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1  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Announcements (Altcoins) / Increase your capital with Business Club Token BCT and Active Wallet on: February 04, 2020, 08:00:04 AM
What is Business Club?
Business Club is a crypto-ecosystem consisting of an innovative digital wallet, a proprietary, original token, a decentralized, unique block chain network, a social media platform, secure file hosting, cloud services and more, founded in 2018.

When did Business Club start?
The Business Club Dashboard was launched on January 5, 2020 f.
It is a really brand new Opportunity for everyone.

Who is behind the Business Club?
The Business Club is owned by Blockchain Business Solutions and is registered in the Republic of Malta under number C-92788. The company employs 40 people in two offices in Valletta (Malta) and Zurich (Switzerland).

Business Club & Active Wallet Introduction Video ->

What are the Products& Services of Business Club?
- Business Club Active Wallets
- Business Club Token
-  Business Club Blockchain (with Explorer)
-  Crypto-currencies Payment cards
-  File hosting cloud services
- Social media Platform
-  Business Club Live Transmission
-  Business Club Easy Mall

Which Cryptocurrency supports the Business Club Wallet?
How can I purchase BCT or in which Currency can I payout my daily Profits?
Bitcoin – Ethereum - Bitcoin Cash – Ripple – Monero – DASH – Litecoin – Tether (USDT)

What are the Conditions of Business Club?
Starting from 100$ to earn daily Bonus
0.3-0.4% per day, average 10% per month.
The rewards are distributed daily.
Your Deposit (Coins) 85% can be withdrawn at any time without any Penalty Fee.
The remaining 15% will be released after 45 days. Also without any fee.
No Instant Exchange Fee’s
Really long termed Compensation Plan for Referrals – Company doesn’t pay commission forever, only one time commission depending on Deposit Value of referral
Intelligent Ranking System to keep whole Ecosystem Live
BCT Crypto Cards are available!

What makes Business Club Unique?
BCT is a Switzerland Company – everybody knows the Reputation of Switzerland in Finance!
BCT has his own Blockchain with Explorer
BCT is not a Trading Bot or Trading Company
BCT is not a Post Box Company – owns real Offices and Employees -> Business Club office walkaround
BCT has limited supply – 720 Million Coins would be generated. First come, first served!

How can access Business Club?
Android App :
Web :
iOS users will soon be able to download BTC from the App Store.

FAQ Page :

Block Explorer :
2  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Service Announcements (Altcoins) / Claim Free 60 CYTC Tokens in the first month after registering in the App on: January 12, 2020, 06:12:57 AM
Earn Mining Reward 20% to 30% from CYTT Mining Packages

Minimum Entry for CYTC Tokens "mining": 100 USDT (20% per month)

Earnings of CYTC (Stable Coin $0.07) can be exchanged to CYTT, which can be used for...

- Cash out CYTT to USDT already available in IXX Exchange (Singapore Registered Crypto Exchange)


Use CYTT to Book Travel Services:

*Hotels Bookings (Coming Soon)
*Flights Bookings (Coming Soon)
*Travel Packages (AVAILABLE)

- HODL CYTT for Coin Appreciation before Cashing out to USDT

CYTT Introduction:

CYTT White Paper English:

White Paper Chinese:

Video presentation:

First Travel Blockchain back by Southeast Asia largest travel distributors Company - AceVentures (OMT) Travels Consultancy operations for more than 20 years :

Organizations In : Singapore, Australia, Cambodia, China, Indonesia, Japan, South Korea, Laos, Malaysia, Myanmar, New Zealand, Philippines, Taiwan, Thailand, UAE, Vietnam.

Languages available: English, Chinese, Thai, French, Korean, Japanese, Bahasa Indonesia and Vietnamese.

Sign up and register your account here for Free: and Get Free 60 CYTC on the first month (Mobile application)

App available for Android and iOS (on the ReferralCode field you need to put the ID of your referrer or just input "token1" if you don't have one)

Register page will be in Chinese by default, on the top right corner you can switch the language.

Every 5 referrals you receive 60 CYTC more! Great referral compensation plan for investors as well!

