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1  Economy / Reputation / Krishnendu Chatterjee: expensive scams of Ph.D. on: July 31, 2019, 01:13:31 PM
Hi folks! Our guest today is not just a scammer, but a real Ph.D.! His name is Krishnendu Chatterjee, and he is Taiwan origin. That’s what this guy says about himself🙁
2  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Altcoin Discussion / Where's the Moon? IEO tokens. Infographics on: July 19, 2019, 01:24:10 PM

Originally published on

The most intensive growth of IEO market was 86% while decreasing – -1350%

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In Blockchain we trust!
3  Other / Serious discussion / Where's the Moon? IEO tokens. Infographics on: July 19, 2019, 01:22:10 PM

Originally published on

The most intensive growth of IEO market was 86% while decreasing – -1350%

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4  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Altcoin Discussion / Where's the Moon? IEO tokens. Infographics on: July 19, 2019, 01:19:47 PM

Originally published on

The most intensive growth of IEO market was 86% while decreasing – -1350%

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5  Economy / Economics / Money, crypto, IEOs. Infographics on: July 08, 2019, 02:46:17 PM

Originally published on

A new type of crypto-investment has already collected one and a half billion bucks.

First IEOs appeared in December 2017 on the Binance platform. But again they were remembered only at the beginning of this current year. In many ways, thanks to the Fetch startup that gathered the cap in 22 seconds!

Initially, IEOs didn’t set themselves big goals, but over time, the bar has raised and now looks like exorbitantly inflated ICOs. In May, Bitfinex that sold LEO tokens to private investors, bombed. In June, Tron Game Global was killing it. What will happen next is hard to imagine!

10 biggest IEO in the history ($)

Bitfinex LEO 1 000 000 000
Tron Game Global 80 000 000
Percival 35 000 000
Bread 32 000 000
CharS 30 000 000
GIFTO 30 000 000
Windhan Energy 28 700 000
ioeX 27 200 000
Harmony 23 000 000
MultiVAC 16 200 000

10 most successful exchanges IEO launches ($)

Bitfinex 1 000 000 000
Binance 107 000 000
Coineal 72 000 000
Probit 39 000 000
Exmarkets 35 000 000
Kucoin 31 000 000
LBank 30 000 000
Bitforex 21 000 000
Latoken 9 500 000
Bittrex 8 500 000

Overall IEO collected over $1 466 000 000

In 2017 ICO collected $3 500 000 000

In 2018 — $7 800 000 000

Write in the comments about your experience of participating in IEOs and do you think they are safer than ICOs. In blockchain we trust!
6  Economy / Scam Accusations / Binod Nirvan: 8 ICO-Startups You Don’t Want To Bump Into In A Dark Alley on: July 03, 2019, 01:31:58 PM

Originally published on

We’ve dissected all the ugliest scams our hero, a “crypto expert” from Nepal, has perpetrated: Blockchained Uber, pharmaceutical revolution, and virtual-god-damned-rehab ‒ only today, in ShitCoin’s agenda.

Hey, pumpkins. Let’s have a little talk about music and its virtuous effect on our poor grouchy souls. As for my humble opinion, the best album ever created was “Nevermind” by Nirvana ‒ you had a chance to guess that from the art in the beginning. By the way, did you know that Kurt, Chris and Dave named it “Sheep” in the beginning? Quite symbolic, as for me.


Continuing the fun facts quiz, “Something In The Way” didn’t work out for Kurt Cobain until he tried to play the song on the acoustic guitar while sitting on his favorite couch. And my absolute favorite “Sappy” was initially cut out from the album, which allowed it to blow up later when its original creator had already passed away.


Unluckily, here’s where the positive part of the article ends. Below you’ll only find a heart cry of the person who tries to understand whether the world around him went crazy, or he lost his own mind while reviewing other senseless, crazy, absurd startups made by crypto “geniuses”.  


Why have I even started to talk about Nirvana? All thanks to Binod Nirvan, aka Binod Nepal ‒ a Blockchain guru who deserves to have an article contributed personally to him on our website. His activities made him quite a name in crypto community, and, if it was up to me, it would become a synonym of:

Turn up your music as loud as possible, because this trip ain’t gonna be the easy one.

Binod ‒ or Happy, a l’anglaise ‒ used to study only 2 years in his life, which slided by in Nepal school. I bet such a strong educational base pleases his investors beyond all bounds. It would be cool if that information would be displayed anywhere else except for his unpretentious LinkedIn profile. For example, there can be a WARNING banner every time somebody opens his website, or something similarly nonintrusive.


His ongoing career went…smoothly, I guess? The man used to control the quality of something unimportant, then he was raised to the regional unimportant director in Paris, and that’s how 17 years of Binod’s life have passed. And then, suddenly ‒ it’s 2018 outside, crypto technologies flourish, people believe everything you tell them if you use the word “smart” but what is more important ‒ with naive people come easy money! This simple revelation changed the life of a normal guy Binod, and made him the person we have a pleasure to contemplate now.  


Everything started with the Dice Money. By using complex terms like “cluster economy type” or “investment mining”, and by drawing these outstanding business schemes, the guys tries to collect $50 million on their ICO.

