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1  Economy / Auctions / [Auction] Just-Dice investment account with 479BTC commission-exempt earnings! on: December 03, 2013, 08:33:09 AM
This is a NO RESERVE auction for my Just-Dice investment account which has 478.78 BTC available of commission free earnings.  At the current commission rate of 10%, this represents a maximum possible savings 47.87 BTC on commission payments for investment gains.  Just-Dice is one of the most liquid and trusted investment vehicles in the Bitcoin community.  Be aware this is an investment-only account, meaning gambling with this account is permanently disabled. 

Starting bid will be 4BTC with 0.1BTC increments.  Bidding ends in 3 days on 12/6/2013 at 6AM board time. 

Upon winning, I will send transfer the account by:
1. Sending the google authentication secret to the winner
2. Changing the password to a temporary one of the new winner's choosing
3. Send Dooglus (the OP) a signed message from me indicating the transfer of the account to the new owner

This auction thread and the transfer receipt shall serve as additional proof of transfer of account owner.  Escrow, though unnecessary, is fine. Winner would pay any escrow fees.

2  Economy / Service Discussion / Over 1.5 Million bitcoins wagered in past 8 hours on on: September 29, 2013, 07:23:14 PM
You got to watch this - have 3 whales playing betting about 200 BTC each many times per minute.  Amount wagered on site has gone from 2M to 3M bitcoins. That is about 130 million USD wagered in 8 hours. Do you think any real life casinos even see that much action??
3  Economy / Service Discussion / 17% of Bitcoins wagered through Just-Dice in 2 Months. Is this good or bad? on: September 25, 2013, 07:38:34 PM
So, earlier today, has passed 2 Million bitcoins wagered in a little over 2 months.  This represents 17.1% of all bitcoins currently in existance.  Amazingly, with this volume, the casino is at a 2250 BTC LOSS! Regardless, is this good or bad milestone for Bitcoins?
4  Economy / Gambling / Poll: Pick your favorite bitcoin Dice game on: September 21, 2013, 11:41:03 PM
Since my last poll, there are half a dozen new bitcoin dice sites.   Curious to see how the landscape has changed with preferneces.
5  Economy / Gambling / Player wins a 46k Audi on Just-Dice! on: September 18, 2013, 08:56:53 PM
Seems like cool PR for Bitcoin!  A player (Doctor Lee) on, on 9/16 cashed out some of his winnings on Just-Dice and bought himself a 46k Audi.  He came by the site and was showing off pictures to everyone.  Where else can you in a single day win 46k, cash out a couple minutes later and go buy yourself a nice car? These are the pics of the car he bought:
6  Economy / Gambling / Alternate addresses to log into Just-Dice on: September 15, 2013, 10:17:29 PM
Just-Dice has been on a on-and-off DDOS attack for the last couple weeks.  Doog has installed a few load balancers, please make note of these alternate addresses if you having trouble logging in:

A longer term solution is in the works.
7  Bitcoin / Pools / BTCGuild is a 51% attack risk on: September 15, 2013, 06:15:12 PM
It seems to me it is not healthy for the Bitcoin community to have BTCGuild currently with 43% of the entire network hash rate and still growing.  This can be a real risk to the entire blockchain if if pool becomes compromised.
8  Economy / Economics / Which exchange/venue do you consider the most accurate value of BTC/USD? on: September 10, 2013, 04:14:43 AM
Normally, the exchange with the most volume and liquidity would be considered the most accurate.  However, since Mt.Gox USD cannot be withdrawn and has a default risk priced in, this has caused huge distortions in the BTC/USD market and made arbing away this discrepanc very difficult. It seems many people no longer consider Mt. Gox the "gold standard" despite its volume leadership.  What exchange do you look at to value your BTC in USD terms?
9  Economy / Service Discussion / Tradehill Suspends all Bitcoin Activity! on: August 29, 2013, 06:33:32 PM
Just received the following email from Tradehill.  Between CampBX being cutoff from Dwolla funding and now this, seems coinbase the last easy online option for US residents to buy bitcoins. 

