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1  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / An example why we should hold bitcoin on: November 24, 2020, 11:35:16 AM
As bitcoin kicking up the whole market and continuing to reach its all time high price, there is a story in NAS Daily that I have watched today on a millionaire lives in a van. At first glance, I thought it is just same business as what others had to become millionaire yet he became millionaire because of BITCOIN.

He hold bitcoin when it was devaluated and sold it when it goes up. He earned almost a million dollar because of his bitcoin. And I think right now, he is part of crypto trading. Here is the story of Ben Yuu, the person behind the story of Nas:

It only shows how he believed a lot in bitcoin. So, for those who have no trust in bitcoin, here is a good example that bitcoin brings a good opportunity for all.

However, I just worried about his anonymity since Nas Daily Page is a popular site. And anytime, there are criminals that might get interest to him. He might be at risk when this video was uploaded since he live in his van. Well, just a few cents for his security because he is rich and part of Cryptocurrency industry (an industry of full of hackerd and scammers).
2  Local / Pamilihan / [INFO] Listahan ng Bitcointalk Signature Campaign on: July 19, 2020, 01:10:36 AM
Magandang araw mga Kabayan! Dahil mukhang dumarami at nagiging popular na ang pagkakaroon ng weekly signature campaign at contest. Maganda siguro na magkaroon din tayo ng updates sa mga signature campaign na maaari nating salihan lalo na sa mga local posters.

Ito ay hango mula sa Thead na ginawa ni Mitchell:

Ang sumusunod na abbreviations na gagamitin sa kampanya: Overview of Bitcointalk Signature-Ad Campaigns [Last update: 14-Jul-2020]

Mga Campaigns:
BPSBA||Bukas para sa bagong aplikante
HPKAB||Hindi pa kumpirmado ang bayad
FLUX||Ang Campaign ay nasa pagitan ng pagsara at pagtanggap
SPSBA||Sarado para sa bagong aplikante
Mga Termino:Ranggo:
p/a||post/arawL||Legendary Member
p/L||post/linggoH||Hero Member
p/b||post/buwanS||Senior Member
f/L||fixed/linggoF||Full Member

Lahat ng Bitcoin Signature Campaigns
Mga Campaign
Mga Campaign
Mga Campaign
Mga Campaign

* ibig sabihin na ang campaign ay mayroong problema. Ang pagsali ay hindi rinerekomenda.
* ibig sabihin na ang campaign ay nagbabayad ng bitcoin at may dagdag na alternative coins (altcoin). Tinitignan kung magkakaroon ng campaign na maaaring magbayad ng ganitong payrate.
* ibig sabihin ang campaign ay mayroong bonus. Ang halaga na nasa table ay ang pinaka mababang halaga ng bayad sa bawat round. Suriin ang kanilang thread para malaman kung paano gumagana ang bonus.
** ibig sabihin, mayroong ispesyal na kondisyon. Maaaring silipin ang campaign thread para sa iba pang impormasyon.

Yes/No na paliwanag
Kapag mayroong Yes/No ang campaign sa estado ng escrow, ibig sabihin ang taong humahawak ng pondo ay ang mismong humahawak ng campaign. Ito ay maaaring maging conflict of interest, subalit hindi ito malaking problema kung ang tao na nagsasaga ng escrow ay mapagkakatiwalaan.

Talaan ng Pagbabago:
14-Jul-20: Idinagdag Blender, Tinanggal, Idinagdag Devilsdragon, Tinanggal Bitamp, Linipat Zest, Idinagdag Dsdaq, Linipat Bustadice, Updated ReferCoins, Linipat CryptoLottoStore, Idinagdag Fortunejack, Tinanggal KuCoinFutures
07-Jul-20: Linipat, Idinagdag CryptoLottoStore, Idinagdag Zest, Tinanggal Blender
29-Jun-20: Tinanggal Vipgame, Linipat Bitamp, Idinagdag Blender, Linipat Bustadice, Updated ReferCoins, Tinanggal ByteBulls
23-Jun-20: Tinanggal, Linipat KuCoin Futures, Idinagdag Bitamp, Tinanggal LuckyBit, Linipat
16-Jun-20: Idinagdag KuCoin Futures, Linipat Luckybit, Idinagdag ReferCoins, Linipat ByteBulls, Idinagdag, Linipat, Linipat, Linipat 777Coin
08-Jun-20: Linipat ChipMixer, Idinagdag ByteBulls, Linipat Roobet, Tinanggal, Linipat Vipgame, Idinagdag Luckybit, Tinanggal Blender, Linipat
01-Jun-20: Tinanggal Bitcointalk Charity, Linipat Bustadice, Idinagdag Vipgame, Linipat, Idinagdag Blender, Updated Playbetr

Local rules:
  • Ang tinatanggap na post laman ay tungkol sa updates ng original post o bakanteng posisyong ng mga campaign.
  • Ang post tungkol sa bakanteng posisyon sa campaign ay dapat tanggalin kapag ito ay matagal na.

Ang thread na ito ay i-uupdate ko palagi.
Goodluck mga kabayan and happy earnings!
3  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / World`s First Functional Bitcoin Watch on: July 16, 2020, 12:53:01 PM
Because the market today was on it`s blood bath, I spent my time in browsing social media app (Facebook). Upon scrolling down, I have seen this post of a vlogger superblondie. I am following her because she shows her luxurious cars and this post amazed me.

Imagine, she has already the first functional bitcoin watch in the whole world. The watch has it`s BTC symbol at the front and back. It has also the qr code wherein the funds of the owner were stored. She scanned it and when she open it, 2422 BTC was stored or approximately 17 million dollars. It has also its back up or private keys.

It is really incredible to see that cryptocurrency is integrating in our life. This video proves the literal meaning of "Time is Gold" or either "Time has bitcoin". Imagine, if all of our watch have qr code?

Positive side:

1. We can buy without the use of mobile phone and cash in the future.
2. We can`t forgot to wear our watch because we always be reminded that our assets is stock on it.
3. It is not hassle because our watch has double purpose, it can be wear and it can be used to buy or pay.

Negative side:

1. Vulnerable to snatchers or criminals, specially if your watch is branded.
2. If you lose your watch and private keys, goodbye bitcoin as well.
3. You can`t but to a merchant who does not accept crypto`s.

There are always a positive and negative but the good thing here is that she promotes bitcoin to the people by simply showing her luxurious watch.

Bitcoin is the future!

4  Local / Pamilihan / BABALA: Twitter Hacked Incident! Don`t Click on: July 15, 2020, 11:05:12 PM
Para sa mga kababayan nating Pilipino jan, ngayon ay nagkaroon ng twitter hacked incident sa mga sikat o kilalang tao/exchanges ng cryptocurrency.

Ang mga sumusunod na nahack ang twitter ay ang mga:

elon musk

Ito ang nakalagay sa sinabing post:

We have partnered with cryptoforhealth and are giving back 5000 BTC to the community.

plus yung link na nasabing giveaway daw

Mag-ingat tayo mga kababayan lalo na`t uso ngayon ang hack, wag kaagad magpipindot ng link dahil maaaring idirekta tayo sa phishing site. Wag na tayo jan maniwala.

Maaarin ninyo itong tignan para sa iba pang impormasyon:

5  Other / Beginners & Help / The advantage in being part of this forum on: July 06, 2020, 10:33:45 PM
Just want share some story with you guys

Going back last 2018, I have introduced this forum from one of my best friend because he want to make money. But because the forum implemented the merit system, he did not look to this anymore. After few months, we have met and he told me that it was good that I shared some stuffs about online working because he was able to find some investment. At first, I told him to conduct some research because it might be a ponzi scheme since they offered him a 100% ROI for just a week. Yet, he pursue it. Thank God because he was successful in his first investment because he immediately withdraw his funds after several months.

Until one day (this recent days), he talked to me in social media app (facebook messenger). He shared to me his experience in trading cryptocurrency. But I shocked when he said that it was ended to a scam. He thought that giving his fund to pro trader will make him millionaire. He added boastfully, if it was successful his 2K usd will become 20K usd.

Now I realized, how people fastly scammed because they want an instant earning. He became so much greedy because he already made a profit. He entered cryptocurrency without any further knowledge about it. Just because he was successful in his first investment, he thought that everything will go the way he want.

The worst mistake he did was he left this forum without a knowledge in cryptocurrency, that is why he never knows that there are cex such as binance and kucoin which are genuine. BTW, he joined at it was a fraudulent/scam site. In fact, I never heard about it.

In conclusion,

There are many advantages that a user have when he entered in this forum than trying to risk all of his capital in trading or investment specially if we talk about cryptocurrency.

1. You will know the fundamentals about the coin as well as the trusted exchange that you can trade.
2. It will become easy for you to search for a good project when you have an in-depth studies about the use of coin or development of project.
3. You will not be lead in wrong exchange because there are discussions here talk about exchanges.
4. You will be given an idea from different kinds of schemes happening in internet.