NOTE: KYC needed to start earning free coins or dividends
3  Economy / Investor-based games / Torquebot - Torque Trading Systems on: November 26, 2019, 03:22:12 AM

Torquebot is fully automated AI Investment.

It is an alternative to safer and efficient self-managed concurrency portfolios.

Using their proprietary trading systems and techniques, Torquebot’s strategy revolves around arbitrage and scalping. With advanced technology development Torque Trading Systems are driven largely by algorithms, connected to more than 50 exchanges globally, executing risk-free profitable trades accurately.

More on this video:


Torquebot is executing risk-free profitable trades every time!

0.15% to 0.45% of daily trading profits + Referral Rewards

Torque Trading Systems give possibility of a convenient inter-exchange crypto trade with lowest commission. You do not have to hire programmers to write bots for automatic trading, or constantly look out 24/7 for trading opportunities. Torquebot will be the one to handle the trades in an automated mode, as exchanges differ in design and functionality, which sometimes makes it difficult to create quick orders.


Data scientists and researchers are constantly reviewing and identifying market inefficiencies and new strategies that can help improve Torquebot’s trading performance.

Torque Trading Systems is currently operating in 5 countries across Asia, driven by a team of traders with each of them having more than 10 years of trading experience in traditional markets and instruments, have discovered huge opportunities in the new-born world of cryptocurrencies. Torque Trading Systems is now 60 men strong with the largest team of coders based in Vietnam.


Providing best they can, you can leverage on Torque Trading Systems as your investment tool to grow your wealth. With Torquebot trading strategies, you can have a peace of mind for the cryptocurrencies deposited with them.


Torque Trading Systems only use technologies and strategies that are optimized for risk free trades.

Torquebot proprietary trading systems and techniques revolves around arbitrage and scalping, which is the safest kind of trading methodology available. They only execute risk-free profitable trades accurately, every time.


Reap daily rewards. Torqbots are constantly on a look out for opportunities to trade!

Operating 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, Torque Trading Systems are constantly scanning for opportunities to trade. Once the torquebot identifies an accurate and risk free trade, it will automatically fire an immediate trade to close the profit!


Torque Trading Systems save you the hassle of setting up well-funded accounts on many crypto exchanges.

Torquebot is now connected to 50 crypto exchanges globally, and they are adding more exchanges along the way. With low-commission low-fees accounts in these exchanges, sufficiently-funded trading wallets, and low-latency server environment executing the trades, they ensure that they keep the risk to the lowest and efficiency to highest.


Daily performance dashboard for their members to check the status of the website, any time.

You will have your very own Torquebot account to check your daily trading performance. Profits and rewards are updated as soon as the trades are triggered! If you use torque’s LINE/Telegram bot service, their bot provides you with the daily reports. Cash out on your daily rewards to either of the four major cryptocurrencies, BTC, ETH, LTC, USDT.



Torque Trading Systems relies on a competent and reliable network of servers. They have heavily invested on providing a robust infrastructure to handle their massive amount of trade volume with low latency per second.


Torque Trading Systems have spent considerable time and resources to ensure that your information are encrypted and secured on their private network. With their trading strategies, you can have a peace of mind for the cryptocurrencies deposited with Torque.


 Torque Trading Systems link up with low commission low fees accounts, sufficiently-funded trading wallets, and low-latency environment executing the trades, they are able to perform their their proprietary strategies effectively. Torquebot is now connected to 50 crypto exchanges globally, and they are adding more exchanges along the way.


Using their proprietary trading systems and techniques, Torquebot’s strategies revolve around arbitrage and scalping. With advanced technology development, Torque Trading Systems are driven largely by algorithms, connected to more than 50 exchanges globally, executing risk-free profitable trades accurately.


Arbitrage is common strategy used in trading. In the Cryptocurrency market, there are many inefficiencies due to poor or lack of regulatory framework, market supply and demand, lack of support from banking systems and barrier of entry for new exchanges.

There are lot of price differences happening across exchanges and coin pairings. Torquebot aims to build a network of resources by utilizing the crowd to benefit from these arbitrage opportunities.


