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1  Bitcoin / Development & Technical Discussion / Checking if a transaction is going to require the 0.01BTC transaction fee. on: June 04, 2011, 07:29:05 AM
There doesn't seem to be an API Call that can do this. At least, I can't find one. Yet, the bitcoin client is able to do it. Any idea how I can do it?
2  Other / Obsolete (selling) / C#/.NET coder for hire as a tutor or developer on: May 27, 2011, 03:23:06 AM
Hey guys,

I'm an experienced C# coder currently working for a major cellphone company (I'd like to remain as anonymous as possible, so Ill just say I work as an engineer for one of the following companies: Apple, Motorola, HTC, LG) looking to make extra money on the side while simultaneously jumping on the cool new bitcoin bandwagon Smiley.

I would like to develop desktop software and C# libraries for you or tutor you to help you become an expert C# programmer or computer scientist in exchange for bitcoins. My expertise in C# includes the creation of WPF applications (GUI applications, essentially), 2D game creation and design using XNA, construction/analysis of complex, multithreaded, elegant algorithms, amongst other things.

A sample of requests I would be able to help with:
-Can you use the MtGox API found on to create a desktop trading application (for MtGox)?
   -You can? Awesome! Can you add functionality so that it can buy or sell automatically if the market prices reach a certain amount?

-I want to try developing a game for the Xbox 360/PC using Microsoft XNA. I'm somewhat confident I can learn c#, can you walk me through creating a simple pong game?
   -Pong is totally awesome, but I wanna make more complex games. I don't want my games to consist of boring single-frame sprites, though, and XNA doesnt seem to support animation right out of the box. Can you write a library for me that can animate a sprite using a sprite sheet (like the one found on "")?

-My Computer Science Theory class is terrible! Can you help me run through this pseudocode/turing machine my professor gave me? What is the output?
   -Reading someone else's algorithm was terrible, now my professor is making me write my own?! Can you help me construct an algorithm that solves this particular problem? What is the running time in Big-O notation?
      -WHAT DO YOU MEAN THE PROBLEM IS "UNSOLVABLE IN POLYNOMIAL TIME?!" I thought you were good?! I guess I'll forgive you if you can prove that this problem really is in NP. (What the hell is NP anyway?) I'd like that proof in PDF form with my full name and the words "CS 467 - Homework #6" on the top right of every page, please.

More information about, including limitations of, my offer:
-No development of server-side specific applications. This means no ASP.NET, no back-ends for websites, etc. I'm away from home (thanks, day job) for the foreseeable future and I do not have the resources necessary to properly create and test robust server-side applications at the moment.

-I do in fact have a day job and if the sun is up and it is a weekday, chances are that I am at work. Therefore, I will have bursts of productivity on the weekends, but productivity will slow significantly on weekdays. If you want to request a project, give me a time when you want it done, and I will tell you if it is feasable. If, as the project progresses, it turns out I cant make the deadline we agreed upon, I will tell you as soon as possible and give you a chancer to back out of the agreement altogether without charge or shame :3.

-No 3D graphics in XNA.

-You will be given the source code after you have received the acctual program and I have received the payment, upon request. I will keep the source code on the HDD for at least 7 days after you receive or decline to receive the source code so that I can attempt to fix any bugs you may find.

-Again, we will agree upon a price and deadline before I start on the project.

If you want to make a request, PM me or post your request here. Include your price offer and expected deadline. I'll reply accepting the request or proposing changes to the request as soon as possible Cheesy.
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