After the incident happened to him, I invited him again to look the forum since he is now trading cryptocurrency. I am just afraid for him to lose whatever he has and disappoint in the field of trading. I want to teach him directly about trading but it seems that he has knowledgeable than me. And I don`t want to teach any person who has more boast than eagerness to learn.

So, for newbie here I am saying that you are on the right track. Just room around the forum and you will see some important threads about how to avoid scam and what are the grounds to invest in particular coin. Just DYOR.

6  Economy / Gambling discussion / [DISCUSSION] How to overcome a big loss in gambling? on: May 27, 2020, 01:12:20 PM
Every gambler really knows the risks that we take in playing online casino. Some of us ended in a great stress because of losing a lot of money in gambling. But because we are enjoying the games specially the slots, we always pulled by our desires to play again. I made this thread to give some tip to overcome a big loss in gambling.

Let assume that you lose worth of 3,000 USD in gambling.

1. Manage your emotion

Don't overstress yourself because you have lose a big amount of money. You can't rewind everything, so the best choice is to calm. If you stressed yourself with your great loss, it can lead to depression. And all of us really know what will happen if you can't control it. It's a mental health problem that you should manage.

2. Don't pressure yourself to regain your loss

I know that I am not the only gambler who experience this. After a loss, I am always want to regain it causing for another loss because my mind and emotion become aggressive. If you lose that day, shut it down temporarily because all of us have bad luck days. And I do believe that luck is essential in gambling not only your strategy.

3. Turn your attention in other activities

We need a new refreshing activity that will unwind our feelings. Get up and have some fun activities because you will gradually recover. I don't know if it works with other but everytime I have problems in my computer or I lose money in gambling. I stay away from it in few hours, I play basketball and other stuffs. After that, I conclude and realize some of my mistakes and how can I come in solution.

If you just in front of your computer even you do some stuff, there is always temptation that you need to play more. And if that so, number 2 in the list will happen.

4. Read more strategies in playing that game or assess your past performance

I know that whatever you do, you will not escape the temptation of gambling. It always attract our desires to win again. But before you play again, realize everything why do you defeat before.

Have you been a greedy in placing bets? Did you always feel positive with your cards? Did you underestimate the game? Realize everything and make sure that you must have your new strategy to win the game. But take note, it isn't an assurance that you will win this time.

5. Just enjoy your future games

Who cares if you lose? As long as you release your stress. Don't make the gambling as your job, because if you will push to win, you will become greed. Bet only the amount you afford to lose. Just like trading, if you need your money more than you want. Stay away in gambling. If you deposit bitcoin in online casino, assume that it will burn.

The bottom line of this is that, don't make gambling as your passive income. Remember, gambling can make you a millionaire but it makes you also poor. Just make it for entertainment so that there are no regrets if your bitcoin burned.

I know that the example is really exaggerated, but there are gamblers lose that much. And the only thing that I have seen, they can't really handle their loss. But don't worry, after a rain there is always a sunshine.

I am always open for opinion and discussion.
Goodluck in your bets.

7  Local / Others (Pilipinas) / [Discussion] Bakit nagkakaroon ng plagiarism at paano natin ito maiiwasan? on: May 23, 2020, 05:44:27 AM
    Permission to post this Mr. Big since I think it really needs to discuss so that it would help us and newbies to prevent posting plagiarized material. TIA

    Layunin sa paggawa ng thread:
  • Upang maipaliwanag ang plagiarism at magsilbing gabay para maiwasan ito.
  • Upang matukoy ang mga tipo ng plagiarism at masuri ang mga post na maaaring plagiarised
  • Upang malaman ang kahalagahan ng paglalagay ng link bilang reference at pagbanggit ng pangalan ng may-ari sakaling kinuha ang ideya sa iba

Mainit ngayon ang diskusyon sa Meta tungkol sa plagiarism kung kaya't mainam na siguro na wag na muna tayo makisali at maigi na rin na mabuksan ang isyu na ito sa ating local board upang maiwasan natin (lalo na yung bago pa lamang) na masangkot ang ating account sa ganitong uri ng paglabag.

Ano nga ba ang plagiarism?

Ito yung panggagaya ng ginawa ng iba, pangongopya ng mga materyal, salita o teksto na pag-aari ng iba ng walang anumang pagbibigay ng credential/acknowledgement at pag-aangkin ng pag-aari ng ibang tao (imbensyon, natuklasan at pahayag sa salita o sulat).

Kumbaga sa kasabihan natin, "iba ang nagsaing, ikaw yung kumain".

Mabigat ba na kaso ang plagiarism?

Kung pagbabatayan natin ang batas sa Pilipinas, ito ang kaukulang paliwanag sa kaso:

This, according to Department of Justice, means that plagiarism itself is not a crime but that plagiarism that also amounts to copyright infringement is. Such plagiarism now carries a penalty of 3-6 years imprisonment and a fine of P50,000 - P150,000 ($1,200 - $3,600), if prosecuted under the law.

At ito naman ang maaaring makaharap ng kung sino man ang maaakusahan ng plagiarism:

Republic Act No. 8293 [An Act Prescribing the Intellectual Property Code and Establishing the Intellectual Property Office, Providing for Its Powers and Functions, and for Other Purposes] otherwise known as the Intellectual Property Code of the Philippines. ... The use of intellectual property bears a social function.

In short, hindi biro ang kakaharapin mo kapag ikaw ang ginawa mo ay subject to plagiarism. Subalit hindi naman sakop ng batas ng Pilipinas ang rule dito sa forum kung kaya't dito tayo magbibigay pansin.

In general, I'm all for being lenient. There are users who have been temp banned many times but still haven't been permabanned because their contributions outweigh their misbehavior. I actively disbelieve in the idea of a "rule of law" where hard rules exist and are strictly applied across the board as if we're all robots. Every case should be considered individually in the context of the forum's mission.

Plagiarism is what gets people permabanned, not just copying. Plagiarism is copying with the intent of passing the work off as your own. In essentially all cases, plagiarism deserves a permaban because it usually proves definitively that the person is here for the wrong reasons: to fill up space in order to get paid, not to actually discuss or contribute. If someone was able to convince us that they were plagiarizing just to eg. impress people rather than to fill up space, then a lesser ban of a few months might instead be warranted. But this has never happened AFAICR. (Arguments based on plausible deniability aren't going to work; we don't need to prove that you had the motive we see in your actions.)

If you treat posting as a job, a chore, then you must live in fear, since the forum is not made for you. In this case, you need to blend in as someone who actually cares, but plagiarism will immediately out you, and producing a mountain of useless posts will also eventually be noticed, if more slowly. If you do actually care, then this will be obvious in your posts (and probably your merit score), and you will have nothing to fear from moderators; even allegations of plagiarism will be doubted when seen in the context of your other posts.

Yan ang pahayag ni theymos tungkol sa plagiarism.

Nabanggit din ni hilariousandco na:

Warning: Anyone caught copying other users' posts or plagiarising content from elsewhere on the web will be immediately permabanned. You shouldn't need a warning to know that this isn't acceptable under any circumstances.

Therefore, this forum is really strict regarding to that case. In fact, may nakita din ako na bawal ka din magplagiarised o mangopya ng ginawa mo.
Pano yun nangyayare? Kapag nagpost ka sa trading discussion at kinopya mo ito para maipost muli sa ibang thread.

Ano ba ang mga post na subject to plagiarism?

  • Kapag kinopya mo ng direkta mula sa ibang source sa internet ang iyong post ng walang anumang pagbibigay ng reference/credits sa gumawa.
  • Kahit na may binago ka sa detalye ng post, as long as andun yung thought ng gumawa. It can be also a subject to plagiarism
  • Kapag kinuha mo ang content mula sa ibang forum members ng walang pahintulot o citing ng link/contributor as reference, it can lead to plagiarism

May 2 uri ng plagiarism - ayon kaytbct_mt2
Intensyonal - talagang intensyon ng poster ng kopyahin mula sa source ang text o paragraph. Nagsasalin ka ng parte ng isang post mula sa iba para maidagdag sa iyong post.

Ang intensyonal na plagiarism can be broken down into different types/kinds ng mga plagiarism na laganap dito sa forum.

  • Direct Plagiarism - Ito yung mga members na madalas na kumkopya nalang sa ibang mga miyembro o sa ibang mga sources online hoping na walang makakahalata sa ginawa nila.
  • Fake Paraphrasing - Ito naman yung mga members na gustong utakan yung ibang mga miyembro sa pagkaka-akala nila na pag magpapalit sila ng kaparehas na salita ay hindi sila mahuhuli. Madalas silang gumamit ng mga paraphrasing tool online para magawa yung plagiarism nila pero mahahalata mo din ito pag nakita mo na yung kinopyahan nila.
  • Text Spinning - Similar sa fake paraphrasing ang text spinning naman ay ang pag-kuha ng mga salita at ang pag-bago ng mga posisyon nito para hindi sila mahuli sa kanilang kinopya na post o article.

