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1  Other / Meta / Publication of copyright photos without permission (plagiarism), personal data.. on: February 07, 2019, 03:19:05 PM
Good day. I'm created this topic because are no other ways to communicate with moderators.
 I will try to explain briefly and clearly about my issue and excuse me please for my bad English, it's not my first language.

 1. I'm respecting rules of the forum and if somewhere several times I crossed the boundaries of communication - I do not justify myself. Nevertheless, I'm never used the author photos of other users or their texts for posting on the forum and trolling. Articles and external sources of information I'm always had with links.

2. I don't allow to use my copyright photos on the forum by several users (I will designate them all), distortion of these photos and trolling.

 I got long discussion in a topic where a certain group of users blamed the Minexcoin project. I did'n took the unproven insults and accusations against me before the coin, until user with nickname
thunderjet published my personal data and most importantly my author photos. And more, other users used my photos in a perverted form, with trolling and even with a sexual harassment (
The last straw was the publication of insults and trolling with the illegal usage of my photos in other topics that were not even in the "scam" section.
 I wrote reports to the moderator about these unchallenged events, but after 2 days there was no reaction.

  Based on this, I ask you to immediately remove my copyright photos which was distributed by users without my knowledge, without using direct links to the source and illegal editing them, which falls under forum rule 33 (plagiarism).
 And also I'm asking forum moderators to take measures to prevent further usage of  my copyright photos by other users. I am not a moderator to assess the degree of their guilt and punishment in the form of a ban or something else.

  In case of refusal to delete a photo, I will be forced to defend my rights through the courts. I did not want to bring this incident to these measures, but if it is necessary, I will sue the forum as a source of distribution of my author photos.

And because It's hard to identify users which posted my photos, I will call to the court owners of this forum in case of ignoring of my civil rights.






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