This correspondence is to inform you Tradehill is suspending its relationship with the Internet Archive Federal Credit Union (IAFCU). Tradehill is also suspending its Bitcoin trading activities, for the time being, and will reach out to you as soon as trading operations resume.
If you would like Tradehill to wire you your US Dollar balance (if applicable), or if you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact your Personal Account Manager at Tradehill.
The Tradehill Team
10  Economy / Service Discussion / Dwolla freezing all financial transfers related to bitcoins?! on: August 22, 2013, 09:35:25 PM
I just got this email today after I initiated a bank transfer to fund my Dwolla account. I had previously used dwolla to buy bitcoins on localbitcoins, and had also transferred fundsto camp bx.  Anyone else have this issue before?  This will be a killer for both of these US services - looks like stuck with coinbase and their high fees.
11  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Altcoin Discussion / Most Profitable Merge Mine - XPM(with CPU) & DGC(with GPU) on: August 22, 2013, 05:35:07 AM
As best I can tell, the best bang for your buck is to mine primecoins with your CPU and to mine Digitalcoins with your GPUs.  Now, if a GPU miner for XPMs ever comes out, then they will be in competition to the detriment of both DGC and LTC. However, I am starting do doubt whether a GPU miner which is much more efficient than the current CPU miners is likely to be created.
12  Bitcoin / Mining speculation / Why only a fool would pay over 0.9BTC per GigaHash on: August 12, 2013, 03:10:37 AM
So, USB eruptors will be going on sale next week at 0.3 BTC/each (about 334MHZ stock, over 400MHZ each with overclocking and cooling).  That means for 0.9 BTC you can easily get 1GHZ without risk (and some OC overhead).

This will hurt anyone who was trying to sell their Avalon units or BFLs as ASICMiner is squashing all prices.  They will also be selling the "old" eruptor blades bapable of 10GHZ stock speed for 10.25 BTC each (overclockable to about 12GHZ) which is about the same price at 0.97BTC per GHZ.  The only reason to buy those is no usb hub required and there is more room for overclocking than the USB miners.

In 2 weeks, the "new" blades will go on sale.  Their specs and price have not yet been announced.  I expect both the speed and the prices to both be higher;)  Whether they offer a better value on a BTC per GHZ basis is the real question.  Also, be interesting to see the watts/GHZ as well.
13  Bitcoin / Mining speculation / Why only a fool would pay over 1.8BTC per GigaHash on: August 09, 2013, 12:33:48 AM
Currently, you can buy 334Megahash USB block eruptors for 0.6 BTC each ( There will never make a profit, however I actually bought 3 simply to do my part to help distribute the network.  This equates to 1.8 BTC per Gigahash.  This is a 100% losing proposition with the current rate of difficulty increases.  It MIGHT be possible to break even with some aggressive overclocking and some luck.

People are trying to sell Avalon and CFL units here for the equivalent of 2-3 BTC per Gigahash.  Even if you just want to do your bit to help distribute the network, you be better off with the block eruptors.  They are more power efficient, are far more modular, much easier to resell and easy to overclock with some cooling.  All these units are rapidly depreciaiting in value.  It will not be long before the only units worth buying are measured in Terahashs/second as opposed to Gigahash - also power efficiency and overclockabiltiy will be king to be able to turn a profit. 

My advise, if you want to mine for a profit, buy some ASICMiner or take a risk on one of the IPOs (most of which will wind up being scams like BTCGarden btw). 
14  Economy / Gambling / BETTING POOL FOR TIME & DATE WE HIT 1 MILLION WAGERED ON JUST-DICE! 0.01 BTC/BET on: August 03, 2013, 12:50:44 AM
Just-Dice has had an amazing start, in about 6 weeks we now stand with over 734,000 BTC wagered! With Dooglus' permission, we are holding a winner-take-all pool to see who can guess closest to the time and date for when the 1,000,000 bitcoin mark is hit.  There will be no house take - the entire jackpot will go to the winner(s) and will be held in escrow by Dooglus. I have asked Dooglus to send a signed reply with the bitcoin address for the bets to be sent that he will be escrowing the jackpot.


1. Pick a date and a time in UTC.  You should pick the date and the hour.  You can bet as many time slots as you multiple people can bet the same time slot.  We will be rounding down the nearest hour, so keep that in mind when betting.  If multiple people pick the same time slot and it wins, then the jackpot will be split evenly. If two bets are equidistant from the winning date/time, then the jackpot will be split.
Eg. 8/20/2013 @ 6pm UTC - if the that 1,000,000 BTC mark is hit at 6:59pm + 59 seconds, it will still be counted as 6pm  (won't be rounded up to 7pm)
To figure out UTC time go to:

2.  Bets cannot be changed once placed

3. Accepting bets until 800,000 BTC total wagered is reached.

4.  To place your bets, send your BTC to 1KFBfgU9iBEEFSLyycgvBKcLyRyrWUWZ2A and then post in this thread a signed message from the sending address with the bets you wish to place.  Remember, 0.01 BTC per bet is acceptable.


