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1  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Altcoin Discussion / Ziggurat ZIG on: April 22, 2021, 05:22:37 AM
Ziggurat token

Utility token for the Ecex.Exchange

EcexExchange has received major investments recently and the use of Ziggurati will increase in the near future.


2  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Announcements (Altcoins) / [ANN] Ecex.Exchange is for sale, price 50 BTC. Including Ziggurat token project. on: August 30, 2020, 11:11:34 AM in numbers (crypto)

- this year log ins: 5543 different users
- we tryed disable “emty" fake accounts (account list includes  73825 letters), according to this, there are accounts that are active (allowed to log in) and have been logged in more than once 29490
- kyc applications accepted 310
- max tade number 4460 per day
- quality tokens 100
- xlm ja eth market
- withdraw ja deposit eth ja xlm blockchain (wallet)
- 2fa verification
- email verification
- account number
- company account

Ecex Exchange Documentation

Software modules
- Database (Microsoft SQL Server)
- Trading server, matching engine (C#)
- Business Server with inside API server (Users, Logins, Accounts Transactiosn, Balance etc), several can run in parallel Business Server (C#)
- SignalR server , websocket server for trading screen messages (C#)
- Ethereum Deposit Serice (ETH and token deponition) (C#)
- Ethereum Withdrawal Service (C#)
- Ethereum based ERC20 tokens Withdrawal Service (C#)
- Stellar and tokens Deposit Service (C#)
- Stellar and tokens Withdrawals Service (C#)
- Bitcoin deposit service (C#)
- Web frontend (Business Server API-but not strait to database) (php)
- KYC info module (KYC to provide data, Web interface administrator to verify the data) (C#, php)

- Web server hosting
- Windows server hosting
- Ecex Domeen

M4 HTML5 Web platfrom source code :
- M4 HTML5
- StockChartX HTML5
- M5 HTML5 (new Forex type client)
- M4 and StockChartX iOS
- M4 and StockChartX Mac OS X
- M4 and StockChartX Android
- StockChartX Android
- StockChartX iOS
External services
Server and domain hosting at (Linux) Server hosting at Contabo (Windows)
Paypal account
Sendgrid e-mail service
Facebook account Twitter account Telegram account Youtube channel
Exec Exchange domain

PlanetZiggurat OÜ, Estonia
Ecex Exchange Ltd, Great Britain


3  Economy / Exchanges / Ziggurat the price goes up! on: January 22, 2020, 09:47:06 AM 

Ziggurat the price goes up, listings on the 2 eth.

CEO EcexExchange Ltd.
Tõnis Hilep
4  Economy / Service Announcements / Ziggurat the price goes up! on: January 15, 2020, 12:47:44 PM  

Ziggurat the price goes up, listings on the 2 eth. 

CEO EcexExchange Ltd.
Tõnis Hilep

5  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Altcoin Discussion / Listing 2 ETH. Ecex.Exchange. on: September 02, 2018, 06:43:01 PM
Ecex.Exchange about Naked tokens, new flashing stars in the crypto universe.

Stephen Hawking liked to talk to his students about big bang theory. This is an idea about starting the universe and about galaxies, how they expand, moved away from each other and what happened after the big bang. But in his mind, nothing was before the big bang and nobody talk about it or assume that might it be. As far as we concerned, events before the big bang can have no consequences.

But before blockchain was 3000 years, starting from the market in ancient Rome business as usual. There was paterfamilias, libre and mancipatio, legal entities and mutual agreements. And we all know how to operate this world.

After the blockchains related tokens presented, usual business start in some sense, in some areas or venues little bit crack.

There are several issues, but today I want to talk about Naked tokens. The name is my idea and it characterized very well widely released smart contracts without the team, company, token agreement, whitepaper, address, country and even developer.

We all know classic token ICO ordinance. We can monitor ICOs on several web services and make decisions relay on presented data. Everybody can check background, who team members are, call and write them, talk about the project on the forums and so on. After ICO most of the projects try to list on marketplaces and wide userbase can trade the tokens openly.

And yes there is another possibility to release tokens. The token is the only smart contract. In Ethereum Blockchain case we monitor token on the There is a number of tokens, decimals, and other significant info.

Naked token work with minimal info. Mostly the only number of tokens, the name of tokens, decimals. No links, no webpage address. And some cases there is the same name two or even three contract in same name and number of tokens.
Naked token open Twitter page, it is not rare when they buy some old Twitter feed with some 5000 followers.  And of course webpage, there is no email address, team, country.