Now lahat ng ito na sinabi ko ay still counted as plagiarism kasi wala ka namang ibang ginawa kung hindi kumopya ng ginawa ng iba at wala ka naman dinagdag na bago maliban nalang sa mga rewording at pag-babaligtad ng mga sentences which is not considered as adding anything new dahil basically mga salita pa din ito ng ibang tao. Sinulat ko lang din ito para maging aware kayo na hindi lang isang uri ng plagiarism na ginagawa dito sa forum na ito kahit ang mga fake paraphasing at text spinning ay counted pa din as plagiarism ng mga admin kaya wag kayong mag-banta na gawin ito.

Hindi intensyonal - Ito naman ang panggagaya na hindi sinasadya, halimbawa nagcopy paste ka sa ibang website pero hindi ka naglagay ng reference at nagsasalin ka ng detalye sa iyong wika ng walang kaukulang pahintulot o credential sa may-ari.

Paano ba ito maiiwasan?

1. Wag ka manggaya o magsummarize ng post ng iba.
2. Siguraduhin na mayroong reference/acknowledgement sa mismong site o tao kapag kukuha ng idea. It means hindi galing sayo but it serves as your reference to point out what you want to emphasizs.
3. Kung ang kokopyahin ay mismong sinabi ng OP, maglagay ng quotation.
4. Wag na masyado magcomment sa mga thread na marami ng nagpost, like 50 pages and above na. Dahil malamang redundant na ang idea at in case na may tugma sa idea mo. Probably, it can be a subject to plagiarism.

Signs na plagiarised ang isang post:

1. Kapag ang level ng poster ay talaga naman iba sa kanyang pinost. Ex. Nakikita mo na shitty/wrong grammar ang post ng user for his past posts tapos bigla-biglang malaSatoshi Nakamoto na ang sumunod na post.
2. Kapag ang isang post ay may statistics/surveys pero hindi nagbanggit ng anumang reference ang user.
3. Kapag ang user ay nagsalin sa sariling wika ng walang anumang pahintulot o reference sa mismong author. Plagiarised and intentional yan.

Ano ang mangyayari kapag tayo ay nasangkot sa plagiarism?

For me, wala na. Maliban na lamang kung contributor tayo ng forum. If our account will be subjected to plagiarism. Automatically, it will ban. And the worst case is, perma-ban. So, please do not make things that ruin your account. If that happens, I think the best way to do is to apologise. But that is not an assurance to retrieve our account.

Eto yung tinuro sakin ng mentor ko dito, cite link and always give acknowledgement to the author/creator.


Binigyan tayo ng Diyos ng iba-ibang DNA para maging kakaiba, wag tayong gumaya o manguha ng pag-aari ng iba dahil may sarili naman tayong pag-iisip. Okay lang na magsalin tayo o magcite ng mga idea/stats sa Internet o kung saan pa man, but give them an acknowledgement specially to the author. Kahit sino naman ayaw siguro na kuhain na lang basta-basta ang idea ng wala man lang pahintulot di ba?

Mas mabuti na para sa akin na muka akong trying hard sa pagpopost kesa naman magmukhang matalino dahil lamang sa panggagaya.

Para sa gustong magreport ng plagiarized post, pumunta lamang sa thread na ginawa ni LocyeV - Report plagiarism (copy/paste) here. Mods: please give temp or permban as needed


Maaari nyo pa itong tignan for further info about the topic: [TIPS] to avoid plagiarism
May pagsasalin sa Filipino pero nabura ata na.

I am always open for comment and suggestion. [/list]
8  Other / Beginners & Help / [INFORMATION] The Cipher, it's meaning, types and connection in cryptography on: May 20, 2020, 02:05:55 AM
Objectives in making this thread:

  • To define the meaning of cipher and its usage
  • To enumerate different types of cipher used in different era and how they work
  • To value the importance of cipher in technology
  • To assess also my knowledge in cipher and codes, I know only the basics and I always look for opinion and insights


Have you ever seen a sci-fi movie about treasures? It seems like the movie will not end without codes that the characters are breaking. The codes that they cracked give a way for them to a new task or in treasures. Do you want to learn also how to crack a cipher/codes? Then read this thread.

That's really how a cipher works. It is like a code but not exactly that made to hide a file or thing that might be an important to a certain person.

Do you want to learn also how to crack a cipher/codes? Then read this thread.

Meaning of cipher:
In cryptography, a cipher (or cypher) is an algorithm for performing encryption or decryption—a series of well-defined steps that can be followed as a procedure. An alternative, less common term is encipherment. To encipher or encode is to convert information into cipher or code. In common parlance, "cipher" is synonymous with "code", as they are both a set of steps that encrypt a message; however, the concepts are distinct in cryptography, especially classical cryptography.

Meaning to say it is a series of undefined symbols/characters/numbers that cannot be read by human or even computer without proper mechanism to decrypt it.
Example: If I will give you a number like this [98445#50712663] Probably you wouldn't care of it because it is just a set of numbers with a sign number enclosed by parenthesis. But if I will give a conversion.


What do you read now?

(No, I am not good) I'm awesome! Kidding aside, so it gives you an answer of [Nellayarisgood].

The difference of cipher in code

Codes generally substitute different length strings of character in the output, while ciphers generally substitute the same number of characters as are input.

In simple words,
When we talk about codes, length doesn't matter.  
Sample of code [2X2+3x4+5-1] wherein, (2X2 = O, 3X4 = W, 5-1=L). When you decrypt it, it shows the word [OWL].
While cipher give the same number when encrypt a text. Like this, [98445#50712663] it has 14 number and symbol (without the parenthesis). And of course, it read as [NELLAYARISGOOD] which also has 14 characters.

Now you know already the cipher and it's difference from code. Let us talk about its type.

Types of Cipher

    • Scytale Cipher

    It is consists of a rod and parchment. This cipher was used by ancient Greeks (Spartans) in war. It might be a signal or a strategy used in order for the enemies not easily determined their plans.

    How it works?

    Just simple round the parchment in the rod. The diameter and length of the rod must be equal to the length of parchment and the distances of the letters.

    Since I can't use parchment and rod, I improvised my own.

    I used a piece of cloth and candle just to show the encrypted message.

    How do we decrypt the Scytale Cipher?

    Just roll the parchment/piece of cloth in the rod(Candle). And you will decrypt the message. Just like this:

    So, from the encrypted message. We decrypted it by rolling the cloth in the candle. The message is [NELLA-YARIS-GOOD.]

    • Caesar Cipher

    By the name itself, it came from Julius Caesar (known as Dictator of Rome). Since he was a dictator and a conqueror. He made cipher to organize attacks and made it as a secret signal/communication with his warriors. It is also called as caesar shift cipher, most popular and simplest cipher in the world.

    How it works?
    You need two sets of alphabetic letters from A-Z. If you have already, by shifting(any number you want) on other line of alphabetical letters, you are creating the cipher text.


    In this example, I am using 2 shifting. So if you can see, letter A=C, B=D, C=E and so on. The upper letters will be your plaintext and the lower letter will be your ciphertext. In that case, if I am going to encrypt the word [NELLAYAR], the cipher text would be [PGNNCACT]. That is how will you encrypt your data. To decrypt it, reverse the pattern.

    How will you crack a caesar cipher? Just try 26 shifts and probably, there is one that is correct.

    • Polybius Square

    Just like with Caesar, this cipher came from ancient historian and scholar of Greeks named as Polybius. This was invented to make signals for attacking and transmit coded information by which it cannot be determined easily. It is a method of fractioning or dividing the alphabet by using a small set of numbers. Polybius square is also known as polybius checkerboard.

    How it works?

    You only need to have this checkerboard. This is partitioned into 6 rows and 6 columns.
    On the first column and row, you will see the numbers from 1-5 and inside of it is the alphabetical letters.

    In Greek Alphabet:

    In Latin Alphabet:

    As you can see, there are only 24 alphabetical letters in greek. So, it was not a problem with Polybius and to the greeks to encode or decode this cipher. Unlike with latin/english alphabet, it consists of 26 alphabetical letters. So, there is a box that has 2 letters [I/J]. And [C/K] is sometimes read an alternative letters.

    How to encrypt? You just need to locate the coordinates of the letters. You can read first the vertical numbers, next is the horizontal numbers in encrypting the message.

    Example, [NELLAYAR] it will drive to the coordinates of [33 15 31 31 11 54 11 42]

    See, it is really simple. If you want to decrypt that cipher. You only need to have the checkerboard or atleast memorized the location and position of the numbers and letters.

    • Atbash Cipher

    It derived from Hebrew Alphabet [Aleph-Tav-Beth-Shin] meaning the first(aleph), last(Tav), second(Beth), second to the last(Shin). It is a particular type of monoalphabetical cipher formed by taking its alphabet and mapping its reversed. It is also a special case of affine cipher.

    How it works?
    You just need to write down the 26 alphabetical letters in order and reverse it. You only need two columns. Like this:

    So as you can see, A=Z, B=Y and so on. So if I encrypt the word [NELLAYAR], it shows like this [MVOOZBZI].

