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1  Economy / Gambling discussion / T-20 CWC Prediction Pool 2022 on: October 08, 2022, 10:25:10 AM
Local rule : Only participants are allowed to post

Prize pot

Escrow : Royse777

Entry fee
0.0015 BTC

Pool Address

Distribution of the prize
Top 3 wins
1st - 50% of prize pool
2nd - 30% of prize pool
3rd - 20% of prize pool

More than one winner in the same category share the prize equally.

Prize pool = (Prize pot - Escrow fees if any - Transaction fees)

How to play
Create a account in Superbru
After submitting entry fees, you'll receive invitation link for the pool.
Superbru local rules apply. Also you can see this post.

Pool participants

Royse777 : 2bdedb5bd25e97b68184e4a025a67e6205f2079f9e4209d501456c78574a7796
JSRAW      : e49ef09336bea8609cf2bde9a47bc880908221c2bf2049eb3d1f0784067a9d2d
Little Mouse : ac72507c72d4bd3f6a0f71b4f6276a5cdef2a7dfd54513716e9eb0da79159dc1
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Vaskiy: c5aa23a23cee374eff2cf9c31e294ca9f2e65910e552778bf1fabb2a7e708c1f
Haunebu: 3895ea611eb7e5229a4504b1671ca00532b6ba7ba5e7b9905ef7f4c18fa1e305
Maidak: e3c08355a64a21ed9abec8d0044cde4036853a2e87181c847eacff24dbde3336

2  Economy / Gambling discussion / Cricket WC Pool Discussion on: October 02, 2022, 07:02:15 AM
Okay Ladies.. We have T-20 WC in the next 14 days, and as usual, some of us definitely want a mutual pool again.

Posting here to know if anyone is interested to have a pool for the upcoming T20 world cup. Sorry if it has been already discussed. I didn't take the time to read the last few pages though I have read a few recent replies. We may try to get some sponsors for the pool to make it lucrative. Please reply here if someone is interested. If we got 10+ interested users, we can create one. If Royse777 or JSRAW is up for creating the pool, I'm also requesting them to have their opinion here. Having a pool would be cool, would definitely enjoy it with you.

Creating this dedicated discussion thread for entry fees and sponsors (if we find one)  as I don't want to derail the main thread. Also, we have a couple of bilateral series that are live so this msz will be lost there.

If we look at overall pool history then I believe the majority of punters (almost 10-14) are okay with $30 as entry fees. If you think we need some change in the entry fees then please drop your suggestions here.

I'll notify usual suspects who are regular in our past pools and bump this post in our T-20 thread too for more exposure. Plz feel free to remind me if I'm forgetting anyone or any interested party.

@Little Mouse           

3  Economy / Gambling discussion / 🔥 🔥 IPL Prediction Pool 2022 & Discussion(Participants Only) on: March 04, 2022, 10:50:05 PM
Local rule : Only participants are allowed to post

BTC365 IPL 2022 Starts in

Prize pot
0.0211 BTC

Escrow : Royse777

Entry fee
0.0007 BTC

Pool Address

Distribution of the prize
Top 3 wins
1st - 50% of prize pool
2nd - 30% of prize pool
3rd - 20% of prize pool

More than one winner in the same category share the prize equally.

Prize pool = (Prize pot - Escrow fees if any - Transaction fees)

How to play
Create a account in Superbru
After submitting entry fees, you'll receive invitation link for the pool.
Superbru local rules apply. Also you can see this post.

Pool participants

akhjob                  : 9b17b90d1d31e4fb206bf23bd21363c6b123d2d0bc8fa1706e0775da72912651
JSRAW                  : 7ff3a40503b9781bf4d481422d23316ee8c75242c5616dc8efe38ffff168e4be
RapTarX                : 649792f4a3464c221a54f19b83a76ceb714cab41cf8d427026cc6a26b42a51f9
Royse777              : 42565359745accf913c3e97bea0a828c30084bd1636992231fe8fde3537ef6b6
Maidak                  : d5bc6f36de560552f1f26b4d30c4513ffce0d58e4a8bda432e06db08352e4cc8
Haunebu               :c8f5287fdd245ffbe400a594c7afea56716e1614667c4292123c9bf851bf75a7
Swordsoffreedom   : 5cbddbaf903c299b6195b77049febfc12c8d9fed586d3e66be4b93fce0209315
eaLiTy                   : 6699d0917893ed3d59a4ebf32ebfdf90c71e5902b1fc90237589db625852875d
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7788bitcoin            : 1078b3164e82ad8bcfcee7694a9c5a13df34b282e7b772efcfbcdd7152d3e6f0

We have 2 new franchise. Gujrat Titans and Lucknow Super Gaints.

