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News: Latest Bitcoin Core release: 0.20.0 [Torrent]
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1  Other / Off-topic / Chad Boswick Death on: August 29, 2020, 07:32:56 AM
Im so sad with this news, I really thought that this morning it was just fake since I know that they are prepping for another  Black Panther movie. This is likely ruined every marvel fans day. His a good man and even a tough guy knowing hsi fighting already for more than 4years is already a proof that he is king of Wakanda.

I know even his gone. His memory will shine all fans and supporters of the actor. Wakanda Forever! Rest In Peace Black Panther.

According to his twitter account:

2  Economy / Scam Accusations / [Warning]Clone Site of Bitcoin Vault Global on: August 15, 2020, 04:43:39 AM
What Happened:
Copied site interface of  [1] Bitcoint Vault Global and change name to Ethereum Vault Global.




Bitcoin Vault Global

Ethereum Vault Global

Registry Domain ID: D425500000334511824-AGRS
Registrar WHOIS Server:
Registrar URL:
Updated Date: 2020-08-11T10:06:14Z
Creation Date: 2020-07-27T06:08:21Z
Registry Expiry Date: 2022-07-27T06:08:21Z
Registrar Registration Expiration Date:
Registrar: NameCheap, Inc.
Registrar IANA ID: 1068

Please be warned. I think its another shitcoin!
3  Economy / Scam Accusations / [Warning] Scammer new modus beware defi investors. on: August 15, 2020, 03:41:20 AM
What Happened:
As you all knew. Defi hype is really increasing and as this becomes a trend today scammer/s found a way to take advantage of this. Yesterday August 14 was the Public Sale of Sperax Defi project at exactly 10am ET. The investors waiting for the recharged of individual unique address to invest on the site.

By the way, Sperax ICO accepting eth USDT and trx USDT for participants. It took almost an hour but the site was still down and unique distribution address werent still reflecting on the token sale page for participants, while the scammers are keep spamming fake post about the Sperax ICO contributions addresses on the telegram while people complaining about when the recharge address will show up. So thats what happened and boom!

Scam Post: Beware of the addresses post in this who wanted to invest on Sperax its all scammers address.

Scam addresses:


If you checked the scammer's address. They manage to get 11k USDT. For few minutes they alreadt get that and proves how defi hype is really big for investors. I appreciate if you can help report those addresses. Too bad we cant figure how to track down these scammers. Sharing you this for all defi investors to watch out for scheme like this. Always pay attention and not jump right away to invest. Protect your money.

NOTE: Sperax project is legit only used by scammers to steal funds.
4  Bitcoin / Wallet software / Your Opinion about JellySwap on: August 13, 2020, 02:04:25 PM
Ive just stumbled upon this wallet due to the ICO I am following since they will integrate their blockchain into this wallet once their mainnet is live.

It is called JellySwap its a crosschain atomic swap type of wallet. Now Ive never know any decentralized non custodial wallet that integrates crosschain dApps aside from this. But I found it very interesting and its an open source. [1]Github.

Now upon checking on it.

They are now supporting 6 different coins/tokens at the moment on their [2]dapp wallet.

1. Bitcoin
2. Ethereum
3. Aeternity
4. Wrapped Bitcoin
5. DAI

Now you can connect your wallet or create an account. They currently supported for bitcoin are brainwallet and Ledger while for the ethereum and non bitcoin coin/tokens you can used metamask, torus and connectwallet. Ive checked the details on this [3]article.

Now well regards to feedback not so sure how many users does this wallet had already. But I appreciate if some of you here can give your thoughts on this.

Disclaimer: Not affiliated with this wallet. Just amazed by the crosschain accesibility between bitcoin and none bitcoin blockchains. Usually I normally find third party wallet with eth to erc20 only.

5  Other / Meta / Is this considered an off topic or low quality post? on: August 10, 2020, 04:07:27 AM
Username: Google+
Post Count: 2601
BTC Address (must be SegWit): bc1qr40dwlh5wywg99967j0fc02es97mf0luzgvf3j

apply to fill the slots of the participants who are removed
I think you should wait until the manager said there is an opening. This would not increase your chance to get accepted.
To be fair, per the spreadsheet in the OP, aundroid was removed. I don't know if DS will immediately fill the spot, but he has been filling spots as they become available.

Hello posted this to ask possible reason why this post of mine got deleted? Im not sure whether its an off-topic or low substantial quality response but Im simply reminding the applicant not to apply as Ive known that:

For future application rounds, I'd want people to post their application again after new slots are announced.

