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1  Economy / Digital goods / [WTS] Four ( 4 ) x $100 Amazon Digital Codes [legit, will never expire] - $77/ea on: December 16, 2015, 01:32:39 AM
I have four of them in my inbox.  I got them for working a shit load of overtime.  Went on a little shopping spree and still have a bunch left over.

BTC only, $85 equivalent.  

Now only $77 USD (BTC equivalent)!  Wowzah!

You go first or you find/pay for escrow.  

2  Economy / Digital goods / [Closed] on: December 08, 2015, 12:38:58 PM
Didn't realize this was such a nasty market now.  Used to do this a couple years ago without much flak...

3  Economy / Computer hardware / $1 / $2 / $3 Sale - or just make me an offer on all these fucking risers! on: August 20, 2014, 11:16:15 PM
Yeah, I was one of the many people who bought risers from China and sold them on here, but I placed way too big of an order way too late in the game and now I have all these worthless fucking things taking up room in my garage.

I'm selling these way below cost, so here is what I am looking for... but seriously any offer will be probably be accepted.  The only stipulation is that you must pay shipping.

1x to 1x PCIe Ribbon Riser - $1 each

1x to 16x PCIe Powered Ribbon Riser - $2 each

1x to 16x USB Powered Riser - $3 each

BTC or USD accepted.

PM me since I don't get on the forums much.

I have over 50 of each style, and am looking to get rid of these ASAP.   
4  Economy / Currency exchange / Deleted on: May 27, 2014, 01:28:03 AM
Got antsy and got some off Coinbase instead Cheesy

Patience wins.
5  Economy / Computer hardware / Hundreds of riser cables for sale - make me an offer on: May 21, 2014, 11:01:43 PM
Anyone still using these to mine?  I have been so busy with my new job that I don't have time to devote to mining at all.

Looking for someone interested in buying in bulk for dirt cheap.  

Lot contains:
~100 1x to 1x Ribbon PCIE Riser Cables
~80 1x to 16x Ribbon PCIE Riser Cables - molex powered
~50 1x to 16x USB PCIe Riser Cables - USB powered

Also have 3x Radeon 5850s for sale.  

Need to clean out my garage!

(I'll update this post with pictures and exact list if anyone is interested)
6  Economy / Computer hardware / [WTS] Custom Aluminum Open Air Mining Rigs - Made in USA! on: March 01, 2014, 09:39:35 PM

For Sale and Pre-Order! 
Custom Aluminum Open Air Mining Cases

Available now!  These custom designed cases are American made and ship from Dallas, TX.  I currently have stock on hand and will also be taking pre-orders for the next shipment of  aluminum.  The base unit comes with pre-drilled holes for motherboard standoffs and GPUs.  For those wanting more support for the PSU, an optional support bracket is available.  For those wishing to add a HD support, that is also available.  These units are stackable and stable.

Base Price $109

- Custom design allows optimum air flow for GPU mining
- Predrilled holes for ATX motherboard standoffs
- Predrilled holes to secure GPUs
- Easy assembly
- Made in the USA

Stackable unit dimensions:
Outside dimensions 25.5" x 9.5" x 15.5"
Inside dimensions 24" x 8" x 11"


HD support bracket - add $10

PSU support brackets:
1 PSU - add $15
2 PSU - add $25

Shipping prices (USA Only)
Priority Mail (2-day) - $17.95
Standard post (7-10 days) - $12.95
International deliveries available - please PM for price quote

Bulk discounts available.  PM me for more details.
Custom orders available.  PM me for details.

Webite coming soon!  Currently working out some kinks with shipping.

Any questions, feel free to ask!  Also, my business partner, joshvette001, will be available to answer any inquiries.  We will likely be moving the operation to Michigan in the near future and hopefully be able to offer a hosting solution as well.

If you need riser cables, be sure to include that as well.  I currently have 1x to 1x, 1x to 16x (powered), and 60cm USB style riser cables in stock and ready to ship.

Lead-time for pre-orders is 2-4 weeks but likely less than that as the aluminum shipments have been very quick.


Closer look at the feet

Shows the stacking connectors

Top unit - has no stacking connectors on top

The units stacked

A closer look at the PSU Support bars:

7  Economy / Computer hardware / Gauging Interest for Open-Air Aluminum Cases for GPU Mining - Ships from USA on: February 11, 2014, 09:06:13 PM
I finished up my first prototype for an aluminum case and have done pricing analysis for both a stackable and a non-stackable version.  