But ‒ what a pity ‒ the users evaluated the startup only at $1,5 million. A year has passed since, and (who could imagine?) nothing was done. The founders even had the nerve to ask for the additional reimbursement recently in their Twitter.

By all accounts, the project won’t last any longer. Binod took the ICO adviser role in this groundbreaking startup. Rest in peace, Dice Money.


RedCab will seem a little bit familiar to you, if you know what Uber is. It now seems like a ridiculous joke that will require not millions ‒ billions of dollars, but the year before even the most stupid startup managed to collect at least $3 million, just like RedCab did. As for now, you won’t even have the chance to enjoy the optimistic pictures of future depicted on its website ‒ the domain is unavailable, and we don’t even mention the actual result of the guys’ work.

Nirvan, again, set the founders on the right path as a smart contract adviser. Also, our old friend Filip Poutintsev happened to be amongst the advisers’ list. Hello, fella! How’s life? Still bitching good men? Nothing new, it is.


In CYBR our Happy is a blockchain developer team lead ‒ a big boss, in simple words. According to the launchpad of Coineal exchange, the startup currently goes through the IEO stage. I felt a free-floating anxiety when I noticed that the owner of the project is the guy who also own 21st Century. On their website, there’s a huge title that tells us that they develop the solutions for SMALL businesses solely. But ‒ hey, since it’s Blockchain ‒ the more you lie, the more you hype. That’s why we can see IBM and HP amongst the partners of a not yet existing company.

Their softcap is $2 million, their hardcap is $15 million ‒ classic. Investors are tempted by an unsubstantiated growth of the token, with which the users will have a possibility to pay for the hacker-proof defence. If you wonder where the Blockchain is implemented, then don’t worry ‒ you are not alone. Obviously, the project’s Blockchain is a monkey business.  


It’s hard to tell a lot about ClinTex as their website is a bit under the weather.


Looking back, the founders once had Napoleonic plans. They wanted to fundrise $19 million and start a pharmaceutical revolution: promised to make the cost of clinical tests about 10 times lower, therefore, make the meds cheaper and more available. Still, the collected money travelled in a regular way ‒ somewhere to the developers’ pockets, and the world, again, didn’t get the chance to see the new era of medicine and healthcare.

And what about Cross Hedge? They’re conducting a sale, and what is more important ‒ they even have a working website! That’s a lot if we talk about scamming projects. Maybe the wheel of life made a mistake and for once in a while we met an adequate crypto startup?

No, everything’s fine. You can just look at their Telegram to realise, that this is not an exception, especially if we talk about a project with $85,5 million hardcap.

Playing in ShitCoin Bingo with Cross Hedge is not intriguing at all ‒ every single sentence in their whitepaper adds another one point to the score. If you were planning to add a degree to the game by drinking every time you read phrases from “promising startup ICO” starter pack, then don’t ‒ it’s a right track to alcoholism.


Intellectual investment? Check. Statistical modelling? Check. Machine learning, artificial intelligence? Check, check, check. They didn’t bother to find a better copywriter than the guy who works for food on freelance. And Nirvan is an ICO adviser again. At least, we hope Mr X paid his salary in actual money, not tokens, God forbid.



The next abomination ‒ Cryptonity ‒ conducts the sale too.

Our beloved Binod, together with an ill-reputed “Blockchain expert” Naveen Kapoor are extremely HAPPY with this (get it?)

The project is planning to pull off whole 5 sale rounds. Overall, they aim to get $20 million and create their own multifiat cryptocurrency exchange with blackjack and hookers that will kill (no less than that) the current leader Binance. For some reason, we are skeptical ‘bout that. We’ve seen enough typical exchanges that couldn’t offer nothing more than the actual exchange features set, so is there any reason to expect anything else from the scammers?


For instance, here are the monthly traded value of the KuBitX Exchange startup. They couldn’t handle the ICO with the presumptuous upper plank of 25 000 ETH, and here are the results. I bet I spend more money on beer every month 🙂

All in all, the assistance on Binod-advicer again came to nought.

Finally, we came to the cherry on the top of the Binod’s career ‒ a virtual rehab. I warned you about the dangers of playing ShitCoin Bingo with alcohol! And here we are, curing the alcoholism (together with depression, PTSD, autism, etc.) with the help of a remedial VR, holy AI, and almighty Blockchain.


Such a cutting-edge and much-needed startup requires a proper funding that is why the guys want to collect $20 million in the forthcoming ICO. Why so much money, you ask? Well, aside from the main occupation, the founders have to keep in touch with partners, right? And champagne and shrimps aren’t chean in Singapore, so here is it.  

I don’t believe in therapeutic effect of psychoanalysis via VR-headset. And even more, I don’t trust guys who hire Nirvan without checking his previous achievements in startups ‒ or, rather, their absence. Finally, I don’t really think that the people who used to work for Vodafone and toy stores can create decent project in psychoanalysis, Blockchain or healthcare. But that’s how the situation with this rehab is going ‒ and that’s why I think that this is yet another brazen attempt to steal money from people, who suffer from mental illnesses.

