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1  Bitcoin / Pools / My friend and I are creating an Avalon/Asic friendly Bitcoin mining Pool on: August 01, 2013, 10:28:08 AM
My friend and I are creating an Avalon/Asic friendly Bitcoin mining Pool Smiley

We are finishing up Alpha testing and are inviting some early Beta testers.

We are called HugPuddle and give out 98%.
1% goes to HP - 1% goes to the developer of the p2p pool.

We are using a virtual server that is designed to balance load and give optimal performance for Asics and their unique power capabilities.

Point your miners here if you are interested:

Use your BTC address as your User Name.
Your password can be anything - there is no login.

Make sure your BTC addy is your User Name or the entire hashrate will go to the pool.

That same URL can be used in the URL box to check on the status of your account - just look for your BTC address Smiley

We have Avalon chips on the way and are soon to be thrashing Asics style too.
In the meantime, if anyone wants to try our low cost site please feel free Smiley

Thanks for trying us out! PM me for any specific questions - we hope to have our own thread up really soon.

2  Economy / Goods / 1973 Beetle Excellent Condition! Now - sexier price :) on: July 26, 2013, 04:24:04 PM
For Sale! 1973 SuperBeetle Cheesy

Accepting Bitcoin! Smiley
Escrow can be utilized by a trusted agreed upon service.

See more details and pics here:

Note the minor gas leak - that will be fixed prior to sale - it will also have a tune-up.
The engine and transmission are in terrific shape - it was maintained by an airplane mechanic for years.
The interior and exterior are also in good shape - the exterior only needs some minor body work.
It was previously light green - it has been painted red.

This sale is for 28BTC obo for the car, and then the estimated delivery cost within the continental United States. (depends on how far from here you are, it will be at-cost, gas/taxi/bus/amtrak - whatever it takes - estimated 1-4BTC)
Yes, I will drive the Bug to you!!!
You need only be reasonably near a bus location or Amtrak. I will take that back home  Smiley

Keep in mind, if you are down south - you can resell this vehicle (with some simple body work first) for a lot more than 5k. They are known to go for 9-10k
Up in the midwest these vehicles just don't get the dollar amount they are worth - we are looking to just convert to some BTC and move on Smiley

Thanks for looking  Cool

Edit 7/28 from 55BTC to 53BTC

Edit 7/31 from 53BTCto 44BTC

Edit 8/5 from 44BTC to 34BTC

Edit 8/15 from 34BTC to 28BTC
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