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1  Local / Bahasa Indonesia (Indonesian) / [TANYA]Tips Konsolidasi Bitcoin Agar EEK (Efektif, Efisien, & Kondusif) on: December 18, 2023, 11:10:55 PM
Rekan dan suhu SFI, saya berencana mengkonsolidasi bitcoin saya sekitar 50+ tx lebih. Saya sudah baca tips≤ konsolidasi di board luar, tapi banyak yang kurang saya pahami karena terkendala bahasa + addons translate juga sedang error. Saya harap thread ini juga bermanfaat untuk rekan≤ SFI lain khususnya yang lagi DCA atau punya gaji sigcamp. Grin

Singkat saja, saya memakai dompet Electrum dan hanya menggunakan 1 alamat yang dulunya saya impor, jadi tidak ada alamat perubahan seperti kebanyakan dompet yang dihasilkan melalui Electrum itu sendiri. Tips yang saya dapat sejauh ini:
1. Menunggu jaringan sepi agar mendapat rekomendasi fee yang murah, berhubung jaringan sekarang tidak kondusif (kemarin siang nyentuh 400+ sat/vB), jadi kurang efisien untuk mengkonsolidasi sekarang.
2. Disarankan tidak mengkonsolidasi semua input yang ada menjadi 1 output, tapi memecah menjadi beberapa output. Misal input 100 ⇉ 5 output, dll.

Pertanyaan saya:
1. Dengan kondisi saya (tidak punya alamat perubahan), apakah sisa bitcoin akan kembali ke alamat semula? Yang saya tahu (jika punya alamat perubahan), sisa bitcoin akan dikirim ke alamat lain dalam daftar perubahan.
2. Bisakah saya mengkonsolidasi ke alamat semula? Misalkan saya mengirim dari alamat A kembali ke alamat A.
3. Saya minta pendapat agan tx fee rekomended (dalam sat/vB) yang menurut agan tidak menguras kantong untuk mengirim misal 50 input ke 1 output (bayangkan saja agan memiliki rencana yang sama).
4. Berkenaan dengan tips no.2 (yang saja dapat), apa keuntungannya memecah ke beberapa output daripada membuat menjadi 1 output saja?
5. Adakah tips lain yang perlu saya ketahui agar konsolidasi saya bisa EEK?
...6. Pertanyaan lain menyusul.
2  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / Bitcoin becomes priority alternative when cash fails on: March 16, 2022, 05:50:52 PM
Actually this epic moment happened in Ukraine, I don't know how difficult it is to get cash there (even using e-money). Someone sells "a Legendary Car" with bitcoin. View more...

Another milestone that bitcoin really serves as an alternative currency especially in times of urgency, bitcoin is really valuable for someone to survive. Because urgent situations are not just about war, calamities can also have more severe repercussions. I think this is a perfect consideration for any government not to be too strict on bitcoin regulations.

(The point of this thread is not about Ukraine situations specifically, but to the experiences of the people on this story.)
3  Economy / Exchanges / Coinbase | Trading bug (high level) detected thanks to Tree of Alpha on: February 23, 2022, 06:46:19 AM
Recently, the Tree of Alpha (ToA)'s twitter account caught the public's attention that Coindesk covered a summary of the storyline, you can read it here.

In short (technically), the "Advanced Trading" bug allows users to place orders for coins that you don't have (e.g BTC) by using other coins in the portfolio into equivalent units. In his experiments, ToA managed to sell (filled) 0.0243ETH as 0.0243 BTC and 50SHIB as 50BTC.
Bug detail explanation by ToA

By the way, ToA claims to have been awarded a $250k bounty for his efforts (more than the limit offered by the bug bounty program). If we look at the daily trading volume of Coinbase, which reaches an average of over $2B, is the bounty worth it? Actually it's easy to get more than that if he initially want to "play". Many comments on his twitter that this guy is the savior of the market.
4  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Service Discussion (Altcoins) / Opensea | Some users lost NFT collection - CEO denied it was internal error. on: February 21, 2022, 10:00:30 AM
Some collectors lost NFT items after Opensea asked them to migrate item lists to new smart contracts. The CEO explained that it was a phishing attack, not another exploit against smart contracts like before.
We are actively investigating rumors of an exploit associated with OpenSea related smart contracts. This appears to be a phishing attack originating outside of OpenSea's website. Do not click links outside of
Opensea's CTO also explained in detail the attack took place here.
Migration to new smart contracts is not without reason. Last January 25th, hackers discovered an opensea interface bug, exploited it, and caused user losses of at least $1 million ~ source

