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1  Other / Politics & Society / Aaron Swartz - The Internets Own Boy - 2 years ago. on: January 12, 2015, 12:22:20 AM
On January 11th, 2013 our friend and Demand Progress co-founder Aaron Swartz took his own life.  Aaron meant so much to an untold number of people whom he’d touched as an activist, writer, technologist, and loved one.  

The act took place while he was under indictment — senselessly with up to 50 years in prison being held over his head — for allegedly downloading too many articles from the JSTOR academic cataloging service, using MIT’s open network.  As are so many, this case was built on a tenuous legal foundation, and so the prosecutors bullied Aaron to try to compel him to admit his guilt and accept a plea deal.  Aaron refused.

                                                   Never forgotten.
2  Bitcoin / Pools / CEX.IO "hacked"........? on: December 09, 2013, 11:07:07 PM
Thought I'd copy this over from the official thread so everyone could read it, seeing as nobody looks at their thread anyway - especially

3  Bitcoin / Mining / Cloud Mining: - The story so far….. on: November 26, 2013, 04:28:18 AM
Picture, if you will, a warehouse somewhere in Ukraine where three gentlemen are sitting around a table sniffing lines of powdered chips through rolled up computer hardware receipts….

Bosski1: *sniff* “Boyz!!  Look at us – we’re mining at full capacity, soon to be the biggest pool in the world & making a very handsome profit indeed – well done boyz!!”

Bosski2: *snort**sniff* “But it’s not enough Bosski – we should be making much more profit to enable us to continue with our powdered chip habit”

Ripovski: *sniff sniff* “But Bosski, we are already at maximum profit & 100% efficiency, I can’t squeak another millibtc out of the hardware”.

Bosski2: “Don’t be stupid Ripovski *sniff* just double spend some more, those idiots won’t notice anything…*sniff*”

Ripovski: *gulp* - *big sniff*”Erm, actually Bosski – I’ve been meaning to talk to you about that….”

Bosski1: “Why Ripovski? You look worried…..what’s happened?”

Ripovski: *big gulp* “Well Bosski, somebody found out about what we’ve been up to & posted about it to the entire world wide webz.”

Bosski2: “What!? I told you to cover your tracks Ripovski, & make sure the idiots couldn’t trace it back to us – how did this happen?”  *snort**sniff*

Ripovski: “Well Bosski, it seems they’re not all idiots like you thought – we’re busted.”

Bosski1: *snort* “Ripovski?”

Ripovski: *sniff* “Yes Bosski?”

Bosski1: “You’re fired!” *snort*

Ripovski: *sniff* “But Bosski……”

Bosski2: *snort* “Don’t worry boyz! Come back here Ripovski, I have an ingenious plan that will make us even more profit with no risk of being caught out by any more cleverdick idiots. Ripovski – I want you to design the prettiest, fanciest & most expensive looking website ever, we’re going to sell off our hash rate at more than twice the price it’s worth – and then charge the idiots to use it only on our pool– it’s perfect I tell you!!”

Bosski1: “I like it! This sounds very promising indeed….I’ll go straight to London & slip someone a few quid so that I can start a new company – that will put us in the clear when I write a statement to the idiots….Ripovski?”

Ripovski: “*sniff* “Yes Bosski?”

Bosski1: “You’re hired – get to work” *sniff*

Ripovski: “Erm, but Bosski – what idiot is gonna buy our hash rate at twice the price its worth & then pay to mine at our pool with it?”

Bosski2: “Ah, that’s the clever bit – we tell them they can sell it at any time they want for a profit, simple!”

Ripovski: “ But Bosski, to sell it at a profit, some idiot will have to want to pay even more for it – who’s gonna do that?”

Bosski1: “*sniff* “Another idiot probably. All we have to do is convince them that they are getting a good deal, right Bosski?”

Bosski2: “Exactly! And get this – this is the REALLY clever bit -*snort*- we, or rather you Ripovski, will control the price of the hash rate to ensure that we can’t make a loss – this will keep the idiots so busy trying to guess the market price that they won’t go anywhere else!”

Ripovski: “But Bosski, surely there can’t be that many idiots who will fall for our little plan? What if they realise what’s going on? It’s happened before”

Bosski1: “We’ll just do what we done before – ignore them. But don’t worry boyz, that won’t happen this time, Bitcoin is getting bigger every day - and there are hundreds of new idiots arriving daily with it - & they’ll all come straight to our pretty, shiney site that promises them wealth & stardom beyond their wildest dreams – isn’t that right Ripovski?”

Ripovski: *snort* “Erm, if you say so Bosski, yes”.

Bosski2: *snort* “Anyway, even if the idiots do cotton on to what we’re up to – we’ll be long gone swimming in wodka & caviar before they know it….”

Bosski1: “Ripovski!”

Ripovski: “Yes Bosski?”

Bosski1: *snort*“Make sure you cover our tracks properly this time – I don’t want to have to fire you, start another company & then hire you again…..”

Ripovski: “OK Bosski”


                                                                And they all lived happily ever after – The End (or is it?)

Right, before you all start – this is a fairy tale. Any similarity of characters, persons or companies to any real life entity is completely unintentional & must be a total freak of nature or something like that.


Or maybe it’s something to do with what I just smoked – it’s wicked this stuff……it’s like ESP or something, I dunno.
Anyway, expletives & CAPITOL LETTERS!!! can now be added at your leisure below – knock yourself out.

Be careful out there in Bitcoin mining land……. Wink
4  Bitcoin / Mining speculation / Erm, about this diff thing..... on: November 06, 2013, 12:11:27 AM
Did my diff just go up over 100 mill or am I far too mashed to be typing this  Huh

511? WTF is with that?
5  Other / Off-topic / Amazon cashing in. Just a bit. on: July 22, 2013, 11:31:18 PM
Need an Anker 10 port hub?  That'll be £10,000 to you sir........

I bet they still don't pay their taxes either.   Angry
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