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1  Other / Meta / All the merit received by theymos to be distributed among the Merit Sources? on: January 14, 2019, 11:03:20 AM
I don't know if theymos will like the idea but big part of the circulating merit goes to him and then this smerit is just "lost" or fairly distributed to other members, in addition he can generate as much smerit as he wants so basically he doesn't need it.
... and he is crossing his own suggestion.

You have received a total of ... merit. This is what determines your forum rank. You typically cannot lose this merit. You have ... sendable merit (sMerit) which you can send to other people. There is no point in hoarding sMerit; keeping it yourself does not benefit you, and we reserve the right to decay unused sMerit in the future.

Therefor I have a suggestion.
All the merit that he got ( or gonna get in the future) and he is not gonna use to be distributed among the merit sources based on their source ratios.

It can be done on 3-months or 6-months basis for example, the amount for the previous 3/6 months.
If the merit is not enough for all the sources can be done once a year like a Christmas gift Cheesy

It's just an idea Wink
2  Other / Meta / Default Trust vs manually added all the DT members. Difference in trust, why? on: January 10, 2019, 09:02:00 AM
There is a difference in the trust score if you use only the DT or add all the DT members to your list manually. Why is that?
I noticed that the depth is lowered by 1 if you use the DT changes.I guess this is the answer but why? I thought is should be the same if you and only DefaultTrust or manually add the DT members.
Here is the example with minerjones profile.

Using only DT here >

Using manually added list of all the DT members >

3  Other / Meta / [New Feature] "Last edit" to be shown as text on mobile. FIXED! 10x Theymos:) on: January 09, 2019, 01:10:47 AM
Update: Now on the mobile browsers you should see this:

Edited: for test

The old post below this line

Nowadays more and more people are accessing the forum trough mobile devices but the site has no mobile version yet and some features are inaccessible, like the "Last edit" of a post.
There are some ways to get that info like looking through the source code, installing 3rd party software, or calling Jesus* but all those are really inconvenient.

So our short request is to add the "Last edit" info as a text instead of a rollover.

Something like this:
First posted: datetime Last edited: datetime

*See the suggestions in the comments.

My original old post below this line.

Didn't find anything searching the forum about this issue.
Is there any way to see the date and time when a post is modified, while I'm on my mobile?
I see the dots under the post time and date, but that's all Sad

Please edit the OP so people can easily play with the edited mouseover.  Smiley

Done! Smiley
4  Other / Meta / Evil IP and deleted posts by mods. on: December 06, 2018, 11:55:54 PM
Another idea here.
Can we add a system same as the Evil IP but for the bad reports (when someone reported you and your posts get deleted by the mods)?
Example: you have 100 of your posts reported (by someone) and deleted  by moderator, you have to pay a fee to be able to post and the fee increase if more posts are deleted.
It can be activity(or merit) dependent so people who have been here for years and have some/many posts deleted won't be affected that much.

This will add some weight to the reports, because now they are just nothing, wasting of time to both Mods and those reporting.

I  prefer actually those with many bad reports deleted posts by the mods to get banned instead, but I know this will never happen.
So this is the alternative solution.
What you guys think??

Edit: when I'm tired my English gets even worse, sorry about the misleading "bad reports" the real meaning was a deleted posts by mods.
5  Other / Meta / Smartass newbie wearing a "signature". BAN? on: November 27, 2018, 12:16:49 PM
Just bump into this one, a newbie trying to cheat wearing a "signature" in the post field.
BTW he already got 2 of his alt accounts banned, this will be the next one too go 1.
Guys keep your eyes open for cheating newbies. The restriction are set by theymos so this kind of behavior should be punishable.


I super agree. Please dontpqnic and just relax. All of these fluctuations are simply normal in investing. Be patient because for sure, the market will go up again.
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[1] -
Hi please unban my account;u=1232671.I'm doing my best to follow the rules in this forum. Sorry if i've made a mistake please anyone help me unban my account.

