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1  Economy / Games and rounds / CryptoFaucet --- The First Live Streaming TRON Faucet On Twitch TV !! on: December 29, 2018, 01:26:55 PM

"CryptoFaucet" uses TRON's blockchain to build the most entertaining, effective and potentially incredibly addictive interactive faucet.

"CryptoFaucet" has the potential to increase the adoption of the TRON network through the Twitch TV platform and it's huge popularity, gamers being an important part of adoption as they are used to microtransactions in various games, which is why we decided to use the twitch platform to help make discovering TRON and its ecosystems easier for as many people as possible in a fun, friendly and free way, whether you are an absolute beginner, a more advanced user or somewhere in between, we are making sure it is accessible to everyone.

We have started by creating addictive games on the live chat to allow players to earn cryptocurrencies but also giving players the possibility of playing as an avatar to interact with the stream.

Funds collected by our community will be fully utilised to allow us to provide all users with access to the tools and knowledge that they need to discover TRON  in a useful way and we will always do so completely free of charge for the user.

We will evolve further in the future thanks to the support our platform will hopefully receive from the community.

We are also proud to be partnered with Tron Europe - Super Representative of the TRON blockchain, check them out for yourself at and vote for decentralization of the web!

We are also registered on Tron DAPP House, where you can check out all of the excellent reviews left by our community.

The creation of games, controls and additional functionality of the faucet in the game chat:

!help : Displays a list of all the available commands...
!balance : Allows the player to see the current number of suns that they have collected from the faucet...
!rank : Allows the player to see their current rank (this is calculated using the total profit earned by the player)...
!top : Allows the player to see the current Top 5 players on the faucet...
!allin : Allows the player to bet all of their balance on a coin flip...
!flip : Allows the player to bet a part of their balance on a coin flip...
!rain : Allows the player to donate a specified number of suns randomly among the currently active viewers...
!tips : Allows the player to make a donation to another player...
!buy : Allows the player to purchase a shield or attack item (300,000 suns per item)...
!atk : Allows the player to attack another player and plunder their coins...
!withdraw : Allows the player to withdraw the suns that they have earned on the faucet...
!stats : Allows the player to see all of their faucet stats...
!globalstats : Allows the player to see the global statistics for the stream...
!bomb : Typing the !bomb command allows the player to register for the bomb game and also to keep control of the bomb during the actual game - be the last one holding the bomb to win the 1,000,000 suns prize...
!lottery : Allows the player to purchase a ticket for the current lottery round at 1,000,000 suns to have a chance of winning the 10,000,000 suns prize pot…
!affiliate : Allows the player to choose another player that they want to let earn 5% of their faucet earnings for life (each player is only allowed to choose one other player and the affiliate cannot be changed once submitted)...

So what are you waiting for? Come join the friendly community of over 2600 players at CryptoFaucet - now and earn yourself some free TRON today!
2  Local / Petites annonces / 5 Disques Durs Seagate 4To on: May 24, 2018, 05:00:43 PM
Yop les amis,

je me sépare de 5 disques durs de marque Seagate, modèle ST4000DM000 4To 5900tr/min.

Ils sont nickels et SMART pass.

J'en voudrais 60€ pour un disque, possibilité de négocier si achat en lot.

Fdp fixe de 6€.

Remise en mp sur pornichet / saint nazaire possible, sinon Colissimo :-)
3  Economy / Currency exchange / [FOR SELL] Vanity Addresses on: November 02, 2017, 08:05:26 PM
Hi all I sell some bitcoin vanity addresses

For 0.005 BTC:

  • 1FEDERALKgkAsYNj6j5G228sHSSgfB78fH

For 0.0005 BTC:
  • 1BATMANkpVoDfpmQCU3Z9gCEua5jozN7wh
  • 1EXPERTkJDvPWFy6QFdSkcWnmwNeUmAVs5
  • 1LAWYERLnUGvEm9LfoVu1MP6Q8xPGksoTS
  • 1MentionJEtSF6iwz9T1npG9s7uxZ6wW5K

When you buy a vanity address I'll send you the privkey to add the address to your wallet. This addresses are never been used.
You can pay using other altcoins, don't hesitate to purpose me :-)

Moreover if you are looking for a specific vanity you can contact me.

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