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1  Local / Pilipinas / Rule of Classroom MEME forever na sa Bitcoin blockchain on: May 29, 2020, 04:40:50 AM
Dahil wala kong magawa nung isang linggo at sikat na sikat yung MEME,
sinubukan kong ilagay sa blockchain gamit ang 3 transactions na CPFP para sunod-sunod na lumabas sa "parsers" kapag kinonvert sa ASCII (readable-words).

Kung may "blockchain parser" kayo, try nyo mag check ng 'OP_Return' data sa 'blk02089.dat'  Wink
Para sa walang idea sa sinabi ko, may spoiler naman: (Nasa bandang baba)

Medyo na delay lang ng sobrang tagal (1week+) kasi 1-2.5sat/Byte yung fee na ginamit ko at napuno ng todo ang mempool nung isang lingo.
Sa totoo lang, test lang yan kung makakapaglagay ako ng mahaba-habang sentence sa blockchain...
Success naman.
2  Other / Meta / Thanks for the Cake... I Guess on: April 08, 2018, 11:21:36 AM
I'm positive that everyone's Birthday isn't displayed in the user's profile and it's for "privacy" reasons, right?
But when the time comes, an obvious date of birth icon will surprise you in your profile page.
It's displayed even when the profile was viewed as "Guest".

Like this one in my profile: (Local Date April 08, 2018)
So, thanks for the cake!
I'm not totally bothered by my date of birth shown in public but some more private users might take this as an issue.

Take note: Please do not spam this thread by just saying Happy Birthday or anything insubstantial, TIA.
3  Other / Meta / Question about newbies with 100+ merits on: March 08, 2018, 06:39:33 AM
During my regular browsing in the Electrum Board I came across this user: GiGa#
who is a newbie and yet he already got the 100 default merit for Full Members which is not received nor displayed in his merit summary.

One theory I am thinking is he was a Full Member before January 25, 2018, previously banned which deleted all his posts then successfully recovered his account just recently leaving 100 merits to his account.

Or is it just a bug?

Any thoughts?
4  Other / Meta / Copper Member - Enable Avatars for Junior and Members. on: March 01, 2018, 06:02:58 AM
Since the Copper Membership is only useful for a Newbie, the title must be removed from them once they reached Junior Membership.
But No, members like that special feeling whenever they see that "Copper Member" tag on their names.
Some Seniors and Legendary had actually bought the title just for fun. So here's a proposal:

Make some adjustments to the Copper Member's account restrictions for Junior to Members to enable Avatars.

Some Reasons:
  • It's easier for anyone to be well known with an avatar.
  • Post are more likely to be noticed if a user have an avatar.
  • With the merit system, members who are dying to show their personal avatars will have to wait a little bit longer to reach the rank that enables them to upload it.
  • Lastly, Junior Members and Members aren't required to wear an avatar in SigCampaigs. So, keep those "it will be used for campaigns" replies away please.

Thank you.
5  Other / Beginners & Help / [GUIDE] Lock Thread(s) After Receiving Enough Replies. on: January 29, 2018, 07:10:52 AM
Topic Starters, please read: Close Your Started Thread if You already got the Answer(s) to your querries.

When you see a Mega-Spam Thread, who is the first person to blame? The Topic Starter himself!

Some newbies doesn't really know what they are doing, some members are just stupid enough to bump a 30-page thread with their "constructive" opinions bringing back the topic on top of the list, so on and so forth, leading to a spam fest.
Closing a thread isn't that hard to do, it will only take less than 10 seconds to click the button.
But I think most of them didn't know how, it's either that the button is too small or first time forum users didn't know that threads can be locked.

TL;DR, Here's very a simple tutorial for Topic Starters:
  • After opening the thread you wanted to close, find the "lock topic" button on the Lower-Left part of the page
  • If the button is unnoticeable, look at this:
After the thread was locked, the owner can always unlock it whenever he feel that the topic needs a bump or additional posts.