Which most users always do when they noticed some participants applied when the title is [FULL] or the BM doesn't have announcement yet for open position.

Thanks for anyone respond especially on the moderator side. Also got curious, let say for example a post is deleted by a moderator but the post is proven not to violate any forum rule could that post somehow be restored from being deleted or once it got deleted its final?

Im asking this so if ever I encountered same scenario I would not do it again or avoid it. Thanks will locked the thread once my inquiry has been met.
6  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Altcoin Discussion / Goldman Sachs are eyeing to create their own digital asset! on: August 07, 2020, 07:45:38 AM
A news just popped in about newly appointed Digital asset global head Matthew McDermott is interested and firm to embrace blockchain and digital assets.

"We are exploring the commercial viability of creating our own fiat digital token, but it’s early days as we continue to work through the potential use cases," he said.

In addition, he also expanding their team by hiring Oli Harris as their head of strategy. Mr. Harris is known for the launching of JPMCoin last year JPMorgan's digital asset. Seems banks are coming in. I wonder if these executions will be a threat to our precious BTCitcoin.

Not sure if this is the right thread for this topic. If Im wrong please kindly inform me or report for moving to appropriate thread.
7  Other / Serious discussion / Dedicated thread for serious Defi Discussion on: August 03, 2020, 04:29:49 AM
Someone asked about why there is no Defi Section. Obviously its because we have already a dedicated section for that and its here:

Do we have some section in forum for Defi projects and new tokens listings?
I looked in all forum and can't find it.
It should be merged or can be found from any of these sections.
- Announcement (Altcoins)
- Token (Altcoins)
- Service Announcement (Altcoins)

I took the liberty to create a dedicated section here for Defi Topics that will shows only true quality defi discussion. Ive put in here as suggestion of ETFbitcoin make sense.

If people really want quality discussion which related to altcoin, using Serious Discussion section or create "Serious Discussion" for altcoin is slightly better idea.

For those who are really interested into defi space. Here are some good post about defi. Read it first then come here and join the discussion.

Overview on DeFi - a new hot trend in crypto by OcTradism
DeFi - ETH Financial Ecosystem (September 2019) by zasad@

Any comments and suggestions must be accurate and straight to the point. We will see those users who are really interested on this as serious discussion dont count on your signature quota.

Putting up self-moderation to avoid spam too.

8  Economy / Scam Accusations / [SCAM]LEDU CAMPAIGN on: July 31, 2020, 12:18:06 PM
What Happened
Ive just saw this post from Murat bounty thread of Ledu. With title changed to LEDU STRAIGHT UP SCAM, DID NOT PAY FOR BOUNTY MANAGEMENT So I guess it means the team double cross the payment for the campaign. Sorry for those who joined the campaign but maybe Murat can still talk out with the team since we all knew that Ledu is a legit altcoin campaign.


Bounty Link:


Here is Murat message:

Now I do hope there would be information or good update by Murat for the participants to joins but if not then sorry they really double cross the participants and tricked.
9  Economy / Scam Accusations / [SCAM] ( Ponzi scheme like Forsage and Lionshare) on: July 27, 2020, 04:57:20 AM
What Happened
A new ponzi scheme using ethereum network again. Like Forsage and Lionshare. The profits can earned from 200% to 250% depends on your eth investment. They have no thread here yet. But here is the warning already so before they got here its been busted.



Addressed used:

Here is the promotions on their telegram group.


➡️10% Earn Daily of you investment
➡️10% Referral program direct to your wallet
➡️ 0.1 ETH 200%
10% daily for 20 days contract
➡️ 1 ETH 220%
10% daily for 22days contract
➡️10 ETH 250%
10% daily for 25days contract

👉 Fully Verified and Open Source Smart Contract

Invest at your own risk, invest wisely 💯


Domain Info
Domain Name: ETHERNEX.IO
Registry Domain ID: D503300001185858260-LRMS Registrar WHOIS Server:
Registrar URL:
Updated Date: 2020-06-30T02:11:02Z
Creation Date: 2020-06-29T18:37:26Z
Registry Expiry Date: 2021-06-29T18:37:26Z
10  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Altcoin Discussion / Avalanche Dedicated thread for news, discussion and update. on: July 25, 2020, 05:32:52 AM
    Image captured online

    I would like to start a discussion thread for Avalanche project as I see this is one of the best ICO of 2020. This thread will consists only of pure discussion and update on Avalanche Blockchain

    Recap of Events

    Added Update and News

    Local rule: No spam post, discussion must be on point, I will set this thread as self moderated to delete all signature quota spammers and low quality post.

