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1  Economy / Services / Someone able to buy a epub ebook for me from amazon? on: January 26, 2014, 11:14:09 PM
thieves emporium

i search that as an epub..looks like it was free a few month ago on the internet but I cannot find it anymore.

Can somebody please help me Smiley
2  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / What is the fastest way to check 100's of wallet dat from different versions? on: November 28, 2013, 07:26:22 PM
What is the fastest way to check 100's of wallet dat from different versions for let over coins?

Even better they automatically get sent to new address...

Can somebody help me here?
3  Economy / Marketplace / ( SOLVED )Modified Linux Live System creation -> 5 BTC Bounty on: August 07, 2013, 04:03:41 PM

Please create a TinHat Linux version
with Wireless drivers and gnome network manager installed.

(Wifi &wwan drivers especially for Lenovo x230,x131 series )

other software to integrate into the Live/RAM System ->
Virtualbox (from oracle, not the OSE Version) + Extension Pack

Macchanger autostart for eth0,eth1,wlan0,wlan1,wlan2,wwan0



Offers please.  Should be possible to create in 16 hours maximum for somebody who is willing to do it ;

Tinhat Linux offers an easy way with the script to export a actual running system (with the programs above installed) to an ISO.

So the only work is to install the above programs and changes into a running system (possible in vbox) and then export to ISO.

Tinhat can take up to 5 minutes to startup..dont worry about any error messages...just give it its time Smiley

The bounty taker has to provide a written tutorial how he did it step-by-step !
4  Economy / Services / I need to buy Ireland Meteor.Ie Top Up Credit with BTC ! Anyone can help? on: April 20, 2013, 10:06:34 AM
The Title sez it all!
5  Local / Biete / 2x radeon xfx 6990 (Bastlerware) on: October 01, 2012, 11:35:58 AM

Ich habe 2x radeon xfx 6990 5780 ( wa betrunken).

Bei einer tut der Lüfter nicht mehr..die andere geht an sich, aber auf dem bildschirm erscheinen nur fraktale und sie wird sehr schnell heiss.

Einer von beiden fehlt der erste von 2 8pol stecker .

Mein Anfangsoffer wäre 40BTC 35BTC10  BTC, da ich sicher bin das die Fehler von jemanden der sich auskennt recht schnell behoben werden können

Sollten diese absolut nicht wiederhergestelt werden könnnen wäre ich gegen Rücksendung bereit auhh 90% des kaufpreises zu erstatten.

Somit hat der Käufer nur as Risiko vom porto.

Jemand Interesse..?

6  Economy / Services / Help me tracking down the IP to those transactions or following them now! on: August 25, 2012, 02:31:10 PM
I will pay for that !

I need the Ip from where those transactions are this possible?

thanks !
7  Economy / Services / [SOLVED]WAMPSERVER PROBLEM ! CAN SOMEBODY HELP ME MINIMUM 1 BTC BOUNTY ! on: June 26, 2012, 05:47:35 PM,85611

My problem is recovering an old version of my wampserver project so i can continue devloping !

Anyone knows how to help?
8  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / CNBC: We’re All Slaves to Central Banks THANKS BITCOIN I AM NOT ! on: June 26, 2012, 05:37:41 PM

From the comments and what i find to be true too!

Actually, you have been TAUGHT that deflation is a bad and frigtening thing... But US history tells us that deflation stabilizes prices, promotes savings and sound money, and creates growth that is proportionate to the inflationary policy the Fed has run since 1913. In other words, you were lied to. Just check the numbers for yourself. Deflation is a more sound approach to social fiscal engineering than inflation, but perhaps it would be much wiser to let the market decide, without the gov.

9  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / Pelase help me with that 1second idiocy of mine :) on: June 19, 2012, 12:35:13 PM
More than ever I am convinced Bitcoin will change this world to the better..

In an second of thougts I came across the Statue of Libertys inscripture and thought we can change it a little bit.

I am not an English speaking person so please excuse errors. That`s why i am asking for help!

