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1  Economy / Securities / Stocks! on: March 01, 2015, 06:46:47 PM
Share some stocks you are interested in!

Nothing posted in this thread should be acted upon without proper research and due diligence. Trading securities has the potential for complete financial devastation as I'm sure most people here know Grin. I don't know what things you have to say to relieve yourself of legal liability but don't be an idiot and everything in this thread is amateur opinion unless otherwise stated.

I currently have a thing for small cap biotech stocks, BTCut its extremely risky.

I'm currently holding:
NVIV - Invivo
ONVO - Organovo
ADXS - Advaxis

Currently interested in AMDA (Amedica) but I don't own any. 18M cap that may delist from NASDAQ but has an FDA approved product and 17% institutional ownership.

NVIV has done the best for me. +120% gain so far and has potential to up-list. Invivo has a neural spinal scaffold that facilitates the recovery of spinal cord injuries. The first two patients seem to have positive results up until now and it is reflected in the share price increase.

ONVO has a lot of potential if things go well but the CEO just released a letter to shareholders which may change the direction the company is going. A lot of short interest in this stock and if I can recall correctly there is a figure of something like 23 days to cover. Would be cool if there was a short squeeze. Also, I think there is an investor presentation on the 5th. Stock price is currently going down, even more so in after hours trading.

ADXS is a position I've recently entered and has done OK for me since I bought it, although Friday's 7.5% drop took me out of double digit unrealized return. They specialize in immunotherapies using engineered Listeria monocytogenes.

Debated between Off Topic and Securities thread so mods please move wherever you feel appropriate.
2  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / SNAPCHAT allows users to send money (through square)... on: November 17, 2014, 11:43:08 PM
I got a snapchat from Team Snapchat. It was a video of a girl sending a guy money to pay for a gift for their mother.

a) wut
b) Imagine if they integrated BTC using maybe Circle or Coinbase.
3  Bitcoin / Development & Technical Discussion / Is it possible to mine all BTC before 2140? on: November 16, 2014, 03:27:17 PM
I just woke up and had this thought in my head.

In the highly unlikely scenario all miners cooperated and...

1) All miners are taken off the network at the next difficulty re-target.
2) In the following two weeks difficulty is re-targeted to zero.
3) All miners then come online and exploit the difficulty.
4) Nobody attempts a 51% attack during the process.

...would the following be possible?

The introduction of 280 PH/s into a low difficulty network allows for greater than 4032 blocks to be mined at the end of two weeks following the re-target (the estimate of how many blocks would be found in 4 weeks had nothing changed is 4032 unless I've mistaken something). The entire process is repeated until all blocks are mined.

I would think that it would be possible since the network can only miss out on 100% of the 2016 blocks that would be mined in 2 weeks with nobody on the network, but the network can mine much greater than 100% of 2016 blocks for 2 weeks with a hash rate many orders of magnitude greater than the difficulty.

4  Economy / Auctions / OnePlus One Mobile Phone Invite on: September 08, 2014, 11:11:04 PM

For auction is an invite for the OnePlus One Mobile Phone. You can learn about the phone by google searching it. The invite is a link that allows you to sign into your OnePlus account and choose from the 16GB or 64GB version for purchase.

The invite says it expires in 24h but the way it is displayed makes it seem like it may be at the end of today, therefore please be warned I reserve the right to terminate this auction if I discover the invite has expired.

Bidding starts at: BTC0

Bids must be divisible (with no remainder) by: BTC0.01

Auction ends 22 hours from this posting.

I don't have time to deal with escrow so the winner will send BTC first with an email address and I will send the invite. I don't care if you disagree with this.

I will try to be as responsive as possible to questions. Have a nice day.
5  Bitcoin / Meetups / Madison Avenue Watch Week: May 5th - May 10th on: April 23, 2014, 12:59:37 AM

The 4th annual Watch Week is being held in New York City in the beginning of May. Is anybody from the bitcoin community attending this? I'll be making my way down there on Monday if none of my plans change. I'll definitely be checking out the Girard-Perregaux boutique since I have a 1945.