The final score is: 8 out of 8 scamming projects, some of which no longer show signs of life, while the others just head towards the result of their predecessors. In all of them, Binod is just like the boy from the “Nevermind” album cover ‒ chasing the dollar on a fish-hook. Listen, bro, you seriously have to stop. There are thousands of ways to earn money honestly, without fooling decent people who only want to invest in something good.


Don’t fool people, and you won’t be fooled ‒ that’s how karma works. It’s a pity not all of us know this simple truth. Together we will win.


In Blockchain we trust!

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7  Economy / Reputation / My Name Is Khan. The blatant indicator of scamming crypto startups on: June 07, 2019, 08:45:19 AM

Read the article with pictures and screenshots on

11 projects of a scammer, who turns into shizit everything he touches. Read it to avoid being stiffed by frauds.

Remember that 2010 Bollywood film “My name is Khan,” where the main character ‒ a Hindu Muslim ‒ travels through America to reach the President and tell him “my name is Khan and I am not a terrorist”? Well, in case of our today’s hero, Shehzad Khan, we would see a 5-hour road trip movie, where this man rides through the countries and faces his investors, whom he left dead broke, and tells them “my name is Khan, and I am a fucking scammer.”


Our attentive reader recently noticed that Michael Soeterbroek, who was the main character of our recent article and a figurant of numerous fraud schemes, is in friends with Shehzad Khan ‒ this couple literally found each other. And now we’re happy to share our observations with you. It turns out that Khan, just like his BF, is a never-failing indicator of a scamming project ‒ here are some of the startups where he managed to make an appearance.


Bitzon (is conducting a token sale) ‒ the project, where just recently Khan and Soeterbroek were both participating in. Michael even advertised the startup on his Youtube channel, which follows basically not a single adequate person, but soon enough, his face was erased from the whitepaper and the official website of this junk scheme.

Khan is still framed as a Chief Technology Officer.

These guys cocksurely want to collect about 100,000 ETH in order to create “our own economic ecosystem that will take e-commerce to a new level.” All of its “new levelness” consists of the absolutely pointless cashback service, where buyers receive BTZ coins after making purchases through Bitzon online shop (which currently has the only one product ‒ iPhone X).


In addition to that, the whitepaper promises that the token will continuously grow in price, but the reasons for this aren’t specified or justified. Why the hell the token exists at all seems to us like a riddle, too. I’ll eat my hat if these motherfuckers will gather the cash and won’t run away. But, I guess, even if the ICO fails (which has almost 99% probability), we won’t hear a lot about these guys anyways.


Seyblock (recently finished the sale) ‒ in a few words, scamming scam. A business platform, based on the Stellar Blockchain. Another county heard from!

Seems like Bitconnect 2.0 got a serious rival 🙂 The founders of this “revolutionary” startup conducted the sale recently, and now are packing their Telegram channel with fake reviews and permanent airdrops.

Of course, in the Cloud-cuckoo-land the founders inhabited, the SEY token promises a breathtaking growth. Of course, the reasons for its price hike exist only in the minds of these frauds. Check their whitepaper if you don’t believe me ‒ you would find nothing except for waffle and empty promises.

In Shehzad’s LinkedIn we find out his status in the project ‒ CTO, as usual. The “scam indicator” didn’t fail us by far.

AssetStream (token sale in progress) ‒ $21 million of a hard cap to build a service of micro-crediting for South-Eastern Asia population. We guess the goal is to supply the region with petrol for mopeds and karaoke saloons. The whole system is based on Stellar and is “reinforced” with its personal stablecoin. Where the fuck does the “stable” prefix come from is unknown.

Our golden boy Khan can be found neither in the AssetStream whitepaper nor on its website. However, the project is already included in his career history list on LinkedIn.

The founders of the ICO have no experience in Blockchain startups creation or management and work in a joint which seems to be known only for these guys. This is a blatant and poorly made deceit, which, we hope, you won’t get into.

Zoptax (the sale is active) ‒ an IEO, the “offsprining” from the scamming exchange Exmarkets. They’re heading towards collecting $3.5 million for a VoIP telephony ‒ I guess Durov and Telegram must be ready to get away at the margin.
The grounding for yet another invention of the wheel is obvious, especially understanding the fact that the project has no goddamn chance of overtaking his competitors. The only goal of its founders is to snatch as much money as possible and to walk off into the sunset. Good luck, assholes.


Here Shehzad has the role of the “experienced project advisor.” We won’t talk about the numerous spelling mistakes the website is notable for ‒ you can see everything with your own eyes, and make the right implications.

By the way, the whitepaper from Zoptax is strangely similar to the ones made for Bitzon and AssetStream. It’s almost like they were done by the same cack-handed designer…But, of course, these all are just thoughts aloud.


IUNO (its token sale has ended recently) ‒  is, according to the initial concept, a Blockchain banking, which is protected from frauds and swindlers by the Artificial Intelligence. The system includes two coins ‒ the first is the “stable” token, which should be used by customers in the inner system, and the regular one ‒ for the outside transactions and cooperations with an outer world. In other words, the routine “groundbreaking” startup.