Also I Aplogize to whomever might be offendend !

"Not like the brazen giant of Gold`s fame,
With conquering crypto astride from IP to IP;
Here at our data-washed, firewalled gates shall stand
A mighty coin with a code, whose flame
Is the imprisoned lightning, and it`s name
Fortress of Exiles. From her network-nodes
Glows world-wide welcome; it`s signature command
The air-bridged harbor that twin cities frame.
"Keep, ancient monies, your storied pomp!" cries Satoshi
With silent lips.
 "Give me your tired, your poor,
Your huddled masses yearning to breathe free,
The wretched refuse of your teeming fiat-money.
Send these, the homeless, tempest-tossed to me,
I lift my code beside the golden Coin!"

Would love to perfect this thing !
10  Economy / Services / [SOlved] I need a Ip x to weather y at time z query! 10 BTC bounty on: May 10, 2012, 03:46:25 PM

I have about 4 days of chat data (roughly 70 chats a day), along with the chatter's IP addresses.

I need a script or program to tell me what the weather was like at the location of the IP, at the time of the chat.

The script must look-up the location of the IP using a Geo location database, then take that location and look-up the weather at the time of chat.

I do not want the script to make a lot of queries as it may get blocked from submitting further queries, but 50 queries at a time should be OK.

The data is available in:
11  Local / Biete / Thinkpad L520, Lenovo, Schnäppchen 850€ / 200BTC UVP : 1289€ on: April 25, 2012, 02:01:13 PM
Verkaufe ein Top Lenovo Thinkpad Notebook zum Schnäppchenpreis, UVP. 1289 EUR

Technische Daten des Notebooks:

Model NYY5RGE Core i5-2540M 2x 2.60GHz 2048MB (1x 2048MB) 250GB DVD+/-RW DL Intel GMA (IGP) shared memory 4x USB 2.0/Gb LAN/WLAN 802.11bgn/Bluetooth 3.0/eSATA DisplayPort ExpressCard/54 Slot 4in1 Card Reader (SD/SDHC/SDXC/MMC) FingerPrint Reader Multi-Touch Trackpad 15.6" WXGA non-glare LED TFT (1366x768) Windows 7 Professional (64-bit) Li-Ionen-Akku (6 Zellen, 6.6h Laufzeit) 2.60kg sehr guter Zustand, wenige Monate alt, mit Originalverpackung und einer Tasche, gratis.

Wer sich bis  Freitag den 27. 17:00 Uhr Entscheidet zahlt nur 850€ / 200 BTC !
12  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / Business Idea - Social Network Faking / Relationship Renting on: April 20, 2012, 02:02:59 PM
I just watched smth shitty & creepy on tv..(I seldom watch) and it struck me as a good business idea..but I have too much to do with my own ideas Smiley+

So the thing goes like that.

People(women) offer their Virtual relationsship to guys , for example a hot girl gets to have a relationshsip @ facebook or wherever for about 4 weekswith me and i pay her for that privilege and to boast about it in front of whomever..

Most people tried put this offer on eby etc. but this offers are delete fast etc because of TOS..also how to enforce such an contract?

Belive me there are MANY MANY MANY peopel who like doing that.. and in my perfect world this si absolutley okay..imho its creepy and i wouldn´t like it..also i have my perfect girl Smiley..but that doesn could get more professional for having fake profiles for my emplyee or other idiots wanting a cut from my private life and i`ll just show them what they want to see ..the perfect family man / nice guy..

Bitcoin can be escrow and enformencent system..just put it in escrow and query the social network..and after the contrac is finished btc gets sent..this thing could be fully automated..and in a sense create a wholly new industry?  maybe theres already such stuff out there etc.. i didnt research probperly...maybe i began drinking too early this fiday ^^

but if you create such thing i would invest in it and also if u get a few btc send me just 5% Smiley

Have fun !
13  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / WTF IS THIS? on: April 18, 2012, 12:24:13 PM
I jsut came across this site...has anyone already heard about it ?

