bought wait for directions to collect.

Assuming everything is lawful and tor compatible, would this work as a agorist program? How might the details for the pick up point be communicated to the buyer?
The idea is to maintain anonymity, have a locally distributed agora which runs on a trust/rating program.

Floating thoughts
7  Economy / Marketplace / (Service) One on One Introduction to your standing at Law on: May 11, 2011, 07:44:41 AM
The concealing of particular information for the benefit of the few over the many has been the role of our outcome based education system since its introduction in ancient Prussia.
Learn the basics of that which has been concealed from you since birth and regain a confidence in your ability to effectively communicate with those that claim authority over you and your actions.
Online interactive tutoring 20BTC/hour!

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