Wait, how big is the discount? 50% off? Scammers ‒ young and old, beginning and experienced ‒ if you are reading this, don’t repeat the mistakes of IUNO. This is one of the most flaming indicators of the desire to fuck buyers up and ooze out.

The Telegram chat has the same shit as Seyblock, which is emptiness and oblivion. Founders could at least try to make the place seem inhabited. But, of course, that would be too complicated for guys, as they obviously don’t give the smallest fuck about their investors.

IUNO’s ICO somehow managed to screw people over $3 million, but, for the last year, it predictably didn’t get off the ground not in the slightest way.

The adviser Khan kindly looks at us from the startup’s main webpage.

Cryptolancers (the sale is just about to start) ‒ is another 2 million dollar scam. Its whitepaper recalls some painfully familiar memories…

The only difference here lies in the role of Shehzad in the project, as he’s not only the honorable advisor of the scheme but also is its co-founder!

Website for freelancers on Blockchain is not that bad concept by itself, but when it comes to its fulfillment, we shouldn’t be waiting for any kind of results from these “founders.” An excellent illustration of this statement is the fact that the Github of this project hasn’t seen any activity for more than a year. The startup is basically wasted from its inception.

Solarex (sale in progress) ‒ is a shameless sham. The “road map” of the founders is to collect money from the investors, build something on that funds, and then repay the users ‒ classical scamming plan, much like Swiss Alps Mining and the other similar dipsy doodles.

In our case, the creators are planning to buy up solar panels, set them in Africa, and sell the accumulated electricity to the impoverished continent’s regions. Of course, the project didn’t avoid the fate of being “innovative” and Blockchain-based.

Currently, the second of the three ICO phases is nearly over. Guys managed to gather 2 out of 30 million dollars of a hard cap. I really wonder, who the hell thinks that giving these scammers/advisers your hard-earned money is a good idea?..

ViMee (in the midst of token selling) ‒ is one of the first social networks for people of the Islamic culture. Our heroes are planning to give away at least 30% of the total earnings from the project to the future users of the resource. You’ve uploaded a video with a demonstrative execution of a shufti bint, or made a funny meme with the Prophet Mohammed? Obtain your tokens and keep up with the excellent work! The only question is ‒ how did our beloved Khan get himself in such a reckless scheme?

Because, as far as we’re concerned, the startup is a flagrant deceit, with a slightly different target audience ‒ people with a faith of Islam. The founder and the CEO of the startup, on the top of that, doesn’t act much like a faithful Muslim.


The whitepaper is either made by an idiot, or they simply decided not to care too much, because it wasn’t planned that someone would read it anyways. Here they present the statistics of the income of the largest social media like Twitter or Facebook. I’m sorry to disappoint you, guys, but the better half of their users make fun of all religions and admire naked women. Doesn’t sound like their kind of core audience to me.

Therefore, the project isn’t really expected to bring revenue, like, at all. The founders are planning to collect $5 million, but they didn’t reveal, for what exact needs. For some unexplained reason, they made an equation between the words “religious person” and “moron.”


Cewnote (token sale has finished) ‒ the role-model project of these charlatans, which has a “scamming startup” starter-pack of features: an inactive website, deleted Telegram channel, two of our favorite “advisors,” Michael and Shehzad, as well as hundreds of the deceived investors. Haha, classic.

Negexc, which has a sale in progress, tries to obtain yet another 15093 ETH for yet another crypto Exchange with an un-fucking-believably detailed budget.

It has a model grammatical correctness, as always.

Only look in the faces of these badass crypto experts. Could you expect anything else from these inborn leaders?

Of course, the startup wasn’t immune to fake LinkedIn profiles…

..and Khan ‒ the alpha and omega of crypto investment.

Their Telegram channel is predictably full of airdroppers. KYC? No, thank you.

In a word, pure BS.

And, finally, Synapsecoin, with an ongoing sale. Here we see a strangely familiar design as well.

They’re planning to create an accelerator to trick out of the other startups’ money.

For those needs, they want to obtain a fuckload of dollars from naive investors ‒ the perfect crime.

Here Khan is helping the project in the role of the advisor. We don’t question his experience and skills in scamming, so the ICO promises to prosper.

So, what do you think about this list? Imposing, right? I don’t understand what these companies think about when hiring Shehzad as an advisor, CEO, or as any other employee, whose post implies having the smallest amount of competency.


My theory is that all these eleven startups (or even more which I haven’t reveal) have a single organization at the origins. Indeed, why to repeat the fate of Moshe Hogeg and work under a single scamming pyramid for $100 million, when you can grind out eleven smaller deceits for $15 ‒ 20 million each, collect yourself a small fortune, and get your personal ticket to the Moon?


Or that is too much conspirology for a single article? What do you think, cats?
8  Other / Off-topic / Iron Code. What would the cryptocurrencies’ doublegangers be in “Game of Thrones on: May 16, 2019, 02:13:44 PM
Read full article with funny pictures on  Wink

Satoshi harnesses dragons, Lannisters embezzle 80% of coins, while Ver and Wright scuffle for the Greyjoys heritage.