The BitMint is under construction in Tel-Aviv, Israel by a professional team led by BitMint Ltd, in cooperation with IBM, consistent with IBM "Smart Money" vision.

We are lining up corresponding banks and financial institutions around the world. For business inquiries please contact Mr. Amnon Samid, CEO. For technology inquiries please contact Prof. Gideon Samid, CTO.

BitMint technology is based on US Patent 6,823,068, and pending patents around the world.
14  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / Visa’s top-secret Operations Center / Bitcoin is so much cooler & cheaper :) on: March 26, 2012, 09:15:28 AM

SOMEWHERE ON THE EASTERN SEABOARD – Prisons are easier to enter than Visa's top-secret Operations Center East, its biggest, newest and most advanced U.S. data center.

The 8-acre facility looks like any other industrial park in a sleepy suburb. But the serene setting masks hundreds of cameras and a crack team of former military personnel. Hydraulic bollards beneath the road leading to the OCE can be quickly raised to stop an intruding car going 50 mph. Any speed faster, and the car can't navigate a hairpin turn, sending it into a drainage pond that functions as a modern-day moat.

The data center resembles a fortress, with dogged attention to detail. It can withstand earthquakes and hurricane-force winds of up to 170 mph. A 1.5-million-gallon storage tank cools the system. Diesel generators onsite have enough power, in the event of an outage, to keep the center running for nine days. They generate enough electricity for 25,000 households.

Once you get clearance from a guard station, get an OK from a roving security guy in a golf cart, and surrender a photo and fingerprint inside, the adventure begins.

There are plenty of reasons for the airtight security. Billions, in fact.

In an era when mobile purchases on smartphones and tablets are expected to grow 73% to $11.6 billion in the U.S. this year, security is a necessary obsession at OCE — and an acknowledgment of the perils posed by profit-minded hackers.

Mobile payments are just a trickle of the more than 200 million daily transactions processed here and at one other Visa data center in North America.

"We're at the forefront of data centers," says Rick Knight, head of global systems operations and engineering. "Now everyone has to do it."

The fortress is home to the facility's 130 workers, who are entrusted with the arduous task of keeping hackers out and the network up.

OCE is a "Tier 4" center, a certification from data center research organization Uptime Institute that requires that every mainframe, air conditioner and battery have a backup.

To meet such lofty standards, Visa has poured hundreds of millions of dollars annually into developing state-of-the-art risk-management technology. VisaNet's services include transaction risk scoring, data encryption and transaction alerts. It all adds up to highly accurate models to identify and address potential fraudulent deals before they're concluded. That has contributed in great part to global fraud rates of just 6 cents per $100 spent, according to Visa.

Visa's core-transaction network is private, immune — the company says — from Internet dangers such as denial-of-service attacks by the likes of Anonymous. When hackers took down Visa's corporate website in 2010, for example, it had no impact on the core network.

Data about data centers

More than half of the world's 13,000 large data centers are in the U.S., according to market researcher Gartner. It estimates $22 billion will be spent on new centers worldwide this year, after growth sputtered during the recession.

Data centers are increasingly in vogue as demand for digital data explodes with the popularity of cloud computing, tablets and smartphones. Google, Facebook and Apple are among the large tech companies that built their data centers in rural areas to save on land and power.

"Physical security is the foundation where you start," says John Thielens, chief security officer of Axway, a business-software vendor. "If you can afford it, build a data center. The big guys build their own."

At the same time, Hewlett-Packard, IBM and others have plunged into the business of managing data centers for corporate clients, says Philip Russom, a research director for The Data Warehousing Institute. says it offers cloud-based "data centers for rent."

"The growth in data center construction is very much tied to the growth in the amount of data which needs to be stored and delivered to businesses and consumers," says Rakesh Shah, director of product marketing and strategy at data-security firm Arbor Networks.

Visa is loath to say how much it spent to build its data center, but a conservative estimate is probably hundreds of millions of dollars, based on construction costs and equipment housed at the facility.