15  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Altcoin Discussion / Primecoin Mining Rig - Parallela on: July 31, 2013, 03:26:06 AM
With efforts to make a GPU miner for Primecoin floundering (and I am skeptical it would even be more effective than a system with a good 64-bit X86 CPU and fast memory), I was wondering if using Parallela to build a Primecoin mining rig would work well.  It is low power, ideal for CPU intensive tasks, can easily add fast memory to it cheaply and is quiet and compact.  It is also infinitely expandable.

I was thinking of ordering:
This was a kickstarter project.  Apparently they have already shipped boards to kickstarter contributors and sales to other customers will start in August.  Here is the page describing this project:

It strikes me this would be good for any CPU intensive mining coin and Primecoin may be a great candidate for this.  

16  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Altcoin Discussion / [XPM] The Unofficial Primecoin Overview Thread (all information in one place!) on: July 29, 2013, 03:47:36 AM
Hello fellow Primecoin miners.  If you are like me, you are confused by all the different miners, threads, clients and optimizations for Primecoin (XPM) now.  I figured we needed a post with all the aggregate information in one place.

Just as a very brief overview, Primecoin has a bunch of features (which admittedly, other alt-coins have) that are improvements over bitcoin.  The biggest one from a practical standpoint is much faster confirmation times due to 60 second block times (versus 10 minutes for Bitcoin).  This makes it functionally much faster for the  transmission of the primecoins.  However, what makes Primecoin unique from all the other coins (and there are a lot!) is its Proof of Work system actually does something useful (as opposed to a hashing algorithm such as SHA, scrypt, etc), it finds chains of prime numbers.

Specifically it finds the following types of prime chains:
1CC -> Cunningham chain of 1st kind
2CC -> Cunningham chain of 2nd kind
TWN -> bi-twin chain

What I really like about it, is these chains are useful not just for prime number theory but have uses for cryptography.  As we are all part of the crypto-currency revolution, anything that moves forward the science of cryptography enhances the entire eco-system.

For more information on what these chains are useful for:

To Summarize, the Upsides of Primecoin:
1. # of coins only limited by Moore's law and efficiency of algorithms to find prime number chains.
2. Fast transaction time
3. Proof of Work scientifically relevant
4. No pre-mine, fairly launched on July 7, 2013 at 18:00 UTC

Primecoin Downsides:
1. Since only limit is Moore's law (no set max coin limit), if Moore's law is broken (ie quantum computers), the difficulty may drop in the future.
2. If another more useful PoW is found which meets the criteria of being both
   a. Hard to compute
   b. Easy to verify
   Then interest in the coin will collapse along with it's value
3. If the coin is successful and prime number theorists can use the results to find an equation to predict prime #s, it would essentially break the coin's PoW.  Though, not everyone would view this as a downside due to the enormous scientific value that may provide.

You can find an excellent, much more detailed article explaining primecoin here:

Minutes per Block: 1 minute
Current Difficulty: Approx 9.8
Block Reward = 999/Difficulty2
How to mine: Currently CPU only, but a GPU miner in works by mtrtl (forum thread listed below).  Virtual Private Server mining common (VPS)
Creator: Sunny King (same creator as PPCoin)
Primecoin Symbol: XPM
# of Exchanges: 9
Total Coins Minted: 2,064,278 XPM (as of 9/15/2013)


Official Client:

Design Paper:

Official Site & Forum:

Primecoin Blockchain Explorer #1:

Primecoin Blockchain Explorer #2:

Primecoin Block Crawler: Stats for Primecoin (90 day view):

The Primecoin Wiki:

Primecoin on Reddit:

Primecoin News Feed:

Primecoin News Site: (has a lot of good info on compiling mikael's high performance miner in linux)

Primecoin Chatroom (on

Primecoin Facebook Fan Page:

Primecoin Wikipedia Article: (help expand it!)

Primecoin Mining Wiki:

Primecoin Faucet: (Post something useful here and maco sends you XPM!)

How to Use Vanitygen to create Vanity Primecoin Addresses and Paper Wallets:
         Useful commands:
             To have vanitygen create a Primecoin address:
vanitygen -F compressed -X 23 A
            For bulk-wallet usage, try this, which will generate 10 addresses:
./ 23 A 10 | ./ >paperwallet.html
            The View and print the resulting paper wallet in the browser of your choice.
             Link to VanityGen Binaries (x86 & x84):

Common VPS Miners compatible with primecoin:
Server4you:  <---currently best price/performance I have found
Amazon EC 2:
Digital Ocean:
Linode:    <--some users report accounts suspended for mining
Ramnode:  <--some users report accounts suspended for mining
Warrior VPS:
Hetzner Online Server Auction: (not a VPS but useful way to buy server power cheap)

*Please note, with any VPS, your account may be suspended since it may be considered abusive use.  Leasing a dedicated server is the only safe way to avoid suspension but is much more costly.