Bitcoin (BTC) ‒ House Targaryen

In 2008 Aegon I (Satoshi Nakamoto) started a War of Conquest against the crooked banking system & sketchy bureaucracy with the help of three dragons and a single whitepaper. His struggles were successful, and two Papa John’s pizzas are its best evidence. The House was growing as the number of Satoshi’s followers and enviers was increasing. His every single step was followed by their reminders about Silk Road, hackers’ thefts, and low transaction speed. But the fuse already caught fire, and Targaryens against all the odds became №1 among all Seven Kingdoms (and still are).

Ethereum (ETH) ‒ House Stark

Starks are strong warriors and honorable people, which doesn’t come into collision with their inborn stubbornness. If Jon Snow (Vitalik Buterin) thinks that the person is a fraud, and a decentralized exchange should burn in hell, then that’s exactly what you’re going to hear from him. Detractors predict Starks an awful future while arranging them “red weddings” like the DAO knockover and smaller calamities, but they find their ways up to the top or die trying.

Ripple (XRP) ‒ House Lannister

Three facts about Lannisters: they have outrageous amounts of money, they always pay their debts, and they hold 80% of their coins in their vault. They have a fantastic talent to find common ground with Iron Bank of Braavos, Banco Santander in Spain, MoneyGram in the USA, and do that all at once. Still, Lannisters aren’t the crowd pullers ‒ something sly and wily in their nature makes other people shy away. But they don’t care anyways: XRP is rather about fintech than cryptocurrency, they say. These juggles were one of the main reasons why Jaime Lannister (Jed McCaleb) left his beloved project.

Bitcoin Cash (BCH) ‒ House Greyjoy

Steal, rape, burn, kill ‒ that’s the main motto of Greyjoys. Therefore, there’s no big surprise in the fact that they’re ready to rip each other’s throats in order to catch the bonne bouche. As an illustration, we just recently saw the drastic encounters between ex-allies, almost brothers Roger Ver and Jihan Wu from one side, and Crag Wright & Calvin Ayre from another. Thanks to their inner quarrels not only the BCH rate hit rock bottom, but the whole market is still rubbing through its not-so-good times.

Litecoin (LTC) ‒ House Baratheon

The era of prosperity for the House started when Orys Baratheon (Charlie Lee) became the prime general of Aegon I Targaryen. He took the primal code from Aegon and made a similar currency ‒ but with a faster transaction speed. Some critics say that this is the one and only advantage of Litecoin. However, this spring the currency doubled in price and has all the chances to do the same soon, because in next to no time the reward for each block will drop from 25 to 12.5 LTC. Maybe, that’s what will cause Robert’s uprising in our alternative universe? 😉

EOS (EOS) ‒ House Martell

Dorne is ‒ and always was ‒ a cradle of democracy. It is a single place where women are able to become knights or inherit the crown. In order to make a kingdom-scale resolution each habitant of Dorne (even the poorest churl) has to choose his 21 block producer, whereas each of them will create 12 blocks per round. There are lots of talks about Martells ‒ some say they’re planning to replace Starks, edge out Targaryens on their (for now) Iron Tron, befool all Seven Kingdoms and scurry away beyond the Narrow Sea. As for now, they are the society’s favorites, and the rest we’ll see in time.

Binance COIN (BNB) ‒ House Tyrell

“I’ve known a great many clever men. I’ve outlived them all” ‒ tells us Olenna Tyrell (Changpeng Zhao), and we can’t but agree with the truth behind those words. Indeed, is there any need to enter the field of technological competitions and rivalry, when some money and a drip of cunning is all it takes for the House to thrive? Yet, even Tyrells aren’t entirely unfamiliar with conflicts. They earned public respect, as well as a few extra peaks to the BNB rate after their “persistent campaign” against Craig Wright. However, don’t be fooled ‒ the next day the volatile nature of Tyrells might backfire on you.

Tether (USDT) ‒ The Iron Bank of Braavos

Traders, who were lucky enough to escape from the Valyrian slaveholders, found a godforsaken iron mine, installed a massive iron door, and started to lend coins to everyone who’ll ask. But the great Iron Door might soon serve the quite opposing needs by protecting the indebted owners from the unruly crowd of users. BitMEX used 850 million USDT to cover up the losses, which resulted in stablecoin being covered by the fiat money only for 75%. That’s the way the Valar Dohaerises, boys and girls.

Stellar (XLM) – House Arryn

“As high as honor” is told about the family, which lives in the Eyrie. Wise Jon Arryn (Joyce Kim) is the greatest apostle of peace among all the Westeros Houses. To put the words into action, he helps rivals with fast and simple currencies exchange. On behalf of Arryns’ nobility states the fact that no other than Jaime Lannister (Jed McCaleb) recently joined the House. And Jaime by himself is almost saintlike in the eyes of cryptoworld.

Cardano (ADA) ‒ House Tully

Tullys joined the War of Conquest on the Aegon’s side, and thanks to their farsightedness the House earned the title “Lords of Riverrun.” The head of The House, Hoster Tully (Charles Hoskinson), conveniently married all of his daughters, thereby scraped up a fortune. But that’s when the well being of the family started to decay. The House of Tully still comes into the top ten Great Houses of Westeros, but the opponents already look over its shoulder.