I think experiencing successive attacks is not a coincidence, considering that opensea is still ranked as the largest NFT marketplace they will always be a prime target for hackers. In your opinion, is it still safe enough to store NFT on that platform?
5  Other / Meta / Who has the right to publish the ANN thread? on: January 21, 2022, 04:19:47 PM
I was just checking the announcements (altcoins) board (after a long time) and a user caught my eye. This is the account: Unikon

He made several announcements of major projects. I don't know if he's actually the official representative of those projects, but it's unlikely. What I'm worried about is that if someday people start paying less attention to this user, he will change the OP by inserting malicious links. What's more, all threads are set to self-moderated (as most scammers behave). So far, there is no self-disclaimer that confirms the identity behind this account and its role and rights.

Are there any rules for this case?
6  Local / Bahasa Indonesia (Indonesian) / [NEWS]Binance Mau Bikin Bursa Baru Bersama BCA dan Telkom di Indonesia? on: December 10, 2021, 01:31:15 PM
Tampaknya Binance memang berdedikasi ingin mendominasi bursa kripto nusantara. Setelah tahun lalu berhasil menggandeng salah satu bursa Indonesia (Tokocrypto) yang sekarang sudah menjadi bursa terbesar, saat ini beredar rumor bahwa Binance kembali berencana menghadirkan bursa baru. Menurut bloomberg kali ini ga tanggung-tanggung, Binance dalam diskusi dengan keluarga Hartono (keluarga konglomerat pendiri BCA) dan Telkom (BUMN) untuk merealisasikan rencana tersebut.

Kemitraan antara Binance, BCA dan operator telekomunikasi terbesar di negara itu akan memacu adopsi cryptocurrency yang lebih luas di Indonesia, negara berpenduduk terbesar keempat di dunia, di mana banyak orang dewasa memiliki sedikit akses ke pinjaman bank dan bentuk keuangan formal lainnya.
~sumber asli (EN)

Saya ga habis pikir, adopsi seperti apa yg Binance harapkan dalam hal ini. Mengingat hukum Indonesia masih menerapkan banyak batasan-batasan untuk menggunakan kripto. Terlebih lagi, fatwa MUI baru-baru ini menambah "tekanan" lain bahwa kripto semakin sulit untuk menjadi mata uang sepenuhnya (atau setidaknya alternatif).

Pertanyaan spekulatif:
Dari sisi Binance, apakah ini terlalu dini? Apakah mereka sebenarnya ga tau UU Indoensia tentang Kripto? (atau sebenarnya tau, tapi "los dol")
Dari sisi BCA dan Telkom, prospek apa kira-kira untuk mereka dibawah batasan UU yang ada? Apakah ini akan berpotensi bagi bank-bank lain untuk menjalin kemitraan semacam ini?

Yth mods, kalo salah tempat, silahkan dipindahkan yg sesuai.
7  Economy / Service Discussion / Jack Dorsey is developing an economic platform (Blocks) on: December 06, 2021, 03:54:28 PM
It's actually quite surprising that Jack Dorsey has resigned from twitter,
not sure anyone has heard but,

I resigned from Twitter
while previously planning (perhaps already active) adding a btc tip feature which entices the community.

Currently, Jack wants to focus on his platform, "Square" which has also been renamed to "Blocks" (source), a parent platform that includes subsidiary platforms including Square itself and several new platforms that are all financial services. This is nothing but similar to Zuck's steps to change the name Facebook to Meta as the parent platform.

With his new brand name, it's clear that Jack wants to focus more on blockchain space. Will Jack be the next person to influence the global economy, especially bitcoin, to rival Elon's influence as the richest man? Keep in mind that Jack is very supportive of bitcoin, and I don't think he's going to create his own version of a new cryptocurrency.