4  Local / India / Political & Society thread (Not self moderate ) on: January 31, 2022, 11:19:44 AM
For a quite some time i felt like we need some sort of political thread where we can vent out our frustration and different point of view etcetera etcetera.

Doesn't matter if you belongs to left ,right wing, moderate or any ideology. Everyone is welcome here.


Completely forgot that we already have one :

5  Economy / Gambling discussion / {T-20 World Cup Prediction Pool} 0.00035 BTC Entry Fee ( Participants only) on: October 11, 2021, 05:35:14 PM
Okay Ladies and Gents. We are live, our organizer Royse is busy this year so on his behalf i'm creating this thread and its temporary arrangement only for this World Cup. Interested individual can start sending fees to the pool BTC or LTC (we'll convert this into Btc).

Prize pot

Escrow : Royse77

Entry fee
BTC : 0.00035  or LTC : 0.11

Pool Address



Distribution of the prize
Top 3 wins
1st - 50% of prize pool
2nd - 30% of prize pool
3rd - 20% of prize pool

More than one winner in the same category share the prize equally.

Prize pool = (Prize pot - Escrow fees if any - Transaction fees)

How to play
Superbru local rules apply. Also you can see this post.

Pool participants

Royse777 (BTC) : 008467756d5013eea507ddabad912b5fd11ff2f39cdc6d781a8050faf3f0c660      -  0.0004 BTC
Haunebu (BTC)  : 59c52caf38ee2912f1aead8559fb3fd89a0b5a48ef2b2b21f27c091e8945ddf1      -  0.000328 BTC
akhjob (BTC)     : 60f4287bfea114c1b274e9f0d95322bbad454e0e45b0d9656d1edd161bdf8d49    -  0.00035 BTC

JSRAW (LTC)     : 78dda724577de4203892279b3816df5561326a01b7edc7a37d4d66d0739c08ae  -  0.3016 LTC
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Little Mouse (LTC) : 35cc97f3f9ae9f0ca6c55195f6aada0a4f6e238b0740e03c2d9aacc5286ed086 -  0.11 LTC
teosanru (LTC)  : 57faa30ce6f64dc3ae62caed8ba3257d2d079b34550a551dd770a2337853389b  -  0.11 LTC
Pffrt (LTC)        : 373dc1bcd26eb1c1060c5103bbd9568590092a786d915f45413f261ef266296b -  0.11 LTC

6  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / One guy built a Lighting ATM from Scratch ( $80) (Plz Check OP) on: September 09, 2019, 02:31:42 PM
If it already been shared here so, please let me know and guide me to the thread, will lock this thread right away.

I was going through over my Reddit feed and found some cool stuff, so sharing with you guys. I am not much of a technical guy, but this idea seems pretty innovative and interesting to me. What you guys thinks?

Dude built a Lightning ATM
Yes. Built it from scratch. There's a RaspberryPi in it, which runs the software. And then there's

A coin acceptor

A 5MP camera

A simple button

An E-Ink display

.. and a bunch of jumper cables. All put together and written the software for it in Python 👍🏻

A little more information on his github:

Edit : 31 oct

Updated model.

7  Other / Politics & Society / Breaking News - Arson attack at Japanese's studio "Kyoto Animation" Edit 2 on: July 18, 2019, 08:09:19 AM
July 18th 2019 : According to Local Media, one man (age 40 41) carried out an Arson attack in one Animation studio " Kyoto Animation" leaving 13 people dead and 36 people injured. According to sources at the time of the attack, around 70 people were inside the Studio.

Local Source : 13 feared dead after explosion at Kyoto Animation studio, dozens injured

A man allegedly entered the Kyoto Animation building in Fushimi Ward in the western Japan city of Kyoto at around 10:30 a.m., poured what appeared to be gasoline around and set fire to it. The man was injured and admitted to a hospital.

The suspect who is in his 40s told prefectural police that he set fire to the building. Police are treating the case as arson.

The blast occurred at the No. 1 studio of Kyoto Animation. At least 36 people were said to be injured.

Int. Source : Kyoto Animation fire: Thirteen dead after suspected arson attack

Edit 1

  • 33 people dead, confirmed :  Read More
  • Hideaki Hatta, head of Kyoto Animation confirmed about receiving death threats : Read More
  • The man, who attacked at the studio was not an employee of the studio, and he never worked there ever. Some strange gossips are floating around that Animation studio plagiarized his work and he accused them many times that they stole his work.  Source NOT VERIFIED

@Juggy777 : Thanks for update

July 19th 2019  Edit 2

The attacker has told the police that Studio plagiarized his novel and that's the reason he attacked. So now we have the real motive behind this attack although the investigator's team didn't confirm the alleged theft yet.