TRON (TRX) — White Walkers

As legends say, the white walkers were created by the Children of Forest (rich celestials). Their magic allows them to bring back the dead, just like it happened with BitTorrent. They don’t sleep or feel tiredness and could be massively met on Twitter, where they dog their day-and-night watch. Night’s Watch witnesses state that their course lies somewhere far away from the Great Houses of Westeros. Still, there is always a possibility that the Night King (Justin Sun) will rustle up with an ice dragon of some kind and quickly breach the Wall. Vitalik Snow stands guard on the safety of cryptoworld and warns us about the impending danger approaching from where we don’t expect it.

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In Blockchain we trust!
9  Economy / Scam Accusations / Forexes for 50 million, stoned surfers and hungry Uzbeks on: May 13, 2019, 09:46:43 AM
We chose 3 fresh ICOs that we can laugh about but not to invest in any way. Look at it 👇😉
Originally published at, cryptocats! Looks like with this trend on IEO we completely forgot something from where it all began. About our beloved ICO. And there, by the way, everything is still fun, scammy and highly inadequate.
For example, a startup with the surprisingly complex name Ahrvo has already collected 3 million of the hardcap 50 million bucks. And this is not all fun and games.
Almost the entire project team is working in the Indian cube farm. Only the Founder and CEO, Appo Agbamu , don't hamstering on it. Although, it is possible that this is a fake character. All the information about him on the Internet is somehow connected with Ahrvo ICO.
In the project advisors, there is Michael Soeterbroek , the founder of scam-ICO Cewnote . And also the full namesake of Chelsea and Milan's ex-football player Michael Essien. And some Magnum, P.I., who didn't even consider as necessary to mention a startup which he advises to his LinkedIn profile .
The platform has been working since last winter. Google Play displays a little over a thousand downloads and many many fake reviews. On the AppStore, you can find them too.
The purpose of the platform is in displaying the forecasts for the securities rate for the users. This is how amateur traders can earn a lot of money on it. For only 60 bucks a month 🙂
Why do these startupers need ICO? They say that on Blockchain everything will work faster and clearer. But in fact, they just want to collect some cash. Don't even think about giving them a dime.
Remember Point Break, the movie starring young Keanu Reeves? Well, this one where Flea and Kiedis were playing bandits, and everyone skated the boards? Apparently, this movie inspired the founders of Sportcash One for the search of adventures. But with such a video nobody will give them any money .
The idea of ​​a startup is quite intricate. Here you can find the connection between athletes, brands, and fans, and promotional tokens for using the platform, and stablecoin tied to the euro.
In short, the boys overthought. Maybe they surfed the too many waves, and the sun hit in their heads or smoked too many weed.
The guys want to collect 5 million euros for this abstruse crap. What for? For liquidity, they say.
So, we're skateboarding in Brazil and it's lit. But something is missing in life. Oh right, we miss stablecoin tied to the euro. And how do we ensure its liquidity? We collect 5 million euros on ICO. Bingo! It seems that in the ICO crowd only psycho and scammers left 🙂
And closes our today's review Sesame Token . The level of scam in this ICO is determined instantly. You look at the team, and there are a bunch of Uzbeks and Shovon Hossain of our article about the shitadvisers in the role of CMOs.
The business plan of the guys, indeed, is revolutionary. To start a food delivery service on Blockchain. The delivery is not on time - you don't pay, the food is cold - you don't pay. Of course, Blockchain was invented exactly for that. Oh, I forgot about AI and ML. Where would you go in a scam startup without these loud headlines?
On ICO, Sesame Token team plans to collect 6 million bucks. What's even more pleasing is that the third part of the budget the project that has absolutely fucking nothing plan to put on marketing.
What is the reason to invest in Sesame Token? It seems like in the whitepaper it is not explained. Either for the food to be delivered hot or for the restaurant tables to always available. Confusing. Look at their that looks more like a bakery, not a Blockchain startup, and you can freely order a pizza. Pizza is better than 99% of ICOs. It won't betray and will leave a satisfying aftertaste 🙂
Thanks for your attention, friends, and see you soon. Comment on our work and help expose scammers. Together we will win!
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10  Economy / Scam Accusations / Get out! Airsave Travel IEO wants to raise 10 million for the pyramid scheme on: May 04, 2019, 02:03:33 PM

A hypnotist from London, referral profits, fake member of the team – this scam has everything that we love. 

Hi, cats! We already told you about the ditch service Exmarkets Launchpad that is happy to sale any scam on IEO. These dudes seem not to read us and continue to mine their dirty business. Well, no fucking way we leave it like this. So sit back and enjoy the investigation about Airsave Travel IEO on
11  Other / Politics & Society / CZ Show. How the market reacts to Binance’s boss tweets on: April 26, 2019, 12:49:16 PM

Based on data

He thanks subscribers, fights with hackers, and defends Hodlonaut there

P.S. The last time Bitcoin has to-the-moon moment the BNB token reached $ 24.46 (0.017).