Blocks is opening many job vacancies, find your opportunity here.
8  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Altcoin Discussion / [List][Rugpull Warning] Unsellable CMC listed Shittokens on: November 23, 2021, 08:26:09 AM
I'm trying to gather information on shittokens that have the potential to rugpull where so far there is no special filter on coinmarketcap to categorize this type. I'm open to all member contributions to help this thread add other similar shittokens I might have missed to list it, I'll update in the OP.

⠀|⠀Honeypot Status⠀|⠀Latest News⠀|⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀Misc.⠀⠀⠀⠀
MARKMETA⠀|⠀0xCC8b870ddB18C211e376b306302C29B46AFc3Ab3⠀|⠀⠀|⠀Feb 16, 2022⠀|⠀
SHIFLOTRI⠀|⠀0x15568da18969f55abcc28bcc890d053b81947183⠀|⠀⠀|⠀Nov 23, 2021⠀|⠀
SQUID GAME⠀|⠀0x87230146E138d3F296a9a77e497A2A83012e9Bc5⠀|⠀⠀|⠀Nov 1, 2021⠀|⠀
9  Economy / Economics / 6 billion to solve world hunger? on: November 03, 2021, 01:27:51 PM
Have you read the latest news?
"Elon Musk is ready to sell his Tesla shares to donate $6 billion".(source).
This comes in response to a tweet made by David Beasley, director of the UNís World Food Programme (WFP).

In his tweet, Beasley had mentioned the $36 billion increase in Muskís net worth after Hertz ordered 100,000 Teslas. He added that one-sixth of this increase, which is $6 billion, could help save 42 million people who are suffering from famine.

If interpreted based on google data, that number is only about 2% of the total value of Musk's wealth.

What do you think,
Does it really only take 2% of musk's wealth to solve world hunger?
How do we assess this phenomenon based on its purpose, from a humanity or economic perspective?
10  Other / Archival / Workouts on: November 01, 2021, 12:04:11 PM
Price today
Just scratches Grin
11  Local / Bahasa Indonesia (Indonesian) / [WARNING] HATI-HATI PENAWARAN INVESTASI A.N INDODAX DI GRUP TELEGRAM on: February 01, 2021, 10:28:12 AM
Kemarin malam saya dikabarin seorang temen saya tentang tawaran investasi indodax. ( saya pikir emang ada Huh ), dia minta dibantu telusurin legitimasinya.

Kebetulan saya belum gabung di telegram indodax jadi saya iseng cari grup telegramnya, yang muncul di hasil pencarian teratas adalah grup ini dan Saya cari di situs resmi memang gak nyantumin grup-grup diatas. Yang saya temukan hanya itu pun berupa channel.

Terus saya baca-baca isinya, ya beneran mereka nawarin PROFIT 50% PERHARI. Oh my god sangat gak masuk akal bagi saya.
Nah, lanjut investigasi saya. Beberapa keanehan yang saya curigai:
- gak ada pengumuman ataupun dicantumin secara resmi di situs/sosmed indodax
- transaksi melalui rekening bank (harusnya kalo resmi ada menu investasi sendiri di platform indodax).
- chat dinonaktifkan / tidak diizinkan
- beberapa member bisa chat, cumaan

Dilihat versi ponsel, mereka berstatus "member" | Jika dilihat versi web, mereka berstatus "admin".
kesimpulannya, ini hanya trik admin guna testimoni palsu.

Saya belum tau apakah uang yang terkumpul bakal dibawa lari langsung atau ini semacam putaran uang (skema ponzi). Yang jelas ini adalah indikasi awal penipuan.
Sejauh ini belum ada laporan mengenai grup ini, tapi saya pastikan beberapa hari mendatang pasti bermunculan kalo dugaan saya benar. Jika melihat screen capture yg dikirim admin grup tsb, sepertinya udah banyak korban yang ikutan (nominalnya dikalkulasi udah > Rp60jt, paling gede Rp.38jt). Semoga korbannya bukan salah satu member di forum ini.

Saya sangat tidak menyarankan agan-agan ikutan investasi mencurgakan ini.
Tolong agan-agan supaya MENJAUH dari tawaran investasi semacam ini di manapun dan kapanpun.

HELP PLEASE!!! Kontribusi agan sangat diperlukan.

