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1  Other / Meta / Mining Pool Subforum with stickies, what is the policy? on: June 28, 2011, 12:08:09 AM
I see that three pools are stickied in the mining pool section, slush, db and btcg. What is the reasoning behind this apart from the fact that they are the three biggest pools? Given the way the system works, should there not be a drive to diversify the pool usage instead of push the big dogs, who either have a fee or really really ask you to "donate?

What is the policy on which pools are taken and, given the real profits pool operators make, is there any financial sponsorship involved?

I think there should be a strict policy in regard to sticky posts in "business related" areas that do not promote products but only free and unpolitical elements and if anything should be stickied there, it should be the "proven to be reliable 0% fee pools" and not the big racketeering pools.
2  Other / Obsolete (buying) / WTB STEAM GAMES VIA GIFT on: June 13, 2011, 11:43:44 PM
Hey there,

i am looking for someone who will gift me some items on steam for btc, using the current mtgox last price.
Please reply or send me a dm.
Looking for Arma2 PMC DLC, Black Ops DLC, GRID.
3  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / The Bitcoin Illusion or "Things people should not forget in regard to BTC" on: June 09, 2011, 09:06:38 AM
I think Bitcoin is great and the system is, as far as one can see now, sound. However, we are seeing an increasing Trend where Bitcoin is being attributed with alot of aspects and concepts that are totally absend in the factual situation and a mere child of their imagination.

Lets summarize some of these concepts:
- Bitcoin will allow "fair" trade since it is not "manipulated" against "the small guy".

This seems to be one of the most prevalent ideas, that all of a sudden someone who is not making ends meet will become a gazillionaire with bitcoin since the only thing that stopped him so far was the plot of banks and governments against him.
Whilst the underlaying payment system in Bitcoin can not be centrally regulated or adjusted, the result is to an extend quite the contrary. Bitcoin is already showing that it will be an open and unregulated object of speculation, whilst this is good for the valueation, this will not benefit people who "cant make it now" to all of a sudden "make it" just due to bitcoin.
Totally open and unregulated systems are strictly "survival of the fittest" in its context and favour the fittest exactly because they treat everyone equally.

- Bitcoin will allow "us" to overthrow the government

The smallest common denominator with the "Bitcoin community" is that people have interest in Bitcoin. Not more, not less. Not everyone shares specific political ideologies or follows a certain economic agenda. The bitcoin community is, or will be soon, as diverse as a globalized society. Assuming that the Bitcoin community is a vehicle for a "New World Order" based on rather localized ideological movements such as the U.S. Libertarians is an absurd fallacy.
You can be sure that for every advocate of a certain ideology, you will find at least two people who oppose that specific ideology, so dont politicize Bitcoin.
The Bitcoin concept itself is a political statement, just allow it to have its effect and sit back, relax and enjoy the buzz.

- Bitcoin is great because it suddenly allows X Y Z

Whilst i agree that legislation in many places of the world goes over the top in punishing consumption of certain substances, there is valid reason for alot of things "not being allowed" by social consent, i.e. child pornography or other things. Bitcoin is like cash, and it should be treated like it. Buying drugs and snorting coke or buying child pornography anonymously isnt the greatest aspect about cash, so stop acting like its the greatest thing Bitcoin has to offer.
4  Local / Biete / Biete Miningcontracts pro 30 Tage Stückelungen: 330mh/s, 1gh/s on: June 07, 2011, 03:43:45 PM

- 24/7 Mining auf eine vom Käufer zu spezifizierende Adresse
- Mining im 0% eligius US pool inklusive schöner Web stats
- Teamviewer-View only zugriff zum Miner
- Mining beginnt praktisch direkt nach Zahlungseingang
- auch bei Hardwaredefekt keine Ausfallzeiten, es laufen immer 5gh/s eigene Miningleistung, bei Kundendefekt wird entsprechende Kapazität umgeschaltet
- Zahlbar in BAR, PayPal, Überweisung
- Abwicklung gerne als Ebay Auktion
- Stromkosten, Administration etc inklusive

330 mh/s:
- Miningleistung entspricht 1x optimierten 5850 und liegt zwischen 320 und 360 mh/s, es gibt leider leichte Qualitätsschwankungen der Karten, der Kunde bekommt jedoch immer das maximal mögliche, über 80% der Systeme erreichen eine Dauerleistung von über 340 mh/s.
210EUR pro 30 Tage.

1 GH/s:
- Miningleistung entspricht 3x optimierten 5850, liegt zwischen 970 und 1100 mh/s, es gibt leider leichte Qualitätsschwankungen der Karten, der Kunde bekommt jedoch immer das maximal mögliche, über 80% der Systeme erreichen eine Dauerleistung von über 1050 mh/s.
600EUR pro 30 Tage.