Investing in a scam – a shitton of money. Subscribing to Shitcoinoffering – priceless.

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12  Economy / Reputation / Faketoshi. How did Craig Wright end up like this on: April 26, 2019, 12:46:04 PM

The Australian fraudster is suing the family of the late companion and replaced Ver as the main evil of the cryptocurrency world.
Read the original article on

This is Dave Kleiman. In 1986, he enlisted in the US Army, where he was recognized as a soldier of the year. Let’s agree that this is an exceptional success for a helicopter mechanic. All thanks to the technical talent of Dave and his responsible attitude to the service. Four years later, he was demobilized and started to work for the Palm Beach County police.

“Why the fuck are you doing this with such impressive experience?” Asked a colleague Kleiman, to whom he presented the first computer with games for his daughter. “I always dreamed about it. Since childhood I loved movies about cops,” answered Kleiman and at the same time, he studied programming languages.

They came in handy when, in 1995, he was in a wheelchair due to a motorcycle accident. Joe Swanson will be created much later, so Dave left the police service and began working in IT. There he started to earn some good money and has founded the corporation Computer Forensics LLC with his partners. But that was not the end of his troubles. In 2010, he was diagnosed with serious body lesions from methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus. And three years later, he was found in his house rotting with alcohol, excrements, and fire guns.

Kleiman’s friends say that he discussed with them everything except for one topic: cryptography that he became interested in at the turn of the millennium. On this basis, he became acquainted with the Australian businessman Craig S Wright. There’s a theory that Kleiman was the real Satoshi Nakamoto. And Wright knew it but took all the glory to himself. Unsuccessfully. And now he is fighting off Ira Kleiman in court. He accuses Craig of misappropriating his brother’s 1.1 million BTC. Lawyers for the defendant are trying to convince the court that Kleiman only helped Wright to edit the Bitcoin protocol and had no rights to it. And the only Satoshi is the brilliant Australian himself, the person who invented the multi-billion dollar industry and stuff.

But the defense has one small yet important blind spot: Craig cannot prove that he is Satoshi. And trying to fuck everyone up. But it doesn’t work. For example, Reddit users have discovered that this allegedly written on behalf of Kleiman letter was sent 2 years after his death and with a spelling error in the name of the deceased.

Why is the Kleiman case indicative for characterizing Wright as a person? Because he failed his businesses like DeMorgan and Hotwire. And then he met Dave and suddenly got to the roots of Bitcoin. That, in fact, is currently his primary asset. At the same time, he didn’t help Kleiman when he was dying of parasites, and now his lawyers also claim that he was nothing but Sancho Panza for Don Quixote.

Of course, when you have protection in the person of Calvin Ayre, the grandmaster of parties with coke, twerk, and children, you may think that you’re blessed personally by God.

But it’s not a reason to fight the Twitter community putting the bounty on the real personal data of your critic Hodlonaut, suing Vitalik Buterin, Adam Beck and other less promoted cryptocats, saying in every interview that BTC will soon cost 30K bucks, and he knows this for sure because he is the real Satoshi. Although, maybe Vitaly called him a complete psycho and for a good reason. Otherwise, it is difficult to understand 155 patent applications for cryptocurrency innovations for the 2 fucking years. And this is way more even than Elon Musk invented in one episode of “The Simpsons” 🙂

I don’t like that people on the hype train, like CZ, pick on Wright and delist BSV to trigger the growth of their tokens. But this guy deserved it. Most recently, Ver, with his drug cartels and Mt Gox background, looked like the biggest villain of the crypto world. However, Craig saved his main antipode just right now. He is so disgusting to everyone that you can blame him for all mortal sins: from the winter nosedive of BTC (this, by the way, is very likely) to the Notre-Dame de Paris fire.

Wright’s ostracism from the crypto crowd will be an excellent precedent for its future development. We are all like-minded people here, fighting for the progress and decentralization, against banks, bureaucracy, and corporations. And we can win only if we’ll go along the general course. Without scam, bullshitting, and sneaky people: those who are ditching friends and starting useless wars only to enrich themselves and satisfy their ego.


The place of Wright and Ayre is on the outskirts of history. Maybe they have BTC and mining power. But they don’t have the most important things: trust and respect. Rest in peace, Dave Kleiman. I sincerely hope that justice will prevail, the court will put down the lying bitch kangaroo in the name of your memory and family. Amen. 

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13  Economy / Scam Accusations / VenusEnergy SCAM on: April 10, 2019, 11:03:48 AM
What happened::
Nothing have happened yet but VenusEnergy project is going to be scam.
Why VenusEnergy is a scam?