Another largely used intraday strategy in trading, Scalping typically makes lesser profits per trade but by executing a a vast number of small trades, it will still add up to a substantial profit. This strategy is largely based on technical analysis, but more importantly, a robust algorithm that can consistently and swiftly execute accurate trades within a short time-frame to profit from the small price changes.

With usage of low latency and high frequency connection setup, we are able to execute up to 10 trades per millisecond.



Clients register with Torque Trading Systems by creating an account to start trading.


Clients fund Torquebot account in BTC, ETH, LTC or USDT.


Trading and management teams will allocate and manage the overall portfolio, ensuring that traders and trading bots meet the various KPIs set out and risk management standards.


Collectively Torque Trading Systems will use their low latency, high frequency strategies to execute the low to no risk trades.


Profits will be automatically calculated and distributed in TORQ tokens to all Torquebot clients’ accounts daily. TORQ tokens can be converted to BTC, ETH, LTC or USDT any time within the portal! Simply go to “Withdraw” and convert to your preferred major cryptocurrency!


To convert to fiat, transfer your accumulated returns in your preferred cryptocurrency to any of the available wallets in the market such as coinbase, electrum etc. and sell them via exchanges.


Daily profit: 0.15% to 0.45% of trading profits + referral rewards

Minimum: 1 ETH, 0.02 BTC, 5 LTC or 250 USDT

Maximum: 1000 ETH per user

Term of validity: Forever (as long as min account is met)

Withdrawal period: For withdrawals of trading profits, you may do so any day, any time. For withdrawal of trading capital, they will require 3 days to process your withdrawal request.

All accounts of Torquebot will cease trading should the account balance fall below 1 ETH, 0.02 BTC, 5 LTC or 250 USDT.

4  Economy / Investor-based games / Earn Bitcoin Daily Watching Videos on: November 13, 2019, 10:10:06 AM
Get Paid To Watch Youtube Videos in BTC. Can start for free or with small amounts.

MyBitcoinTube is a program where you can Get Paid to Watch Youtube Videos, and you can make up to $210 Per Video you watch only for 20 seconds.

It provides Up to 150% ROI for premium members, so you can Turn your every $1.00 into $1.50 ASAP, or you can turn your every $1.00 into $1.35 if you're a standard member that is Up to 135% ROI.

In MyBitcoinTube all you have to do is watch 10 paid videos for 20 seconds each daily, you can't watch more than 10 paid videos daily.

Create a Free Account with MyBitcoinTube and watch bonus videos daily to earn Bitcoin.

You can't watch more than 10 paid videos daily.

Also you will receive credits to advertise your own videos.

Check this video for more info:
5  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Altcoin Discussion / Altcoin Magazine: New Trending In Crypto - Marketing On Smart Contracts on: September 06, 2019, 10:12:06 AM
The MLM Industry is discovering a new way to build Multilevel Marketing Structures based on the Blockchain.

The main PLUS of these platforms is that they are MACHINE CONTROLLED, no human factor involved, no admins, no bankers, etc. The structure is built on a Smart Contract on the Blockchain and it CAN’T be deleted or modified.

The payments are always between the users, P2P, the contracts just function like a “corridor” for the transactions.

Read more:
6  Economy / Gambling / Altcoin Magazine: New Trend In Crypto - Marketing & Earning On Smart Contracts on: September 06, 2019, 09:13:37 AM
The MLM Industry is discovering a new way to build Multilevel Marketing Structures based on the Blockchain.

The main PLUS of these platforms is that they are MACHINE CONTROLLED, no human factor involved, no admins, no bankers, etc. The structure is built on a Smart Contract on the Blockchain and it CAN’T be deleted or modified.

The payments are always between the users, P2P, the contracts just function like a “corridor” for the transactions.

So, the people who join these projects or platforms can be 100% sure that nobody will take their money and run away. The payments go straight to their wallets. The balance on every Smart Contract is ALWAYS ZERO. No need to “request” payments or dividends. The website is just a Panel to visualize the structure. Scam, by default, it’s not possible.