Kalo agan menemukan grup/channel penipuan berkedok investasi/titip modal, cegah upaya scammers ini dengan cara melaporkan telegram mereka.
Silahkan ikuti instruksi dibawah ini :
Pada Grup telegram tersebut klik titik tiga di sudut kanan atas, kemudian klik Report ada beberapa pilihan alasan secara umum yang bisa dipilih. Saya pribadi tadi sudah me-report menggunakan pilihan Other dengan menggunakan deskripsi lebih lanjut dan mencantumkan link grup telegram (channel) indodax yang asli. Entah bagaimana nanti responnya pihak telegram. Namun menurut asumsi saya, semakin banyak yang melaporkannya kemungkinan peluang grup scam tersebut di take down semakin cepat.

12  Economy / Scam Accusations / [WARNING] LAZEUX wallet is SCAM on: November 04, 2020, 02:29:38 AM

Scammer profile:;u=2856249
ANN thread: None
Bounty thread: (Archive)

Flag link:;flag=2439

- There is no clear informations
- Can register with random email addresses (no confirmation required)
- This exchange generates the same every crypto address on different accounts

Scammer wallet addresses:
1EE7osj9gYzG2sDXtQuZvM5ZMyrHDa9sc3 - BCH
0x1376A6406f56E87EE598E3D782f778E2a695b6C4 - ETH
DTm8uiLQdSCw2gKhpjc9NTE5VCUwSy8YoY - DOGE

Domain info:
Registrant   Domain Admin
Registrant Org   Privacy Protect, LLC (
Registrant Country   us
Registrar   PDR Ltd. d/b/a
IANA ID: 303
Whois Server:

Registrar Status   clientTransferProhibited
Dates   Created on 2020-11-03
Expires on 2021-11-03
Updated on 2020-11-03
13  Economy / Scam Accusations / [WARNING] LAZOREX wallet is SCAM on: October 14, 2020, 02:37:40 PM

Scammer profile:;u=2865388
ANN thread: None
Bounty thread:

- There is no clear informations
- Can register with a random email address (no confirmation required)
- This exchange generates the same every crypto address on different accounts

Domain info:
Registrant   GDPR Masked
Registrant Org   GDPR Masked
Registrant Country   cy
Registrar   PDR Ltd. d/b/a
IANA ID: 303
Whois Server:

Registrar Status   clientTransferProhibited
Dates   27 days old
Created on 2020-09-17
Expires on 2021-09-17
Updated on 2020-09-17    
Name Servers   NS1.FOZZY.COM (has 39,088 domains)
NS2.FOZZY.COM (has 39,088 domains)
14  Economy / Service Discussion / (KYC on Vindax) This proof further convinced me that KYC is really not important on: June 18, 2020, 05:31:51 AM
Some services enforce KYC by force (because almost all crypto communities do not want it) to comply with the applicable law in which the service was established. Or also, KYC is a powerful reason for scammers after successfully doing the action to avoid accusation of victims. I only did KYC when I was new in the crypto space which I thought was safe. As I learn more from this forum, especially the opinions of the members in a recent 1miau post about the dangers of KYC.

Two days ago I tried to register for the Vindax exchange (just for fun). I registered with a temporary email and it crossed my mind to do a KYC to find out how the process is in this exchange. I clicked on the "unverified" button and was taken to the "domicile" page. I filled it in with the address of a restaurant in Kuala lumpur Malaysia, then a form appeared to apply KYC. I uploaded a random ID card that I found on FB (Indonesian nationality) for the front side, and downloaded it on google for the back side. The model that holds a piece of paper that says "Vindax - today's date" is downloaded randomly on Pinterest.

More than 24 hours this account has the status of "waiting for approval" and at first I thought it would fail because the data I provided clearly had no connection. Recently I tried to open it aaand ...
bingo ...

I am verified and now I can launder up to 100BTC in one day for 1 account. Incredible and ironic ...

Some case reports (not about Vindax) that I found in this forum about the failure to withdraw assets and KYC were rejected due to some unreasonable reasons even though the data provided by the customer is actually valid. From now on, you must be a paranoid about KYC and this method you can do to test the security system in terms of verification. If this method works, then most likely they will suspect you one day and you will not be able to withdraw your assets in the future. Leave the service! Based on this case, KYC is considered important only for customers, and not important for services itself(any service). It doesn't matter if we send even the alien identity to them. I also want to know how Vindax complies with laws and regulations. If this is not a problem for them, I think Vindax has a KYC system that does not meet the standards.