Suspected arsonist in deadly Kyoto anime studio fire says firm stole his novel

8  Other / Meta / Curious case of P&S Section - Need new sets of rules to address the problem- on: July 16, 2019, 06:19:24 AM
Hello Ladies and Gentlemen,

I try to avoid posting in this section of the forum due of many reasons and try to keep my head down with sticking to a couple of threads only because I am not much of contributor when it comes to technical stuff, Data, etc. so just an average user-poster.

P&S is one of my favorite section, and I like to follow cross-border news. sometimes I post breaking news and updates OP, from time to time in my threads. I have no problems with anybody's political leanings or biases, and I tend to keep my mind open whenever I go through in P&S because you never know, you might learn something new after reading different arguments. Last month I wanted to share a couple of suggestion to Moderator(Flying Hellfish) by contacting him directly via PM but skipped that route by thinking, " Let it be that way, who cares?"

But in the last couple of week P&S went down in the gutter and I believe this problem should be address by all means.

If anyone noticed the first 3 pages in P&S, few posters hijacked the complete section with their multi posting thread. I am all for freedom of speech, no matter how racist, cringe, ignorant statement anyone making in their argument or trolling someone. I can always put such users on "Ignore" if it's unbearable to me and move on, but this kind of posting habit should not be allowed in P&S.

My request to Mod is, please add new rules regarding posting in P&S accordingly. According to my limited understanding of the problem,  here are my few suggestions.

1. Strictly no Multi post threads or posts in a ridiculous manner.
2. Make every OP accountable for their thread ( updating news etc. in OP itself, not separate post in the form of spam)

Reporting Troll thread and nuking the account is not the answer for this kind of behavior IMHO. I would love to hear what the community has to say about this issue. And if you have any suggestions then please share.

9  Other / Politics & Society / Boy arrested when 13 yo and facing execution at the age of 18!! (S.A) Edit -2 on: June 07, 2019, 01:40:38 PM
Background- timeline:

In the wave of "Arab spring". Protest starts in Saudi Arabia as well during 2011-12. When one person self-immolation in Samtah, South Western Saudi Arabia. followed by multiple protests against Human rights- Anti Shia discrimination.

Some protests took place in the eastern province of Saudi Arabia (Qatif, al-awamiyah, Hofuf), one of the demonstrations led by 10-year-old boy Murtaja Qureiris demanding rights for Shia minority, he was not an organizer or brain behind the protest of course. 3 years later, at the age of 13 he was arrested by Saudi authorities when he was traveling with his family to Bahrain.

Charges :

Qureiris was 10 years old when he committed at least one of those alleged crimes in his charge sheet, CNN has learned. He was charged with accompanying his activist brother, Ali Qureris, on a motorcycle ride to a police station in the eastern Saudi city of Awamiya, where Ali allegedly threw Molotov cocktails at the facility.

The age of criminal responsibility in Saudi Arabia is unclear, but in 2006 the kingdom told the Committee on the Rights of the Child that it had raised it to 12, according to Human Rights Watch.

Saudi Arabia has also previously told the United Nations that it does not impose the death penalty on prisoners convicted of crimes before the age of criminal responsibility.

Qureiris is currently being tried at a terror court, where the prosecution has accused him of belonging to “an extremist terror group.” He faces other charges ranging from violence allegedly committed during protests – including helping to construct Molotov cocktails — to shooting at security forces and marching at his brother’s 2011 funeral.

Edit :1

"Saudi Arabia: Authorities must not resort to use of death penalty against protester arrested aged 13"

The use of the death penalty for offences committed by people below 18 years of age is strictly prohibited by international law.

Mainly populated by Saudi Arabia’s Shi’a minority, the Eastern Province saw waves of protests in the aftermath of the 2011 Arab uprisings which the authorities have cracked down over the years, including through prosecutions.

The charges against him include participating in anti-government protests, attending the funeral of his brother Ali Qureiris who was killed in a protest in 2011, joining a “terrorist organization,” throwing Molotov cocktails at a police station, and firing at security forces. He is currently awaiting his next trial session.

“The Saudi Arabian authorities have a chilling track record of using the death penalty as a weapon to crush political dissent and punish anti-government protesters -including children- from the country’s persecuted Shi’a minority,” said Lynn Maalouf.

First Boy and now Woman, don't know what's next.

"Saudi Arabia Seeks Execution Of Female Human Rights Activist"

Saudi Arabia’s public prosecutor is asking for the death penalty for Israa al-Ghumgham, a female human rights activist. This is the first time a female campaigner may face execution in the country. She along with her husband are among the five human rights activists facing execution for their peaceful protests, Human Rights Watch reports.

