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1  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Marketplace (Altcoins) / P2Pool for SHA3-based currencies (keccak) (PROJECT) [PROGRESS] on: March 20, 2014, 08:57:39 AM
So, guys. I'm going to request some help as I'm unfortunately not capable enough to do this on my own.

what I'd like to do:

- clone that latest p2pool software from the original dev forestv (
- use a keccak python implementation (
- implement all known SHA3 currencies in the preconfig (Maxcoin, Helixcoin, Slothcoin)

where I currently get "stuck":

- rpc connection works, p2pool connection doesn't.
- when I supply a address for the pool payout, it spits out "invalid checksum" which should give us a first starting point.
- share's are being rejected (or not verified as being a real share chain share) because the hash is higher than the difficulty hash should be (and the target hash shows less characters in lengths?)

Let me know if someone has a more complete project already, but I don't see anything that's working yet.

Here's the new project I'd like to invite you to contribute or at least give hints on how to get started (

Please consider donating some BTC for the work required: 1HLstfdaXpV48BnTpG1zKRrZaRFXmAezeU

first step: let's get the "invalid checksum" fixed when handing over the payout address to the p2pool startup. (python --net YOURSHA3NET --address ANYADDRESSFORSHA3) - I do understand that it's doing the sha256 validation check that bitcoin (and litecoin?) uses, which isn't going to be valid here, correct?

second step: properly adjusting the difficulties as there seems to be a problem with length/value comparison of the minimum targets and the work being submitted.

third step: share header checking is broken, all submitted shares and even blocks fail to get accepted.

2014-03-21 15:40:15.994407 > Squelched JSON error:
2014-03-21 15:40:15.994474 > Traceback (most recent call last):
2014-03-21 15:40:15.994512 > File "/usr/lib/python2.7/dist-packages/twisted/protocols/", line 455, in dataReceived
2014-03-21 15:40:15.994546 > self.lineReceived(line)
2014-03-21 15:40:15.994577 > File "/home/florianuhlemann/p2pool_helixcoin/p2pool/util/", line 164, in lineReceived
2014-03-21 15:40:15.994611 > _handle(line, self, response_handler=self._matcher.got_response).addCallback(lambda line2: self.sendLine(line2) if line2 is not None else None)
2014-03-21 15:40:15.994644 > File "/usr/lib/python2.7/dist-packages/twisted/internet/", line 1181, in unwindGenerator
2014-03-21 15:40:15.994677 > return _inlineCallbacks(None, gen, Deferred())
2014-03-21 15:40:15.994708 > File "/usr/lib/python2.7/dist-packages/twisted/internet/", line 1039, in _inlineCallbacks
2014-03-21 15:40:15.994739 > result = g.send(result)
2014-03-21 15:40:15.994768 > --- ---
2014-03-21 15:40:15.994796 > File "/home/florianuhlemann/p2pool_helixcoin/p2pool/util/", line 85, in _handle
2014-03-21 15:40:15.994824 > result = yield method_meth(*list(preargs) + list(params))
2014-03-21 15:40:15.994852 > File "/home/florianuhlemann/p2pool_helixcoin/p2pool/bitcoin/", line 74, in rpc_submit
2014-03-21 15:40:15.994880 > return got_response(header, worker_name, coinb_nonce)
2014-03-21 15:40:15.994907 > File "/home/florianuhlemann/p2pool_helixcoin/p2pool/bitcoin/", line 136, in
2014-03-21 15:40:15.994935 > lambda header, user, coinbase_nonce: handler(header, user, pack.IntType(self._my_bits).pack(nonce) + coinbase_nonce),
2014-03-21 15:40:15.994964 > File "/home/florianuhlemann/p2pool_helixcoin/p2pool/", line 389, in got_response
2014-03-21 15:40:15.994991 > share = get_share(header, last_txout_nonce)
2014-03-21 15:40:15.995018 > File "/home/florianuhlemann/p2pool_helixcoin/p2pool/", line 215, in get_share
2014-03-21 15:40:15.995045 > assert share.header == header # checks merkle_root
2014-03-21 15:40:15.995082 > exceptions.AssertionError:
2  Local / Biete / Verkaufe GPU Mining Rig Kasten/Gestell/Gehäuse (+Riser Kabel) on: March 19, 2014, 07:34:33 PM
Abzugeben hätte ich:

2x x16-x16 Riser Kabel, gebraucht (17cm rum?)
2x x16-x1 powered Riser Kabel lang (30cm rum?)
3x x16-x1 powered Riser Kabel mittel (20cm rum?)

und ein custom-designed Rig. Eigentlich für 3 Karten gemacht, aber passen auch mehr rein. Bohrungen für mATX Board vorhanden, kann aber auch für jedes andere Board individuell gebohrt werden.

Geliefert wird nur das Gestell mit eingebauter Holzplatte. Kein Mainboard, Schrauben oder Abstandshalter dabei.
Preis: 50€ zzgl Versand für das Rig. 9€ je Stück für die Kabel zzgl. Versand. Briefversand auch möglich.
Zahlung natürlich auch in BTC, LTC oder ähnlichem akzeptiert.

Bei Fragen bitte posten oder PN. Verkauf erfolgt wegen Überbestand. Hat sich irgendwie angehäuft. ^^

3  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Altcoin Discussion / Votes required for NAN/BTC on CoinedUp (Reddit vote) on: January 03, 2014, 01:20:32 PM
Heya guys.

It seems I have to make some posts so why not make it a useful and good one? Wink

I'd like to kindly ask you guys for some votes on the request on Reddit.

What we want them to do? We would like to be able to trade nanotokens (NAN) on as it's a very easy to use exchange - and the coin itself is a very decent coin that seemed to be a little unknown among us scrypters... There's not reason for that though. Excellent coin. stable software, stable network. and no difficulty-madness going on (very smooth transitions)

So, please help us all out (and maybe even get involved into Nanotokens) by voting on reddit for us!

Further information to Nanotokens can be found here:

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