    Disclaimer: Not part of the team and wanted to share news and update on behalf of Avalanche.

    11  Local / Pilipinas / Listahan ng mga kapakipakinabang na mga pagsusulit patungkol sa Forum! on: July 23, 2020, 05:09:29 AM
    Ang thread na ito ay sinalin mula sa orihinal na topic:
    Compilation of helpful quizzes related to Bitcointalk forum

    Gusto kung ishare sa inyo ang mga nacompile ko na mga pagsusulit na nailathala dito sa forum. Ito ay binubuo ng mga mahahalaga at nakakatulong na mga pagsusulit upang mapalawig pa natin ang ating kaalaman tungkol dito sa forum.

    Karamihan sa mga gawa ay Husires at inaasahan kong magdadagdag pa siya ng madaming makabuluhang topic patungkol sa forum.

    [1] Online challenge, test your knowledge about the forum rules By Husires
    [2] [GAME] Bitcointalk game By Peanutswar
    [3] Quiz: History on Bitcointalk By Husires
    [4] [Quiz]Bitcointalk history of hacks By Husires
    [5] 10 question quiz for newbies (using Survey Monkey) by Toughit
    [6] Take the latest Crypto Quiz and find out if you are the next Satoshi Nakamoto! By niocexchange
    [7] Bitcoin Whitepaper- Quiz By Mbitr
    [8] Online challenge, test your knowledge about Bitcointalk By Husires
    [9] Quiz: Signature Campaign Guidelines By Husires
    [10] Check out this intermediate bitcoin quiz. How much did you score? By bcj
    [11] Re: Test Yourself: Are You the Ultimate Bitcoin Expert? By LiteCoinGuy
    [12] The Bitcoin Quiz! By davedx

    ipagpapatuloy ko ang pagupdate sa listahan ng mga bagong post sa hinaharap na kapakipakinabang.
    12  Economy / Scam Accusations / [WARNING]Suspicious promotion of on: July 23, 2020, 02:39:47 AM
    What Happened:
    Seems like suspicious bonus upon registration. You will received $50 when you sign up and will get it as long as you deposit $20 on your trading account.

    Check out the post. crypto platform is running a "Welcome Bonus" promotion, under which you will receive $ 50 to your trading account!
    The conditions for receiving the bonus are simple:
    -Verify your account
    - make a deposit of at least $ 20
    -complete 1 deal
    (all within 30 days) and get a $ 50 bonus!

    - stimulation of the implementation of the services of the Organizer, operating as an operator of the crypto platform (trading platform) "";
    - attracting new Clients and increasing the loyalty of Clients of the crypto platform (trading platform) "".

    Join us!

    Also there is an accused about the exchange reputation and had some complained on this thread.

    Its on Russian language but using translation its about the system of their stoploss which is unusual and suspicious.

    Exercise cautioun when on using this platform.


    Bitcoin forum link:
    13  Other / Meta / Compilation of helpful Quizzes related to bitcointalk forum on: July 20, 2020, 05:35:17 AM
    Id like to compile some quizzes, games, and any form of test type that has been posted here on forum that is knowledgeable and helpful for any members to familiarize themselves in bitcointalk forum.

    For those who misses on taking some quizzes, here are the previous list.Will update this so in case some member create more reliable and fun questionnaire about forum. Mostly Husires doing it. Looking forward for more mate.

    [1] Online challenge, test your knowledge about the forum rules By Husires
    [2] [GAME] Bitcointalk game By Peanutswar
    [3] Quiz: History on Bitcointalk By Husires
    [4] [Quiz]Bitcointalk history of hacks By Husires
    [5] 10 question quiz for newbies (using Survey Monkey) by Toughit
    [6] Take the latest Crypto Quiz and find out if you are the next Satoshi Nakamoto! By niocexchange
    [7] Bitcoin Whitepaper- Quiz By Mbitr
    [8] Online challenge, test your knowledge about Bitcointalk By Husires
    [9] Quiz: Signature Campaign Guidelines By Husires
    [10] Check out this intermediate bitcoin quiz. How much did you score? By bcj
    [11] Re: Test Yourself: Are You the Ultimate Bitcoin Expert? By LiteCoinGuy
    [12] The Bitcoin Quiz! By davedx

    If this sound off topic here I'll locked it out.
    14  Other / Meta / Why some childboard have a tagged like this on some section? on: July 17, 2020, 05:20:53 AM
    Ive just observed it when I visitied the securities childboard. There is a warning message on top of every topics when you clicked it.