Israa al-Ghumgham along with her husband Moussa al-Hashem was arrested in 2015 and has been in jail ever since without any access to proper legal help. Both of them are waiting to be tried in Saudi Arabia’s terrorism tribunal

Edit 3 : 25 June 2019

 Very positive news in this case!!

Source 1: Saudis say Murtaja will not be executed

A young man from Saudi Arabia's minority Shi'ite Muslim community who was arrested at the age of 13 will not be executed and could be released by 2022, a Saudi official told Reuters on Saturday following reports of his pending execution.

Murtaja Qureiris, who was detained in September 2014, has received an initial 12-year prison sentence with time served since his arrest and four years suspended for his young age, according to the official, who spoke on the condition of anonymity. The sentence is subject to appeal.

"He will not be executed," the official added.

Source 2 :Saudis say Shia teenager will not be executed: Report
10  Other / Politics & Society / Colorado school Shooting! (case sealed) on: May 08, 2019, 02:42:03 AM
Not a good start of morning.

Another Gun violence in USA, target was school once again. according to news 7 8 students were injured and 1 student died in the shooting. 2 suspects already in police custody after shootout and news coming out that one shooter is an adult and other is juvenile, both are student at the same school.

I am aware of that "Gun" issue is very sensitive topic in America. but I as an outsider failed to understand that how come guns are so easily available for civilians and kids. there is something really wrong here and one can not say every time that shooter was a nut job or mentally disturb.

Its only my point of view as a outsider "If someone really need a gun just to feel safe then he-she living in the wrong place"  that's how I look at the gun owners especially civilians in cities.

Police identify one suspect

At least one suspect in Tuesday's shooting has been identified as Devon Erickson, 18, the Douglas County Sheriff's Office said. Police said they would not be releasing any photos as they were still conducting interviews.

Police said earlier neither suspect was injured.

The student who died was identified as Kendrick Castillo, 18, a graduating senior. Sheriffs officials said he helped stop one of the shooters.

STEM School will be closed the rest of the week

The STEM School will be closed the remainder of the week, the Douglas County school superintendent said early Wednesday. The rest of Douglas County schools will remain open.

Edit 1

Students walk out of Colorado school shooting vigil, saying their trauma was being politicized
HIGHLANDS RANCH, Colo.-Gun rights advocates posted support on social media Thursday for Students who walked out of a gun-control rally in anger and tears
over concerns the event inappropriately politicized their grief.

Teen suspects in Colorado school shooting formally charged; case sealed
CASTLE ROCK, Colo. (Reuters) - Two teenagers accused of fatally shooting a classmate and wounding eight others at a Denver-area high school last week were charged with murder and attempted murder on Wednesday.

Devon Erickson, 18, and Alec McKinney, 16, are accused of opening fire on fellow students in two classrooms at the Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) charter school in Highlands Ranch, Colorado, on May 7. McKinney, who identifies as male, was listed on the court docket as Maya Elizabeth McKinney.

Douglas County District Judge Theresa Slade has put the charges along with the entire case file under seal, banning the public from seeing it. Both teenagers were each facing a range of charges including first-degree murder, attempted first-degree murder, arson and theft.
11  Other / Politics & Society / Multiple Bomb blasts in Srilanka-churches and hotel (update-15, Plz check OP) on: April 21, 2019, 10:17:01 AM
We are living in fucked up world where human life doesn't matter much these days. everyday bad news keeps coming out. Last month shooting in New Zealand mosque before that suicide bomber attack on Indian forces. Recently one of our fellow bitcoiner "Elwar" got in trouble.

And now multiple Bomb blasts in Srilanka. Perpetrators targeted 3 hotels and 3 churches  when they were holding Easter services this morning. At least 160 died and more than 500 people Injured in this heinous attack.

As of now no group took responsibility for this attack and according to news Srilanka authorities didn't gave any official statement and details regarding investigation.

Edit  1

Death number keep increasing, as of now 207 people died and number can increase because more than 500 people are injured. news are coming that one more bomb went off recently and it was suicide bomber,

The Muslim Council of Sri Lanka and The All Ceylon Jammiyyathul Ulama, a body of Muslim clerics, condemning these bomb attacks.

@Spendulus  Thanks, I will update more details regarding Terrorist group after confirmation from my source. but as of now Srilankan police arrested 13 suspects and found one safe house which was used by suspected terrorists.

@iwantapony thanks, details confirmed and updated.

Edit 2

Majority of attacks were carried by Suicide bombers and All suicide bombers are believed to be Sri Lankan nationals

Last night I found out that one of my colleague went missing in the Srilanka, I used to work with him and was not in contact with him for a while. one of my OZ client contacted me and said that he's missing since the bombing and he's not able to contact him. i tried to contact him but no response so far, I can only pray for him that he and his family members are safe.

