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1  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Altcoin Discussion / Investment Poll February 2015 on: February 24, 2015, 07:03:34 PM
Please vote, thanks.   Cheesy
2  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Altcoin Discussion / [ANN][UNO] The Blue Crypto Award on: August 29, 2014, 04:31:11 PM
Welcome to the bitcointalk official thread for the 1st Annual Blue Crypto Awards!

The 1st Annual 2014 Blue Crypto Award

The Blue Crypto Award this year will be a single 100 Unobtanium (UNO) gift awarded to the winning nominee for the best inventor or innovator, voted on by the public.

This thread is primarily for announcements related to The Blue Crypto Award, and for public recommendations for nominees.

We welcome all to participate in this event by voting for your favorite nominees and by recommending additional nominees!

The official website for The Blue Crypto Award is:  


September 1st - Nominee Recommendations by the public open!
September 16th - Voting Commences!
October 4th - Nominee Recommendation review closes.
October 16th, Approx. 5 PM PDT - Voting ends.  [edit:  October 9th]
October 18th - UNO's BIRTHDAY!!!  Winning nominee announced!

Blue Crypto Award Project Donation Addresses:

UNO: udonaTeAguxJ4RXs4F7ohPRbCRTrGdiSZU

BTC: 14aVU6K1yeJ16D5MgNnvuZnmuTYtfwxE1H

LTC: LND7yWWEVyszCo45F8P5An2qy3eNq75rXi

DOGE: DFuNRtFtnyUNJYt35C35qihshTn1vM7xao


AUR: AGo4fozTQeo9WtH4TXz8nRQeHvENsNikYf

MZC: MF3hCpe9w343uFr8JXUn9cZnp18YGDVz7o

NAUT: Nhos294qN2EknBYda9PYRJEuenPeeGm8eb

RZR: RJPQDBwoSLqtCj2bn2r6TK5ogmVYdZfvDf

ZET: ZF73L7yCTwVnsAHVJ5ZoyfmM9sLjwsafCK

Nominee Recommendation Guidelines

Requirements of a nominee recommendation from you:

+The nominee has to be an inventor, scientist, or innovator with younger nominee recommendations particularly encouraged.

+Nominees should have their invention(s), discover(ies), and innovation made within this decade.

+The invention/innovation made by the person has to be beneficial to humanity.

+There should be a broad consensus about the beneficial nature of the nominees’ innovation. Please avoid controversial candidates.

+The innovation of the nominee has to be one that is beneficial for the ecosystem or to better the life of people.

+Scientific advancements are preferred, but even artistic work may be considered for approval as nominee accomplishments, if it has successfully improved the broader reach of Humanity.

+Include links to online articles, photos, and other support for your recommended nominee in this thread.

+We will award only individuals or possibly very small teams of private people. We will not award institutions, companies, universities or people who have already reached notoriety as the super famous/rich; individual inventors and innovators already within the field of cryptocurrencies are largely exempted and may be accepted as official nominees, providing their contribution(s) to Humanity are significant.

+Please, only 1 to 3 nominee recommendations per person. Maximum number of total nominees will be up to 100 nominees.
3  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Altcoin Discussion / UNO - Unobtanium Thread moved and locked? on: March 21, 2014, 04:42:17 AM
The original Unobtanium (UNO/Un) thread has been moved by Global Moderator BadBear and LOCKED.

I don't understand?  Why lock it?  Many of us the the UNO community go there for information.


I have great news for Un, so maybe that's why it's locked.  Wink  Typically, in the cycle of things, the next several days would be when Un will hit it's lows.

Maybe I will keep the news to myself for now, since I don't feel many in the UNO community will find this thread.


I was also disappointed the original thread was locked with the final post being a negative one without giving us a chance to address it.


I seriously don't understand.  Maybe it was locked by accident by the moderator??


Original thread?:

Moderator post:
4  Bitcoin / Mining speculation / Erupters and Small-time Miners....Why? on: August 18, 2013, 05:44:58 AM
Where Would You Like to Go?

Whether it was in the plan all along, or these are newcomers, the PTB are into BTC, working both ends.  …Working to accumulate and control, originate and exploit, or the typical bankster culling and criminalization, then writing misleading Corporate News articles of their exploits for the remaining ignorant masses.  (Assuring late adopter population, I’m sure.)

I’m writing about mining, today.  It isn’t profitable.  What can be done to correct this?  Lower the cost of entering the market, i.e. ASIC hardware.  (I’m no expert on mining at all, but I’m assuming only ASICS can keep up with demands at this point?)  Clearly, there are typical microeconomics to apply here, which preclude ‘give away’.  Either new competition will need to enter the mining hardware manufacturing market, or existing sources can continue to innovate, lowering costs.