    Basic? Let's move on to the next.

    • Affine Cipher

    The affine is a type of monoalphabetic substitution cipher, where each letter in an alphabet is mapped to its numeric equivalent, encrypted using a simple mathematical function, and converted back to a letter. The formula used means that each letter encrypts to one other letter, and back again, meaning the cipher is essentially a standard substitution cipher with a rule governing which letter goes to which. As such, it has the weaknesses of all substitution ciphers. Each letter is enciphered with the function (ax + b) mod 26, where b is the magnitude of the shift.

    In this cipher, there is a little bit mathematical equation to be solved in order to encrypt the data and decrypt as well. You need also to have a background in modulo.
    In basic, modulo is the remainder of the divisor and dividend. Example 14÷3=4 and it's remainder is 2. So the modulo is 2. But you can check out this thread if you want to deep dug the modulo.

    How to encrypt? This is hard guys, so pay attention with every step. I also wrote it so that, I can show you that I try every cipher I presented.

    The first row is the alphabetical letters where you can select your plaintext and the second row is the corresponding number of the letters, like A=0.

    In above picture, you will see the plaintext. You can make it in your own. But in this case, I put the word [NELLAYAR]. Below of the plaintext are the numbers that correspond every letter. I got the conversion from the first image.

    How do I get that? Using the formula, [Ex = ( Ax + B ) mod M]. Given an example params:
    A = 5(coprime with 26)
    B = 8(magnitude of shifting)
    M = 26(Alphabet Length)
    E = encryption

    Substitute the given (you can make your own given as long as (A is coprime with M).
    Ex = ( 5x + 8 ) mod 26

    Next step, you need to look at the corresponding number in your plaintext and solve the equation properly. After, solve for the (x).
    Since N=13 then,
    Ex = ( 5(13) + 8 ) mod 26
    Ex = ( 65 + 8 ) mod 26
    Ex = 73 mod 26
    Ex = 21
    How did I got the 21? 73/26=2 remainder(r) 21: 26*2=52, (73-52=21)
    Since modulo takes the remainder. I have also come up to my own mini postulate.
    If M>N = the value of "N" will remain
    If M<N = it will takes the remainder

    Proceed to the next letter and it's corresponding number.
    Since E=4 then,
    Ex = ( 5(4) + 8 ) mod 26
    Ex = ( 20 + 8 ) mod 26
    Ex = 28 mod 26
    Ex = 2
    How did I got the 2? 28/26=1 remainder(r) 2: 26*1=26, (28-26=2)

    Proceed to the next letter until you get the answers by substituting the given in equation and manipulating the formula.

    So here is the complete table:

    You can see how the plaintext turn into numbers using only a governing equation. From NELLAYAR to [21 2 11 11 8 24 8 15].
    Next step is to convert the following numbers into ciphertext [21 2 11 11 8 24 8 15] which drives us to the word [VCLLIYIP].

    How decipher/crack the affine cipher?
    1. We need to know the governing equation. In that case, Ex = ( 5x + 8 ) mod 26.
    2. We should use the multiplicative inverse to inverse the equation. In this case, D(y) = 21 ( y - 8 ) mod 26 is the formula to decipher.

    Hence we have V=21, substitute the given to the formula.
    D(y) = 21 ( 21 - 8 ) mod 26
    D(y) = 21 (13) mod 26
    D(y) =  273 mod 26
    D(y) = 13: 273/26= 10 r. 13

    Proceed again to the next letter, C=2 then:
    D(y) = 21 ( 2 - 8 ) mod 26
    D(y) = 21 (-6) mod 26
    D(y) =  - 126 mod 26
    D(y) = 4: - 126/26= - 4 r. - 22 (since it is negative, we are going to add it on 26) to make it positive: - 22+26=4

    The complete table is below:

    Proceed it until the last letter that you want to decipher. If you will continue to solve it, it will go back to the numbers [13 4 11 11 0 24 0 17]. Which if you convert it again to plaintext, it derives into [NELLAYAR].

    CONFUSED about what is multiplicative inverse and modulo? Look at the reference for further info.

    • Vigenere Cipher

    It was invented by, Blaise de Vigenère. Basically, the title of cipher came from his name. See, how meritocracy worked. Most of the inventors/scholars/prodigies entitled their name with what they invented/discoveries

    It is also known as polyalphabetical cipher. The difference between monoalphabetical and polyalphabetical:
    In monoalphabetical cipher - there is only 1 character that will be result to a same letter. Example, in the word NELLAYAR, there are 2 letter L, and if you encrypt that. It will give you only 1 character like L=M for the first appearance and L=M again for the second appearance.

    While polyalphabetical cipher creates 2 or more various character. So, it is more secure than mono. Since it can't be reversed easily. Unlike with monk, you can easily predict the next appearance if you already cracked the letter.

    How it works?
    1. We have to know the list of conversion table. Similarly with affine cipher but it has a negative notation from - 26 to - 1 (eastward direction). [just always look in this conversion table].

    2. In order to encrypt, we have to make our plaintext and our key.
    Key: Bitcoin

    To get the cipher text(CT), we have to list down the plaintext first for every element in table. And use the conversion in above table. We are going to list the key also as well as its corresponding number in conversion table. We need to fill the word [BITCOIN] until the last part of table. Look below:

    Next, just add the converted numbers of the PT and key.
    So for example N=13 and B=1, add them (13 + 1 = 14). E=4 and I=8, add them both (4 + 8 = 12) and proceed until the end of the table.

    Next step to get the Cipher Text, we need to subtract the results from 26(it came from mod 26, the length of the alphabet or characters from A to Z). So here is the complete equation, CT= (PT + Key) mod 26). Let's say we will look for the CT(cipher text) of "N" and "B".

    CT = (13 + 1) mod 26
    CT = (14) mod 26
    CT = 14

    Next row,

    CT = ( 4 + 8 ) mod 26
    CT = (12) mod 26
    CT = 12

    As I have said before, if M(mod) is greater than N then the answer would remain.

    26>14= 14
    26>12= 12

    And if M(mod) is less than N, you will take the remainder.
    26<30 = 1 r. 4

    That's how modulo works.

    Now we already completed the cipher text. See below:

    We can get its converted letters again using the converted table.

    How to decrypt vigenere cipher?

    1. We need to have first the key and the cipher text. Simply, right down the Cipher Text(converted to numbers) and Key(converted to numbers) in table.
    2. Next, subtract the key in Cipher Text. Use this formula: (CT - K) = PT
    14 - 1 = PT
    13 = PT

    If you get a negative quantity in Cipher Text. Example your CT is -15, just take a look to the negative part on table and look the corresponding letter. So, - 15 is equal to "L".


    There are many types of cipher, but I want only to discuss some of it in order for your to read more about it. I will give you the links which you can read more and be your reference. Remember, learning doesn't always occur in four corners of the classroom. You should also be used the metacognition.


    Having knowledge in ciphers and cryptography is good. You may know how hackers will easily intercept you when your password is too weak. But do not use it in wrong way.

    If we notice, cryptography does not really built in our era. Before, hashes and codes had been made. There are already ciphers which eventually evolved and developed by cryptography. How it is connected in bitcoin? If you will read elliptical curve cryptography, you can see how our private keys convert into public keys. It is more secure than the ciphers that I have been dicussed because it is already using (modulator demodulator). If it we solve mathematically, there is no probability to decrypt it since it is irreversible. If you want to get deeper on that topic, I suggest you to click this thread by webtricks.

    I know that it is already a basic to others but I want some people here to get an interest behind cryptography. So that, we just don't look crypto as profits but we will learn it's technicalities. Just like cracking a code. Basically, it all started from ciphers using to encrypt messages to make a signal for attack or transmitting message anonymously. If you will say that it is not important nowadays, then I would say to you that we are using ciphers and codes in different areas. Just like when you are generating keys, inputting passwords, and so on. We just don't see but we are always deal with ciphers, codes and hashes. Imagine, hash is the reason why we can generate keys from private to public. I want to tackle more about hash but that is another story for another, "52 23 11 44 24 21".

    I hope this help you guys! Btw, I hope I am in the right section to post this thread. I planned to put this in development and technical discussion but it seems like it is off-topic right there.

    Anyway, just remember that knowledge is power and ignorance is vice. I am always open for comments.
    9  Other / Beginners & Help / [Discussion] The Merit System builds our personality on: May 16, 2020, 05:08:39 AM
    Objectives in making this thread:
    • To show that merit system is in holistic approach
    • To enumerate the different aspects that build in every user with the merit system
    • To value the importance of merit system as an indovidual

    Isn't ironic how does the system changes us a lot? Way back 2017, when the system in this forum was implemented. A lot of rally, contrast and other suggestions had been made. Many were gone and many were stopped making an activity in the forum. However, there are still users that continue to fight and accepted the challenge of the new system. As time goes by, many users appear to be more effective in constructing quality post.

    There is really a huge impact when merit came on. The spamming activity and shitposting gradually eliminated. Users became good in posting and helping the community. We engage in different activities and we show our care in everyone, unknowingly that we are also slowly developing our personality.