To avoid duplicates or new threads/topics with previously answered questions, edit and add "[SOLVED]" to the title before hitting the lock button as LoyceV suggested:
For technical questions, it's very helpful to add [SOLVED] to the topic title before locking it.

And here's the best thing: if you have a problem, and you're looking for a solution, add "solved" to your search question in Google. It will help you find what you're looking for.

I hope in the near future, there will be no more MegaSpamFest threads. But memes in the Speculation thread are still welcome.
If you want to add this message to your replies, you can use this:

[url=]Lock Thread(s) After Getting Enough Replies.[/url]
Example: <snip>... remember to Lock Thread(s) After Getting Enough Replies.  Wink
6  Other / Meta / Re-initiate Merit System and Consider this Week as Beta Test on: January 26, 2018, 02:36:13 PM
Consider this as a request to restart the Merit points gained after some testings and misuses.

With the current population, the poll may not accurately report the average forum member's thoughts, so, you can reply your comments and ideas as you wish.

As you can see, most forum users are in favor of the new Merit system while others had already seen the possibilities of trading exploits.
I've seen a lot of reports of people granting huge amount of merits to useless posts.
And those what they call "testing merits" that was wasted just to try how it works, although scarce, those should have been granted to deserving Newbies or Junior Members.

There should be more sMerit for the Sources and None or Less for existing members.
Our future sMerit will come from the new Merits that are granted by the sources.
This way anyone with an active high ranking account will find it impossible to boost his low level Alt account(s) without contributing to the forum. sMerit Hoarders who are keeping them for the same purpose or for future sales won't get enough for hoarding.

This requires (but optional):
  • Dedicated sources per board
  • Sources that are active at different time zones
  • More sMerits per Source
  • More Sources
  • Adjustments in Merit Requirement to Rank up

The Poll will End after [6] day(s), enough to catch hidden sMerit Trades and experience the positive benefits of Merit system to the forum.
The poll had ended.
7  Local / Pilipinas / Unofficial Forum Rules & Guildelines (Tagalog Version) on: November 10, 2017, 12:26:19 PM
Mention ko lang 'tong note ng Author:
Quote from: mprep
NOTE: This is meant to serve as a reference/educational/informational thread, NOT a rock solid list of rules.

Recently I noticed that a lot of new members don't know all the rules and I don't (usually) blame them since not all rules are written and even those written can be overlooked by users who don't pay much attention to some stickies in select boards. Maybe they'll pay attention to this thread in which I'll try to list all the rules present on the forum. I'll provide sources (if I know of any) to where they are posted. The rules are in no particular order, just written as I found them although I'll try to keep the more general ones first.

Talaan ng mga Nilalaman / Table of contents:

Forum rules
Examples/Explanations of rules
Frequently asked questions (FAQ)
Guidelines for threads

[e] - May nakasulat na halimbawa sa ibaba lang ng "forum rules".
[?] - Hindi pa sigurado kung may ganito ba talaga.

Forum Rules

Quote from: mprep
The list is somewhat complete but I still will be adding rules as I encounter them. I'm open to suggestions on formatting, sources, mistakes, rules, removal from the list, etc.
Kumpleto na halos yung nakalista pero magdadagdag parin si Author ng mga bago kung may makikita siya. Pwede rin kayong mag suggest kung may mali o kulang sa original post nya: Unofficial list of (official) rules, guidelines, FAQ

