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1  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Technical Support / Bitcoin-qt 0.8.5 did not suggest a fee while using proxy, now stuck with 0 conf on: November 30, 2013, 07:00:20 AM
I've been using bitcoin-qt for a while. However, there are certain websites which aggregate bitcoin node IP address and geoip/whois locations. I believe this is highly undesirable (I question the motives of the operators of such sites too).

As a result I installed TOR and setup the proxy preferences for my client, after I had my ISP change my external statically assigned IP.

I then sent ~0.3 BTC to an exchange with bitcoin-qt, it asked for my password, but it did not suggest a fee, instead it immediately sent the transaction with no fee (confirmed via listtransactions).

I notice in the preferences that it is set to not include a fee (it is set to "0.00000000 BTC" fee per kb), however this seems to be the default setting (even though this client has previously suggested fees while making a transaction previously)?

Could this behavior be related to the addition of the proxy config, which from what I understand disables "listen" in qt clients. I think that regardless it is time I move to more lightweight client, but it would be interesting to see if others are having this problem.

(EDIT: The transaction of course confirmed, but this was still a substantial delay, about 8 hours.)
2  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Altcoin Discussion / cgminer mining terracoins "Network diff set to 68" strange behaviour? on: July 10, 2013, 09:09:48 AM
I have been watching my client do this for a few hours now:

Looking near the top of the window, it appears to me that the 'network' thinks the diff should be 19.6K but the client believes it is 68.

It always oscillates between a realistic difficulty and 68, always 68.

When it changes to 68 it often claims to have found a block. The found blocks are not accepted by the client or any pool and neither do they appear in my client when I use listtransactions, as they usually would if they were orphans.

Here you see it found a block... but it does not display the usual 'accepted' message on the next line.

It is as if some kind of disconnect is occurring between terracoin-qt and cgminer. I am using the following settings, if they stick out as potentially related... please let me know.

"expiry" : "2",
"queue" : "0",
"scan-time" : "2",

Restarting client / miner / computer makes no difference.

Does anyone else get this behavior in their miner or is just me?
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