Moderator my account has been banned I don't do anything wrong please help me with my problem;u=1327763;sa=summary
Nytstalker please unbanned my account.
6  Other / Meta / Cool down time after sending a Merit. on: November 27, 2018, 09:08:49 AM
Just happen to again a few days ago, I merited twice in a matter of a second (it was only 1 merit extra but still).
I know this has been discussed before, but since nothing has changed I just suggest to add a 1 second (or 2) cool down time after sending, just to avoid such mistakes.
7  Other / Meta / Did someone noticed the new "MORE" menu in the main forum menu? on: November 21, 2018, 07:53:16 PM
This is something new.. isn't it?? Or I just see it now.. c'mon... / I'm pretty sure it wasn't there the past days/

@theymos, I know you like surprises but shall we have more than what it is the menu now?
8  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / Dr.Craig Wright talking about the end of bitcoin next year. [No FUD here] on: November 16, 2018, 02:07:20 PM
Note: This is a self-moderated thread, with the only intention to reduce the spam, so everything that I consider as a spam will be removed.

So this is not a FUD intended thread, as I don't really trust Craig Wright.
But I'm more curious about is it just a FUD-spreading sh!t he is doing here or he is referring to a specific problem (probably exaggerated)?

Here is the link to the interview.
9  Other / Beginners & Help / SegWit balance checker?? Mobile app? on: November 14, 2018, 03:38:38 PM
Wonder if there is a way to check the balance in a given SegWit wallet address, mobile app will be the best option, but I can bookmark a link too.
I found one mobile app that adds widget for every address, very cool but of course it doesn't work with SegWit addresses.
10  Other / Meta / Notification to all those users registered before the 2015 hack. on: November 07, 2018, 09:02:44 AM
The main part of the hacked accounts posting here for recovery are of users registered before the 2015 hack.
Why don't we inform those users to change their emails and passwords so reduce this madness.
I guess many of those users were not aware of the database leakage and they did't take precautions.
Just a simple PM to them from the forum system with a reminder to change their credentials should be enough.

11  Other / Beginners & Help / Lookin for stats, how many transaction in a block belong to exchanges? on: November 06, 2018, 01:55:14 PM
Looking for some statistics, but I could't find any info.
Just wondering the percentage of transactions or the volume of BTCs that are not affecting the bitcoin price.
12  Other / Archival / [NTF] You say WHAT? ... notification thread[@Piggy bot] on: November 02, 2018, 01:35:08 PM
A hidden place for receiving whispers from my dear Maggiordomo.
More info here >

My old thread was in Off-topic..
13  Other / Meta / Legendary spamming "good project" and one-liner spam. on: October 14, 2018, 06:44:12 PM
This thread is not just for the particular case below but also for such Legendaries in general as they are quite a few.

I came across yet another Legendary spamming with one-liner low effort/quality content.
For the newbies such behaviour is acceptable in the beginning as they are not so familiar with the forum but for Legendaries this should be more than clear that such content will not be tolerated.

Here is the current case > okane818
And his post history >;u=552469;sa=showPosts

What type of actions will be taken against this??
Just want to know if the time spent on reporting him is worth it.

Good project, Waiting for this.

Project is good.

Nice... Good luck.

nice system.

Great project

Awesome project.

Great ideas.

nice project.

Great ideas.

14  Other / Meta / Do the mods have access to info like the count of the deleted posts per thread? on: October 11, 2018, 11:50:09 AM
I'm thinking now that the 24-time-block rule for the newbies did his job to stop the autobumping bots in the beginning,they changed the tactics and use more accounts that bump the thread and delete their post history less often.

It's not a secret, but starts to be more obvious.
Many of the newbies with 2-3 posts in the ANN sections are also plagiarists, they post and delete the post after some time, but some of their post get cached on google for example.
I have reported quite a few bots with cached copy-pastes.
But since this is going to be the new bot trend as it looks like for now I think info like how many posts were deleted in a Altcoin section ( mostly in the ANN of Altcoin and Token) could be a good hint for hunting for these bots.
This info doesn't need to be publicly available but maybe the moderators can have access to it if they don't have it til now.
15  Other / Meta / Who can move and lock topics? Patrollers? on: October 03, 2018, 02:05:00 PM
Saw lately something strange, the user alanst moved and locked this topic from Development & Technical Discussion to Beginners & Help, but he is not the creator of the topic so I just wonder, is he a patroller? Can they move topics I know that they can delete posts. 
16  Other / Meta / [List] of the most weird usernames registered. on: October 02, 2018, 12:16:58 PM
Inspired by one other thread here are the list of usernames starting with a special symbol.
I actually did't new that is allowed to have a username with one character, but it turns out that there's even possible to have a single symbol long one.;u=25778