These are the pictures of the prototype, but there will be a few slight changes as I made it just a little bit too tall.  They will be predrilled for Motherboard, PSU, and GPU mounting.  Both version will support up to 6 GPUs.

Dimensions for the unstackable version: 24x10x8
Dimensions for the stackable version: 24x10x8

Pricing is not set in stone, but will likely be $169 for the nonstackable, and $199 for the stackable.
(edited:  I miscalculated the cost of the aluminum company precutting the aluminum.  I may reduce costs by building a proper workshop and doing it myself.)

I'm in talks with the aluminum company about reducing the costs by getting a discount on a large order.  Not really looking to sell this as a pre-order, but if there is a large enough interest then I might change my mind on that to reduce costs further and hopefully lower the price.  The pictures below are just for the non-stackable prototype.  

These will be ready to ship within 7-10 days.  Have the aluminum for 1-2 units right now, with another order on the way.  

Out of aluminum.  Waiting for a large shipment this week.  Going to put up a site to take custom orders and post some more detailed pictures.

8  Economy / Services / CLOSED on: February 10, 2014, 05:14:42 PM
Hello, I am lazy and not a very talented artist, so I want to pay someone to turn this sketch into a logo for a website.

The site name will be Target Hash and here is the logo that I sketched up on some graph paper.  Please submit your designs to me either in this thread of via PM.

If you charge more than 0.1btc that is fine, let me know what your price is and if I like the design then I will go with it.

Looking for something by this weekend as someone is assisting with setting the site up right now.

Feel free to deviate from my sketch and throw in your own creative ideas as well.  

Closed.   Congrats to gjeric for his submission. 

Paid 0.1 BTC
9  Economy / Services / Closed. on: February 09, 2014, 01:34:36 AM
I am looking for someone to set up OpenCart software on a website for me and help support me with getting Paypal and Bitpay accepted through it.

I have some knowledge of PHP, SQL, and HTML, but I don't have the patience to learn this right now and need it set up quickly. Preferably in the next week or so.  There will only be a few items (3-5) initially but I would like notes on how to add additional items in the future or I could even pay more for that additional support in the future if necessary.

I have not registered the site yet and can do so on whatever hosting site you prefer.  

The bounty for this is not yet determined, and I am open to all offers.  Prefer to pay in Bitcoin.  Probably 0.2-0.6 BTC depending on the final product.

10  Bitcoin / Mining support / PCIe Riser Cable only working in 1 of 5 x16PCIe slots... on: February 02, 2014, 03:39:56 PM
Good morning everyone!

Last night I decided to try and consolidate a few mini-rigs that I had and put 4 GPUs on one motherboard instead of having them spaced out between 3 PCs that were set up to mine when idle.

Anyways, I built the rig, got the cards raised with PCIe x1 to x16 risers.  Everything looked sweet and ready to go, but then when I fired it up the only card that was recognized while on a riser was the one in the PCIE4 slot.  I tried the following to no avail:

1) Tried switching the risers out to see if the cards would pick up in the other slots with the confirmed working riser
2) Tried removing the risers, getting the cards to be recognized in Windows 7, then rising them
3) Tried swapping the cards around to ensure that all cards could be recognized in PCIE4 with a riser - they could but no other spot recognizes any card with the risers

After that, I decided to just try and get all 4 of the cards mining to see how it goes, so I put a card in PCIE1, PCIE5, and PCIE6 and used the riser in PCIE4.  Success... for about 5 minutes.  Had all of the cards hashing away and then after a few minutes GPU3 got sick, then the computer froze and wouldn't restart.  I removed GPU3, got the computer back up and running with 3 GPUs, and then GPU2 got sick and the computer froze and restarted.  Then I removed that and said "screw it" and I am just confused now. 


System Specs:
PSU: Thermaltake Toughpower Grand TPG-1200M 1200W
Mobo: MSI 890FXA-GD70
RAM: 4GB Corsair DDR3
GPUS: 3x5850, 1x6950
Risers: x1 to x16 molex powered risers

My hypothesis is the motherboard is just on it's last leg and that is why the risers only work in one (seemingly random) PCIE slot.  The next steps I am going to try before declaring the Mobo worthless for mining is to install Linux and see if that clears anything up.  Never worked with Linux before so tomorrow is going to be a fun day Cheesy

Any help is much appreciated.  Thanks!
11  Bitcoin / Mining / Network hashrate to triple in the next 45 days? How?? on: December 31, 2013, 03:02:43 PM
Next difficulty change:  Block #278208
Next difficulty projection:   1,393,489,370 @ 11:30PM CDT 1/1/2014 (+18%)
Actual difficulty after change: 1,418,481,395 @ 11:58PM CDT 1/1/2014 (+20%)

So I was off by ~24M, or 2%...