Read more:
7  Local / Criptomoedas Alternativas / [ICO LIVE] Nova moeda DAGtechbased - TravelFlex coin on: December 26, 2017, 11:52:21 AM
Travelflex é uma nova criptomoeda que visa resolver os problemas de escalabilidade que outras moedas como Bitcoin ou Ethereum estão enfrentando no momento. Ao usar um novo algoritmo baseado em DAG, Travelflex não é apenas um simples clone ou um token. A velocidade do bloco, por exemplo, é de 1 bloco por segundo, em comparação com 1 bloco a cada 10 minutos do Bitcoin.

É uma verdadeira moeda de Proof of Work (POW) que pode ser minada e executada em sua própria rede ao contrário de 90% de todas as outras moedas. Mas não se confunda com o nome Travelflex, pois as moedas podem ser usadas para quase qualquer coisa relacionada a pagamento, e não apenas para viajar.

A ICO Moeda Travelflex começou em 14 de dezembro de 2017 e será realizada até 12 de janeiro de 2018 ou até quando todas as moedas forem vendidas.

Link Youtube:

Principais características do Travelflex:
•    Transações super rápidas em todo o mundo e um tamanho apropriado de bloco .
•    Cartão físico Travelflex (utilizável como cartão de crédito / caixa eletrônico).
•    Nodos móveis para manter a rede rápida e descentralizada.
•    Chat direto, 100% seguro e descentralizado de carteira para carteira (peer to peer).
•    Capaz de se conectar às suas mídias sociais favoritas e adicionar seus amigos à sua lista de amigos.
•    Near Field Communication (NFC), para ver quem usa o Travelflex ao seu redor.
•    Moeda de Proof of Word (POW) de mineração descentralizada resistente à ASIC. GPU de mineração.
•    Serviço de custódia através da rede.
•    Retorno ás instituições de caridade através da mineração.
•    Suporte 24/7 através de bate-papo ao vivo.
•    Travelflexcheques modernos para impressão.

Mais informação:

Ou junte-se à nós no Telegram:
8  Local / Altcoins (Deutsch) / [ANN] [ICO] Der neue DAG-tech-basierte Coin - TravelFlex on: December 25, 2017, 12:06:37 PM
Travelflex ist eine neue Kryptowährung, die darauf abzielt das Skalierbarkeitsproblem zu lösen, welches viele anderen Coins wie Bitcoin oder Ethereum im Moment haben. Durch die Verwendung eines komplett neuen DAG-basierten Algorithmus ist Travelflex kein simpler Klon oder ein Token. Der “Blockspeed” beträgt 1 Block pro Sekunde im Vergleich zu 1 Block pro 10 Min. für Bitcoin.

Es wird eine echte Proof-of-Work (POW) Coin, die „gemined“ werden kann und die auf ihrem eigenen Netzwerk läuft im Gegensatz zu 90% aller anderen Coins. Lassen Sie sich vom Namen Travelflex nicht beirren, denn die Coins können für viel Arten von Sachen als Zahlungsmethode verwendet werden, nicht nur für das Reisen.

Der Travelflex Coin ICO startet am 14. December 2017 und wird bis zum 12. January 2018 gehen oder bis alle Coins verkauft sind.

Youtube link:

Hauptmerkmale von Travelflex:

• Super-schnelle weltweite Transaktionen und eine angemessene “Blockgröße”.

• Eine physische Travelflexkarte (nutzbar als Kredit-/ oder EC- Karte).

• Mobile Knotenpunkte, um das Netzwerk schnell und dezentralisiert zu behalten.

• Direkte, 100% sichere und dezentralisierte Chats von Wallet zu wallet (peer to peer).

• Möglichkeit sich zu ihrer Lieblings-Social-Media zu verbinden und Ihre Freunde zu Ihrer Freundesliste hinzuzufügen.

• Near Field Communication (NFC), um zu sehen wer Travelflex um Sie herum benutzt.

• ASIC-resistente dezentralierte der Proof-of-Work (POW) Coin durch GPU-Mining.

• Treuhandservice über das Netzwerk.

• Wohltätigkeitsarbeit mit Spenden durch das „Minen“.

• 24h Kundensupport durch einen Livechat.

• Moderne druckbare Travelflex Schecks.