Many more watchmakers will be there so it should be interesting! Cool
6  Economy / Scam Accusations / [BEWARE] The user "Bono" is a scammer. Do NOT trust! on: January 06, 2014, 07:22:24 AM
What happened::

I saw Bono's thread about trading 32 LTC for 1 BTC. He was advertising prices slightly higher than BTC-e so it grabbed my interested. He had 1 positive feedback but it was such a new account I was skeptical at first. I looked through his posts to judge what type of user he/she was and see if I can spot any sign of an underlying motive for making posts under this user name (like making people think this person has been contributing to the forums and is not going for the long con). For the most part the posts seemed reasonable and, what some may think, substantive to the thread topic. He/She had also performed one previous trade of 30 LTC for 1 BTC and had one positive feedback from a reputable user (Tomatocage); therefore my guard was slightly lowered. My motive for this trade was sparked by the chance of arbitrage but mainly driven by an opportunity to increase my trust, which I see as something that could prove useful in the future. I had a "YOLO" moment and went for the deal, I see now that it proved detrimental. I'll be sure as shit have my guard up from now on, but please do not make the same mistake.

Scammers Profile Link:;u=202128

Reference Link:

Amount Scammed: 32 LTC - Advertised as having a cumulative value of 1 BTC at time of scam.

Payment Method: Litecoins

Proof of payment sent:
(The "Transaction Details" window is the focal point of this picture in case you can't find it with the vast Havelock window in the background.)

Proof of no payment received:
You can see below that I have not received the 1 BTC yet as there has been no deposit activity after the 3rd of January while Bono's thread was not even created until the 4th of January. You can also see in the screen shots of our private message exchange, I wanted him/her to send the 1 BTC to my Havelock account; luckily there is a log of all my account activity in Havelock that I can't modify.

PM/Chat Logs:

These are PM's I received. (Save for the very first messages which I can provide as well if wanted)

These are PM's I sent. (Save for the very first messages which I can provide as well if wanted)

Additional Notes: I advise you do not deal with this user.
7  Economy / Goods / [FEELER] Girard Perregaux Timepiece on: November 09, 2013, 12:13:33 AM
Girard Perregaux Vintage 1945 XXL 18kt Rose Gold with Moon Phase and Red Aligator Straps.

I have been going back and forth in my head for over half a year debating whether to sell this watch and I have now decided to test the waters. I am located in the USA. The watch spends its days locked in a safe. I do not have the box for it nor do I have papers for it. The watch was given to me as a gift. There is a Girard Perregaux store located at 701 Madison Avenue 10022 New York City. If the watch were to be sold the transaction would take place there where both parties are safe and the buyer can be assured that it is not a fake Girard Perregaux by the watch smith. If the buyer would, for whatever reason, rather not get the timepiece verified then the transaction would take place in a bank or other secure location. The specs are listed on the Girard Perregaux website but I am also listing them below:

REF : 25882-52-121-BB6B
Material : Pink gold
Dimensions / Diameter : 36.10 x 35.25 mm
Height : 11.74 mm
Case-back : Sapphire crystal, secured by 4 screws
Water resistance : 3 ATM (100 feet)
Movement : GP03300-0062, automatic
Caliber : 13 '''
Frequency : 28,800 Vib/h (4 Hz)
Jewels : 32
Power reserve : min. 46 hours
Functions : Hour, minute, small second at 6 o'clock, large date, moon-phases indicator

I've seen pricing all over the place for this watch. There is no Kelly Blue Book to look up the value. The price is $20,000 USD () but im willing to discuss the price. The moment before the exchange the value of BTC will be the spot price of BITSTAMP. The BTC will be sent to my address and once confirmed I will place the watch in your hand and we can go our separate ways. I am open to other methods of executing the transaction as well.

As for pictures, I don't know how to orient them. In the second and third photos one can see a film and red strip on the back of the watch. This is a protective sticker that I never took off. It can easily be removed, I just never did and since I almost never wore it I had no reason to.

Thanks for looking.

8  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / how much would you risk? on: July 12, 2013, 12:26:03 AM
i just graduated college in May and i have only an old car, 10 BTC, and maybe $5k in my bank account, oh and i have a $20,000 girard perregaux vintage 1945 style 18kt rose gold automatic watch with moon phase and an alligator strap. the watch sits in a safe, and often i forget i even have it. the thought of selling it for BTC crossed my mind a few times before, but now im wondering what other people would do.

if you are wondering how i aquired this watch, it was given to me by an interesting person who does not seem to care about material possessions.

and no i cant just ask for more money.
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