Based on my calculations, between 6/29/2013 and 12/21/2013 there were 16 difficulty jumps, averaging an increase of 28.75% in difficulty and a 29.12% increase in hashrate with each jump.

The current network hashrate is ~9.7 PH/s and if these increases continue at this pace then by February 14th, 2014 there will need to be a network hashrate of ~34.2 PH/s, an increase of over 250%.

So how big is an increase of 25 PH/s?  Well it depends a lot on how many ASICs are going to deliver in the next month.

ASIC Miner obviously is good on delivering their products, but they would need to release a ton of Cubes (657,895 to be exact) to make that type of dent in the hashrate.  CoinTerra looks promising but they haven't actually shipped a unit yet and don't plan to until March/April 2014.  Neither has HashFast, and they appear to be more of a concern of non-delivery judging from some of the posts that I have seen.

I can see the hashrate skyrocketing once the multi-TH/s units are actually being delivered, but as of now it looks to me like the difficulty is going to grow much more slowly than we have been seeing and maybe the 14% increases we saw in November will be similar for the next month or two.   We should know today or tomorrow, but I am guessing the next increase will only be ~15% and the following one should be even less than that.  Until the next generation of ASICs are actually plugged in and mining, I can't see these large increases sustaining.  I'd love to see a decrease in difficulty, but I am not sure that will ever happen again.  Until then I think we will all get to enjoy a good start to 2014 with small increases for at least the first two months.   There simply isn't enough power coming out in the next couple of months to increase the hashrate at the rates we have seen in the past 6 months.

So, yeah, tell me why I am wrong Cheesy

12  Economy / Computer hardware / [IN STOCK] PCIe risers - All Types USB / Ribbon - $5 and up - Ships same day! on: December 23, 2013, 11:45:09 PM

1x to 16x molex Powered USB style PCI-e Risers
60cm cable length

Qty available:  70

QTY 1-3:  $13 USD each
QTY 4-9: $12 USD each
QTY 10+: $10 USD each

1x to 16x molex Powered PCI-e Risers
19cm cable length

Qty available:  115

QTY 1-3:  $10 USD each
QTY 4-9: $9 USD each
QTY 10+: $8 USD each

1x to 1x molex unpowered PCI-e Risers
19cm cable length

Qty available:  100

QTY 1-3:  $5 USD each
QTY 4-9: $4 USD each
QTY 10+: $3 USD each

$5 to USA flat-rate. PM me for international orders.

If you want me to ship it internationally, you will pay the expense.

I accept Bitcoin and Paypal... will also entertain any alt-coin offers.  

13  Economy / Lending / [CLOSED] Any nice people out there want to loan $1540 USD? on: December 19, 2013, 03:44:31 PM
Scottrade decided to stick me in the butt by taking 7-10 days instead of the normal 2-3 business days that I had been accustomed to when transfering funds from my brokerage account to my bank account.

I have a purchase order from Shenzhen for a boat load of PCIe risers, but I am supposed to pay tomorrow.  Scottrade said my funds should be in my bank account on Saturday or Mornday.  Need to Western Union a payment to them tomorrow to ensure the price that I got on the goods.

Figured I would try here, but I know that it won't end well, so I am going to be giving some friends and family after work so hopefully someone comes through.

So angry with Scottrade right now.  
14  Other / Off-topic / Eat a dick Scottrade! on: December 19, 2013, 03:23:27 PM

So I sold some of my damn FNMA shares (Fannie Mae) on Monday to try to get some funds in my bank account to pay for a purchase order from Shenzhen.... but that shit is due tomorrow and apparently Scottrade wants to keep my shit pending until Monday.  Hopefully they let me extend or I am SOL on a boat load of cheap PCIe risers...

