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1  Bitcoin / Pools / [NEW] -BTC- Fee 1% [Pay TX, PPLNS, NMC, Vardiff] Giving back on: February 18, 2014, 03:27:08 AM
Website -

Hi everyone,

Today, we are officially launching Directpool after rigorous testing and would like to welcome all miners. Directpool is the next step for a bitcoin mining pool. Directpool is not only a extremely stable and reliable pool but also a way to give back to the bitcoin community.

The main goal behind starting Directpool was that we wanted to give back to the Bitcoin community as that is the key to the future of Bitcoin itself. We have taken the initiative to fund Bitcoin related projects through any donation that may be collected at Directpool. Directpool is collaborating with Bitcoin Business Alliance (BBA) to work out a structure to handle the donations for worthy bitcoin related projects. Essentially, it'll be the miners that will decide who gets the funding. More information on this will be provided in the very near future.


We are using a modified version of Eloipool backend software (thnx LukeJR & Whizkid).
Directpool is capable of handling even the largest of the Bitcoin mining farms - no matter the size of your hardware. The pool is running on private dedicated servers and under watch of a security admin to keep things smooth and moving. We take security extremely serious at Directpool to ensure that the miner's info and pool funds stay safe at all times.

Server Features

  • Backend:               Modified Eloipool
  • Stratum Protocal:   A stratum connection is very efficient, there is less bandwidth and fewer invalids/rejects.
  • Vardiff:                 Difficulty automatically adjust based the speed of your hardware.
  • Merged Mining:       Take advantage of earning NameCoin (NMC) while you mine Bitcoins.
  • Payment System:    PPLNS payment method for both Bitcoin and NMC.
  • PPLNS:                  The Pool fee is 1%
  • Notification:           Receive email notifications for idle workers.
  • Payouts:                Full Satoshi payout for precise withdrawals up to 8 decimals to transfer into your wallet for On-Demand/Manual payout. Automactic payouts available as well.

Website Features

  • Fresh designed Web and Mobile Interface to best display stats that are important to miners.
  • Fully integrated SSL connection.
  • DDoS protection

Please join us on our freenode IRC channel (#directpool) or by contacting us through our “Help“ widget on our website.

Thanks and Enjoy!
2  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Altcoin Discussion / [ANN][POOL][ZET][BFC][OSC][TEK][BTE] Dsync Pools on: August 28, 2013, 03:16:39 PM

Announce Dsync Pool - SHA256

[Zetacoin Pool] [Port] 3333 Discussion

[OpenSourceCoin Pool] [Port] 5555 Discussion

[Tekcoin Pool] [PORT] 6666 Discussion

[ByteCoin Pool] [PORT]4444 Discussion *new

[BetaCoin Pool] [PORT] 6667
Please come join our chat @ #zetacoin

3  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Mining (Altcoins) / [XPM]unofficial jhPrimeminer thread on: July 17, 2013, 02:18:18 AM
as per request from users at the 1st and only pool mining for XPM!! I have compiled a unofficial jhPrimeminer for x64 and added some new custom codes.

This is a custom mining software for mining at
As far as i know is the only pool for Primecoin (XPM) and is very well maintained by user testix and jh000.

The pool had few days to work out it's kinks and it is finding block and payout are correct.

[Miner Software]
So far only the 32bit has been compiled by author. the 64bit version works but varies. some had great success and some doesn't.

cabin updated build with the latest share values:
11ch   100
10ch   80
9ch   16
8ch   1
7ch   0.03125
6ch   0.000976

The builds I know about are:

V7.1 64bit -
v7.1 64bit AVX -
v6.0 32bit -

It is quite similar to the Mumus build but does not do the large divisor test anymore since others have said this part is buggy and wastes a bit of time. It also has the -h parameter which specifies what length of chain to search for (default 9 which is the case for all current miners) and it removes some unused fermat test branches and other calculations.
64 bit -

This is an optimized version of Mumus 7.1 build with my sieve updates and a few other performance increases. Block rate should be as good as / better than Mumus. Use same as you would Mumus V7.1
64 bit -

[Sources] - Original - Mine
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