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1  Economy / Service Discussion / Online exchanges that will match opening deposit on: February 03, 2020, 08:15:42 PM
I am looking for suggestions of legitimate crypto exchanges that reward new accounts with a signup bonus (if any) upon minimum deposit/confirmation. I know that eToro has been running a $50 bonus upon a deposit of $50 - that sort of thing or something similar is what I am trying to find.  I don't have a lot of cash to invest, but I figured this might be an easy way to make a minimal amount of 2 for 1 (or whatever ratio it turns out to be) profit. There are enough bitcoin multiplier scams out there promising outrageous returns just waiting to part the unsuspecting and trusting fool from his money, but what about these legitimate exchange signup bonuses?
2  Other / Meta / Lost a Post and Lost my Status! on: May 16, 2019, 05:06:13 PM
I have not been here in a few weeks or more - busy with other things.  I had exactly 60 posts and enough merit that I was a bona-fide Member!  I came over today to look for something specific and was going to scroll back through some of my prior posts to try to find it. On my profile summary I saw that I was only credited with 59 posts!  One of them disappeared and I don't know when, how, or why!  So that's also when I saw :::GASP::: that I was demoted to a Jr. Member!  (Oh the horror!)

No big deal. I'm just wondering out of curiosity - under what circumstances does a user's post count decrease? I didn't delete anything myself that I am aware of. Was there maybe something removed by a moderator, or maybe an entire thread that I had posted in was deleted and I was docked as a result?

As I said, it's not a big deal. This post should bump me back up in status either way.
3  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Service Discussion (Altcoins) / CoinMarketCap data on: August 27, 2018, 03:29:15 PM
I have a few altcoin holdings and occasionally visit a few alt faucets and get a few airdrops for relatively minimal total value. At some point I found and used an excel spreadsheet formula that pulls current value data from I integrated that into an existing spreadsheet I use to keep track of my cryptos.  So in my spreadsheet, I track that I own 0.00012345 of altcoin X and I am able to see that I have $12.35 in USD value of that altcoin X. As the price value varies per coinmarketcap, the spreadsheet automatically updates each time that I open it.

I think I heard recently that is going to start charging a fee or requiring a paid subscription for this information (unless I am thoroughly confused or did not hear all of the story and misinterpreted what I heard). Because my holdings are so low, I can't justify paying for that as it will essentially eat up the value of all of my holdings in fairly short order.
EDIT: I do not recall where I heard this or if I even heard it correctly, so I am unable to provide a source link

So my questions = (1) am I correct that the coinmarketcap 'free ride' is coming to an end or did I misinterpret this?
(2) do I have another 'free' option of getting this information automatically updated in my spreadsheet?

If not - I'm okay with that. No sense spending more value than I own just for the convenience of knowing how much my minuscule holdings are fluctuating. But if I can keep this convenience, I would like to do that.   Undecided
4  Economy / Micro Earnings / Captcha Failures on: May 01, 2018, 05:56:02 PM
Over the past 24+ hours, I have been experiencing about a 90-95% failure rate on my captcha submissions across the board (using multiple sites and browsers and on two different computers). I am at risk of losing my consecutive day streak bonuses on several faucets and CoinPot is rejecting all cashout requests to my Trezor due to failed captcha. I am double and triple checking my typing and image clicks, but am still getting error rejections.  This is new to me, but wondered if maybe someone else is having this problem - or has had it in the past.  Just trying to determine if I am alone here - and if so - what I might do to fix it.  Any ideas? Undecided
5  Other / Beginners & Help / New Member Introduction on: February 06, 2018, 04:28:30 PM
Hello all.
I am probably what most would consider a microscopic fish (it would be disrespectful to the small fish to lump me in with them) in this cryptocurrency world and definitely a late-comer. I know just enough to get by, but feel like my head is spinning around as I try to digest some of the technical aspects of it all. I am not a trader and don't know that I will ever grow into one. I am not a miner, as I know just enough to know that I don't have the technical skill or initial bankroll to set up and maintain an efficient mining rig. I'm not really an investor, as I don't have any sizable block of disposable cash that I can dump into any one currency or another.  I am basically relegated to making a small purchase of < $25 worth of Bitcoin here and there and tapping some online faucets while I watch Netflix or ESPN.  But before I started draining faucets for satoshi, I was clicking PTC ads for pennies - and pennies add up to dollars... so I guess I am conditioned for it!

It was actually last September when one of the PTC sites I use no longer paid out with PayPal, but offered a Bitcoin payout option, that I finally decided to sit down and figure out what this cryptocurrency was all about. I converted a $20 payout into Bitcoin and bought another $5 or $10 and watched it fluctuate for a few weeks.  After a few more PTC payouts and finding a couple of trustworthy and stable faucets I have about $100 in value. Of course that was a good bit higher a few weeks ago, but I'm not all that concerned.

I've been lurking here at bitcoin talk for a few months - reading a little bit here and there when I have the spare time. I'm still not sure yet how much I can or will contribute here -- especially when it feels like the equivalent of a first grader talking theoretical physics with Einstein! I'm sure I'll be asking a lot more questions than providing productive answers, but I figured it was time to post an introduction and see if I am able to take this anywhere. 
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