Please share your experience with your proof here if you find services with this kind of weak KYC system.
[Silly question and does not need to be answered] If you think this is a serious bug, how many BTC do I deserve to have found this problem from Vindax? Grin
15  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Altcoin Discussion / Invest or trade in altcoins listed by voting vs. independent on: June 08, 2020, 06:28:02 AM
I want to try a new altcoin to fill my exchange wallet which might give me a new trading experience.
Is it more worth considering trading in altcoins listed on the exchange through a voting program rather than independently?

I see lately that these types of altcoins is more able to survive and recover its price after falling than coins that are listed independently, can even surpass new altcoins in the top exchanges. Although I know that many voting sites can be manipulated, but I don't think it will beat the number of the original supporters. What do you think? What is the worst side of the voting program that I need to know about?
16  Economy / Scam Accusations / [Warning] Plagiarized Whitepaper on: May 20, 2020, 02:10:06 PM
What happened: Plagiarized Whitepaper
Flag type1 created:;flag=1874

Scammers Profile Link: sadfool
ANN Thread (new): (archived)
- PhoenixDAO WP (uploaded 2 days ago - Archived)
- Hydro's Snowflakes WP (Original - created 2018, Dec - archived)

Website info:
Domain Name:
Registry Domain ID: D503300001183762530-LRMS
Registrar WHOIS Server:
Registrar URL:
Updated Date: 2020-05-18T02:00:44Z
Creation Date: 2020-04-08T20:46:20Z
Registrar Registration Expiration Date: 2021-04-08T20:46:20Z
Registrar:, LLC
Registrar IANA ID: 146
Registrar Abuse Contact Email:
Registrar Abuse Contact Phone: +1.4806242505

Proof :
PhoenixDao has stolen most of Hydro's Snowflake WP content.

17  Economy / Reputation / Fake Translators on: April 18, 2020, 07:51:09 AM
I've visited the altcoins section. One thing that caught my attention was that 2 translation threads (in Thai) were published by Raman123 and Rummypandwar on the altcoins board.

At first I thought they were fighting over a slot. I saw IQ CASH spreadsheet(the bounty they are currently joining), and in fact they registered in a different language (Hindi & Thai), I checked the posts history and found it surprising, these users have applied in a different language in other campaigns.

Raman123 ~ Have applied in Thai & Hindi (archive of posts history)
Rummypandwar ~ Have applied in Japanese & Hindi (archive of posts history)

Both have the same number of merits obtained from Unbunplease, which are new topics posted and merited on the same date.
Unbunplease' Merit history .

Another fake translator:
Axhar ~ Have applied in Thai, French & Hindi (archive of posts history)


Other fake translators added:

18  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Altcoin Discussion / Pretty sneaky fundraising strategy on: February 01, 2020, 04:30:53 AM
I don't know if this is the right board to discuss this. For Mods, please move to the more appropriate board.

A few days ago, I got a whatsapp voice call from my old friend. Apparently wanted to share the story (loss) that he experienced recently and I helped investigate the cause (although at that time I was still on vacation on Day 5 after the new year and there was no supporting devices in front of me, all based on analysis).

Long story short, my friend was interested in buying new coins listed on only one famous exchange which on average has a rate of increase of 5 to 10% per day. The coin has been listed for two weeks and he has traced the project behind the coin before he decided to buy it with all the assets he had in the exchange. It turned out that the project so far (at that time) had not launched any sales and had a telegram community of less than 500 members. My friend only believes that the community will increase in the near future and so will the prices continue to increase.