    This is a good warning and I think its better if this will also implement on other childboards that have transaction and negotiation deals like Goods, Services, Lending, and Currency Exchange. Maybe it will be annoying but it will always remind some people before they even tried to invest, trade, or have some deal with other new projects/people.

    I am not familiar too with this term  "caveat emptor" and when I checked it online it means:

    Quote from: Oxford Dictionary
    The principle that the buyer alone is responsible for checking the quality and suitability of goods before a purchase is made.

    Nice words to add on warning message. Also it shorten the sentence as well.

    Just a suggestion maybe there is a good reason why only it appears on Securities childboard alone and I appreciate to know details about it.

    This message is posted in Securities, Long Term Offers and Investor Based Games among global English boards.

    15  Economy / Scam Accusations / [SCAM]Fake QTUM airdrop and selfdrop ICO! on: July 15, 2020, 04:22:10 AM
    What Happened:
    A twitter aidrop was spotted giving up airdrop by fake QTUM. This is obviously fake. QTUM is a big project and will not do this kind of method for giveaway. The real twitter account has 180k followers while the fake only have 1.3k followers, still those figure are huge for victims of this account that wills end their details.

    Fake QTUM account:

    Real QTUM account

    Eth address for selfdrop:

    So far none has been victimized yet. Just checked on etherscan:
    16  Economy / Scam Accusations / [Warning] Netermix Possible Ponzi Scheme Scam on: July 14, 2020, 07:48:02 AM
    What Happened:
    A new platform asking giving away free airdrop tokens and ethereum worth 0.04eth upon registration. To my curiosity I used a dummy email to register and see whats inside of the platform. And as suspected another ponzi scheme to scam newbies.

    They will asked for a deposit worth $10 with supported different coins such as bitcoin, ethereum, doge and many more and after 5 days they will give your deposited plus profit very easy money and highly suspicious that could be resulted to scam.

    Bitcointalk Thread:

    Flag 1:;flag=2140



    NOTE: the forum creator already have flag from other incident of scam and accusation due this reported scam thread Evoxes - fake team members!
    17  Local / Pilipinas / Mga magagandang topic tungkol sa seguridad at privacy on: July 11, 2020, 05:53:13 AM
    Ang topic na ito ay isinalin sa wikang tagalog mula sa orihinal na thread: Good topics on security and privacy

    Sa mga nagdaan na araw, dahil sa sitwasyon ng covid19 ay nagkaroon tayo ng mga libreng panahon at oras, Ako(Octradism), ay nagsaliksik patungkol sa mga seguridad at privacy at nakita ang mga nakakatulong na topic na ito. Sa halip na itago ko ito sa computer or isave sa internet bookmark, nais kong ibahagi ang mga ito sa inyo.

    Note: Malaking tulong ito sa mga baguhan dito sa ating lokal kaya aking ipinost  dito. Mayroon permiso sa orihinal na naglathala ng topic na ito.