Bei 1 GH/S gibt es aktuell durchschnittlich 1,77 BTC pro Tag bei aktueller Difficulty von 567358.
5  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / Mt.Gox and the influence on the market on: June 04, 2011, 12:21:10 PM
Many argue that Bitcoin is not being influenced or possible to game. Right now we are seeing quite the opposite: Tux increased the Darkpool size from 1k$ to 10k$ orders and with little delay, the BTC valueation skyrockets since the orders under 10k$ now affect the market and exchange rate. I believe that in a way or not, the exchanges to real economies are indeed able to game the market until there is enough competition in that area and vendors accept BTC straight, reducing the need to convert.
What do you think would happen to BTC if the "Darkpools" were fully removed?
6  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / A Call to Admins on: June 03, 2011, 12:19:52 PM
Hi Admins of Networks of PC's, Workstations and Servers around the world,

please do not use the resources of the networks, computers and servers to mine for bitcoin. You are damaging to the bitcoin community unless you either own the company or are allowed so p.p. and mine to a "company wallet".
If you are just someone with admin rights who decides to flip on a few hundret CPU to mine, keep in mind that you are not only wasting a shitton of electricity, you are endangering your job, you are stealing electricity but you also damage the bitcoin community as a whole by aiding those "malware naysayers" that start to emerge.
Classifying bitcoin as illegal and malware is one of the first attack vectors we are already starting to materialize by the paypal etc lobby, dont help them for the pathetic gains you get. Lets just visualize the whole gains for YOU for aforementioned issues:
If you administer say 1000 PC's of avg. .edu type, you will see around 3.5mh/s per machine. Lets assume that through load and on and offtimes only 65% are mining 100% 24/7, the rest giving 12h cpu time, we would get an avg daily capacity of 2.275gh/s for 24/7 with another 1.575 gh/s for 12h, giving us a daily avg hashrate of 3gh/s for 1000 PC's steaming away at full load with unefficient PSU etc.

You not find anyone administering a network of this size being pisspoor on payday, so please use your not so shitty income to just buy 3 triple 5850 rigs, thats the same hashing power for 3k $ and 1500w electricity usage.
If that price is too high for a) being an environmentally responsible person who b) doesnt steal from his employer who c) doesnt hurt the bitcoin community by associating it with resource theft then you are, simply put, an a dot hole.
7  Bitcoin / Development & Technical Discussion / RFC: SI- type of naming convention for BTC on: May 22, 2011, 01:16:43 AM
Hey guys,

right now the reporting about Bitcoin is taking off. A recurring mistake i see in each and every posting regarding Bitcoin is the percieved limit of payment units, giving people a sense that the BTC is the smallest unit around and only 7m exist right now. Bitcoin is hard to grasp as it is, so understanding that there are one million pieces to a bitcoin seems to be too far fetched to tech journalists and the average joe user.
I see the percieved value of bitcoins as key issue to more widespread acceptance, after all most people would see themselves limited to having 0,00135 something if accepted globally, giving people a permanent feeling of not having anything.
To overcome this "perception" issue and to introduce a naming pattern for bitcoin i suggest the following, without changing ANY values, just the naming and display pattern:

a) re-brand the current type of unit used within the system from BTC to MBTC

b) use the term Bitcoin for what is currently 1 millionth of a Bitcoin

optionally c) leave the 0,x to be the subdivision of a bitcoin

Here is a quick mock-up on how such change could appear, with or without option c:

In the end, it all boils down to giving people a simple terminology that uses terms they have come to learn in the past decade through personal computers seems to be the most consumer friendly approach.

edit: for reference, here is the link to the current unit charts and some other suggestions
8  Other / Obsolete (selling) / Eve Online ISK/Ships/possibly characters for BTC on: May 17, 2011, 05:52:06 AM

i have a vast array of assets in EVE, if anyone is interested in buying anything for BTC let me know.
I even have a 70m SP pure combat and another similarly skilled industrial character, if interest is there i will put more details up.
9  Other / Obsolete (selling) / PowerFolder now accepting BTC (Sync/Backup/Versioning/Cloudspace) on: May 12, 2011, 09:12:48 AM
Hello BTC Community,

we at PowerFolder are proud to announce that we introduce Bitcoin as payment option to our shop. We offer a broad array of data-management solutions that range from a sync/backup/versioning client up to Enterprise-class data-management software. We believe this is the first time you can purchase Enterprise class software, used by globally reknowned institutions such as the ICANN, with Bitcoins.

Link to Shop:
Link to our Wiki with broad in-depth information on technical aspects of our solutions:

We decided to support Bitcoin quickly because we strongly believe in the pretext that everyone ought to have control over ones data and the extend of its privacy. We like to emphasize that this is not "marketing-talk" but reflected in our product portfolio:
Our Servers are hosted in various datacenters across Germany and our clients are protected by German and European Data-protection legislation. If one is not willing to trust a third party under any circumstances, cloud integration in our software can be switched off or replaced by our server-software on the customers own computing infrastructure.

I am looking forward to your feedback!
10  Economy / Marketplace / Evaluating interest in Cloudspace via Bitcoins on: May 11, 2011, 11:50:23 AM

i was wondering if people would be interested in Cloudspace for BTC. We are currently evaluating if we should add BTC as payment option to our Sync/Backup/Cloudspace Software with a pricing pegged to mtgox exchange rates, so assuming a rate of 6 it would be about 15 BTC for the Software including 5 licenses and 50GB Cloudspace.
I appreciate your feedback.

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