Still, another option is that higher BTC prices per fiat will act as a ‘savior’ in this situation.  It does appear that 1.) BTC prices might be trending higher, again.  (This could be explosive in the next, say, 3 months, IMHO, BTW.) 2.) The $USD finally appears to be weeks to months from a once-in-a-century fall of the predominant world currency.  …Niice.


Mining isn’t profitable.  Sure some, (really plenty of-) niches can be eked out for individuals to continue to find profit or relative profit in the current economics of the cryptoworld, whether involved in the promotion of BTC or investor services or exchanges or sales of real goods and traditional services or trading or contract-writing, (or scamming, etc. (not promoting it, just stating a fact.))

Problem is, in my own experience getting started with the new Erupters, due to increased difficulty and the expanding supply of miners and total hashing power, a small market entrant, even an efficient one, doesn’t really get back the BTC spent on hardware/power/costs.

Folks, we are centralizing power, currently, into larger mining hands, and especially the few manufacturers, into an oligopoly, at the cost of the majority of small hands losing net BTC ownership.  Perhaps by early next year, a small-time miner, (call it under 10Ghps,) will see a profit in $USD terms, but may never recover in BTC terms, (maybe without constant reinvestment, which is quite risky.)

Compounding the issue for the small hands are production delays and concerns about large investors sweeping in and leaving them in the dust.


Building a Better World?

What I’ve described seems very normal in the contemporary world of cutthroat capitalist, free-market economics, but we don’t even have the older ostentatious protections from scammers!  I just came across a slick website today for a non-existent 5Ghps unit!  I would feel sorry for a fool who couldn’t research adequately to spot the scam for what it was!!!  That’s not a ‘better world’.  That’s the same ol’ $h1t, just looking different.

Let’s look at this apparent flash-in-the-pan ASIC Erupter phenomenon.  It’s really great for BTC!  It is!  This is the spore method of network propagation and survivability!  This gets processing into many hands, increasing nodes, but why?  Where are the economic incentives for the little guys?  We’re dumping already!  Hardware prices plummeting, with yet another half-generation of BTC market participants getting burned, some to collapse, while the rising oligopoly withholds shipments!  Ha, ha, very funny.  You win.  That’s not a ‘better world’.


I’m not saying that I have all the answers, but I do have a few ideas, so please expand on them if any work for you.  I encourage you all to continue brainstorming for creative solutions as well.

1.)  Some components of the cryptoworld, such as, but not limited to, currency exchange and trading sites, purveyors of real goods and services, etc. can offer discounts to miners.  (I’m not even sure how miners would validate their claim of hashrates, but I’m confident the solutions are there in this case.)  The purpose is to promote as many individual ‘nodes’ in the mining network as possible in the spirit of ‘anti-fragile’, but especially to offer incentive for people to run even just one ASIC miner or even an ol’ GPU.  :-)

2.)  Encourage additional mining pools, (a few).  It seems there would be an advantage to having more pools and drawing participants from the larger pools.  Right now, it seems this part of the BTC infrastructure is vulnerable to jealous-god government attack, otherwise.  (I may be way off, since I don’t know the details.)

3.)  Oligopoly or other large hands can start-up a fund to encourage the new, smaller miners by offering special incentives.  Maybe buy up a failed scamcoin (SC) or something to distribute, and then whenever any entity experiencing something I philosophically call [bounty], which is an abundance that can only be dumped on a market harming the same supplier’s bottom line, for any good or possibly service, they can offer it just for the (SC) redemption.  Just an idea, you know?  Maybe someone printed too many BTC t-shirts, and prices are falling.  SHARE THEM.  Encourage the little miners.  That’s a better world.

4.)  Get your engineering buddies together and figure out how to manufacture ASICS.  There’s plenty of money in that!  We need new suppliers – the one’s we have are….(I won’t spell it out.)

5.)  There has got to be a way to squeeze more hashpower out of existing hardware!  (I have seen one advertisement of a service to do just this.)

6.) [Add your ideas, too!  Find solutions.]

Ultimately, the purpose of BTC can be an opportunity to distribute liquidity MOST BROADLY to the masses, so they may finally have access to the resources which have been present and plentiful all along, with the barriers finally removed for us to live out dreams, creativity, expansion, evolution.

I understand even now the majority of stakeholders don’t want this.  If nothing else, then, if you do agree with my principles, by reading this, you can add to your clarity in perception of the unfolding progress of the cryptoworld.  You are aware.

Start small.  We don’t need more, more, more, we don’t need scamming, especially with false hope from the mining hardware oligopoly; and we certainly don’t need the Valkyries of the PTB marching into the BTC field.  We need to cooperate now.  Please help to make a real, better world.