Mehr Informationen unter:

Oder folgen Sie uns auf Telegram:
9  Local / العملات البديلة (Altcoins) / [ANN] [ICO] (DAG) تقوم شركة التقنية الجديدة على عملة تراف on: December 25, 2017, 10:33:16 AM
ترافيل فليكس: هو تشفير جديد يهدف إلى حل المشكلت القابلة للتوسع مع للعملت الخرى مثل
العملت المعدنية أو اليثيريوم ،التي تواجهها في الوقت الراهن. وذلك باستخدام الشركة الجديدة
القائمة على DAG
خوارزمية السفر ترافيل فليكس وهي ليست مجرد استنساخ بسيط أو عملة رقمية .
علي سبيل المثال : سرعة الكتلة هي كتلة واحدة في الثانية ، مقارنة بكتلة واحدة لكل 10 دقائق ،
بالنسبة للبيتكوين
POW ستكون العملة المعدنية دليل عمل حقيقي
والتي بدورها يمكن استخلصها وتشغيلها على شبكتها الخاصة على خلف 90 بالمائة من العملت
سيبدأ بيعه في 14 من ديسمبر _كانون الول 2017
ويستمر حتى 12 من كانون الثاني 2018 حتى يتم بيع كامل العملت .
رابطنا عبر اليتيوب يتضمن: رابط اليوتيوب

المميزات الرئيسية لشركة ترافيل فليكس:
معاملت فائقة السرعة حول العالم مع حجم كتلة مناسب
_بطاقة ترافيل فليكس العادية والتي يمكن أن تستخدم ك بطاقة إئتمان وعبر الص ا راف اللي
_العقد المتنقلة للحفاظ على شبكة سريعة لمركزية
_وجود دردشة مباشرة ومؤمنة بنسبة 100 بالمائة من محفظة لمحفظة ومن نظير لخر
_القدرة على التواصل بالوسائل الجتماعية المفضلة لديك وإضافة الصدقاء في القائمة
NFC _ التصال الميداني القريب
وذلك لمعرفة من يستخدم بتافيل فليكس حولك
الحقيقية المقاومة الغير مركزية لتعدين برهان العمل ASIC _ عملة
تعدين GPU
_خدمة الضمان عبر شبكة العمل
_العودة للمؤسسات الخيرية من خلل التعدين
_دعم الدردشة المباشرة على مدار السبوع وعلى مدار الساعة
_شيكات ترافيل فليكس الحديثة والقابلة للطباعة

لمعلومات أكثر زوروا موقعنا:
أو يرجى النضمام عبر التيلغرام:
10  Local / Annonces / [ANN][ICO] TRAVELFLEX Coin est lancée et en ligne on: December 20, 2017, 07:28:56 AM
Développée sur base d’une nouvelle technologie DAG – TRAVELFLEX est une crypto-monnaie de nouvelle génération décentralisée mais aussi un ensemble de services tels qu’une intégration complète aux réseaux sociaux, des cartes de crédits physiques, un service de dépôt en main tierce, etc…

Rejoignez-nous et découvrez de nouveaux horizons à vos investissements.

TRAVELFLEX est une nouvelle crypto-monnaie qui a pour but de solutionner les problèmes de scalabilités se posant actuellement aux autres crypto-monnaies (Bitcoin ou Ethereum par exemple). Grace à son tout nouvel algorithme se basant sur la technologie DAG, TRAVELFLEX n’est pas simplement un nouveau clone ou un token de plus. Sa vitesse de création de bloc est de 1 bloc par seconde, comparé au bloc toute les 10 minutes pour Bitcoin.

C’est une véritable monnaie Proof-of-Work (POW) qui peut être minée et qui fonctionne sur son propre réseau contrairement aux 90% autres crypto-monnaies.  La monnaie TRAVELFLEX peut être utilisée pour réaliser toutes formes de paiement, et pas seulement ceux liés aux voyages.

L’ICO de la crypto-monnaie TRAVELFLEX a commencé le 14 Décembre 2017 et se termine le 12 Janvier 2018 ou lorsque toutes les crypto pièces auront été vendues.