    These are the personality/behaviour/intelligence that develops in users within the Merit System:

    • Mental Aspect/Knowledge

    Of course, this is the primary aspect that develops to a user. A quality poster improves his way of replying or making thread since merit system requires a substantial (not copy pasted post) in order for to receive merits.
    Various informative topics have been also made in different sections of this forum. So, as a reader, it helps us to collect, see and understand different views on a problem/situation. Our ideas also increases because there are users shared tips and techniques for a certain thing like these:
    [overview] LoyceV's useful data on Bitcointalk - @LoyceV
    Everything you wanted to know about BTC futures but were afraid to ask! - @fillippone

    • Social Awareness/Humanitarianism

    Many forum users become more humanitarian. Some legendaries/merit source give their helping hands to the noobs and user who just starting in bitcointalk. Before, there is no unity in the forum. If there was, only few. But right now, we are all helping others to get their deserve rank, specially those who are working and sharing a lot in this forum.

    We talk a lot, give some helpful tips and strategies. Unlike before, wherein only spam posts and redundant topics will be seen for each thread. Nowadays, you will see that every user gives their effort to answer others problem.

    We give our best just to help others, specially today that pandemic occurs in different parts of the world. users take their part also to help using sigs and charities. These are some proofs about humanitarian act:
    Project Covid-19 : An approach to support the Bitcoin community - @Royse777
    Project Covid-19 Signature Campaign (Please update avatar and personal text) - @littlemouse
    Bitcointalk Ranking-up pipeline- Those close to their next rank (lacking Merits) - @DdmrDdmr

    • Technological Aspect

    Three years ago when I started posting and reading in this forum. I always glanced with others post but it seems like only few threads help me to understand cryptography. In fact, I wandered in different sites and studied in my own way just to go with others thought. But unlike now, there are many, many threads will help you in terms of technology. Just like how to protect you from cyber attacks, how to unable your telegram from inviting and so on.

    In my third year of staying in this forum, I really appreciated the tips that other user gave and shared. Some users are also translating threads in my own language (Filipino) which really help probably new users to know more about cryptocurrency in easiest way.
    Some examples:

    [TELEGRAM BOT] Merit, Trust List, etc. [INFORMATION] - @GreatArkansas

    [GUIDE] How to Create a Strong/Secure Password - @GreatArkansas

    • Responsibility

    Because of the merit system, we are all become more responsible with our post. Though there are some that crossed some rules here, many users are still responsible about their posting. Because of merit system, spamming and shitposting lessen. Paid shillers gradually eradicated. Each users are giving their best shot to detect and search for cheaters and scammers. Well, this is really the main point of having a merit system.

    But look at now, everybody who wants to earn a merit will make a quality post. We become more responsible as we give details, citing references and reducing the redundant replies.

    • Creativity

    In my local board (Pilipinas), there are users who innovated the way of posting. They gave some tips and strategies in order to make a thread creative. Just like using colored headings, citing the summary and viewpoint of the thread, showing a vividly images and making a title which is catchy.
    Thanks for cabalism, great arkansas, maus, finalshot and mk4. Just to mention them because they are helping lower rank in making a creative post.

    Because of merit system, quality posts have been created. We are all helping each other and building our potential capabilities at its max. I believe that those cancers have been died in the forum and quality poster remains unstoppable. If we become a quality poster, we just not help this forum but we help ourselves to bring out the best that we can be.

    Merit system is holistic approach. It does not just build the forum itself, it builds everyone in this forum.

    Long live,
    10  Other / Off-topic / What if you will meet a person in BTT? on: May 15, 2020, 11:41:58 PM
    Hello guys,

    Since users are really anonymous due to the fact that no one uploaded here their private info as well as profile picture. I am just think that, if we are going to meet someone in this forum (person to person) who would it and why?

    Except Mr. Theymos and Satoshi.

    Harmful and bad words are not also accepted. Lastly, only one.

    I want to meet and greet these users
    11  Local / Others (Pilipinas) / [FUN] Crypto and Bitcointalk Pinoy Memes on: May 13, 2020, 12:24:58 AM
    Dahil maraming nasstress at nababagot kung kailan ang bitcoin aangat lalo na ngayon na maraming umaasa dahil sa bitcoin halving. Hayaan nyo muna matanggal ang stress nyo dito. Hehe.

    Inspired din ako sa thread na ito, Bitcointalk Memes kaya gumawa ako ng Pinoy Version.

     "Just for fun, No harm Intended" - libert19

    Layunin ko sa pagkatha ng thread

    • Para maipakita na sa BTT forum (local board) users na masaya at walang stress sa crypto industry
    • Para maipakita ang reyalidad, katotohanan at kailangang gawin para sa pagpapaunlad ng sarili bilang miyembro ng forum at parte ng industriya
    • Para magpamahagi ng merit sa mga user na magpopost ng kanilang crypto or btt memes

    Sana po ay matuwa kayo sa simpleng mga ginawa ko.


    Hugot line:
    Boy: Trader ka ba?
    Girl: Bakit?
    Boy: Kasi hindi naman ako exchange pero gusto mo akong gawing Palitan

    Last joke:
    Boy 1: XRP ka ba?
    Boy 2: bakit?
    Boy 1: Lakas mo kasi magpaputok.

    Hehe.. Pagdi nagets yung joke 2 at mga memes, pasensya na. Haha.. Waley lang ako. Hope you appreciate and I make your laugh.

    Meme Contest
    I will give some merits sa magpopost ng funny crypto memes.
    Just post here some since meron pa akong kaunting tira. I will select those that satisfied my eyes too and give some merit. I will send a maximum of 2 and minimum of 1.

    Goodluck guys!

    Sorry sa napakaraming edit, first time mag-insert ng picture.
    12  Economy / Trading Discussion / [TUTORIAL] AOTS or Alignment of The Stars on: May 09, 2020, 06:18:59 AM
    Due to the upcoming event, the bitcoin halving 2020. A lot of expectation and speculation coming from the market that we hear and see right now. There are some saying that bitcoin will move up and others said, it may be a bull trap. So, whatever does the market goes on, we should always be prepared. I have here trading strategy that may help you to know your buy entry and if bitcoin will goes up or it may have its reversal. I shared it already to my fellow countrymen [Filipino] in my local board. However, I think it might helpful for some so that, we should not always be in FOMO or FUD.

    There are many technical indicators that might help us to get ride in the market just like RSI which can be our scale in getting the volatility of the coin and MACD, which can be also a signal for trend reversal. But I have also one strategy and I want it to share with you guys. So, what it is all about?

    AOTS o Alignment of the Stars

    This is one of my indicator in buying and selling a stock or even a coin. Usually, I am setting my buy entry and vice versa with this strategy. It is really easy to do and use this strategy. But how do we use it?

    Step 1. Search for the Moving Average in Technical Indicators. Set-up 3 Moving Average, you can set them in different colors so that you will not confuse.

    Step 2. When you searched those MA, set them all in 20, 50 and 100 MA's. It's up to you on what color you wanted to set but for me, I have my own pattern. The Red line is 20MA, the blue line is in 50MA and 100MA for the violet line.

    Step 3. The three lines of Moving Average will appear in your screen. Once, there will be an order or arrangement between 20, 50 and 100, we will know that it is already an AOTS or Alignment of the Stars. And here is the tricky part, we should see that the candles are already on the top rather those MA lines. In order for us to verify that there will be an uptrend or downtrend.
    You can see some example below:

    20 Moving Average

    50 Moving Average

    100 Moving Average

    Step 4.When you see that it formed an AOTS in the chart, you can now buy a coin. Buy for the first breakout of the coin like in my example. I bought the ETH when it broke the 9K pesos or 176.4 USD before. I conduct frst a test buy because I thought it was a bull trap or it may a sign for a skyrocket of ethereum. But when it broke the 9500 pesos mark or 186 USD, I poured already all of my money from it. And I took profits during that time.

    It is clearly to the chart that there had been a bullish when AOTS or Alignment of the Stars hit. However, there is also called Inverted AOTS. It happens also when a certain coin or stock is having a fall down. When 100, 50 and 20MA are also aligned. In short, we can determine if there will be a bull run or down trend because of AOTS. But take note, this is just one of the indicator that you may set in order to know if there is a bull or bear. It is not all time that this indicator will help you or it is really an accurate principle. We should also use 3 to 4 indicators for us to have assurance that our execution will become profitable.

    I hope it will help you even in a small amount.

    Post Scriptum

    I captured those images in coins pro since I am trading in coins pro. And lastly, eth/php is the market that I used. Let us all take profit and be ready for bitcoin halving.
    13  Local / Pilipinas / [GUIDE] Introduction sa Chart Patterns on: May 03, 2020, 04:05:40 AM
    Ang mga traders ay hindi lamang umaasa sa mga balita at technical indicators sa pagsusuri sa mga chart. May iba-ibang pattern din na sinusundan para matukoy kung bullish/bearish na ba ang isang stock o coin. Maaari din malaman sa mga simple chart patterns kung magkakaroon na ng reversal o patuloy na aangat/bababa ang isa stock o coin.