Source : Live feed
Sri Lankan prime minister Ranil Wickremsinghe has said his government had some "prior information of the attack", though ministers were not told.
Source : Live feed
A local organisation identified as the National Tawheed Jamath has been suspected of plotting Sunday's blasts, says Sri Lankan cabinet minister Dr Rajitha Senaratne while addressing media.

Foreign intelligence agencies warned them about possible attacks but they turned a blind eye and took public safety for granted. still no terror group took responsibility.

Ten days before the attacks, Sri Lanka’s police chief issued a nationwide alert warning top officers that suicide bombers planned to target “prominent churches,” according to the warning seen by AFP.

“A foreign intelligence agency has reported that the NTJ (National Thowheeth Jama’ath) is planning to carry out suicide attacks targeting prominent churches as well as the Indian high commission in Colombo,” said the alert, which was sent by police chief Pujuth Jayasundara to senior police officials.

The NTJ is a radical Muslim group in Sri Lanka that came to notice last year when it was linked to the vandalization of Buddhist statues.

Edit 3

Sri Lanka says Easter bombing spree that killed 321 people was 'retaliation' for the mosque shootings in New Zealand

Edit 4

My friend is safe in srilanka.

Dead toll revised by Srilanka and Health minister said that 253 people died instead of 359 in this terrorist attack.

After identifying the bombers community is shocked that some of them were not poor or uneducated people but millionaires and belongs to good families. This shows how Islamists extremists corrupting the Mind and pushing them to become Suicide bombers. Muslim Community need some serious soul searching here.

This madness is not stopping here after these bomb attack, Sadly one of the most persecuted and humble sect of Islam is taking punches after this terrorist attack. "Ahmadiyya community" and they are the same people who fled from their home country Pakistan to save themselves because " Pakistan don't consider Ahmadiyya as a Muslim"

Edit  5

Srilanka Banned the 2 Islamist terrorist groups

Maithripala Sirisena, the President of Sri Lanka, has placed a ban on 2 terrorist groups that are linked to the Easter Sunday Bomb Blasts under the president’s emergency powers.

NTJ (National Thawheed Jammath) and JMI (Jamathei Millathu Ibraheem) have been banned by the President, this means that the government of Sri Lanka is capable of confiscating any property that belongs to the 2 terrorist groups.

Edit 6

I don't know how many users are checking small updates but even one of you user checking details or reading OP then thank you because I am keep updating for you guys cheers.

A statement released by President Maithripala Sirisena of Sri Lanka said anything that covers your face or “hinders the identification of individuals in a way that threatens national security” is now banned in the country.

The recent move was done after the Easter Bomb Blasts in Sri Lanka that killed more than 250 people and injured 500.

Edit 7

Note: I could be wrong here and I am very much willing to rectify my errors so if you found something important then please let me know. thanks

There are some backdoor chatters is going on why Sri Lanka avoided the initial warnings about Terrorist attacks which was given by India and its not looking good. some even saying that India kept warning Sri Lankan authority about the Islamist activities in their country for quite sometime but Sri Lankan official choose to avoid all warning- didn't take seriously because of internal politics in Sri Lanka. No major media picked this story so no independent source. my source are my Sri Lankan Friends.

Another suspension and resignation

President Maithripala Sirisena suspends defiant Lankan police chief, names successor

Edit 8

One user named @Saint-loup shared this article in another thread so I am sharing his post in my daily updates, I already took his/her permission and he/she was kind enough to give me a thumbs up.

I have tried my best to verify this source but it looks like every media picked up same story from only one source.

Exclusive: Bitcoin donations to ISIS soared day before Sri Lanka bombings

Whitestream found that on the day before the bombings, there was a sharp rise of hundreds of percent in the bitcoin balance held by CoinPayments, a company through which donations to ISIS are changed into bitcoin from regular currency. On April 20, the day before the Easter attacks, the balance in the main wallet of CoinPayments rose from just $500,000 to $4.5 million.

The following day on which the lethal attacks took place, the wallet's balance dropped back to $500,000, the same as the average daily monthly balance during the previous nine months.

Whitestream said, "CoinPayments admits that there wallet was involved but denies that it is connected to ISIS. It's possible that the company is not aware about the usage of their wallets, erhaps because ISIS uses straw companies in order to transfer the money.

Levy told "Globes" about the process by which Whitestream identifies usage by ISIS of a bitcoin wallet. "Firstly we identified a certain bitcoin address that received several donations at different times, and we succeeded in verifying that two of the donations came from the address that was presented on ISIS's donations website. Even though the amount on this address was only several dollars, through this wallet we were able to identify that ISIS collects the donations via CoinPayments. This address is just a junction, which reveals the link between CoinPayments and ISIS's donations. Our assumption is that the terrorist organization probably possesses many bitcoin addresses through CoinPayments, with every donation sent to a different address. On the day before the Sri Lanka terror attacks we identified two relatively big transactions at this address with bitcoins worth about $9,800."