Because with this idea ( it’s a sharing of computing power that is extracted with the help of renewable energy) only scams come to the sale. Good examples are Swiss Alps Mining and Togacoin.
Because 70% of the project’s whitepaper is pure populism about how you can make money on the crypto and the horrors of the greenhouse effect.
Because 70% of the project’s whitepaper is pure populism about how you can make money on the crypto and the horrors of the greenhouse effect.
Because with analytics like their’s, the guys need not to create a startup for tons of money, but to try to get into college.
Scammers Profile Link:
Reference Link:
Amount Scammed:
$34 mln
Payment Method:
Fiat, crypto
PM/Chat Logs:

Additional Notes:
14  Economy / Scam Accusations / Keplertek SCAM - collected $14 mln and are preparing for an exit on: April 03, 2019, 11:09:54 AM
What happened::
Kepler Technologies collected 14 million bucks and are preparing for an exit
Scammers Profile Link:
Reference Link:
Amount Scammed:
$14 mln
Payment Method:
Fiat, crypto
Proof of Payment:
PM/Chat Logs:

Additional Notes:

15  Economy / Scam Accusations / Keplertek scam - collected $14 mln and are preparing for an exit on: April 03, 2019, 09:09:34 AM
Reuben Godfrey was earlier exposed as a scammer by being involved in exit scam projects. When we mentioned him the first time, he connected us in Telegram and asked to delete an article because he as he said, he tried to do good things for crypto and we had been damaging his reputation. After near a half of the year he was involved in one more scam project - Keplertek.

The bearish market was blamed for the dismal performance and the rookie mistakes made by CEO and his advisor Reuben Godfrey.

Reuben Godfrey moved to Georgia, and started to  become active on the telegram groups and responding to the community personally. This is rather strange behavior for an advisor.

He also told me in Telegram he would sue to shitcoin offering.
16  Economy / Reputation / Reuben Godfrey on: April 03, 2019, 09:08:02 AM
Reuben Godfrey was earlier exposed as a scammer by being involved in exit scam projects. When we mentioned him the first time, he connected us in Telegram and asked to delete an article because he as he said, he tried to do good things for crypto and we had been damaging his reputation. After near a half of the year he was involved in one more scam project - Keplertek.

The bearish market was blamed for the dismal performance and the rookie mistakes made by CEO and his advisor Reuben Godfrey.

Reuben Godfrey moved to Georgia, and started to  become active on the telegram groups and responding to the community personally. This is rather strange behavior for an advisor.

He also told me in Telegram he would sue to shitcoin offering.

17  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Altcoin Discussion / IEO: Morton’s fork or salvation? on: March 27, 2019, 02:07:10 PM

Crypto startups are back on hype, now with the support of the exchanges – let’s talk about the new model of sales.

At the end of the 15th century, English King Henry VII was in sorrow. There was another war with France, and there was no money in the treasury at all. With this dilemma, the monarch turned to his Chancellor John Morton. He thought for a while and decided to oblige those who spend heavily on banquets, receptions, and other attributes of luxury (after all, it’s logical that they have too much money). And also those who live modestly (they must have saved a lot for a rainy day). This electoral principle went down in history as the “Morton’s fork.” And the common people for not being able to choose the lesser of two evils less aptly called it “iguanas-ranas.”


The fast-growing hype around Initial Exchange Offering can bring the cryptocurrency market back to the level of January 2018. And this is good news. In addition, investor confidence in projects grows: the times of ICO and the ubiquitous ditching seem to be long gone. But skeptics are in no hurry to invest in the whole stack and warn: IEO may turn out to be the same shit as ICO. Is it so?


What’s the difference between ICO and IEO?

Read in the article
18  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Service Announcements (Altcoins) / [ANN] Shitcoin Offering - A prison for scammers on: March 20, 2019, 01:18:47 PM
This project is supported by crypto enthusiasts and other people who give a shit about blockchain and open technologies. We believe in decentralisation and that technology will help make our future better and governments more transparent while reducing corruption and all that other stuff too.

But we can't stand idly by in the face of what is happening at the moment. The industry is expanding like a bubble pumped full of speculative money as fraudsters profit from unsuspecting investors. More than 90% of the projects raising millions of dollars will never be launched.

On the one hand, we fully support the free market, but we can't sit on our hands while hundreds of fraudsters and crooks destroy the industry we love either.


The team chooses the projects, cryptos and ICOs that it considers important to discuss with the public.
If a project seems interesting to anyone in the team, we'll probably cover it. But we are physically unable to write about everything. This takes time and it's not our everyday job.
If you want to criticise the team for writing about Project A and not Project B, do us a favour and fuck off.
If you have anything to say about Project B, you can always send us some information about it or even a complete overview. Anonymously. We'll post it if we deem the information worthy.

Telegram: @shitco; (
19  Economy / Scam Accusations / HYGH STO. Tokio Hotel on Blockchain on: March 19, 2019, 11:52:56 AM
What happened::
German teenagers decided to hustle on cheap outdoor advertising
Scammers Profile Link:
Payment Method:
Additional Notes:
20  Economy / Scam Accusations / JPMorgan Coin. Why crypto is clearer than banks on: March 07, 2019, 02:36:31 PM
What happened::
Funding of the biggest financial pyramid, bribes to members of the Chinese government and loan slavery for war veterans. The bank that launched the “Ripple’s killer” is a hell of Satan.
Scammers Profile Link:
Reference Link:
Amount Scammed:
$35 mln
Payment Method:
Fiat, crypto
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