    May ilang mga nakita ako sa youtube at Investagrams ng mga chat patterns kung kaya nais ko ibahagi din sainyo.

    Kasi reliable din ito ngunit kailangan pa din ng ibang indicators para malaman o maverify kung magbabago ang takbo ng isang coin/stock.

    Chart Patterns

    Standard Head and Shoulder


    Ang Standard Head and Shoulders ay may apat na parte (component). Ang left shoulder, right shoulder, head at neck. Maaari itong makita sa pagtatapos ng isang bullish stock/coin.

    Kung inyong mapapansin nyo, nagkaroon ng retracement na makikita sa left shoulder pero nagkaroon ng support at nabreak pa nga ang resistance na syang nagsilbing head (yung pinakamataas na price). Pero nagkaroon muli ng retest na syang nagsilbilng neckline at nang sumubok basagin ang resistance ay hindi na kinaya. Kaya tuluyan ng nagbreak out.

    Kung mapapansin nyo guys, magkakaroon na ng reversal ang stock na nasa itaas. Kaya kapag nakakakita na kayo nyan, maaari na kayong maghanda para sa break out or trend reversal.

    Reverse Head and Shoulder

    Katulad ng Standard Head and Shoulders, mayroon din itong 4 na parte. Ang left shoulder, right shoulder, neck at head. Pero ito naman ay ang kabaliktaran ng SHS. Sapagkat makikita naman ito pagpatapos na ang downtrend.

    Dito naman, masyadong aggressive ang support at tuluyong winasak ang resistance (neckline). Makikita nyo na nagkaroon ng pullback ang stock at tuloy-tuloy na umangat. So, kapag naidrawing nyo na ito sa ulo nyo. Simbolo na sya ng isang reversal.

    Cup and Handle


    Kita naman sa pangalan, Cup and Handle. Bale nadrawing ito kapag nagkaroon ng agresibong pagbagsak ng stock/coin tapos kaunting sideways at nagkaroon ng rally kaparehas sa ibinagsak nya. Parang letter "U" ang hugis nya. Makikita sa itaas. Then, pagkatapos ng rally ay nagkaroon muli ng sideways na syang nagsilbing handle.

    Yung kulay green guys para maimagine nyo lang na cup, pero sa chart. Imagine nyo na lang.

    Bale, kapag nakita nyo ang ganitong pattern at nagpatuloy ng bahagya ang trend, magtutuloy-tuloy na ang trend. So kung nakita nyo na pataas ang trend, meaning continue pa sya na aangat.

    Double Bottom

    I could say it is a Fake Bearish. Bakit?

    Ang double bottom pattern ang magsisilbing mong prediksyon para sa isang bullish reversal pattern sa kabila ng pagkakaroon ng downtrend. Ipalagay natin na nagkaroon ng downtrend, si Bottom 1 ang nagsilbing swing low (pinakamababa ng downtrend), umakyat ng bahagya at nagkaroon ng swing low muli na syang magsisilbing Bottom 2. Si bottom 2 ay dapat kapantay ni Bottom 1 dahil kapag nabreak nya ang support jan, continue na ang downtrend. Tapos, mapapansin nyo na nagkaroon ng retest muli pero hindi na umabot kay bottom 2. So, alam nyo na ang kasunod. Pagkatapos ng retest ay maaari na kayong bumili para sa preparasyon ng bullish reversal trend.

    Akala mo pabagsak na ang coin/stock pero nung nakita mo si Double Bottom, hindi ka magpapanic bagkos maaari ka pang bumili.

    Double Top

    Eto yung kabaliktaran ni Double Bottom, fake uptrend ang tingin ko dito naman. Dahil isa syang uptrend pero magsisilbi mo syang prediksyon for a bearish reversal pattern. Binubuo sya ng dalawang tops at neckline na magsisilbing support line. Kapag nagkaroon ng break out sa support line ay magkakaroon ng possible downtrend.

    Bale, mapapansin nyo na pinipilit pang magsustain or iangat ang stock na ito pero sa ikatlong wave, nagkaroon na ng big resistance (candle) at tuluyan ng bumagsak.
    So, akala mo paangat na si BTC pero nung nakita nyo ang image na toh, boom! Preparation na for selling. Tutal pwede ka ng magtake profits malapit sa ikatlong wave ng pagbaba bago pa ito tuluyang bumagsak.

    Ayan guys, ang chat patterns ay tulong lamang pero wag natin iasa jan ang buong trade natin. Kailangan natin magkaroon ng ibang indicators para malaman kung tama ba ang pinapakita ng chart patterns. Maaari din natin ito magamit para sa buy entry and selling exit point natin.

    Have a nice trade guys! You can also read further at Investagrams, the link is in below.

    14  Other / Politics & Society / Pentagon officially releases UFO videos on: May 01, 2020, 05:42:59 AM
    What a great day for those Conspiracy Theorist! The anomaly before gradually turns into a reality.

    But wait, let us disect everything this topic.
    Even before, there are many alien activities that captured and uploaded in youtube. Yet, there is a chance that they are real but we need to see the credibility of the uploaders.  What I mean is that anyone can post an edited video. Specially nowadays, people can easily attach creepy and weird things to make their video real.

    But what if a reliable source shared a video? Imagine, pentagon. We all know that US hid most of anomalies in the world. And all of the secrets in the world remains mystery because US hide it. Like in Area51 and so on. So how come, they share a video with unknown aerial phenomena like this? Will it be a new era for inter galactic invasion? That's why, they released it to the people already? Or they want us to orient already on what is happening in our world.

    Here is the video clip taken and shared by pentagon:

    The video were recorded in 2004 and 2015. It was show the unidentified objects picked by infrared cameras. The pilots tried to look and follow the objects but they missed when these UFOs felt them.

    See how Pres. Trump reacted:

    Now, do you believe that is a alien spacechip? Or it is just a aerial phenomena came from earth? It really needs an in-depth research and I think it will be funded by USA.

    But if you ask me if I believed in alien. Yes, but there is no evidence yet. Imagine, thousand or even millions of earth like and planets in universe. And we exists, so there is a possibility that there are species in other planets or galaxies. What are your views?

    15  Local / Others (Pilipinas) / Listahan ng Mga Dating Sikat na Bounty Manager on: April 29, 2020, 02:12:26 PM
    Ginawa ko itong thread para magbalik tanaw sa mga Bounty at Bounty Manager na sikat dati at ngayon ay wala na.

    Last 2017 and before, ang ICO ay talaga namang sikat kung kaya't ang bounty noon ay talaga namang patok. Marami sa bounty noon ay nagbabayad at promising. Syempre ang mga Bounty Managers naman dati ay talaga namang patok at sikat. Sila yung mga Manager na talaga namang para sakin ay magaling maghandle at humawak ng maraming bounties.

    Bago natin sila makilala, ano nga ba ang Bounty Manager? (para sa mga baguhan sa forum, trivia lang)

    Ang bounty manager ang namamahala sa bounty campaign. Kailangan kasi ang bounty sa pagpromote ng ICO o project. Sila din minsan ang nagpapamahagi ng tokens at kadalasan ang mata at bibig ng developer sa mga bounty hunters.

    Kaya ginawa ko ito para naman makilala ng iba yung mga BM na nagpasuccess ng mga proyekto ngayon na sikat na at nagbigay ng maraming token o opurtunidad sa mga myembro ng forum.
    Ito yung top 10 Bounty Managers na dating sikat pero hindi na ngayon naghahandle ng campaigns:

    10. Sylon-;u=112240
    Isa to sa pinakahinahangaan ko na BM, kasi bukod sa magaling maghandle, marami pa syang project na napasuccess.

    9. Sk_ezaz-;u=914627
    Kala ko dati same lang ito pati nung kay Jamal, magkahiwalay pala. Madami akong nakuha din dito lalo na sa ICO na LaLa World(pero investment, hindi bounty).

    8. Momopi-;u=1132766
    Wala akong gaanong background kay momopi dahil hindi ako nakasali sa kahit anong campaign nya. Pero ito yung halos lahat ng nahawakan successful. I don't know pero nasa amazix ata ito dati.

    7. Sandra Evans-;u=1182014

    Eto, active pa sana last year. Kaso nawala na din pati sa telegram hindi na active. So, I think lumisan na sya sa BTT talaga.

    6. Olcaytu2005-;u=401363

    Kamember ito ni Needmoney sa tokensuite hehe. Magaling din to, kaso tulad kay needmoney may mga scam din na nahawakan

    5. BarbieCasino-;u=927216
    Hindi ako nakasali sa campaign nito pero may mga nakita akong successful na project na hawak nya din.

    4. NeedMoney -;u=86907
    Eto, legend toh sakin kasi daming hinawakan na project. I could say na karamihan talaga sa project nya ay scam pero meron naman talaga nagbayad like zper na good for 3 weeks lang.