Edit 9

May 07, 2019

Colombo: Sri Lankan authorities have said that they have dismantled a major part of the network linked to the Easter Sunday bombings, confiscating bomb-making material and freezing assets worth about $40 million linked to the plotters.

In an audio statement issued by the defence ministry on Monday, acting police chief Chandana Wickramaratne said almost all suspects and plotters involved in the April 21 attacks had either been arrested or were dead.

Edit 10

May 08, 2019

I was supposed to update this news yesterday but failed to do so due to busy schedule, My apologize.

I would be lying if I say that I was surprised with this news because India is also struggling with cross border terrorism (read Pakistan-Kashmir) and in Southern India Islamic extremists keep increasing thanks to Saudi's money and ISIS influence.

Recent comment from Sri Lankan Army Chief: Army chief claims suicide bombers travelled to Kashmir, Kerala (India)for training
Lieutenant General Mahesh Senanayke said, it is being suspected that the attackers travelled to India to establish their links with other terrorist organisations. In an interview to BBC, army commander said, "They had gone to India, travelling to Bangalore, Kashmir and Kerala state, (according to) information available with us.”

It turns out National Investigation Agency , Who keeps a eye on extremists and terror activities in India already made some arrest on 27 April. this was surprising for me because I didn't see any major news outlet airing this news in Northern India. may be some did the couple of minutes segment which I missed completely.

The National Investigation Agency launched a probe against the ISIS module active in Kerala following the Sri Lankan Easter blast. As a part of the probe in connection with the Kasargod IS module case, the NIA arrested a Palakkad native on Monday, who was planning Sri Lanka style suicide attack in Kerala.

Edit 11

"Saudi Educated Scholar Arrest"

Not very surprising news, it was just matter of time because we all know how Saudi finance the all madrasa around the world.

Kattankudy:  A Saudi-educated scholar is arrested for the links with Zahran Hashim, the suspected ringleader of the Easter Sunday bombings.

In a statement, police said, "Information has been revealed that the suspect arrested had a close relationship with ... Zahran and had been operating financial transactions,"

Mohamed Aliyar is the founder of the Centre for Islamic Guidance, which boasts a mosque, a religious school and a library in Zahran's hometown of Kattankudy, a Muslim-dominated city on Sri Lanka's eastern shores.

Sri Lanka imposes nationwide curfew after anti-Muslim riots

KINIYAMA: Sri Lankan police fired tear gas at Mob attacking mosques and shops owned by Muslims on Monday and imposed a nationwide curfew after the worst outbreak of sectarian violence since the Easter bombings by Islamist terrorists.

Stock of Weapons found near Commando training camp

A stock of firearms and ammunition which had been buried in a land close to the road leading to Commando Training Camp at Wellawaya – Uva Kudaoya has been found.

The Army said the search was carried out on a tip-off received by the Police yesterday (12), and 2 repeaters, two shotguns 342 T-56 ammunitions, 593 Shotgun ammunitions and 75 M6 bullets were discovered buried.

Two suspects have been taken into custody as well in connection with the incident.

Police seek public help to find terror suspect

May 13, Colombo: Sri Lanka Police Headquarters requests the general public to help the Police to trace the whereabouts of a suspect, in connection with the Easter Sunday bomb attacks.

Police say the suspect was an accomplice in the purchase and the modification of the van used by the suicide bomber to arrive at the Kochchikade St. Anthony's Church.

Edit 12  : 21 May, 2019

"One Month Since The Easter Attacks"
It is one month today since the April 21st Easter Sunday attacks.

Meanwhile three more suspects and  a chief organizer of Zahraan Hasheem considered the leader of the National Thawheed Jamaat organization who died while carrying out a suicide bomb attack on Easter Sunday were arrested in Kalmunai yesterday.

While Zahraan’s chief organiser called Kalmunai Siyaam was arrested first, the other two suspects were arrested according information received from him.

"Sri Lanka Army assures security, urges parents to send children to schools"

Sri Lanka Army Commander Lieutenant General Mahesh Senanayake today assured that the security forces on a priority basis have taken all necessary steps ensure security for all schools and urged the parents to send their children to schools.

"I emphasize that since members of the Armed Forces and the Police on priority basis have taken all necessary steps to ensure security arrangements for all schools, parents should now send their children to schools without resorting to irrational fears," the Army Commander said in a special statement.

"Suicide bomb training camp traced from a coconut estate in Kurunegala"

A camp in which the Easter Sunday suicide bombers allegedly received training has been traced from a coconut estate at Alakoladeniya in Kurunegala.

