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1  Bitcoin / Mining speculation / Never make a ROI on: June 06, 2014, 06:26:11 AM
I have come across this site:

and its basically saying with the miners you buy you will never make a ROI

Spondoolies-Tech SP10 Dawson 1.4TH Bitcoin Miner *Backordered till 6/6/14*
$3,099.00 USD

How many bitcoins will I earn with   Calculate
 Gh/s miner?
You will mine 3.7452 bit coins.

3.7452 = $2,452

So you pay $3,099.00 to make $2,452


2  Economy / Services / DJ for Hire | House Parties | Club Events | on: March 12, 2014, 01:28:24 PM
Hello Bitcoin Talk i have been a member of the forum for a while now and i decided i will start accepting Bitcoin for my services. I am a Multi Genre style Mix DJ and can play Deep House, Commercial House, R&B, Hip Hop, Afrobeats. I am based in London, UK and play every week at a club Called Revolution, Earlier this Year i played at Pacha, London and have played at many cool Clubs and Bars.

Heres a Mix on my Youtube Channel
3  Economy / Computer hardware / Selling 9 usb block eruptors + artic fan + further 1 usb block on: November 25, 2013, 01:02:50 PM
Selling 9 usb block eruptors + artic fan + further 1 usb block

Offers please!
4  Other / CPU/GPU Bitcoin mining hardware / Have $1500 to spend on miner best solution. on: November 25, 2013, 10:20:41 AM
Hi guys i have been bitcoin mining for a while now but have been using USB block Eruptors have 12... Now i need to upgrade my hardware and have about $1500 to spend.

Been doing some looking around and i have seen a

80 gh/s miner from amt for $1445 is this the best miner for under $1500

nearly bought a block eruptor cube for $1200 38ghs glad i didnt!!.

if you guys know anything better please let me know
5  Economy / Economics / Bitcoin and Crime and why Bitcoin WILL succeed on: August 15, 2013, 09:47:09 PM
Bitcoin is going to succeed simply because criminals use it.

Lets talk about fraud and hackers.
Fraud and hackers have to deal with each other online and send payments anonymously. What they first started using was Western Union which has high transfer fees and requires you to give a name which is not to bad as you can use drops etc to pick up the money on your behalf. But what if one crook wants to buy a single credit card from another its not viable to go and send western union for a couple of us dollars. So what did these internet criminals use instead. Liberty reserve..

Liberty Reserve was a Costa Rica-based centralized digital currency service that billed itself as the "oldest, safest and most popular payment processor ... serving millions all around a world". The site had over one million users when it was shut down by the United States government. Prosecutors argued that due to lax security, alleged criminal activity largely went undetected, which ultimately led to them seizing the service
In May 2013, Liberty Reserve was shut down by United States federal prosecutors under the Patriot Act after an investigation by authorities across 17 countries. The United States charged founder Arthur Budovsky and six others with money laundering and operating an unlicensed financial transaction company. Liberty Reserve is alleged to have been used to launder more than $6 billion in criminal proceeds during its history.

We know that around the time of Liberty Reserve getting shut down the price of bitcoin raised. Why?? All the internet criminals lost a lot of money in lr and decided to find a alternative. The preferred method of payment for internet criminals presently is Bitcoin and also Perfect Money.
Internet criminals are used to using exchangers etc for purchasing there illegal digital goods.

Liberty reserve itself widely used by internet criminals started having merchants accepting it, High end goods aswell as low end like hosting and domain names. These same retailers im sure will easily switch to bitcoin. So bitcoin already has a prebuilt market. The fact that it is decentralised will give more trust in the security of funds stored in it. And they can go to jail for 8 years come out and there funds will be safe all they would need is to a computer to access them.

People going through divorce can hide all there funds in bit coin, people wanting to dodge tax can hide there funds in bit coin. Ministers and politicians who want to accept bribes... Bitcoin.

Lets face it, alot of money is in crime and if they want to use bit coin i really dont mind who cares about the press? even if bit coin is made illegal i will still use it. It will drive the price of bit coin up and everyone here will be richer. This world is full of corruption the rich get richer the poor get poorer. The governments should actually be so happy with bitcoin that they can recieve all there illegal funds with minimal trace.

Bitcoin is for everyone and that is the beauty of it. Criminals can store there money in bitcoin and the courts and banks will not be able to do anything about it.

This post of course will upset some people. But this actually is the truth.
6  Economy / Goods / GhostCables® - Iphone Cables for Sale - Now accepting Bitcoin on: July 23, 2013, 02:30:27 PM
Hi guys new to bitcoin im mining 1g/h at the moment  Embarrassed but i sell on ebay iphone cables.

Now will be selling here aswell.

Iphone Cable cable:          0.032BTC Including Delivery UK
                                     0.04 BTC Including Delivery Rest of World

How to order!!

Email me Name, Address and which cable you want to
I will email back to confirm in stock + send you bitcoin address, you pay. I dispatch.


I will be writing soon on my ebay listings accepting bitcoin so you can buy on ebay then pay on Bitcoin + non bitcoin users would look and say wtf is bitcoin and maybe become curious Cheesy

For donations:

7  Other / Beginners & Help / Hello my introduction to the bitcoin forums on: July 09, 2013, 06:17:08 PM
Hi there Ryan Thomas from the UK aged 20. Recently found out about bitcoin as Liberty Reserve was shut down. Purchased a Bitcoin Asic USB Miner currently with bitminter pool as i am running on a mac and dont know how to set up cgminer or bfgminer. So here really to educate myself about bitcoin and other e currencies.

Donations will not be appreciated.

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