1. Bawal ang walang kabuluhang mga Post. [1][e]
2. Bawal rin mag Post nang wala sa Topic, dapat naka-depende sa OP (Official Post) yung mga reply ninyo.
3. Bawal mangloko o manadyang mang-asar sa iba.
4. Bawal mag Spam ng Referral Links. [1]
5. Bawal din gumamit ng mga "Shortened Links" na may Ads sa mga post. Mag-direct links nalang kayo.
6. Huwag mag-post ng Links sa mga Malware o Yung Phishing (Nagnanakaw ng Account Infos) na site maliban nalang kung lagyan ng warning na ganun yung link na binigay ninyo, at dapat may tamang rason kayo sa paglagay ng ganuong link. [e]
7. Bawal manglimos o manghingi ng direktahan.
8. Huwag mangbanta ng pananakit o pagpatay sa iba.
9. Bawal magtagalog sa Forum maliban nalang dito sa Pilipinas Board.
10. 'Wag mag po-post ng mga bawal o Hubad na larawan sa forum. Kung kailangan mo talaga, lagyan mo ng Palatandaan na NSFW yung Title mo at ilagay mo sa tamang board.
11. Bawal maglagay ng links sa mga iligal na sites, suriing maigi kung legit ba yung ipo-post nyong link.
12. Hindi pwedeng mag post ng Parehong thread sa iba-ibang Board, maliban nalang kung translation sa local thread yung post ninyo.
13. Isang beses isang araw lang dapat mag "Bump" sa thead or yung "Up...up" na madalas gawin para ma update yung post.
14. Ang mga discussions sa Altcoins ay dapat i-post sa Alternate Cryptocurrencies Board. [e]
15. Bawal mamigay ng Altcoins dito sa forum. [e]
16. Isang topic lang ang puwedeng ilagay sa "Currency Exchange" Board.
17. Bawal magbenta ng mga items na bawal sa Bansa ng pinagbebentahan.
18. Bawal Magbenta ng Account. Kahit puwede namang gumawa ng maraming account, wag lang gamitin 'to sa paggawa ng maibe-bentang account.
19. Yung mga Trust Rating, totoo man o hinala lang, hindi yan imo-moderate. (Para walang abuso)
20. Heto yung Post tungkol sa mga sites na nagre-recruit o nagbebenta ng accounts: Sales of accounts and invites to invite-only sites [?]
21. Delete n'yo na yung mga Bumps kung luma na.
22. Bawal nang magpost ng Advertisements sa Thread na gawa ng iba. Kasama rin sa mga Altcoin Announcements.
23. Kung Lumabag kayo sa Rules, mga Staff lang ang pwedeng magparusa sa inyo. [e]
24. Yung mga Ads (kasama yung signatures sa OP) pinapayagan lang kung kayo ang nag Post basta wala nilalabag sa rules. [e]
25. Bawal gumawa ng bagong account kung na ban ang main account ninyo. Ban Evasion yun. [e]
26. Dapat sundin ang mga rules na nakalagay sa mga Threads, maliban nalang kung lumalabag sa Forum Rules. [e]
27. Bawal gumamit ng Google Translate o kaparehong method para magpost ng Translated version sa Local Threads.
28. Kung makakita ng Bugs o Sira dito sa site, huwag samantalahin. Mas magandang ipaalam nalang sa mga Staffs.
29. Bawal mag PM nang hindi naman inaasahan ng pagbibigyan, kasama rin yung mga ads at sunod-sunod na walang silbing PM.
30. Sa Market Place, kung isang uri lang ang ipo-post, pagsama-samahin nalang. [e]
31. Bawal Gumamit ng NSFW avatars, bawal din gumamit ng avatar ng iba para sa pang-gagaya ng account.
32. Bawal mag post ng sunod-sunod. Kahit ikaw yung nagsimula ng thread, bawal maglagay ng "reserved" o Bump sa ilalim ng post mo.
33. Bawal mangopya ng Post ng iba. [e]


Sa #1: Mga post na "SELL SELL SELL", "I agree", "+1", "Support", "Watching", "Interesting", "LOL", "SCAM", "LEGIT", "FAKE", mga post na iisang salita lang, pagmumura, quote nang quote tapos wala namang silbi ang reply, introduction thread na walang laman at Bagong thread na katulad lang sa ibang threads o maraming nang kapareho.

Sa #6: Kitang-kita dapat ang warning na nilagay mo.
Example: " <------ CAUTION. This is a malware site - do NOT click"
Mga puwedeng dahilan: kung alam mo o suspestsa mo na duon naHack ang account mo.