Meanwhile FNMA is +5% today and I am hating life

 Angry   Angry   Angry

/end rant
15  Bitcoin / Mining support / AT&T UVerse - ASICMiner Cube Solution (same default IP as router) on: December 17, 2013, 10:26:37 PM
AT&T UVerse - ASICMiner Cube Solution [With Pictures]

Alright, well long story short, I got my Cube about 24 hours ago, finally got it working now.  The main problem that I had was that my IP address of my router was the same as the default IP address of the Cube.  So, here is my guide to working around that - with pictures.  I needed it spelled out for me because this was more networking than I have done in a very long time.

1)  Plug in power and ethernet connectors to the Cube and get it connected to the router via Cat5.  I'll assume you have already read Dogie's set-up guide (here:  and are reading this because you are stumped after a few hours of trial and error.

2)  Now that your Cube is plugged in, go to your router address - UVerse default is - then click on Wireless and then DHCP.  Click Configure Manually and enter the information like I have below.  You don't need to necessarily use the same First and Last DHCP Addresses that I have, but 149 addresses is more than enough for me, so I left it that way. 

3) Next change the computer in which you will be running the mining_proxy.exe file on, to the following IP:  - To do this, again go to the router (you will likely need to recconect after changing the IP of the router), this time and click on Wireless then click on IP Address Allocation  (See the image below if you need help with finding this)

4) Run ipconfig.exe to ensure that your IP and Gateway are set-up correctly. 
Start Menu -> Command Prompt -> cd\windows\system32\ -> ipconfig
See the picture below.

5) Make sure you know your login and password from Slush's Pool ( ).  This sounds stupid, but more than a few people have let this stump them for an hour or more including myself after switching back and forth between trying to get Slush's pool to work and trying to get BTC Guild to work.  I am going to try BFGMiner in a little bit and include that if I get it up and running but I want to mine for a little bit since I finally got connected to something! 

6) Next fire up your mining_proxy.exe with this command line:
mining_proxy.exe -o -p 3333 -gp 8332
It shouldn't do anything right now since you still have to configure the cube.  Might look something like this, but results may vary:

7)  Last set up your Cube information by going to - this is the default address of the Cube, you may or may not have changed it.  I changed the IP to be in this example.  See the pictures for all of the information.  You should have all of the information now or at least see a picture as to where you can obtain that information.

Now if you click over the Mining Proxy window then you should see something like this, and hopefully you see your Cube hashing away now.  This was a stressful pain in the ass for me to set-up so hopefully this little guide helped someone.  The information was already out there, but it still took me a lot of time to get it all working.

16  Economy / Computer hardware / [WTS] 16x to 16x PCIe Riser Cables - unpowered - 19cm length on: December 14, 2013, 05:23:06 PM
This is a pre-order.  However, I will not be asking for anyone to pay until I have a ship date from the manufacturer.

After searching for a long time on the internet and finding only ridiculously priced cables, I decided to go ahead and order my own.  Last night I ordered and paid for a very large quantity of PCIe 16x to 16x Riser Cables.  They are 19cm in length. These are not molex powered.  The estimated ship date is (very vaguely) next month - Jan 2014. I will be updating this section when I receive updates from the manufacturer in China.

1-3 pieces:  $14.95/ea or
4-9 pieces:  $12.95/ea or
10-19 pieces: $10.95/ea or
20+ pieces: $8.95/ea or

(If you are wanting 50 or more, then contact me for a price.)

Shipping information will be provided at a date closer to when I receive the product.  Shipping will be from the USA (76017) and will likely only be available for USA/Canda.  However, if you are ordering a large quantity and don't mind paying international shipping then I will be able to provide that for you as well.  

Current Orders

None, be first

17  Economy / Computer hardware / [SOLD-OUT] 1x to 1x PCIe Riser Cables on: December 14, 2013, 04:46:17 PM
I currently have about 20 of these laying around.  Not sure if anyone is needing them or not, but if you need them let me know.

PCIe 1x to 1x Riser Cables - 15cm cable length

Used with 1x to 16x cables to make use of your 1xPCIe slot on your motherboard.  These can be daisy chained.

$6.95/ea via Paypal or 0.006btc (save when you pay with Bitcoin)

Shipping to USA:  $3.50 or 0.003btc
International shipping: inquire below

I am expecting to have 1x to 16x and 16x to 16x in stock soon, and will make a new post when I have all of the cables in stock.

18  Bitcoin / Group buys / [CLOSED] Please Delete on: December 06, 2013, 11:12:49 PM
It is not a great idea to go cheap on PSUs.