 (this is not i but a up side down "!");u=529210;u=548423;u=548425




Wtiee G;u=141927








Proobaly there are more, and if I find more I'll list them here.
17  Other / Meta / [List] of Campaign Managers accepting shitposters. Report here > on: September 24, 2018, 01:11:02 PM
After the change, it's time to focus on the Campaign managers accepting spammers/shitposters.
This will be just a database, as there is no control nor penalties at that point but we can have it as a reference.  
Format to report >

[b]Campaign Manager:[/b] [url=;u=XXXXXXXX]Profile Name[/url]
[b]Campaign  :[/b] [url=link]Name[/url]
[b]Proof:[/b] shitposters wearing signatures + Link to spreadsheet where they were accepted / got paid.

Keep in mind that some shitposter can wear a signature even if they are not accepted by the managers, so make sure that you have checked if the user is actual participant in that campaign.

Wondering what shitposting is ? Let me add one comment from The Pharmacist, just because I cannot describe it better that he him.

It all comes down to these three things:

1)  Shitposters write poorly-written posts.  This is usually, but not always, because the shitposter is trying to write in English when they have a very poor grasp of grammar, what words should be capitalized, where the punctuation should go, and shitposters tend to very often have an extremely limited vocabulary.  The person might be intelligent in his or her native language, but posts often sound like they were written by a simpleton.

2)  Shitposters produce vapid content.  Shitposters usually don't have much to say.  When they write something, it has usually been written many times before by many different shitposters.  This leads to either very short, boring posts or very bloated posts that should be much more succinct than they are.

3)  Shitposters are incentivized to post.  This is obvious if you're here for longer than a week, and this is also why people don't read anything here--shitposters are not paid to read.  It's why most posts you make don't get replied to in the spam mega sections like Bitcoin/Altcoin Discussion, Economics, and Speculation.  This also explains why there are so many members here and why there's so many posts in general.
18  Other / Beginners & Help / What a newbie can do to popularize bitcoin? on: September 21, 2018, 10:51:19 PM
Got your attention? Great, keep reading then.

It's not much of a question but it's more like a task for newbies. You may get reward in form of merit at the end.Keep reading..

I'm tired to see all this bounty bullsh!t here in B&H section that's why I want to add a little "fresh air".

Strait to the point.

First:I want you to come with ideas what a newbie can do to help and popularize bitcoin.Use your imagination and don't copy the suggestions before your post.

Second:  In addition I want to know what is your mission here in the forum. Just a few words, but let them be honest.
That's all. Good luck.
Where is the catch??  It's simple, many people don't even read the posts, they just reply to the subject, let's see how many will be here,I'll make a list and quote them  before I delete their posts. Yes, this is self-modated thread, that's right. In addition, many people are lying, so if someone says that he is here mainly to learn  but his post history clearly shows that he's just an ordinary bounty hunter, then I could probably leave a comment on his trust page that he so not to be trusted, this is still under consideration.
I guess there will be also tl'dr folks and when they reach to the "rewarding merit" part will jump into writing "quality posts" for merit. This is just an experimental approach to reward some good posters and report some shitposters, I don't have quite a lot of merit but, we'll see how far we gonna go.
Let's the journey begins now. It'll be interesting to read your stories and suggestions Wink                                                                                                                                                                                      
19  Other / Archival / Delete on: September 21, 2018, 10:46:57 PM
Forgot to make a self-modated thread.
20  Other / Meta / Use of the NEWS FEED to announce changes in the forum? on: September 18, 2018, 10:56:11 AM
First this is hilariousetc's idea and he came with it  when I bumped the Newbies can now pay a small fee to enable images to try to reduce the pile of the new topics in Meta. Now I just try get theymos's attention.

Bumping this one with request go get temporary pinned.. It will decrease the amount of complains posted on Meta for not working ANN images.

It probably would be better to put either this and/or the new Merit requirement update in the "News" section at the top. At least everyone can see it then and there's probably be going to be a hell of a lot of users confused or complaining about it today and over the next week or so as people start to realise something has changed.

Can we use the News Feed of the forum to announce the current changes and avoid /reduce/ the whole drama for the Ann managers?

Just a simple message like this should do the job >

New requirements for ranking to Jr.Member , read here, If you experience a problems embedding images due to newbie restrictions you need to buy Copper Membership or earn 1 merit.
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