Sa #14: Basta lahat ng walang kinalaman sa Bitcoin, duon dapat i-post. Kung Kasama naman ang Bitcoin, katulad ng thread na "Buying Bitcoins and Litecoins for Bank Transfers" pwedeng i-post sa General Boards.

Sa #15: Bawal ring magbayad sa tao upang maglalagay ng post sa mga threads mo. Pwede lang yung mga links sa giveaways off-sites sa Giveaways na thread, huwag lang magbigay sa bayad sa pagre-reply sa thread ninyo.
Specifically, you are not allowed to give people any incentive to post insubstantial posts in your threads. You can't offer to pay people who post their addresses, usernames, etc. You can do giveaways off-site and link to the giveaway page in a thread, but you can't give people any bonus for replying to your thread.
Sa #23: Ginawa itong rule na 'to upang maiwasan yung mga posibleng "butas" sa mga rules o mga direktang basehan base sa nakasulat. Kasi minsan, hindi naman yun yung tinutukoy na bawal, nire-report parin.

Sa #24: Puwede ang mga ads kung makatwiran naman:
Ads are typically not allowed in posts (outside of the signature area) because they are annoying and off-topic. It is especially disallowed to put ads or signatures at the bottom of all of your posts. Except for traditional valedictions, which are tolerated but discouraged, signatures are for the signature area only.

However, if you are using the forum as a publishing platform to host something really substantial and useful, selling ads in that substantial work is allowed. To be eligible for this, your post must be in a topic that you started, and your post must be substantial and long enough to make the ad seem entirely insignificant. If in doubt, ask me.
Sa #25: Ban Evasion din yung pag-gawa ng bagong account na pang-post at PM. Ang pwede mo lang gawin ay pag Post ng Thread sa Meta tungkol sa issue sa pagka-ban mo.

Sa #30: Kasama rin ang mga Domains, Software Keys at Membership Invitations. Moderator na ang magpapasya kung magkauri yung mga ibinebenta sa mga threads.

Sa #33: Mga na Copy-Paste na Post (kahit kaunting parte lang) galing dito sa forum o kahit sa ibang sites. Bawal mang-angkin ng sulat ng iba.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q: Bakit hindi pa na ba-ban si <example member>? e talaga namang scammer siya.
A: Hindi sinasang-ayunan ang pag-Ban sa mga hinihinalang mga scammers dahil kung gagawin yun, dadami ang maba-ban nang dahil lang sa turuan.

Q: Bakit hindi tinatanggal yung mga posibleng FUD, akusasyon at kasinungalingang post?
A: Hindi lahat ng mga post, mai-isa-isang basahin at tingnan kung tama ba. At katulad din ng scam, pwede ring masamantala.
Ngunit bawal mang-troll, nakasulat sa rules yun. Kung sinasadya na yung mga kalokohang posts, lumalabag ka na sa rules.

Q: May nang-insulto sakin, bakit hindi nyo i-delete yung post nya?
A: Kung nasa topic naman at may malinaw na paliwanag yung insulto, pinapayagan parin yun. Maliban nalang kung ang sinabi lang ay "Ang tanga mo" na walang saysay at purong insulto lang.

Q: E yung mga DOXes? (Mga Personal Info ng iba)
A: Hindi rin tinatanggal basta sumusonod sa mga rules na 'to:
1. Personal information must be confined to the new "investigations" board (under Scam Accusations), which is only visible to Members and above. Personal information is defined as anything which links a user's online identity (username, email, etc.) to their meatspace identity, excluding links that the person himself has posted. It is not allowed to post somebody's personal information in any other public place, including in signatures.
2. It is not allowed to post someone's dox if it is especially obvious that you're just using the dox as a weapon. For example, if there are no remotely-plausible trade complaints, then the person can't be a scammer, and their dox should not be posted.
3. As before, anything that the legacy insecure government/banking system requires to be secret is not allowed anywhere. This includes social security numbers, credit card numbers, and certain account numbers.
Hindi inaalis dahil nasa Google Search naman halos lahat ng ilang documents na pwedeng isulat.