Youtube ->

Les caractéristiques principales de TRAVELFLEX :
•   Des transactions super rapides dans le monde entier et une taille de bloc adéquate.
•   Carte de crédit TRAVELFLEX (carte de crédit physique/carte bancaire acceptée dans tous les distributeurs).
•   Nœuds Mobiles afin de garder le réseau rapide et décentralisé.
•   Un chat direct, 100% sécurisé et décentralisé de portefeuille a portefeuille (peer to peer).
•   Se connecte à votre réseau social favori et capable de créer une liste d’amis pour y ajouter vos connexions.
•   La Communication en Champ Proche (NFC en Anglais) vous permet de voir qui utilise TRAVELFLEX autour de vous.
•   Véritable monnaie, elle est ASIC résistante et repose sur un minage Proof-of-Work (POW) décentralisé.
•   Minage par GPU.
•   Service de dépôt en main tierce via le réseau TRAVELFLEX.
•   Redistribution aux œuvres de bienfaisance via l’application de minage.
•   Support en ligne 24/7.
•   Chèques TRAVELFLEX modernes et imprimables.
Pour plus d’information, visitez :
Ou rejoignez-nous sur Telegram:

11  Local / Альтернативные криптовалюты / [ANN][ICO]Travelflex - Новая криптовалюта, основанная на DAG on: December 16, 2017, 09:13:55 AM
Децентрализованная социальная сеть и платежная система для путешественников

Travelflex - это новая криптовалютa, которая нацеленa на решение проблем масштабируемости, с которыми сталкиваются в настоящее время другие криптовалюты, такие как Bitcoin или Ethereum. Используя абсолютно новый алгоритм на основе DAG, Travelflex - это не просто очередной клон или токен. Скорость блока, например, составляет 1 блок в секунду, по сравнению с 1 блоком за 10 минут для Биткойнов.

Это будет настоящая криптовалюта с доказательством выполнения работ (POW), которую можно извлекать (майнировать) и запускать в собственной сети, в отличие от 90% всех остальных криптовалют. Пусть вас не смущает названия Travelflex, так как криптовалюту можно использовать практически для любого платежа, а не только для путешествий.

ICO Travelflex Coin начнется 14 декабря 2017 года и продлится до 12 января 2018 года, или пока не будут проданы все монеты.

Ссылка на Youtube:

Основные характеристики Travelflex:

• Супер-быстрые транзакции по всему миру и надлежащий размер блока.
• Физическая карта Travelflex (используется в качестве кредитной / банкоматной карты).
• Мобильные узлы для быстрой и децентрализованной сети.
• Прямой, 100% безопасный и децентрализованный чат от кошелька до кошелька (одноранговая сеть).
• Возможность подключения к любимым социальным сетям и добавления друзей в собственный список.
• Технология Near Field Communication (NFC), чтобы узнать, кто использует Travelflex вокруг вас.
• Подлинная ASIC устойчивая, децентрализованная с доказательством выполнения работы (POW) извлекаемая криптовалюта. GPU майнинг.
• Функция условного депонирования по сети.
• Поддержка благотворительности с помощью майнинга.
• Круглосуточная поддержка.
• Современные чеки Travelflex.

Дополнительная информация:

Или присоединяйтесь к нам в Telegram:

12  Local / Altcoins (criptomonedas alternativas) / [ANN][ICO]TravelFlex: nueva criptomoneda basada en tecnología DAG on: December 16, 2017, 07:20:35 AM
Travelflex es una nueva criptomoneda que tiene como objetivo resolver los problemas de escalabilidad que enfrentan actualmente otras monedas como Bitcoin o Ethereum. Mediante el uso de un nuevo algoritmo basado en DAG, completamente nuevo, Travelflex no es solo un simple clon o token. La velocidad del bloque, por ejemplo, es de 1 bloque por segundo, en comparación con 1 bloque por 10 minutos para el Bitcoin.

Será una verdadera criptomoneda minable, con sistema de prueba de trabajo (sistema POW), y que se ejecuta en su propia red, a diferencia del 90% de todas las demás monedas. Independientemente del nombre, las monedas Travelflex se podrán utilizar para casi cualquier tipo pago, no solo para viajar.