Thank you.
5  Other / Beginners & Help / New Technology - Artificial Leaf for Energy on: July 30, 2013, 07:38:04 AM
Daniel Nocera Professor at Harvard/MIT has developed an artificial leaf that can be used in a system to get energy from just sunlight and water.

Here's a nice video on the whole process:

Here's another article:


If you like me posting articles and information like this that can be used to build a better future for the Bitcoin community and Humanity, feel free to drop a tip.  Even 0.0001 BTC accepted. Smiley

BTC:  15TKF1C48FNTSEaJdpx72JuREZR7Dq7br5
6  Other / Beginners & Help / Please help! Trying to set up USB mining with BitMinter on: July 29, 2013, 03:41:23 AM
I was trying to set up a BitMinter account on my computer, but I got the following message:

"Unable to launch the application !"

And when I clicked on the 'Details' button, I got the following under the Exception tab:

Cache must be enabled for nativelib or installer-desc support,

Under the Launch File tab it said:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
<!-- BitMinter Client JNLP file -->
<jnlp spec="6.0+" codebase=""
    <title>BitMinter Client</title>
    <homepage href=""/>
    <description kind="short">Mining for the digital mint</description>
    <icon href="bitminter256x256.png" width="256" height="256"/>
    <icon href="bitminter64x64.png"   width="64"  height="64"/>
    <icon href="bitminter48x48.png"   width="48"  height="48"/>
    <icon href="bitminter32x32.png"   width="32"  height="32"/>
    <icon href="bitminter16x16.png"   width="16"  height="16"/>
    <icon kind="splash" href="bitmintersplash.png"/>
    <shortcut online="true">
      <menu submenu="BitMinter"/>
  <update check="always" policy="always"/>
  <application-desc main-class="com.bitminter.client.Main"/>
    <java version="1.6+" initial-heap-size="40m" max-heap-size="800m"
    <jar href="bitminter.jar"/>
    <jar href="scala-library.jar"/>
    <jar href="scala-swing.jar"/>
    <jar href="scala-actors.jar"/>
    <jar href="SteelSeries-3.9.30.jar"/>
    <jar href="trident-6.3.jar"/>
    <jar href="audio.jar" download="lazy"/>
    <jar href="quartz-2.1.1.jar"/>
    <jar href="images.jar"/>
    <jar href="slf4j-api-1.7.5.jar"/>
    <jar href="lwjgl-2.8.4.jar"/>
    <jar href="lwjgl_util-2.8.4.jar"/>
    <jar href="coincore-1.9.0.jar"/>
    <jar href="gridnode-1.2.1.jar"/>
    <jar href="purejavacomm-0.0.17.jar"/>
    <jar href="jna-3.5.1.jar"/>
    <jar href="jna-3.5.1-platform.jar"/>
    <jar href="httpclient-4.2.5.jar"/>
    <jar href="httpcore-4.2.4.jar"/>
    <jar href="httpcore-nio-4.2.4.jar"/>
    <jar href="lift-json_2.10-2.5.jar"/>
    <jar href="paranamer-2.5.2.jar"/>

  <!-- LWJGL Linux 64-bit native libraries -->
  <resources os="Linux" arch="amd64">
    <nativelib href="lwjgl-amd64-linux.jar"/>
  <resources os="Linux" arch="x86_64">
    <nativelib href="lwjgl-amd64-linux.jar"/>

  <!-- LWJGL Linux 32-bit native libraries -->
  <resources os="Linux" arch="x86">
    <nativelib href="lwjgl-x86-linux.jar"/>
  <resources os="Linux" arch="i386">
    <nativelib href="lwjgl-x86-linux.jar"/>

  <!-- LWJGL Windows 64-bit native libraries -->
  <resources os="Windows" arch="amd64">
    <nativelib href="lwjgl-amd64-win.jar"/>
  <resources os="Windows" arch="x86_64">
    <nativelib href="lwjgl-amd64-win.jar"/>

  <!-- LWJGL Windows 32-bit native libraries -->
  <resources os="Windows" arch="x86">
    <nativelib href="lwjgl-x86-win.jar"/>
  <resources os="Windows" arch="i386">
    <nativelib href="lwjgl-x86-win.jar"/>

  <!-- LWJGL MAC OS/X native libraries -->
  <resources os="Mac">
    <nativelib href="lwjgl-macosx.jar"/>

7  Other / Beginners & Help / The Road to Bitcoin's Ultimate Success on: June 07, 2013, 06:29:26 AM
Market Analysis

Bitcoin has been sinking in price in a bear channel for the last couple of weeks. I've waited before saying this outright, because I didn't want to damage any potential runup to BTC's natural valuation, which is very, very high, IMHO*,...

...Yet the muckers of a jealous god, the fern, do what they can to arrest that realization, don't they?

*(...But this doesn't matter, now, and we are starring at another leg down.)