Q: May nakita akong nagbebeta ng Bitcointalk Account, pwede ba yun?
A: Hindi naman kayang pigilan lahat (TOR, proxies at ibang forums), hindi pwede dito, upang hindi akalain ng mga taong ok naman pala.

Q: Na-Hack ang account ko! Anong dapat kong gawin?
A: Punta ka dito: Recovering hacked accounts or accounts with lost passwords.
Kung hindi mo alam kung paano gumawa ng "Signed Message" basahin mo itong sulat ni shorena: How to sign a message?!.
Tandaan, kung ipi-PM ang signed message, ilagay sa [code][/code].
"Here is the unedited post where I posted that address: ..." OR "I sent that address to someone in a PM with PM ID#..."
My account <account> has been hacked/lost. Please reset the email to <email>. The current date is <date>.
<Bitcoin Address na ginamit>
<Signature ng Signed Message>

Kung wala naman dun sa tutorial, mag google nalang kung paano.

Q: Ano yung "Trust" at para saan yun?
A: Katayuan ng pangalan mo, kung pinagkakatiwalaan ka ba o hindi. May dalawang parte ang trust: Trust list at Feedback.

Trust list ay yung number na nasa kaliwa ng mga post sa baba ng pangalan kapag nasa Goods at Marketplace ka. Puwede mo ring baguhin yung listahan ng mga pinagkakatiwalaan mo depende sa gusto mo (Trust Depth Settings sa profile).

Sa feedbacks page mo makikita yung mga feedback ng mga tao at ang nakalista lang ay yung mga nasa Trust List, pwede mo ring tingan yung nakatagong Untrusted List sa "Show Ratings". At makikita mo rin dun yung mga sinulat na feedback niya sa iba.

Kung nakukulangan ka pa sa impormasyon, punta ka dito: Marketplace Trust

Q: Ano ang "Trust flag" at paano yun gumagana?
A: Kung ang "Trust feedback" ay para malaman ng mga forum member kung anong history ng user sa pag te-trade,
Ang "Trust flag" naman ay parang matinding version ng negative trust.
May tatlong uri ito:

1. Babala sa mga baguhan at naka-log-out o guest na "anyone dealing with this user has a high risk of losing money"
(may mataas na tyansa na manakawan kung makikipag deal sa taong ito).
Kahit sino ay pwedeng  gumawa ng ganitong flag, kahit na hindi sila naapektuhan ng taong lalagyan nila ng flag.
2. "Violation of a casual or implied agreement" (Paglabag sa pinag-upsapan or napagsang-ayunang kasunduan).
Yung mismong taong naapektuhan lang dapat ang magbukas ng ganitong flag (ex: na-scam sa gamit o tina-trabaho)
3."Violation of a written contract" (Paglabag sa nakasulat na kasunduan).
Kapareho halos ng pangalawang flag, pero may contrata na pwedeng ipakita ang biktima.

Kapag may gumawa ng flag, pwede itong suportahan o tutulan ng ibang members. Kung kakalkulahin yung dami ng sumoporta, gagamitin ang mechanics sa Trust list (kung sino ang nasa trust list ng user); sa mga guest o naka log-out, default trust ang gagamitin.
sa Type 1 Flag: gagana basta mas marami ang sumusuporta kesa sa tutol;
sa Type 2 at 3 Flags: dapat mas marami ng tatlo ang sumusoporta kesa sa tumututol.

Kung aktibo ang flag, makikita ito sa Trust feedback page ng user (sa bandang taas ng feedbacks), sa ibabaw ng mga threads na ginawa niya
at sa trust score sa profile (# sa type1 at nakasulat na direkta sa type 2 at 3)
Kung hindi aktibo ang flag, makikita lng ito sa "inactive flag page" na nasa trust feedback page ng user.