As we all know the most important document is the token contract, agreement, usage agreement…
This looks like tabu for several real token ICOs and Naked token people probably do not know that this token agreement is.

The first expression is that it cant be the legal business and there are no good possibilities to the Naked token to try to attract funds.

But developers (persons behind) Naked tokens try to list their tokens to the tokens exchanges. It means that they try to fund through the selling tokens on markets not using ICO ordinance.

Still. There might be teams, who release Naked token with good will. Maybe they learn during the process, they produce whitepaper, draft exceptional token agreement, present product, repair they links, find and collect exemplary social followers, list Naked tokens on the exchanges and will that way fund development.  

The dilemma occurs then Naked token fill application for listing. It is impossible to predict who is who. One and the most important thing that asks from the Naked token is a key person full KYC process. The second thing is the price. The naked token has to pay for the higher risk. And third is the subjective assessment by the evaluator to a particular idea.  
Let's leave this market to decide what a good project is and what not. Projects, different tokens or coins listed can develop and succeed in time. If the project is poor then its price will fall and enterprise will end his existence. The laws of nature are also valid on the crypto world.

Tallinn 2nd of September

Tõnis Hilep
CEO PlanetZiggurat OÜ
skype: tonis.hilep  
6  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Bounties (Altcoins) / 🔥🔥(BOUNTY) Ecex.Exchange provides a trading service.Listing 2 ETH. on: January 21, 2018, 07:33:35 PM
http://Ecex.Exchange    The best place to invest cryptocurrencies. Look at the future of the investment world. Crypto is growing!



To qualify Follow these Rules.

Terms and conditions:
1. Min followers 1000 followers.
2. Twitter audit score min 90%
3. Age of the account min 5 months old.
4. You must set up your twitter avatar till the end of ICO (April 19th 2018).
Avatars can be choosen from here:

We will check all participants periodically. If we find any participants are not obeying the rules. then you will be disqualified permanently.
5. Post and pin the tweet, keep it until end of ICO.

You can make an improvisation of your own or you can copy from our official channels.
– Official twitter:
– our sales page:
-Telegram channel link:
– Facebook groups and

6. Every post for pinned tweet must contain picture of our sales promotion. You can choose from promo banners:

1000–2000 followers 1000 zig
2001–3500 followers 3000 zig
3501 and up 3600 zig

Join using Form here

Rewards are transferred to your Ecex Exchange account few days before ICO ending, from where you can withdraw them if wanted.

To open new account go to and click on Ecex Exchange Login button on top of the page.

Lately, there has been quite an anarchy around bounty, so we had to take some measures and make one very quick development

so it is on very early stage and might be  buggy, but still a start

1) go to and green push login button

2) Log in or register as user

Next set up your social usernames

the ones you use, not all are mandatory

Now you are ready to submit your completed tasks

We will adjust tasks and bounty paid weekly. At current beta development stage for next week bounty rules are next:

1) retweet  tweets - 1 ZIG per tweet

"PlanetZiggurat (@PlanetZiggurat) | Twitter
The latest Tweets from PlanetZiggurat (@PlanetZiggurat). ICO  20.11.2017 - 19.04.2018
Project is assignment exchange for claims,
receivables, bills and factoring agreements. #ICO #eth #token. Tallinn, Estonia"

2) Share FB articles for PlanetZiggurat  or Ecex Exchange Facebook group  -  1 ZIG

other possible tasks or price changes will be done as we go

Payouts are made weekly to your Ecex Exchange internal account, from there you can withdraw your  ends starting from 2nd of April, so well before ICO ending and ZIG tokens listing on exchanges

I will be away for next 10h so possible fixes and further development will be possible only after that

Spread the word and be productive 👍
7  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Tokens (Altcoins) / 🔥 🔥 Ecex.Exchange 🔥 🔥 AirDrop on: November 18, 2017, 08:37:34 PM
Obtaining cryptocurrency and participating in ICO has never been easier
World's first mobile payment ICO!