Prime chain record lists

Dirk Augustin's Cunningham Chain World Record List:

Henri Lifchitz's Bi-Twin Chain Record Book:

Mining Programs

Linux High Performance HP10 Client Mining :

High Performance Mining Client by mikaelh (-hp10 version) - most popular for solo mining
Windows x64 binaries!Bp9SGJqY!EldvEiEniFRuHyWI7Abi33ZrdbAID-AfQvKAoJYAXzg
Windows x86 binaries!hw1iFQqS!Sy-KPXL7Q8pWez_9d3Ll-TE-qepXpNcWWLLDACtwTY8
Linux x64 and x86 binaries!00k20SKQ!UmONjVccc7oWNrfxw7jxiTIjTIh-KY3xAEWuxYHnP9o
Source code (Git)

jhPrimeminer (command-line miner for
jhPrimeminer v0.41 download (Win64, faster)
jhPrimeminer v0.41 download (Win32)
jhPrimeminer source

Alternate Versions of jhPrimeminer (various optimizations)
jhPrimeminer (cabin's version v0.33alpha) <--updated 8/20/2013 (x64 windows executable)
jhPrimeminer (mumus' high performance version 7.1 with and w/o avx) <---optimized to auto-adjust to best settings and has GMP libs (I use this version but it an unofficial hack. Beware!) (x64 windows executable)
v7.1 64bit AVX - (x64 executable with AVX optimization) <--for newer cpus with AVX instruction set (x64 windows executable) <--older version, but some think it works better on old systems
Do you have AVX instruction set?  Check using CPU-Z:
*Advice for optimizing v7.1: Don't forget to press C after your auto tune has stabilized (after about 20 min). Pressing C will auto tune your L1 Cache. Write the results down and be sure to include that all other settings were on stock.

jhPrimeminer Beta v3.3 (rdebourbon's latest update to v7.1 - some claim better performance. Includes HP10 optimizations) (x64 windows binaries for x64,x64-AVX, x64-XP versions) (source)

Tandy's Build of jhPimeminer for Linux (with -hp10 optimizations) - confirmed to work well on Ubuntu
Github Source: (Linux source)

Pools: (home of jhPrimeminer - command-line miner)
Pool Fee: 3%
Protocol: XPT
Notes: must use its own custom miner or those derived from it
Connection details: (getwork, currently disabled due to performance issues) (x.pushthrough, jhPrimeminer only)
Username: accountname.workername (e.g. example.1)
Password: your worker password
Pool Fee: 1%
Protocol: getwork
Notes: Can use reference client, the high performance (mikaelh) variants or jhPrimeminer
Custom Client for (based on mikaelh's hp10 variant)
windows binary: primeminer v0.2  (contains 32 and 64 bit version)
windows binary: primeminer v0.3 RC0 *experimental*  (contains 32 and 64 bit version)
How to use pool
No need to register
Use your XPM address as "user"
To check your stats:<XPM adress>
Usage: primeminer -pooluser= -poolpassword=0 -genproclimit=

For more info, check the official announcement thread:

Helpful Bitcointalk Threads:

General Overview:
[XPM] [ANN] Primecoin Prerelease Announcement - Introducing Prime Proof-of-Work

[XPM] [ANN] Primecoin Release - First Scientific Computing Cryptocurrency

[XPM] Primecoin Record Books <--my favorite thread, why primecoin exists

[XPM] Primecoin Press Thread

[XPM] Why Primecoin Price Has Bottomed Out

Mining Optimizations:

[XPM] [ANN] Primecoin High Performance

[XPM] Working on a GPU miner for Primecoin, new thread Smiley

[XPM] Working on a GPU miner for Primecoin (project by mtrlt)  <--thread closed, see above

[XPM] CUDA enabled qt client miner for primecoins. Source code inside. WI

[XPM]unofficial jhPrimeminer thread

Pool Mining: XPM Pooled CPU Mining!!!

