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1  Other / Meta / 100 Days of Merit on: May 13, 2018, 09:11:31 PM
100 Days of Merit

Hello, there fellow members! Itís been a long time since I look into merit stats.
In this post, I will cover the 100 days of merit. Just like before the data are based on theymos data which can be view
here and other forum stats which can be view here .

I. Before and After
Some are still wondering, do the merit system prevent people from creating dummy accounts?
100 days before the merit started the number of new users increases from a minimum of 1,662 to a maximum of 14,274 new users a day.
Fourteen thousand new user registered in a day is almost the same amount of new user for a span of 40 days a year later.
The figure below shows the 100 days before and after merit implementation.

The average new user a day before the merit is 5,152 this go down to 3,315 a day or 36% decrease after merit implementation.
Even though it decreases, we are still unsure if those new accounts are dummy or not.

- - -

II. Giver and Receiver
Merit is created to ensure a quality post contribution to the forum. Some member finds an excellent post and gives merit, while some give merit as a reward.
Some become merit sources and distribute to others, while some prefer to receive merit and hoard it.
There are 128,079 merits given from January 27 to May 7, with a total of 59,297 transactions. The figure below shows the unique number of accounts that give and receive merits.
Ranks and position are based on May 7 rankings. Some have ranked up within the 100 days but based on my estimate there could be less than 4,000 accounts that have ranked up.

The total shows that there are more people who receive merit than those who give. It could notice that most of the beneficiaries of merit are form the lower rank.

Color denotes the receiver of merit. The figure above shows Hero and Legendary donít hesitate to give a vast amount of merit to Jr members.
Mostly, the higher the Rank, the more chances of receiving higher merits.

The figure above shows the frequency of giving merit to another. Most of the Legendary members give merit to another legendary, while most Hero gives merit to legendary as well.
Members give more frequent merit to another member, while full members, Sr. members, Jr. members, and even staff prioritize to give merit to Members.

- - -

III. Merit Decreases
After the merit was announced, most of the forum members give merit to overcome curiosity. But as time goes by, they realize that accumulating merit is not an easy task.
 One will need to receive two merits in order to give one merit to others. The figure below shows total merit sent per day from individual members.

From more than 4,500 merits given in a day, it dips below 1,000 after 41 days. And from 1,000 merits on March 9, it almost reaches 500 after another 40 days.
The fewest merit sent in a day is 523 happened last April 22 which is sent by 190 members.  Merit giver also decreases, from a maximum of 1,000 down to 190 per day.

Looking at the Merit Sent Moving Average, it almost decreases 1% every day. It would take an estimate of 252 Days before the average merit sent per day go below 100.

The figure above shows the amount of merit given in a single transaction. It could notice that as time goes by, the bulk of giving high merit also decreases.

- - -

IV. Additional Merit Stats
Merit Amount description

There is 41,265 merit transaction that gives one merit, 8,610 that give 2 merits, while 9,421 gives 3 or more merit.
If you question would be, why divide merit into three. That is because the average merit is 2.16.
That is why it could be a good indicator that once you have received one merit, it could be considered as low, 2 for average and 3 or more for high.   

Merit Average
Based on the table below it clearly shows that Newbie and Jr. Member have an average of 3 merits received in the span of 100 days.
It could be assumed that they could easily rank up to a member rank.

Merit Day & Time
Are you looking when the perfect day to post so that your will got a higher chance of getting merit is?
The figure below shows that most of the members give merit during Monday.

This figure shows the time most of the merit is given.

- - -

V. Hindrance of Ranking
There are a lot of members who complain that merit hinders them to reach a higher rank.
Thus, I tried to figure out who among canít rank up due to merit, due to activity or both.
Table below shows ranks and their hindrance in ranking up.

The figure above shows that 45% of the members need to attain the required merit to rank up.
But it is only 4% higher to a much more more significant problem which is the combination of Activity and Merit.
While some, see merit as a problem, there are members who gain enough merit and just needed to gain additional activity to rank up.

_______________________________________________________________________________ __
Thank you for reading this long post.
I hope you have learned something about it. Once again, this is not an official forum stat.
 Some information may not jive as you want, but I am always welcome to comments and suggestions.

2  Other / Meta / Where the Merit Pours? on: March 09, 2018, 05:05:05 PM
Where the Merit Pours?

Hello fellow members!