Para sa detalyadong explanasyon, basahin: Trust flags

Q: Bakit may warning na nakalagay sa thread/topic ko?
A: Pwedeng may nag Flag sa iyo o marami kang negative "pre-flag" (lumang sistema bago nailagay ang flag system). Depende sa Trust list at Trust depth ng tumitingin ng thread mo, kinakalkula depende sa dami ng postive at negative feedbacks.

Q: Bakit yung Trust Ratings hindi binabantayan?
A: Para lang sa Marketplace and trust at hindi naman makakaapekto sa buong forum, maliban kung halatang nagpapataas lang ng rating o nang-sasadya lang manira ng (tiwala ng) account.

Q: Kung gusto kong palitan ang username ko, anong pwedeng gawin?
A: Pwede kang mag-Donate: Donate to become a VIP o Kausapin mo si theymos (madalang na daw na mapalitan yan sa ngayon)

Q: 50/10BTC para maging VIP o Donator? Sira na ba ulo n'yo?
A: Mga datihan na naging VIP yung iba o talagang gumastos lang ng malaki, baka sa hinaharap, magkaroon ng murang donation.

Q: Bakit na Ban yung IP ko? Anong mga maling nagawa ko?
A: Pwedeng na ban yun dahil nagamit yun ng na-perma-Ban. Mawawala naman yung pagka-ban ng IP kung wala na masyadong gumagamit nito paglipas ng ilang panahon. Kapag nagregister ka naman gamit TOR, banned IP at ilang Proxies, kailangan mong magbayad ng kaunting halaga para mapigilan lang yung mga spammers at totong member ang makapag-register.

Q: Bakit na ban ang account ko?
A: Malamang, lumabag ka sa Rules. Subukan mo nalang magpaliwanag sa email na pinadala sayo kasama ng ban message.

Q: Paano tumataas yung Activity ko?
A: Kada 14 days kung kagagawa lang ng account mo, pwedeng tumaas ang Activity mo hanggang 14pts kung naka 14 na posts ka, hindi naman yan tatas kung hindi ka mag po-post. At kahit mag post ka ng sobra sobra, hanggang 14 lang talaga ang itataas nya kada 14days. Every hour sya mag-a-update kaya kung matagal ka nang nakapag-register (mga 2taon) at wala ka paring activity kasi inactive ka, tataas yan kada post mo.
The activity number is determined in this way:
time = number of two-week periods in which you've posted since your registration
activity = min(time * 14, posts)
Basahin mo rin 'to: TIL Activity does not work on precisely 2 week intervals + interval timings

Q: Para saan yung mga Ranks/Membership?
A: Dito mo mababasa ang tungkol duon: Forum ranks/positions/badges (What do those shiny coins under my name mean?)

Q: Ano ang Merit
A: Basahin mo 'to: Merit & new rank requirements. Kung nagtataka ka na sapat na ang activity mo para mag rank up, basahin mong mabuti yung bagong sistema.

Q: Paano ako maglalagay ng picture sa post ko?
A: Una, iupload mo muna sa mga image hosting site yung pic na gusto mong ipost. I google mo nalang kung paano. Kapag naka upload na, i-link mo sa post mo gamit yung [img][/img] tag, halimbawa:

Q: Bakit hindi ko mailagay yung images ko sa post? newbie lang account ko.
A: Hindi na pwedeng maglagay ng pictures ang mga newbie dahil sinasamantala ng iba.  Kapag JuniorMember ka na, saka lang pinapayagan. Basahin mo 'to: Images in posts disabled for newbies
O kung gusto mong magbayad ng kaunting halaga para makapag-post ng images agad, punta ka dito: Newbies can now pay a small fee to enable images

Q: Kailan ako pwedeng maglagay ng avatar sa profile ko?
A: Kapag naging Full Member ka na.

Q: Bakit hindi ako makatanggap ng messages na galing sa newbie / Hindi ako makapag send ng messages, newbie ang account ko?
A: Iwas spam, pwede mo ring baguhin dito: PM Options (Allow newbies to send you PMs). Kung ikaw naman yung newbie, sabihin mo nalang sa thread na hindi ka makapag send ng PM.