    3. AtriZ-;u=135920
    Kaunti lang nakuha ko dito, hehe. Pero magaling sya humawak ng bounty tsaka sa pagkakaalam ko, dati syang member ng gunbot bago sya nagkared trust.

    2. Arteezy-;u=1059021;sa=summary
    Harmony, kauna-unahang IEO na nagsuccess sa Binance. Hindi na rin sya active ngayon sa TG pero online sya nung mga nakaraan sa BTT. Baka bumalik ito soon kapag okay na ang fundraising.

    1. Jamalaezaz-;u=721115
    Jamal, isa ito sa pinakanaging kontrobersyal na BM dati. Isa syang sikat at halos successful ang hinahawakan na project. Kaso bumagsak sya matapos malagyan ng redtrust din.

    Kailan kaya babalik ulit sa paghahandle ng campaigns ang mga toh? Siguro kapag naging maayos na ang sistema ng mga fundraising. Well, may mga bago naman ng BM na magaling like BountyDetective pero hindi pa rin tutumbas sa mga BM ng mga kapanahunan. Hehe. Pansin ko din na karamihan sakanila ay umalis sa pagiging BM kasi nagkaroon ng red trust.

    Masayang tanawin ang mga account at BM na ito na nagbigay ng opurtunidad satin. Nakakamiss lang kasi hindi ko na nakikita pangalan nila sa bounty threads.

    Kanino kayo dati nakafollow na campaigns at sino gusto nyong BM dati?
    16  Local / Pilipinas / [GABAY] BTS - Basic Trading Strategies on: April 26, 2020, 08:22:47 AM
    Since marami na din akong nagawang thread about trading, I will use this thread para hindi ako maspam sa ating local board. And hoping some guys to help by this thread that I made. I edited this already from "Ano ang Moving Average" to "Basic Trading Strategies" para naman mautilize natin ang thread. In addition, I am not that kind of trader na kumita na ng milyon sa trading. Small time trader lang ako. But then, I think it would be helpful for everyone specially for those who are just starting to know about trading.

    So here are some of my threads that you can follow also in regards with trading:

    Alignment of the Stars
    [GUIDE] Introduction sa Chart Patterns

    Quote from: Nellayar
    Hello guys! I am back! Hehe. Naudlot ang aking posting at activity dito dahil nagexam ako. And I want to continue again my journey and life in crypto. So, I want to share guys all about Moving Average kasi marami pa sigurong newbie na darating dito at nandito ngayon. So, kung matagal ka na sa trading kahit wag mo ng iview ang thread na toh.

    Another thing, if ever my topic na mismong ukol sa moving average. Just tell me and I will delete this.

    Ano nga ba ang Moving Average?

    Ang Moving Average(MA) ay ang tool na nagpapakita ng average na presyo ng coin/stock sa isang takdang panahon. Tinatawag din itong Simple Moving Average.
    Halimbawa nito ay ang Moving Average sa loob ng 5 day o MA5, na kung saan ipinapakita nito ang average na presyo sa lumipas na 5 araw.

    Palagay natin na ang presyo ng ETH sa nagdaang 5 araw (From April 1-5) ay:
    100, 105, 110, 105, 100
    =104$ ang average price nya for 5 days. Bale nagsara ang presyo ng ETH from April 1-5 sa average price na 104.
    Sana magets nyo ang meaning ng average. Hehe.

    Meron din naman na MA10, Ito ay katulad ng MA5 subalit ito ay nagpapakita ng presyo sa lumipas na 10 araw

    Remember guys, yung pagsara sa candle ang titignan kasi yan yung closing price po para maindicate ang MA

    Paano nga ba magplot ng Moving Average?

    Ang pagpaplot po ng dots ay madali pero waste of time sya. Kasi may mga platforms/exchanges na may MA na. Try to utilize their Technical Indicators.

    Pero ang kailangan sa pagplot ay ang sumusunod:
    1. PC or CP (Syempre san ka magpaplot) hehe
    2. Chart ng Stock/coin (candlestick)
    3. Platform kung saan ka pwede magplot.

    Ngayon try natin gumamit ng MA3 O Moving Average 3, syempre logically its 3 days. Bale kailangan natin makuha ang presyo muna. Makikita sa ibaba, may mga presyo tayo na 2, 3, 4, 8, 6, 4, 5, 3, 7, 10. Kailangan natin makuha ang average price ng unang tatlong presyo and so on.

    Bale 2+3+4= 9/3(days) =3 average price.

    Then iplot na natin sya.

    next three naman,
    3 + 4 + 8= 15/3(days) = 5average price

    And complete it hanggang mabuo nyo ang MA3. Pero I highly advice to use the technical indicators para accurate and less hassle.

    Ano naman ang Exponential Moving Average?

    Actually guys, parehas lang sila ng gamit ng SMA or MA ang pagkakaiba lang nyan ay kung paano magcompute ng average. Kumbaga, mas teknikal ito.
    The characteristics of Exponential Moving Average is madali syang magreak sa presyo compared to SMA kung saan kaya maganda sya para maging trend tool.

    Eto guys ang Formula sa pagkuha kay EMA. haha

    EMA = Ptod x K + EMAyest x (1-K)

    Kung saan,

    N= bilang ng araw na napili mo
    Ptod= presyo ngayon
    EMAyest = Exponential moving average kahapon

    Mahirap makuha si EMA kaya try to use technical indicators na lang pero if you want to prove that its reliable then you can make your own format using that guide formula.

    Hope that it helps specially for newbies in trading and in this industry.
    17  Local / Pilipinas / AOTS o Allignment of the Stars (Trading Guide) on: June 17, 2019, 08:13:07 AM
    Magandang Araw mga Kabayan!
    Dahil sa pagtaas ng BTC at pagbullish ng market, marami sa atin ang nag-aalinlangan kung papaano tayo papasok at lalabas sa market. Marami tayong indicators na ginagamit, kabilang na nga dito ang RSI at MACD. Mayroon akong gustong ibahagi sa inyo na ginagawa ko para matukoy ang pag-angat ng isang coin. Bale, tumatama din sya sa stocks at ganun din sa cryptocurrency. Ano ba ito?

    AOTS o Alignment of the Stars
    Isa lang naman ito sa mga indicator ko para matukoy kung pataas na ba ang coin o pababa na. Magagamit ito kung makikita natinPaano ba ito gamitin?

    Step 1. Hanapin ang Moving Average sa mga Technical Indicators. Magset ng tatlong MA (Moving Average)

    Step 2. Kapag nahanap na ang MA, mag-set ng 20, 50 at 100 MA`s. Kayo na bahala sa kulay ng line. Pero para di mahilo may sinusunod akong pattern. Yung Red line ay 20, Blue line ay 50 at Violet line naman para sa 100.

    Step 3. Mag-aappear sa screen ang tatlong lines ng Moving Average. Once nagkaroon ng pagkakasunod-sunod ang 20, 50 at 100 ay malalaman na natin na ito ay AOTS. Nguni tang isa pang kailangan dito ay dapat mas mataas ang mga candles kumpara sa MA`s. Ito po ang halimbawa sa ibaba.

    20 Moving Average

    50 Moving Average

    100 Moving Average

    Step 4.Kapag nakita mo na nagform ang AOTS sa chart ay bumili ka sa unang breakout ng coin tulad ng example ko, bumili ako ng ETH nung nabasag ang 9K pesos. Nagtest buy ako, kasi inisip ko kung bull trap ba o magskyrocket na si ethereum. Ayun nga binasag yung 9500, kaya naisip ko ng ibuhos yung pera ko. Sa ngayon, hold muna ako kasi di ko pa nakikita na babagsak ang ethereum.

    Malinaw po sa chart na nagkaroon ng bullish noong tumama ang AOTS o Alignment of the Stars. Gayunpaman, mayroon din naman Inverted AOTS. Nangyayari din ito kapag ang isang coin o stocks naman ay pabagsak. Kapag ang 100, 50 at 20 MA`s ay nagallign din. Samakatuwid, malalaman natin kung ang isang coin o stocks ay babagsak kapag nagkaroon o magkakaroon ng AOTS o alignment of the stars. Subalit payo ko, wag lang ito ang gawin nating guide plan para bumili o magbenta ng coin dahil may pagkakataon din na hindi nasusunod ang principle na ito. Kaya mas maganda kung 3 o 4 na TA`s ang alam natin. So, wag lang tayo bumili kapag nakikita na natin na mag-aallign na ang mga MA`s. Uulitin ko, isa lang ito sa maaaring maging guide natin para matukoy kung bullish o bearish ang coin.

    Sana po ay nakatulong ito sainyo.

    Post Scriptum

    Sa coins pro ko po kinuha ang image na yan since nagtatrade din ako sa coins pro. At huli, ethereum/php po market na ginamit ko din. Sabay-sabay tayo ngayon mag take profits guys!
    18  Economy / Economics / Taxation on: April 08, 2018, 08:32:05 AM
    Since a lot of topics here in forum that discuss about regulations and taxes that will implement by the government in cryptocurrency, I made a thread that discuss about taxation. I know most of the people here in BTT are aware and have a depth understanding about how the taxes work in our economy but I want to share some of thoughts and researched about tax to other people.