19  Economy / Lending / (silly) Investment Opportunity [CLOSED] on: December 04, 2013, 08:10:37 PM
Sold Out!  I got my Cube.  Hopefully I can report back that I made some $$$BTCBTCBTC

Everyone says it is foolish to loan money for mining purposes.  I am trying to prove this idea right by trying to find a logical and mutually beneficial way to do this and coming up short.

I currently am awaiting purchase of an ASIC Miner CUBE from CanaryInTheMine ( )
I have several extra power supplies laying around the house to power these things, but not enough Bitcoins to buy additional units

With the Cube that I purchase, I intend to mine with it for 2 months or until it makes less than 0.005btc per day or roughly $150/month, or around 5B difficulty, then attempt to sell it for BTC that will make BTCMined + SaleBTC greater than Cost of Cube + Cost of Electricity

I could easily run two of these!  If you buy one from the group buy and send it to me, I'll pay the shipping, and host the device.  I will send all of the BTC from mining BOTH UNITS to YOUR address until you receive the payback that you deserve according to the schedule below:

My electricity cost is .12/kwh and according to these are expected to profit until May and should net 1btc EACH by the end of January.  However, if you accept this then you will be paid back in full plus interest before I see a satoshi from the devices!

Proposed Rates:
If I pay you back On or before January 4th, 2014 I will pay back 1.15btc, 15% interest on a one month loan isn't bad!  I'll admit this is a long shot, though.  It is likely that it will be close to this payback at this point, but I will likely be paying back between January 4th and 15th, which at that point I will go up to 20% interest.

Projected date of payback would early January as long as the delivery from the group buy is on time.  However, if it does not hit 1.2btc by January 16th, then I will pay you back 1.25btc. I see no reason for this to happen as the majority of the heavy hitters (multi-TH/s machines) are not coming out until March 2014.  

So with that said...  Why would you want to do this when you could just order yourself and make more back?  It's Christmas time and maybe you don't have the time to be running an ASIC right now and you don't want to go through the hassle of setting up.  Or maybe the Elves (wife) got Santa's workshop (the garage) a little "occupied" right now!

None.  If I had the collateral to get the BTC to get another unit, I would.  I have about 9LTC I could put up as collateral but that is not enough to foot the 1BTC I am asking for... I have been on these forums a bit and have done transactions in the past but this is worth more than them.  If no one takes me up on this offer, it's likely that I might actually make more money because i won't have to pay back any interest.  And please feel free to do this yourself!  These Cube's are likely a good investment if you get them right now.

20  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Altcoin Discussion / CGMiner - WTF Blue Screen of death? on: November 26, 2013, 03:44:34 PM
Okay, so I am going to try and make this short and sweet (edit:  I failed).  Sunday I was running 2x5850's and mining just fine and dandy...

I went to put in another 5850 that I had just purchased, and I ran into a little bit of a problem with the motherboard design.  It has 5 PCI-E slots, but the power button and the SATA connection are very inconveniently located, so I had to use a riser even though I didn’t want to.  Anyways, I had the riser so no big deal, rigged the 3rd card with some twist ties and rubber bands and cardboard to fit on the outside of the case.  Powered it up, all three cards are spinning.

Next, I figured Windows 7 was going to punch me in the face for adding another video card, and it did, but then I reinstalled Catalyst 13.1 and Windows decided that it liked all three cards and everything seemed to be running fine.

Then I tried my normal pool, Middlecoin, and cgminer would start up, freeze my computer, and then blue screen stop error (see similar image here:

I fiddled with it a little more, and still got the same results with Middlecoin…

Now this is where it gets interesting.  After a restart, I try a different pool, an old FTC batch file that I had, and it starts up fine.  Sees all three cards, but only two of them are mining.  The 3rd one is showing like 1200rpms, 0 hashes, and no other reliable figures.  

Decided to swap out the 2nd and 3rd cards, and got the same results.  Swapped out the PCI-E riser cable and still got the same results.  Then finally I decided to call it a night and remove the 3rd card.

Now, I tried to start up Middlecoin again, and it still freezes the computer and crashes.

So I was mining my primary pool with 2x5850s, and a few hours later not only did I fail to upgrade to mine my primary with 3x5850s, but I am now just mining my secondary with 2x5850s because I can’t get anything else to work.



/end rant
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