Q: Nag post ako bakit may error na "The last posting from your IP was less than 360 seconds ago."?
A: Pag login mo palang, counted as post na yun agad. Pati rin pag PM, pag rereport sa Moderator at pag-gamit ng search. Kapag tumaas naman activity mo, mababawasan rin yung 360 sec na yun. Heto basehan nyan: Activity and New Membergroup Limits

Q: Pwede ko bang gawing Self-moderated yung nagawa ko nang post?
A: Hindi, isara mo nalang yung Thread, tapos gumawa ka ng bago na may Self-moderation sa "Additional Options".

Q: Paano ko mabubura/isasara yung thread ko na hindi ko na kailangan?
A: Sa Gilid (TopRight) ng post mo, may delete button duon. Pwede pang ma delete kung wala pang nakakabasa, kung hindi na pwede i-Lock mo nalang.

Q: Paanong lagyan ng Link yung sinusulat ko?
A: Simple lang yan, ganito:
[url=]Message mo[/url]
Yung Message mo, magiging link imbis na buong url yung makikita.

Q: Bakit hindi malagyan ng <Kulay, link o picture> yung Signature ko?
A: Nakabase yan sa rank mo:

- Newbie: Txt lang talaga. Max 50 characters.
- Jr. Member: Txt lang pero pwede nang may links Jan24-Disabled na ang links sa Jr. Max 150 characters.
- Member: Txt lang at may links na gaano kahaba.
- Full: Pwede nang may kulay.
- Sr. Member: Pwede nang lakihan yung sukat ng sulat.
- Hero: Pwede nang maglagay ng Background Color.

Q: Ano yung Draft na feature na tinutukoy dito?
A: Kung nag-preview ka ng sinusulat mong post o PM, malalagay yun sa drafts upang hindi masayang kung biglang mawala yung connection mo o mag off ang PC mo.
Dito mo makikita yung mga drafts mo: Drafts, o sa ibaba ng "Save" at "Preview" habang nag ta-type ka ng post/reply.

Q: Saan ko makikita ang mga listahan ng Moderators/Administrators/Staffs?
A: Mag search ka nalang ng members (;sa=search), uncheck mo lahat tapos lagyan ng check yung "Search by Position" at isulat mo: Staff, Global Moderator, Administrator.
Tingnan mo rin kung impostor ba yung nakita mo, may "position" sa taas ng rank nila yung mga tunay na mga may Position at may ibang kulay yung huling coin sa pangalan nila.

Q: Ano bang ginagawa ng mga Admins/Mods/Staffs?
A: Iba-iba depende sa position nila:
Admins: can do everything imaginable on the site. They however can't delete their accounts.
Global Moderators: can perma ban, nuke newbies, see and handle reports from all sections, and see reported PMs.
Moderators: can see and handle reports from their sections and nuke newbies
Patrollers: Are essentially Moderators but can only do moderator tasks for newbie members.

Q: Ano ang tamang pangalan ng gagawin kong Thread? May dapat bang sundin tungkol dito?
A: May post si Admin theymos dito: Topic title style guide

Q: Kailan ba ilalabas ang bagong forum?
A: Sabi ni theymos, sa mga susunod na taon pagkatapos ng taong 2015. (post link)

Guideline For Threads at iba pa: Official Thread.

Quote from: mprep
Legal note: this post is based on the forum policy, not mine.
8  Other / Archival / [MODS] Please Delete on: October 24, 2017, 04:07:05 AM
<An old thread I made during my newbie days>
Just  getting this out of the forum.
9  Other / Meta / Q: BitcoinAddress and Drafts on: October 23, 2017, 07:57:09 AM
Any accustomed members here that can guide me?

1. Is it Safe to Show my BitcoinAddress in Profile?
2. Where can I find the Drafts of the Post that was not Accepted because of the "newbie restriction"?
3. Why is Activity and Posts (In the Profile) sometimes the same and sometimes not in most members.
    The Post might be the number of posts of the user, what is that "Activity" refers to?

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