Approximately 2 weeks my friend held the coin and just in the new year the state of the exchange changed. Massive sales occurred to drop 200%. Well, I began to try to analyze by asking for his help to find any information in the telegram. More or less a conversation between me(M) and my friend(F) like this (the original is Indonesian):
M: What are the results of previous sales, how much% is allocated and the funds obtained?
F: Not announced even before the private sale, the team only informed that tokens were only sold to private investors.
M: Who is it (private investor)? Already distributed to them, or the team?
F: So far not yet, private investors haven't got it either. The remaining tokens will be unlocked slowly for the next 5 years. (M:seriously? what is this f*cking project Huh)
M: Now search for how many large quantities were sent to the exchange address? (it took a few minutes for my friend to find a transaction)
F: around 70 million tokens in 5 transactions. 2 billion total tokens.
M: How are trading activities in the market? Is it smooth, routine or erratic?
F: About every 30 seconds there must be an activity automatically. I'm sure it's a bot.
M: What about the activity before the price drops?
F: Almost the same. But previously had buy and sell orders with more qty
M: OK, this is a pretty sneaky fundraising. All tokens sent to the exchange are token allocations for sales may only be partial. The bot belongs to the project team, of course to drive prices and only listed to one exchange to make it easier to monopolize. I'm pretty sure they won't list with more exchanges before the token allocation for sales is sold out. Private investors they mean is their own, of course the results of the sale will not be published because they get it for free.
M:Does this project have an ANN thread on bitcointalk?
F:Not yet, based on the team's plan, it will be published this February.
M:Good, inform me if it's been published.

This is a new strategy for raising funds, but it's enough to make you bankrupt instantly. Without realizing it, you indirectly invest in a new project and get a different token price. Maybe this will begin to be applied to future projects, and in fact this is powerful enough to generate greater funds with the same sales allocation or even reduced, compared to doing IEO or other sales strategies.

I hope we all have to be careful going forward ...
19  Economy / Scam Accusations / [Ponzi Scheme] Quantum Hedge Fund (QHF) - Warning!!! on: January 18, 2020, 04:46:52 AM
What happened: Ponzi scheme
QHF promises a monthly average profit more than 16.15%

Bounty is running in this forum, no ANN thread (ofcourse).

Profile Link:;u=2742578
Bounty thread: (Archived)
Website: - (Archived) - domain info

20  Other / Beginners & Help / [Warn]Get to know and always be aware of any malicious browser extensions! on: January 03, 2020, 05:30:03 PM
Lately, many developers have built browser extensions to help people in their activities on the internet, including for crypto enthusiasts. I've seen many extensions to access the crypto wallet, both only as a tracker and to make transactions directly without the need to open the main application/website. Of course, many people prefer installing browser extensions rather than the main application or accessing the main web for several reasons of efficiency comparison. Browser extensions are "All in one" or "Go somewhere else without leaving the current place".

But behind the convenience and comfort offered, some bad people have the intention to steal something valuable from you and it will happen if you're too late to realize it. They build interesting extensions and secretly they've also planted dangerous scripts to carry out activities beyond your control even in the form of extensions that actually don't have any function to crypto activities.

An example of recent case (looking at the total assets, it looks like the victim is no longer a beginner)
I subscribe to some daily news to get the latest crypto price information. One news caught my attention that:
Recently someone claimed to have lost 600 ZEC/Zcash (or around $16k) from their hard wallet. That was caused by a scam extension "Ledger Secure" which he/she installed on chrome. Support team confirms that "This is NOT a legitimate Ledger application" and asks to report this dangerous extension.
Read the full news here ...

I just want to warn everyone, especially crypto beginners, to ensure the legitimate of the extension that you install in your browser currently and in the future. As additional tips from me in addition to what has been given in this news:

An expensive lesson learned
This incident serves to remind us to pay close attention to what we download and which websites we access.

To help ensure that the app or extension you are installing is legitimate, it is a good idea to download it directly from the provider whenever possible.

If you see an app in a repository that isnít on the providerís website, donít be shy about contacting them to ask if it is a legitimate app.

And if youíre using the same device to manage your crypto assets that you use for general online use, be extra diligent.

Even better, have a separate machine Ė or at least a Virtual Machine Ė that is reserved solely for your crypto activities.

- Don't easily believe in ratings and reviews on Google Webstore or other extension store even more if it's only a bit.
Let's say the biggest extension store like Google webstore, although it has several times improved the policy to suppress suspicious extensions, by looking at the cases like above it seems that 50% of the policy depends on the user's decision where a dangerous extension will be deleted if it gets a certain number of reports.

- Ask for opinions and suggestions to people you trust, to the developer groups, as well as discussion forums about new extensions that you want to install if you have doubts or the extension isn't known to many people even though it was legitimately issued by the service provider.

- Report immediately if you or someone else finds it.

- Suggestions from o_e_l_e_o
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