5 suspects have been arrested on a previous occasion in this regard and, the parliament translator was also arrested on the details revealed by the suspects.

Later, the court permitted to detain the suspected translator for 90 days and continue further questioning.

Edit 13 : 25 May 2019

Read : "Who Should Be Held Responsible?"

Note: Please read the highlighted part in quote, I mentioned this particular point in Edit 7, I didn't had any source before but after one month picture is very clear and media outlet picking up this story and discussing openly.
Furthermore, Jonah Blank a principal investigator and senior political scientist for the RAND Corporation said, “In this case, it does appear as if there was a political failure which led to a poor Government response. The warning from an external intelligence agency ( almost certainly India) was reported relayed to the office of President Sirisena. It seems as if these warning were not acted on sufficiently and were not relayed to Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe. There are two reasons for this! First, the President doesn’t trust the Prime Minister (He tried to have him ousted in October 2018), and there is bad blood between them. Second, the President believes that India favoured the Prime Minister over him, so he may have discounted the intelligence on these grounds.”  

"Reflecting on the refugee crisis in Sri Lanka Refugees plead to expedite their cases and resettle them in third countries"

Following the Easter Sunday massacre more than 1000 refugees and asylum seekers were evicted from their rented houses in Negombo and they had to seek refuge in two mosques and the police station in Negombo. With barely minimal possessions and minimum facilities, the once persecuted group of people live in much uncertainty and fear. They plead for their cases to be expedited, so they can be resettled in a third country soon, which was their aim in coming to Sri Lanka in the first place.

According to a Human Rights Lawyer who did not want to be named, the asylum seekers and refugees from Pakistan and Afghanistan are fleeing persecution, including systemic violence by extremist groups, due to their identity as Ahmadi, Shia or Christians. They are also fleeing legal persecution under a legal system which targets minorities as apostates or under anti-blasphemy legislation. “They live in fear. They have come here in families because they have faced violent mobs, killings, and any member of the family left behind is likely to be targeted. They have come here out of absolute desperation. They have zero ability to go back,” the HR lawyer said.

Edit 14 :    31 May 2019

Small updates: Please check Edit 14

From now on- will update the News once in a Month in case of important update on case.


Prez denies knowledge of impending attack on April 21

President Maithripala Sirisena yesterday said that media reports claiming that he had been informed about the impending Easter Sunday attack were absolutely false, the President’s Media Division said.

It said in a statement that there were media reports of a statement made by the Head of the National Intelligence Service, while giving evidence at the Parliamentary Select Committee appointed to look into the April 21 terrorist attacks.  

The media reports stated that the National Security Council did not meet after February 2019.  

As there were media reports appearing unofficially on the proceedings of the NSC, it was decided to establish an NSC with a new format and this has been in operation for more than one year. The new NSC has been meeting every two weeks and, on some occasions the President has convened the meetings of the NSC every week, it said.  

Furthermore, on April 8, 2019, the President has convened the monthly meeting of the Inspector General of Police and senior police officers.

Extremists replacing Sinhala signboards with those in Arabic: Prelate

A group of extremists has been active in fixing signboards with Arabic names to Muhudu Maha Vihara Mawatha and other streets in the town, said Ven. Warakapola Indrasiri Nayake Thera, Eastern Province Sangha Nayake and Chief Incumbent of Muhudu Maha Viharaya in Pottuvil.

Playing politics with Terrorism

Media, both mainstream and social, and certain politicians have completely diverted the attention of the country and the authorities from the terrorism that wreaked havoc on Easter Sunday on April 21. The whole country is now chasing a perceived enemy totally forgetting the real enemy.
The real enemy is the remnants, if any, of the members of the National Thawheed Jama’ath (NTJ) with the indoctrination of hate against other religious communities and the other Muslims who are not prepared to toe their line. The real enemy that might be waiting to cause another disaster is the ideology that drove NTJ leader Zahran Hashim and his cohorts to cold-bloodedly kill hundreds of men women and children.

Edit 15:   25 June 2019

Sri Lanka Muslim Government Leaders Resign Over Allegations

JUNE 8 : Sri Lankan Muslim politicians holding top government positions have resigned, saying they want to enable the government to investigate allegations against some of them on links to Islamic extremist militants.

Nine Cabinet and junior ministers and two provincial governors resigned Monday, days after a Buddhist monk began a fast demanding the expulsion of three leaders whom he said were linked to a Muslim group responsible for the Easter Sunday bombings that killed over 250 people.

Rauf Hakeem, a lawmaker for Sri Lanka Muslim Congress, says they asked the government to investigate the allegations amid an anti-Muslim hate campaign.