Token Info

Token Name: Ziggurat
Token Symbol: ZIG
Total emission amount: 531 000 000.00 ZIG
Available for public ICO:  350 460 000,00 ZIG
Decimal places: 18
No Additional Emission over the initial amount.
ICO Info

ICO price: 1 ETH = 2400 ZIG / 1 ZIG = 0.00041667 ETH
ICO Start: 20th of November 2017, 12:00 UTC (midday)
ICO Duration: 150 days

Bonus Programs

Early Bird bonus

First 100 ICO participants will get additional bonus descending from 100% to 1% (Persons involved in Ecex Echange project are not allowed to participate in Early Bird bonus program)
Participation time bonus

First, 30 days extra 30% tokens added on top of every purchase
Second 30 days extra 15% tokens added on top of every purchase
Third 30 days extra 7.5% tokens added on top of every purchase
Fourth 30 days extra 3.25% tokens added on top of every purchase
Fifth 30 days extra 2% tokens added on top of every purchase

Amount Bonus (applied to single transaction)

Purchase transaction amount 10 000 ETH and over  extra 100% tokens added on top
Purchase transaction amount 1 000 ETH and over  extra 50% tokens added on top
Purchase transaction amount 100 ETH and over  extra 25% tokens added on top
Purchase transaction amount 10 ETH and over  extra 12.5% tokens added on top
Purchase transaction amount 1 ETH and over  extra 6.25% tokens added on top
Bonus amounts are calculated on basis of initial Ziggurats amount.

Tokens Distribution

Public market 66% : 340 460 000.00 ZIG
Foundation 10% : 53 1000 000 ZIG
Partners 7% : 37 170 000.00 ZIG
Founders 7% : 37 170 000.00 ZIG
Advisers 6% : 31 860 000.00 ZIG
Bounty 4% : 21 240 000.00 ZIG
Foundation and Founders are not allowed to sell Ziggurat tokens on public markets until the end of 2018.


See Also Free market Tokens in Ecex.Exchange Trading Platform
8  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Tokens (Altcoins) / 🔥 🔥 Ecex.Exchange ETH, XLM, ZIG exchange 🔥 🔥 on: October 29, 2017, 07:47:23 AM

Project name:   Ecex.Exchange

Token name and ticker symbol:    Ziggurat   ZIG  

Used blockchain:    Ethereum

Online catchphrase: Ecex.Exchange is an assignment exchange for claims, receivables, bills and factoring agreements.


Concept description 3 - 10 sentences:

The market for claims exists in various ways and there is nothing new about an electronic stock market either. We are going to mix existing ideas with existing ecosystems, even step into systems through existing channels and to bring certain possibilities to market attention. The regular item that everybody trades is a buy-sell agreement. It is very easy to understand, every investor can buy stock and assume that what is happening behind the electronic market system, how the trade matching takes place and what are the consequences in the accounts when the deals are finally closed. An ecosystem which is mostly the same as stock market and built only for claims, rights, and receivables, operates on the basis of assignment agreement, has a great opportunity to spread around the world and to gain customers everywhere.

How does the project create value to the ecosystem and differs from competing projects

Ziggurat Tokens represents a decentralized virtual currency represented in specialized Ethereum smart contracts following an "ERC20" standard. Ziggurat Tokens enable participants to interact with Ziggurat’s Ecex.Exchange marketplace services, as storage, content, and data are obtained with Ziggurat Tokens as partly a payment mechanism.
First partnership access – Ziggurat Tokens ownership will give access to advanced platform’s features. Second, assignors and assignees on Ecex.Exchange trading platform rewarded with a Ziggurats bonus if they make a certain volume. Third, every time Ecex.Exchange receives an assignment for trading platform, the customer will be rewarded with Ziggurat tokens.
Incorporated company's country:     ESTONIA

Team member names, Twitter and LinkedIn links

Tõnis Hilep  CEO

Sven Orro   CTO

Percival Software Ltd.

Token sale start date and time(UTC)   20.10.2017     12.00.00

Token sale end date and time (UTC)   19.04.2018      12.00.00

Total supply of token, for crowdsale, team e.t.c.
Total max 531M ZIG emitted
350M ZIG available on ICO (66%)

ICO price of token:    1 ZIG = 0,000416667 ETH

Whitepaper link:  

Inhouse Bounty

Company structure:  Profit

Blog link
SMS payments:
BitcoinTalk announcement link:
BitcoinTalk: ANN :   (old )
RSS Feed:

Percival Software Ltd
Ecex Exchange bounty program in bitcontalk
Icobench :
Foundico :

Linkedin company link

Telegram channel or chat room link

Youtube intro video link
Youtube channel link

Smart contract address

Tõnis Hilep
PlanetZiggurat OÜ
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