    Let us first define taxation.
    Taxation- is the act of laying a tax. The process or means by which the sovereign through its law-making body, raises income to defray the necessary expenses of the government. It is merely a way of apportioning the cost of government among those who in some measure are priviledged to enjoy its benefits and therefore, must bear its burdens.
    As a power, taxation refers to the inherent power of the state to demand enforced contributions for public purpose and purposes.

    What is the purpose and scope of taxation?
    1. The primary purpose of taxation on the part of government is to provide funds or poverty with which to promote the general welfare and protection of its citizen. Aside from raising revenues for governmental needs, taxation may also be exercised to attain various and economic (non revenue) objectives.
    2. In its broadest and most general sense, taxation includes every imposition of charge or burden by the sovereign upon persons, property, property rights for the use and support of the government and to enable it to discharge its appropriate functions.

    Meaning of taxes
    Taxes are the enforced proportional and pecuniary contributions from persons and property levied by the law-making body of the state having jurisdiction over the subject of the burden for the support of the government and public needs.

    Essential characteristics of tax.
    1. It is an enforced contribution.- A tax is not a voluntary payment or donation and its imposition is in no way dependent upon the will or assent, open or implied, of the person taxed.
    2. It is proportionate in character.- A tax is laid by some rule of apportionment according to which persons share the public burden. It is ordinarily based on ability to pay.
    3. [i ]It is generally payable in money. [/i]- Unless qualified by law (e.g. backpay certificate under Sec. 2, R.A. NO. 304 as amended.), the term "taxes" or "tax" is usually understood to be a pecuniary burden - an exaction to be discharged alone in the form of money which must be in legal tender.
    4. It is levied on persons or property. - A tax may also be imposed on acts, transactions, rights or priviledges. In each case, however, it is only a person who pays the tax. The property is resorted to for the purpose of ascertaining the amount of tax that must be paid and of enforcing payment.
    5. It is levied by the state which has the jurisdiction over the person or property. - The object to be taxed must be subject to the jurisdiction of the taxing state. This is necessary in order that the tax can be enforced. Although a state cam tax all persons subject to its jurisdiction for all their property left by them within its jurisdiction, yet its taxing power necessarily stops at the state boundary lines. It cannor reach over into another jurisdiction to seize upon person or property for purposes of taxation.
    6. It is levied by the law-making body of the state. - The power to tax is a legislative power which under the Constitution only. Congress can exercise through the enactment of statutes.
    7. It is levied for purpose and purposes. - Taxation involves, and a tax constitutes, a charge or burden imposed to provide income for public purposes - the support of the government, the administration of the law, or the payment of public expenses. For this reason, revenues derived from taxes cannot be used for purely private purposes or for the exclusive benefit of private persons.

    The "public purpose or purposes" of the imposition is implied in the levy of tax.

    It is also an important characteristic of most taxes that they are commonly required to be paid at regular periods or intervals every year.

    Before we move to the next one, the previous definition and terms of taxes is a mandatory financial charge imposed upon a tax payer (individual or organization).
    Tax has 7 essential characteristics but I think the number 3 can amend because as of now or in a near future, cryptocurrency can be used to pay our taxes.
    As we go on to our discussion, I want you to answer this question; what will be the suitable types of taxes that best describe to the crypto tax?

    Types of Taxes
    1. Income Tax
    2. Bank Tax
    3. Payroll Taxes
    4. Property Tax and Land Value Tax
    5. Inheritance Tax
    6. Expatriation Tax
    7. Transfer Tax
    8. Value Added Tax
    9. Poll Tax
    10. Consumption Tax

    The Three Tax Systems

    1. Proportional Tax - imposes the same percentage of taxation on everyone, regardless of income. If the percentage tax rate is constant, the average tax rate is constant, regardless of income. This means that if a person's income goes up, the percentage of total income paid in taxes doesn't change.
    2. Progressive Tax - imposes a higher percentage rate of taxation on those with higher incomes. Progressive taxes use a marginal tax rate that increases as the amount of taxable income increases. Therefore, the percentage of income paid in taxes increases as income goes up.
    3. Regressive Tax - which imposes a higher percentage rate of taxation on low incomes than on high incomes. For example, if the state sales tax were 5%, the person with the lower income would pay a greater percentage of their total income in sales tax.

    Forms of Escape From Taxation
    1. Shifting - is the transfer or passing on the burder of a tax by the original payer or the one on whom the tax was assessed or imposed to another one.
    2. Capitalization - the reduction in the price of the taxed object equal to capitalized value of the future taxes which the purchaser expect to be called upon to pay.
    3. Transformation - the manufacturer or producer upon whom the tax has been imposed, fearing the loss of his market if he should added the tax to the price, pays the tax and endeavors to recoup himself by improving his process of production thereby turning out his units at a lower cost.
    4. Tax Avoidance - Exploitation by the taxpayer of legally permissible alternative tax rates or methods of assessing taxable property or income, in order to avoid or reduce tax liability.
    5. Tax Exemption - grant of immunity for particular persons or corporations of a particular class from a tax which persons and corporations generally within the same state or taxing district are obliged to pay.
    6. Tax Evasion - use of taxpayer of illegal or fraudulent means to defeat or lessen the payment of tax.

    Cryptocurrency is decentralized, government does not hold the crypto enthusiast, people, and investors. But it has a value and it can be used a form of illegal activities and it can be a way to escape our taxes and liability. It is good to impose taxes in cryptocurrency, it is good that cryptocurrency will regulate but not too much.
    Imposing of tax and regulation contradicted the decentralization of cryptocurrency. I know some of us are unhappy with this but we need to understand the fact that tax is for future economic growth and development of oyr country.


    Book: The Fundamentals of Taxation by Hector S. De Leon and Hector M. De Leon, JR

    19  Other / Meta / The positive and negative effects of the new system on: April 01, 2018, 12:50:56 PM
    A while ago, the new requirements to rank in the forum was imposed by our Administrator, Mr. Theymos.
    There are some criticisms, opinions and complaints that fly away in Meta. More over, a lot of users have been discouraged by the new rules.
    I made this thread because I want to know your opinion about the future of bitcointalk forum for newbies and old users.
    There are two ways that will happen in the forum. Probably, positive and negative effects but I want to make a deep thinking about the future of the members to the forum regulation.
    Let us first discuss what will be the result of the new rules in a negative way. Essentially, more bounty hunters around this forum will search for other forums to get a new community for bounties, newbies will loose their eagerness to join at crypto world and many users here will stop and discourage. Newbies will burden by the new system. New comers don't have a knowledge in the first place, they can't earn merits because they are beginners. Unless, they are educated enough to come up with the trend. A lot of dreams will go. In fact, some of us here are hoping to earn in order to fill up the needs. Reality, all of us here are in this forum not because we want to learn about cryptocurrency but we want all to earn tokens. Maybe, there are some but majority here came to BTT to get tokens. On the other side, what happens if the positive side maneuver the forum? Of course, there is a consensus in bitcointalk forum. No spam, fair for all and lots of informative discussion will be made. Aside from that, those who will remain in the forum knows a lot and threads here will be filtered more. I am also think that if we will accept the forum rules inside in our heart, we can learn a lot, we can be more than before and we will change the way we are right now.
    Forum rules is created for the goodness of the members as well as the reputation of the forum itself. We are members in the BTT and as a member, we need to obey the regulation. Mr. Theymos will not do this if he can't see the bad effects of spamming in BTT. We are part of the community and we need to follow the rules in order for us not to excommunicate. What our purpose in this forum? Please bear it in your mind because if you have plans, you are always guided to achieve it.
    we must always look forward to our goals even there is a difficulty that traps our way. Our journey in cryptocurrency are just beginning, there are lots of problem that we will face soon!
    Be thankful because Mr. Theymos is concerned to the events in forum. We must appreciate whatever happens to us. Maybe, there is a reason behind this rules. And one of this is to make us more competent and knowledgeable in cryptocurrency.
    So, what are your thoughts about the new requirements?

    20  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / No Legal Basis to Ban or Limit Bitcoin Mining: EU Official on: March 13, 2018, 02:01:57 AM
    The European Commission has confirmed that it is paying attention to concerns about rising electricity consumption for cryptocurrency mining in the European Union, according to European Commissioner Mariya Gabriel, who oversees digital economy and society.

    According to a notice on the European Parliament website, Gabriel addressed the issue in response to a question posed to the parliament.
    In the past few days, I've read an article about the banning of bitcoin mining in EU. But as of now, the European Commission already discussed that there is no legal basis in banning or limiting of bitcoin mining in the Europe.
    I guess it is good to have also a limit in mining because it may cause a bad effect in our natural resources. But it is better if the EU will use an alternative way of using current  such as solar or wind energy to provide a limitless mining and lessen the possibility of loss in the geothermal energy.

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