Source 1 : ColomboPage, Sri Lanka Internet Newspaper= Emergency Extended

June 22, Colombo: Sri Lanka government has issued an Extraordinary Gazette notification extending the Emergency Regulations for another month, from today, June 22.

The Extraordinary Gazette issued by President's Secretary Udaya R. Seneviratne upon the instructions of President Maithripala Sirisena says the emergency was extended in the best interest of public security.

"I am of the opinion that by the reason of a public emergency in Sri Lanka, it is expedient, so to do, in the interest of public security, the preservation of public order and the maintenance of supplies and services essential to the life of the Community," the Extraordinary Gazette says.

The State of Emergency was initially imposed on April 22 following the Easter Sunday suicide attacks on April 21

Source 2 : Sri Lanka extends Emergency for another month

Invisible force is behind Easter attacks, not ISIS - Hakeem

June 24, Former Minister Rauff Hakeem says he does not believe the fact that the ISIS is behind the terror attacks on Easter Sunday.Addressing a public meeting held in Thalathuoya area, the minister stressed that an invisible force is behind these attacks.The former minister emphasized that a fair investigation should be conducted into the terror attacks.

Tensions after Easter Sunday terrorist attacks in Sri Lanka concern UNHRC Chief

June 25, Colombo: The UN High Commissioner for Human Rights Michelle Bachelet expressing concern over the religious and ethnic tensions arose in Sri Lanka following the terrorist attacks by Muslim Jihadists on Easter Sunday, said the friction between the government and the President is a human right concern.

Delivering the opening statement at the 41st session of the Human Rights Council in Geneva Monday, Bachelet said she is disturbed by the attacks on the Muslims following the Easter Sunday bombings and hate speech by some religious leaders.

"In Sri Lanka, I am concerned that the terrorist attacks two months ago have fuelled increasing tensions," she said adding that she is disturbed by reports of anti-Muslim attacks.

12  Other / Politics & Society / Rhino Poacher killed by elephant then eaten by lions!! on: April 08, 2019, 05:48:24 PM
Animal Poaching is a serious crime in South Africa and from 2007-2014 Rhino poaching increased by 9,000% . after 2014 recorded incident went down but still
poaching incidents are quite high and Organized Crime still active in this business.

But this time it's another way around, Incident happened in Kruger National Park, South Africa.

On Tuesday 2nd April some of the poachers reached out to one of the accomplice poacher's family only to inform that, Elephant had killed their relative during the Rhino hunt. The family contacted the Regional Ranger, and then the search began only to find out that his body was eaten by Pride of lions and authorities just found the deceased's skull and pants in the end.

Don't know what to Call it, poetic justice of Mother nature or the extreme result of Karma. But this kind of death is really horrifying.

13  Economy / Reputation / Lassie=zupdawg (potential Alt of same person-merit abuser) Need assistance! on: March 26, 2019, 04:04:56 AM
Today I was monitoring "BitBlender Signature Campaign" thread for signature space. then I noticed someone posted ( Member rank with 97 merits) that he-she needed spreadsheet's link. so i posted a spreadsheet link on the thread. after a couple of minutes, user profile changed from Member to Full member.

Out of genuine curiosity, I clicked on the user profile and saw his-her merit report and found out that he-she received merit for the Bounty Ann thread, which is completely fine. Then I noticed next post on the same thread. Lassie received 50 merits from the same User in same thread a few months back. (Looks shady)

Merit reciever: Lassie :;u=1202244

Sender: zupdawg :;u=815389 ( Already marked Red for ICO bumping)

Last time Sender was online during Jan-feb 2019 and today he-she came online just to give Lassie 5 merits on thread which was posted in May 2018. (Now Member-to Full member)

I am aware of that its not a solid proof but its not a coincidence as well. I already notified the Bounty manager in this regard but as of now i failed to find any hard evidence that both accounts belong to the same person, that's why I am posting here so that best users (detective) can have a look at this case.

Note : Lassie is saving all his s-merits as of now (which is fine but you guys can guess what's that means).  he-she only spent his-her merit one time and guess what receiver was the same user "zupdawg"  

14  Other / Politics & Society / Missionary killed by Primitive tribe in India on: November 28, 2018, 03:14:50 PM

Feel sad for this young man (John Chau) and his family. But his religious beliefs and stupid act got him killed when he thought that he should preach the gospel and convert The Sentinelese people to Christianity so they can be saved.

He repeatedly tried to enter the island which is banned by Indian Gov for any tourists and local people. He forgets that its one of the oldest surviving and isolated tribe on Earth and they don't need saving from anyone.

According to his journal and emails, it's very clear that he was on a suicide mission due to his religious beliefs.

The sad part is his body still on the island, chances are it can't be recovered and some Christian group naming him as a ‘Martyr’

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