Frequent questions are asking for thread or section which received most of the merit.  Thus, I created this based on theymos merit txt logs issued last March 1.

Here you go:
Similar to trust.txt.xz, it'll be updated weekly. It will show only the last 120 days of data; someone else should archive the old ones if you want them.
I am especially interested in analyses of this data which could point to sub-communities where the initial sMerit is exhausted and new sources are necessary, and people who might be good merit sources.
Edit: Note that for a little while I had user_to and user_from as names, but I decided to change it to IDs.

There are 37,939 Merit logs in the dataset which pinpoint to 11,318 (29.83%) unique thread. That means most of the time (70%) merits are given to a thread with existing merits.
Below is the result of thread per section which received merit in any part of it either to the original post or post reply of members.

This show that most of the merit where been sent in the threads inside the Local section, but the highest number of merits was being sent in Economy section. On the other hand, Other section received the highest average merit per thread. Additionally, there are threads which I canít retrieved and presume those are deleted post.


I categorize each thread to One Page thread which consists of less than 20 replies, Short Thread with 20-500 replies and Long Thread with more than 500 replies.

Number of Merit per Thread per Category

Based on the table above it is remarkable that a longer thread tends to accumulate more merits.  I include here the list of threads who received the max merit per category. Just a reminder, merits includes merit received by the main post and replies; the data was captured last March 1 and may be different at the time of this posting.
One Page Thread Ė Deleted Post
Short Thread Ė
Long Thread -

Members who give Merit per Thread

The result is synonymous to the previous table. It is so amazing to see a single page thread with 59 users that give merit inside it, but unfortunately that post was been deleted.
One Page Thread Ė Deleted Post
Shot Thread -
Long Thread -


I didn't want to seem inquisitive, but I browse thru each board for each section and found the following results.

Bitcoin Section

There are so many thread that received merit in the Bitcoin Discussion board it also received the most number of merit in a single thread. On the other hand, there are less than a hundred threads in the Project Development board who received merits.
Below are the list of topics which accumulate most of the merits.


Economy Section

In this section Marketplace got the most number of thread with merits while the maximum merit in a thread can be found on Economics board.
Below are the list of topics which accumulate most of the merits.


Other Section

Most of use expected this, the most number of merits pour on to the Meta board. It is also the board with threads got the most accumulated merit. Some even suggest creating a Merit board, but some say this could be temporary because soon people will get usual of merits. On the other hand, there are seven threads in Archival which received merits, I check one of that and it really helps.
Below are the list of topics which accumulate most of the merits.


Alternate cryptocurrencies

Announcements and Altcoin Discussion seems to get equal share, but Announcements got much more higher number of topics with merit and average merit for a thread. 
Below are the list of topics which accumulate most of the merits.


Local Section

The result above shows that Russian board lead the most number of threads with merits. While German board received the highest in terms of Average merit.
Below are the list of topics which accumulate most of the merits.


Overall I see that Merits are distributed in every corner of the forum, even to those archival board and also to local board with the lesser amount of threads. I see no section or board that got zero merits, but we cannot deny the fact that there are sections that got most of the merits. I see most of the member Respect and Merited Satoshi for what he has started; two among his topics got the most merit in each board. infofront with his Wall Observer BTCÖ topic accumulate most of the merits. Which I think shows that we prioritize bitcoin price movement most of the time. And of course, the topic Merit & new rank requirements by theymos prove that the Merit System is efficient, agreed upon by most of the members and widely disseminated down to Local boards and in every corner of the forum.

Again, this is not an official stat; some may have found it quite confusing or misleading thus I am always open to comments and suggestion. I may miss some or many part of the analysis, but I know you could help me draw more conclusion. I hope this post answer most of your questions. Thank you for your support.

3  Other / Meta / Merit Stat from theymos data on: March 07, 2018, 03:39:51 PM
I create these charts based on the post of theymos seeking for further analysis of data.

Here you go:

Similar to trust.txt.xz, it'll be updated weekly. It will show only the last 120 days of data; someone else should archive the old ones if you want them.

I am especially interested in analyses of this data which could point to sub-communities where the initial sMerit is exhausted, and new sources are necessary, and people who might be good merit sources.