Once inside, visitors encounter a "mantrap" portal, which requires a badge and biometric image of the right index finger to gain access to the data center. The digital image is necessary to pass through a phalanx of shatter-resistant glass doors.

A NASA-like command center, with a 40x20-foot wall of screens and 42 firewalls, monitors the company's worldwide network, which Visa says processes 2,500 transactions per second.

Inside the fortress

The data center's main corridor is about three football fields long, connecting seven 20,000-square-foot rooms called pods.

Two pods contain Visa's core network, a third its corporate networks, and the fourth, development work. A fifth pod handles Visa's new mobile platforms, such as the recently acquired Fundamo, a mobile financial services platform. Two dormant pods await expansion.

Pods 4 and 5 are the brains of the network, a blur of hard drives spinning and fans whirring amid rows of IBM mainframes, Cisco Systems switches and EMC and Hitachi storage arrays. They're all connected by 3,000 miles of cable — enough to traverse the country.

"Yeah, this place is pretty impressive, but there's a lot at stake (in terms of security)," Knight says. "We need to keep things safe."
15  Local / Biete / SOLD !6x Antec DF-85 AP Dark Fleet Series Full Tower PC-Gehäuse ATX on: March 22, 2012, 03:36:04 PM
OVP . Alles vorhanden ( 2 Packungen ganz leicht beschädigt)

EInzeln für 15 BTC  oder im alle zusammen für 80 BTC.

16  Local / Biete / (SOLD) Biete diverse Grakas und MOBOS / RIgs für SPitzenpreis in München ! on: March 10, 2012, 12:15:16 PM
 Radeon Saphirre 5870 1 Gig (inkl original verpakcung )  15x

1x XFX 5870  (inkl Originalverpackung)

MSI 890FXA-GD70 Mainboard Sockel AMD AM3 RD890 DDR3 Speicher ATX [PC]  x 4

Antec DF-85 AP Dark Fleet Series Full Tower PC-Gehäuse ATX schwarz [PC]  x4  

Corsair Professional Series Gold AX1200 High Performance  x4 !

Alls VB eigentlich ! geht um schnelligkeit ! Btc accepted !

Sollte alles 1a laufen..sollte irgdnwas nicht richtig funktionieren gibts natürlich rückgaberecht !  


Liste ist nicht ganz vollständig ..aktualisiere sie je nach nachfrage !
17  Economy / Trading Discussion / anyone tried that site ?? on: March 08, 2012, 11:18:30 AM
or knows smth about them? looks good..but CC payments smell fishy..but i like the idea
18  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / MAshable Article about 3d Printing features a Bitcoin Ring (or Belt) by whom?? on: February 27, 2012, 02:15:50 PM

Came across this on mashable .com title page

EDIT: Sorry somehow i can`t get it bigger Sad  Can somebody please get an bigger Screenshot??  I am at the time and the computers here suck..normaly i would just SnagIt Sad !

19  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion /, Book Downloading Site, Targeted In Injunctions (GotOwned via Paypal) on: February 16, 2012, 09:15:45 AM

A large coalition of publishing firms and related trade organizations has taken legal action against what the Association of American Publishers in Washington, D.C., described on Wednesday as "one of the largest pirate web-based businesses in the world."

At the request of 17 publishing companies in the United States, the United Kingdom and Germany, including HarperCollins, Oxford University Press and Macmillan, a Munich judge on Monday granted injunctions against illegal posting or sharing of online book files by two websites. is alleged to have posted links to hundreds of thousands of illegal PDF copies of books since December 2010, Ed McCoyd, an attorney for the Association of American Publishers, told The Huffington Post. The majority of these uploads allegedly went through the website, he said.

The coordinated legal action came after seven months of private investigation and was led by a German publishing association, Börsenverein des Deutschen Buchhandels, and the International Publishers Association.

The Munich court served and 17 separate injunctions, representing 10 book titles from each of the publishers. One of the injunctions, which The Huffington Post viewed in a translation from the original German, states that every Web link -- either on or -- leading to an illegal online copy of one of the named books would result in a fine of 250,000 euros or as much as six months in jail.

