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1  Economy / Scam Accusations / GO HELP FUND SCAM!!! on: October 25, 2018, 02:24:32 AM
!!! Go Help Fund SCAM !!!

 So Friends, recently on a HELP token from the go help fund command was added. This token interested me and I decided to figure out what he is the whole project.. Let's start with you a careful study of this ambitious project from go help fund.. The project with careful consideration was very difficult and in its own amazing. Why amazing? Yes, because wherever you look, whatever you start to study carefully, everywhere there is only lies and deception, which in principle is the essence of this "miracle project". But first things first..

1. Let's start with the office address listed on the team's website: Fundac Sf. Teodor, nr. 1, Iasi, Romania, open Google maps.. And what we see. This is College!

What's this bullshit about a College office? No signs of the project, no signs, I wonder, and the College administration is aware that in their building are rented and used premises for offices?? Yes, it's just COLLEGE and that's our first conclusion: GO HELP FUND SCAM!!!

2. Let's go ahead and see a group of telegrams and immediately see that not live people are added there, but bots. "deleted accounts" at every step, see for yourself and everything will become clear you will see that  GO HELP FUND SCAM!!!

3. Go on.. And on we see that this strange token, which in truth already seems doubtful to us, is traded on two exchanges. This and stellar if mercatox paired with BTC, we still see some trades or at least the created visibility of these trades-then, on we only see this:

- and again conclusion: GO HELP FUND SCAM!!!

4. Well.. Now it's time to go to the official website where except deranged whitepaper
Why then are these well-known and respected of the exchange as bitrix, balance, hitbtc, ku, coin, But these exchanges not traded the token for this command. And again we are misled and again the conclusion:

5. And now the most interesting.. The team has been working on the project since may 2017 and even released a beta platform... Maybe we're not talking about the fact that this project is a real Scam? Let's look at what these guys have been working on for so long and what the team has provided us as this very beta platform that they have been working on..
Well at first glance it looks quite cute..

Let's look a little closer and rewind the page down..  And what we see..

Let's see what is this beta platform on which the team has been working for so long.? Yes, this is the easiest site that any of my students will write in no more than an hour. There is a button to Create a fundraising company. Anything and anything..
But what about after the fundraising company is set up..? That's it! The help button doesn't work! This beta platform is just a real shame!

And this is what the team gave us as a beta platform?
This, in principle, impossible to articulate! At all! No way! It's pure deception!
Conclusion: GO HELP FUND SCAM!!!
Friends! Stay away from go help fund and never mess with these scams!
Good luck to everyone and have a nice day, friends!

2  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Technical Support / Bitcoin not fully utilising GTX460 EDIT: solved on: May 12, 2011, 07:27:00 PM
EDIT: solved

I've installed bitcoin and I'm now GPU mining in the deepbit pool and I've managed to get it to connect and everything, but the Mhash rate seems very low. I'm using a GTX460 and getting an Mhash rate of ~27 when it should be about triple that.

Using MSI Afterburner, I can see that 99% of the GPU is being used, but the core clock and shader clock are running at half the set speed. Anyone got any idea why this is so?
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