La ICO de Travelflex Coin comenzó el 14de diciembre de 2017 y continuará hasta el 12 de enero de 2018, o hasta que se vendan todas las monedas.

Enlace de Youtube:

Características principales de Travelflex:

• Transacciones súper rápidas por todo el mundo y un tamaño de bloque adecuado.
• Tarjeta física Travelflex (que podrá usarse como tarjeta de crédito / ATM).
• Nodos móviles para mantener la red rápida y descentralizada.
• Chat directo, 100% seguro y descentralizado de billetera a billetera (red entre pares o peer to peer).
• Capaz de conectarse a tus redes sociales favoritas y agregar a tus contactos a tu lista de amigos.
• Función de Near Field Communication (NFC), para ver quién usa Travelflex a tu alrededor.
• Moneda minable con prueba de trabajo (POW) descentralizada, genuinamente ASIC resistente. Minado GPU (Unidad de Procesamiento Gráfico).
• Servicio de depósito a través de toda la red (escrow service).
• Contribución a organizaciones benéficas a través del minado.
• Soporte 24/7.
• Cheques Travelflex imprimibles modernos.

Más información:

O únete a nosotros en Telegram:

13  Local / Altcoins (Bahasa Indonesia) / [ANN][ICO]Koin baru yang berbasis teknologi DAG - TravelFlex Coin on: December 15, 2017, 09:37:30 AM
Travelflex adalah mata uang kripto baru yang bertujuan untuk memecahkan masalah skalabilitas yang dimiliki oleh koin lain seperti Bitcoin atau Ethereum saat ini. Dengan menggunakan algoritma baru DAG yang lengkap, Travelflex bukan sekadar tiruan sederhana atau sebuah token. Kecepatan blok, misalnya, adalah 1 blok per detik, dibandingkan dengan 1 blok per 10 menit untuk Bitcoin.

Ini akan menjadi koin Proof-of-Work (POW) nyata yang bisa ditambang dan berjalan di jaringannya sendiri tidak seperti 90% koin lainnya. Jangan bingung dengan nama Travelflex karena koinnya bisa digunakan untuk hampir segala hal yang berhubungan dengan pembayaran, bukan hanya traveling.

ICO koin Travelflex akan dimulai 14 Desember 2017 dan akan berlangsung sampai 12 Januari 2018 atau sampai semua koin terjual.

Link Youtube:

Fitur Utama Travelflex:
•   Transaksi super cepat di seluruh dunia dan ukuran blok yang tepat.
•   Kartu Fisik Travelflex (dapat digunakan sebagai kartu kredit / kartu ATM).
•   Node mobile untuk menjaga jaringan tetap cepat dan terdesentralisasi.
•   Langsung, 100% aman dan terdesentralisasi dari dompet ke dompet (peer to peer).
•   Mampu terhubung ke media sosial favorit Anda dan menambahkan teman Anda ke daftar teman Anda.
•   Near Field Communication (NFC), untuk melihat siapa yang menggunakan Travelflex di sekitar Anda.
•   ASIC tahan terdesentralisasi mining koin Proof-of-Work (POW). Penambangan GPU.
•   Layanan escrow melalui jaringan.
•   Memberikan sumbangan kembali melalui mining.
•   Dukungan 24/7 melalui live chat.
•   Cek Travelflex yang modern dapat dicetak.

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14  Local / Altcoins (criptomonedas alternativas) / Los seguidores de Bjork recibirán 100 AudioCoin on: November 07, 2017, 06:58:37 AM
La cantante islandesa Björk quiere abrir fronteras en el mundo musical experimentando con la cadena de bloques. Mucho se ha hablado de cómo el 'Blockchain' puede ayudar a diferentes negocios, y empresas como Spotify ya están invirtiendo para llevarla al mundo musical. Ahora, la cantante ha decidido dar un nuevo paso en su próximo disco.

Tal y como cuentan en Music Ally, la famosa artista experimental se ha asociado con la startup británica Blockpool para unir su próximo disco a la cadena de bloques. Con ello, sus fans podrán comprarlo directamente mediante criptomonedas, recibir otras a cambio y obtener recompensas interactuando con la artista.
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