Edit: Note that for a little while I had user_to and user_from as names, but I decided to change it to IDs.

I do hope that these charts will give further information about the Merit System. Unlike before, I try to provide my analysis based on the following chart; It will great if intelligent forum members out there could further explain these charts and give review if ever I missed something.
Before anything else, the rank is based on February 27 rankings.

The first chart is all about sMerit send by a group of users from January 24 to March 1; it clearly shows that more people are excited to use their sMerit two days after its implementation. Legendary top at sending Merits this is due to the fact that they have more sMerit than the lower ranks. But there are days (8 days) which Hero Members gave most Merits than Legendary, this is synonymous with Full Member and Sr. Member; which there are 16 days Full Member sent most of sMerit than Sr. Member.

But as time goes by, these sMerits have been exhausted, or people gradually slow down in giving sMerits. Letís take for example the Legendary members who give a total of 3,131 sMerits on Jan 25 down to a total of 233 on March 1 which is 97% decrease. Below is the table of sMerit sent decrease per rank:

It is notable that Hero Member decreases their rate of giving sMerit at almost 98%, while on the other hand Jr. Members only decline by nearly 94%. Maybe because of Jr. Members are not given sMerit to share with others. The results seem disturbing that is why I created this second graph which shows the Moving Average of sMerit since its inception.

The graph shows that the Average sMerit gradually decreases day by day. The highest moving average (6,796) peaked at Jan 25 while the lowest (2,394) is marked on March 1. From Jan 30 to Feb 13 the average decline between five to three percent (5-3%) per day. Moreover, on Feb 14 to March 1, the average decline per day shift between two or one percent (2-1%). These indicate that sending sMerit is pretty much stable enough or there are lacking sMerit to send. If the latter is right and the decrease remains at 2%, the theoretical moving average 1 sMerit per day will be reach on March 2, 2019.

After seeing the continuous decline, I go back to the data and check what could be the cause and possible solution to negate the phenomenon. Thus, I chart all the senders, and these is what I see.

The chart shows that most of the sMerit sent came from the Legendary, and the least came from the Administrator. If you are thinking that the Administrator is not sending enough, you should probably ask the question, how many Administrator are there? Thus, I counted the unique account for each rank or position and ended up this table below:

The table shows that the Administrators are working hard to send sMerit to the forum members. They are the most generous sMerit givers followed by the Staffs. However, I have found that people in a Member rank send sMerit less than for those who are in Jr. and Newbie rank. This could indicate that they are saving their sMerits. And I just though that, I am one of them. Lol. And by the way, just round up those average to represent actual sMerit.

The next question that runs in my mind is the time most of the sMerit were given.

The chart shows that most of the sMerits are given during 8 AM up to 12 PM forum time. It is 16 hours long of sMerit giving, which peaked during 3 PM and plunge during 4 AM. Do this mean forum member from Western give most of the credits compare to Southern? I think more demographic info of users could draw a conclusion in this matter.

I also tried to figure out which day of a week got the most number of sMerit

The chart shows that most of the sMerit are sent during Thursday and Friday; This increase is probably the effect of the two days sMerit sending frenzy (Jan 25 & Jan 26).

I hope this post helps, comments and suggestion are very more welcome.

4  Other / Meta / Merit Ratio on: March 05, 2018, 07:03:47 PM
Hola forum members, take a look at this Merit Ratio stat. Hope it helps.

Another stat created for the forum members. Just like before, I am just doing some art and number, you could help me draw the conclusion; and then again comments and suggestion is very much appreciated.
5  Other / Meta / 3 Merit Stat After a Month of Merit on: February 24, 2018, 10:10:39 PM
3 Merit Stat after a month of Merit

6  Other / Meta / 10 BASIC INFO. ABOUT MERIT on: January 28, 2018, 06:37:42 AM

Disclaimer: This is based on my opinion and comprehension, I am more than willing to be corrected.
7  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / What is the Average Bitcoin Owner Looks Like? on: January 25, 2018, 05:10:33 AM
A survey shows that 71 percent of American that are engaged in cryptocurrency are male.
The majority 58% percent are between the ages of 18 and 34 years old.

The survey did not cover other countries, thus this survey is created.

I will create an infographic once I have reached a certain amount of valid data.

Thank you for your answer.
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