    |Aegis Authenticator, a decent alternative to Google Authenticator and Authy|mk4|
    |Crypto Security - Additional Protection For Your Seed/Private Keys.|Lucius|
    |[BEWARE] Sim Port Attack|GreatArkansas|
    |[GUIDE] How to Create a Strong/Secure Password|GreatArkansas|
    |Windows 7 stopped product supports. Please upgrade your Windows and wallets ASAP|tranthidung|
    |How to Install Tails OS on USB flash drive for Wallet Purpose|DroomieChikito|
    |Using mobile phone as a full mobile wallet|nc50lc|
    |[Guide] Secure air-gapped crypto wallet storage method|Sowik|
    |Bitcoin’s Public-Key Security Level|nullius|
    |CoinJoin: Bitcoin privacy for the real world|gmaxwell|
    |Why you should upgrade Windows 7 to Ubuntu|n/a|
    |Linux Mint|n/a|
    |Basic security guide (firewall, backups, antivirus..)|testbug|
    |Let's talk about Privacy|bitmover|
    |#DeGoogle - Take back control of your privacy|xxjumperxx|
    |Traditional Authentication, 2FA and 2SV|Luzin|
    |Overview on browsers. Which one should we use? Support free web while browsing|bitmover|
    |How to stay private when using Android (protonmail blog)|bitmover|
    |Bitcoin Privacy - How easy it is for someone to find all your wallets addresses|bitmover|
    |2FA HW security keys, Yubikey and such|Captain-Cryptory|
    |Discord Deskt. client can steal your Password,Cryptocurrencies via PM Link!|Lafu|
    |Brave browser hijacking links and affiliate codes!|notblox1|
    |[TUTORIAL] Generate 2FA with Keepass (instead of Authenticator App)|bct_ail|
    |[INFORMATION] The Cipher, it's meaning, types and connection in cryptography|Nellayar|
    |[Education] Bitcoin Privacy and Anonymity|Husna QA|
    |[Tips and Information] Privacy and How to Stay Anonymous Online|Krislaw|
    |[Howto] Use Ledger Nano as Security Key|aundroid|
    |[Guide] Protect your Crypto: Security tips for your home computer & network|aundroid|
    |{WARNING} Cybersecurity vulnerabilities/flaws: Linux and Mac users (04.02.20). |TheBeardedBaby|
    |[Guide] How to know if your email address was part of any data breach|nelson4lov|
    |What to do to avoid phishing sites|hd49728|
    |Host-file to deal with phishing sites|hd49728|
    |[LEARN] Phishing Quizzes - Beginners & Experts|dkbit98|
    |UPDATED!!! Punycode and how to protect yourself from Homograph Phishing attacks?|wwzsocki|
    |Authentication: Types, Risks/ Attacks, Advice|OcTradism|
    |Visiting official websites and download official apps, not fake ones.|OcTradism|
    |WATCH OUT - TikTok app is a SPYWARE!!!|wwzsocki|
    |Privacy-o-meter, a free tool to assess the privacy level of your BTC transaction|BlockchairExplorer|
    |[DISCUSSION] Why you shouldn't trust any anonymous files and applications.|Shimmiry|

    18  Local / Pilipinas / Filipino DT Log [Will Update] on: July 10, 2020, 04:20:43 PM
    Since this (Pinoy)DT Log isnt active anymore. I want to continue to update this information here. As usual, like the first creator of this topic, will locked the thread too and only will update it when there is new addition and exclusion on current list.

    Source of data: DT Update Log


    19  Other / Meta / [DISCUSSION]Forum Announcement and Important notifications by email on: July 02, 2020, 07:04:25 AM

    Hello just my curiosity. What is the scope of Forum Announcements in this statement which we can received on email? Is it like only message sent to all by theymos or any administrator(s)? Can anybody give an example of this in the past. I know the important notification includes your messages that has been deleted by moderators and replied of users which totally giving off notificationIf only you are subscribed on notification setting via email.

    Do anyone think that a feature that be able to response via email on notified replied on our topic is good or irelevant idea?

    If this post has been discussed or off topic here will lock the thread
    20  Economy / Gambling discussion / BPlay Gaming site Platform [Binance Collaboration] on: July 01, 2020, 10:04:44 AM
    Have anyone familiar with the Bplay gaming site. Recently Binance made an announcement regarding collaboration with Bplay gaming.

    BPLAY is a new online gaming platform that allows players to use cryptocurrency to access games on mobile devices and desktop computers. Binance collaborates with this gaming platform and is its partner. 

    This cooperation will allow users to register on BPLAY using Binance accounts, as well as use off-chain transactions for instant transfers of tokens, including BNB, from Binance wallet to BPLAY wallet. 

    BPLAY and Binance are considering further collaboration opportunities for organizing the cryptocurrency and gaming ecosystem, including potential joint sponsorship of events and the search for new uses for BNB.

    Upon checking the site you can really attracted on solid graphics of this new gaming site.

    They have currently six games available to enjoy with. Also what surprising is that you can used your Binance account to log in directly with the games. They are accepting 5 cryptocurrencies at the moment: BTC, ETH, BNB BUSD AND USDT. What I like with the platform is their graphics and the speed of play time. Looking forward to addition of more games like crash, and other common games on gambling site such as slots.

    Attached below are images of their game and from my view a nice graphics is also attract users. I wonder how many users are on the hook with this new platform.

    • Dice


    • BlackJack

    • Roulette

    • Texas Hold em

    • Bacarrat

    • Video Poker

    Whats your thought on this new platform? Do you think they can match on famous platform like Yolodice, FortuneJack, BitCasino and even Rising star Roobet?

    Take note: This is not advertisement or paid post, just wanted to share with you this new gambling site. I dont see any Announcement thread yet for this but I do hope they become active here.
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