By Wednesday evening, still listed PDFs of various popular works, though whether these works were named in any of the injunctions could not be verified. An representative told The Huffington Post Wednesday that it is working hard to take down any potentially copyright-infringing files.

The joint action by the publishers is unusual. "We don't coordinate litigation against piracy sites as our normal course of action," McCoyd said. Instead publishers typically send what is called a "takedown notice" via lawyers and order a website company to take down copyrighted material, he said.

These two websites stood out, however. Rather than merely hosting a handful of book files, they were allegedly hosting and providing links to illegal PDF files of more than 400,000 books, including works by Salman Rushdie and Jonathan Franzen as well as many expensive textbooks.

The publishers and publishing associations hired Lausen Rechtsanwalte, a Germany law firm that specializes in tracking down and prosecuting copyright infringement, to find the parties responsible for the alleged book piracy. Since virtually all the files listed on seemed to be hosted by, the lawyers tried to find a connection between and, which is owned by DF Hosting based in Galway, Ireland, Ursula Feindor-Schmidt, a partner at Lausen Rechtsanwalte, said by phone from Germany.

But tracking down the ownership of posed a challenge, according to Feindor-Schmidt. appeared to be hosted in Ukraine but its Web address was registered on the small Pacific island of Niue, she said.

A representative from who responded to an email request for comment (but wished not to be named) told The Huffington Post on Wednesday that "has nothing to do with us."

But the lawyers acting for the ad-hoc publishing coalition think otherwise. "We thought they would be connected because of how the sites are constructed," Feindor-Schmidt said. "The registered addresses for the owners of both sites were also based in Ireland."

The owners of had allegedly supplied false names and addresses when they had registered its Web domain name, according to Feindor-Schmidt. So the lawyers worked with the Irish National Federation Against Copyright Theft to hire private investigators to track down possible connections between the websites.

Then investigators found what they think was the real address for, Feindor-Schmidt said. "We thought that it was strange that they were sitting around the corner in Galway from the owners of," she said. "But we still couldn't prove a link."

In the end, a breakthrough came not from private investigators -- but from the Donate button on, she said. "Users could give donations [to] via PayPal in return for access to more files," Feindor-Schmidt said. "You then got an email stating that ' has received your donation.' But then you got a real receipt from PayPal, stating the real name of the owner of the account. We received two different receipts with two real names."

The names on the receipts were Fidel Nunez and Irina Ivanova, Feindor-Schmidt said. The names correspond with those of the owners and directors of, according to documents filed with the Irish Companies Registration Office. A judge accepted that a link had been proved between the sites and proceeded to grant joint injunctions, Feindor-Schmidt said.

On Wednesday, with the website shut down, many Internet users were registering their disappointment on Reddit's online forums. now redirects its visitors to Google Books. For its part, was no longer allowing unregistered users to upload files on Wednesday.

As eReaders such as the Amazon Kindle and Barnes & Noble's Nook become more popular, online ebook piracy may continue to plague the industry. "Over the last two years, [ebook piracy] has grown tremendously," Feindor-Schmidt said.

"As a group, [publishers] want to show other sites that, where you have such a clear copyright infringement, it can't be accepted by the rights owners," she said.
20  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / Article about Bitcoin @ Germany Smart Investor Magazine ( BTC and BTC Conf 2011) on: February 06, 2012, 09:09:56 AM

All native speakers are invited to DL the article @

Page 76-77 !

The Author is thankful for alle BTC Donations Smiley    And he deserves them as the Article is pretty nice !

His Adress as derivved from his QR Code ->    13M8U5eqZs9JYNnewZ5emjeoMJ4HUP58pE

If someone wants to translate, your more than welcome Smiley

I think more and more journalists will use qr codes for extra donations ..makes them more free in many aspects !

So let`s give a cool example here!   I Donated 2 BTC Smiley
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