Cloud Mining:

[ANN][XPM] - XPM Mining Cloud Service

[XPM] [FASTER!] Mining PrimeCoin using DigitalOcean (VPS)

Linux Compilation and Configuration:

[XPM] Noobproof Primecoin All-In-One EZ Setup Script (Updated)

[XPM] Primecoin High Performance Linux Compilation Guide

[XPM] mining Primecoin on openSUSE

How to Install Primecoin on Ubuntu

Address Generating and Paper Wallet:

How to Use Vanitygen to create Vanity Primecoin Addresses and Paper Wallets (part of a different thread)

Self-Made Offline Paper Wallets Using LaTeX

Petitions and Polls:

[XPM] PETITION Primecoin listing on BTC-e

EXCHANGES TRADING XPM (all crossed with BTC except BTCLTC):

Fee: ?%
Note: Only offers direct crosses with CMC & Chinese Yuan (CNY). However, can trade to CNY or CMC and then to BTC on the site, but will essentially double the trading fees. Site in Chinese but easily used enabling google translate in chrome

Fee: 0.2%

Fee: 0.3%

Fee: 0% (as of 8/22 while in Beta)

Crypto-Trade <--has XPM/BTC & XPM/USD cross-trades
Fee: 0.2%

Fee: 0.2% to buy, 0.3% to sell XPM

Fee: 0.2%

Fee: ?

Fee: 0.2%

Where to shop with Primecoins?
Buy Delicious Jerky:
Buy Amazing Southern BBQ Sauce:
Games, Hardware, Video Games & More:
The Daily Special:
Buy Video Games:
Get a Pre-Paid Visa Debit Card:
Get Server Hosing:
Miner Supplies:
Buy some unique jewelry:
Buy 1oz Silver Physical Primecoins (11 XPM demonination):
17  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Altcoin Discussion / Poll: Pick your favorite Alt-Coin! on: July 28, 2013, 09:47:31 PM
Please choose your favorite Alt-Coin (you can pick only one).  My prior list had some errors and I received PMs it was biased towards the one listed earlier, so now I have re-done the list in alphabetical order.  I tried to be thorough, let me know if I missed one you for which you wish to cast a vote. Late entries will be out of order at the end of the list.  I am only listing coins which have already been launched (hence, no eMunie).

After a couple weeks, I will relaunch a new poll listing the top 5 contenders based on which ones garner the most votes.
18  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Altcoin Discussion / What is your favorite Alt-Coin Poll on: July 28, 2013, 09:26:22 PM
Curious to see what is your favorite alt-coin if you could pick only one.  I tried to be thorough, let me know if I missed one you for which you wish to cast a vote.  The list is in no particular order.
Edit: I have re-made the poll in alphabetical order
19  Economy / Services / [WTB] An Auto-Invest/Divest Bot Script for Just-Dice - 4 BTC Bounty + Bonuses! on: July 27, 2013, 06:32:27 PM
Project: A bot script to help reduce investor variance in the form of an auto-invest & divest bot for the website

Details: To be able to set parameters based on change in the site's investment by percentage or amount over a given period of time which will trigger a variable invest or divest action.  The bot when given the proper parameters (time, amount or percentage change) can then complete any of the following actions:
           Examples: 1. Should the total site protfit increase 10% or more within any 24-hour period, will auto-divest all funds.  Then will re-invest all funds should the total site profit by 15% in any length of time
                           2. Will auto-invest 10% of the current account balance every 72 hours
                           3. Wil divest 20% of total investment for every increase of 20% over the principal investment

1.  Must be released open source on Git-Hub upon completion and payment of the bounty
2.  Must be able to work with Windows x64 Bit
3.  Must be able to be compiled to an executable in atleast Windows (Linux additional bounty)
4.  Must be easy for even a novice to use - so no scripts which requires knowledge of python, etc by the user
5.  Okay if requires browser to be open.  Must work with both Internet Explorer and Google Chrome.
6.  Must provide support for at least 1 year (should changes me made to website which "break" the bot).

Payment: 4 BTC Bounty

Additional Bounties:
1.  If can integrate the ability to use auto-login when disconnected, an additional 1 BTC bounty
2.  If can integrate the ability to use google authorization for login and divest functions, an additional 1 BTC bounty
3.  If can add a audible whale alarm when any bets over "X" BTC are detected, an additional 0.5 BTC bounty
4.  Linux version: an additional 1 BTC bounty (please test with Ubuntu)
5.  If can have it work without needing the browser to be open, an additional 1 BTC bounty

Any takers?
20  Economy / Securities / Best Investment? on: July 26, 2013, 02:08:53 AM
Just wondering what people think is currently the best semi-trustworthy investment out there?  I am involved in only two currently: Just-Dice and ASICMiner.  I hate the mining bonds and Satoshi Dice now has one private.  I also hate the new Ministry of Games, mostly since the CEO is a sociopath though maybe that alone not a good reason to dismiss it (though sociopaths do have a way of screwing people over without guilt).  Any other suggestions?
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