I've simplified the entire cryptomarket into two driving factors behind valuations:

1. New Investment
2. Need for ferns (and other fiats)

That's it. A simple black box equation. We could talk about a lot of things, like maybe scarcity of the issuance through mining, but that exists within limits that we haven't hit, thus, it hasn't factored in. Further, this particular potential factor can continue to be mitigated (read manipulated) with smaller volumes in the current state of the market, as we've already been seeing for weeks, as long as the entire BTC market looks to our Lord and Savior Gox to gauge the market, or the entire cryptocurrencies market(s) for that matter - looks to that one horrid, high-commission exchange for relative pricing!


We just are not seeing the "New Investment" that we need to boost the price up, or to maybe even boost morale and hype to really get things going again to overcome the need for miners, developers, speculators, GUS-type manipulators, and us peons to pay for our:

Loan repayments

Do you get it, yet? The iron fist of the fiat-mongers requires each participant to submit to their will. THERE IS NO SELF-SUFFICIENCY. Barring self-sufficiency, the valuation formula is simple:

Price = (New Investment) - (Utter dependent need for fiats)

Frankly, I'm glad to see it has floated as high and as long as it has. I may even surmise that this is because the PTB actually have greater plans for BTC and some cryptos, so they've been manipulating this technical pennant, not just the downside.



1. Stimulate New Investment through a variety of methods that those familiar with such things are accustomed. Increase investment of those already in the market.

2. This is the most important: begin to actually trade BTC for goods and services, (and do it person-to-person!) This greatly improves demand and higher price pressure, and reduces the volumes made available to the exchanges, all while marking gains in that critical 'self-sufficiency' ideal. (Comes with a huge tax issue in - oh no! - need for fiat!) (I think I've just made a huge contradiction, unless we begin to think outside the box the muckers have convinced us we should stay in for damned eternity!) Actually trading for goods and services will also increase the interest of new entrants to the market, further boosting "New Investment." Additionally, this actual use of BTC for real trade, not just 'investment'/trade/mining and speculation, will automatically reduce the need for fiat for all (but the taxes) associated with the traded goods and services for individual BTC market participants.

3. Eliminate the need for fiat - lower or eliminate taxes, eliminate fees, fines, registrations, have utilities, rents, mortgages all accept BTC, and make BTC available to those who need it for other reasons-through charity, not through new BTC banking. (Ya - I'm the crazy one, huh? Maybe re-examine your comprehensive view on reality if you think so....There just might be some gems in the process.)

4. All turn their backs in a fully-coordinated effort against exchanges like Gox that are already practicing a fractional reserve method. (Psst! - That's why the addresses always change and people have to wait for large withdrawals!) Further - stop looking to exchanges, which can be easily manipulated and have centralized power and are most open to coercion to set prices. Your privacy and Bitcoins are not safe with them, being the power-concentrating targeted bitches that they are. Set your own prices and go person-to-person. There should be software each 'person' can use to post their prices in a decentralized fashion. Multiple apps for this! Make it as difficult as possible for immoral muckers to break this budding expression of freedom. ('Freedom' they purport us to already have, yet they prove with their actions and lies that we do not!)

5. Turn your back on new cryptos, and some of those already present. The market is saturated in this respect, and the downward pressure from new issues is pretty intense already - it basically has the effects of dilution and increasing the need for fiat to pay for all of those new crypto miners, who are all losing out, anyway. (I don't really mind a more equitable distribution for a brand new crypto, but now is not the time for that due to this 'saturation' issue. (Interested parties are already tapped out and vested in the crypto market.) It should be broadly coordinated with all interested market participants and given a long-term commencement date, like 10 years into the future.)

6. Continue to innovate, making the BTC market more user-friendly and accessible to newcomers.

7. Anyone who insists on using exchanges, such as an operating goods or services business that requires it at this stage of the greater cryptocurrencies market, should write to the exchanges and demand greatly lower commissions. The few exchanges are hording at these rates! We need a hundred exchanges all with low overhead, and not clones of the exisiting ones funded by the existing ones! (Hey, competition would come if BTC crossed, say, $1000 USD, so maybe our Lord and Savior Gox likes this 'range', Hmm...~?)

8. Stop using drugs and alcohol, (so much?), as this separates your soul from your ego, and turns you into minions of the materialistic. I'm seeing lots of comments on the boards from people that don't get how these things send them in a return loop right back to their dark powers-that-be masters. If you think I'm an idiot for mentioning it, or even maybe you are an 'atheist' thinking it, that's cool, but you've missed the point. It totally factors into ultimate success for the cryptocurrencies market(s) and Humanity. Having deep contemplation of purpose and action is important, here.


Thank you.

Feel free to copy and share broadly, no rights reserved.


Fern - Federal Reserve Note, $USD, dirty rotten fiat.
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