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1  Economy / Digital goods / [WTB] Multiple brand gift cards on: November 22, 2016, 01:21:37 PM
Hello, I would like to buy Subway/Burger King/Dollar General 10$ gift cards. Only one of each. I will be buying a lot more of these (more brands and bigger denominations too) but for now I only want this much.
I am buying only digital GC's. Paying:
6.5$ for 10$
6.5$ for 10$
6.5$ for 10$
You will have to go first on these.
Paying in Bitcoin.
2  Economy / Goods / Where to buy high limit debit cards? on: March 10, 2015, 08:10:47 PM
Well the topic mostly says everything.Where can I buy high limit debit cards.When I say high I mean the ones that could of up to 10000(10K) dollars at once.The atm withdraw limit doesn't matter at all.The cards must be anonymous and I mustn't provide any kind of ID's.The cards should also be not from Poland(as far as I heard they have bad reputation).
3  Economy / Marketplace / Dark Markets are selling Worthless junk on: March 03, 2015, 03:31:14 PM
So before we I even start talking I would like to say that I do not encourage carding,hacking or any other illegal cyber/physical stuff.I will not talk about drugs or anything like that all I will talk about will  be about cyber stuff.

So I have been watching Agora and Evolution for some guides including:how to hack PayPal/CC,how to card CC/Paypal,MMORPG carding,how to hack atm etc.But I got to say I was really really upset with what I found in them.Off course all of those guides didn't even summed up to a total of 0.2(but close).But I expected way way more than that.

For example last thing I brought was How To Hack ATMís For Free Cash (No Tools Required) from vendor CITRA on EVO I haven't even expected it to be some kind of a miracle neither I was even intended to try it but what I got was a copy paste of this he/she even pasted this line "MUST READ: GET $100000 TRANSFER TO YOUR BANK TODAY! CLICK NOW!!!" which literally made me laugh.

Agora,EVO and all other dark markets turned in to that email shit that you receive in your trashcan like "Make 100$ every 10 minutes autopilot" except that you have to pay for it.When I went to a dark market I expected some dark-net, expensive hacking guides not some cheap outdated/not working stuff copy pasted from google which in fact you can get for free.I saw many medium price(0.1-1BTC) guides on how make x$ in y time auto/non-auto stuff, I would for sure buy them I would for sure even pay 10BTC for a good black hat stuff (how to hack cc/paypal or some other money making guide etc.) but I am afraid that I will purchase same thing just for the higher price.It would be a miracle if mods of black markets would view some of the things that vendors sell and if they sell crap that would be typed under their name,the markets would then be rubbish-free and buyers could pay more but get more quality items.

What are your experiences?Do you know some vendors who sells quality guides?I would love to buy a tutorial which at least explains some medium level hacking stuff (ex.obtaining cc/paypal,GC etc,etc.) I would love to increase my knowledge.Share your thoughts.

Again mods I do not encourage illegal stuff and this was only made for knowledge only.Please don't remove this.

If I made some typos sorry.
4  Bitcoin / Pools / 1BTC to a pool that confirms my transactions on: February 11, 2015, 03:13:48 PM
If you are the owner of AntPool,,KnCMiner,BTCGuild,Slush or Eligius you are eligible for this.What I want is something similar to if you design a webpage like this where I can push my transactions I would pay you 1BTC and I will pay extra 0.005BTC0.01BTC per each 1KB of raw I push there.Escrow is OK.
If you are wondering what kind of transactions I will push then they will be just simple non-double-spend tx's with 0 fee and will usually spend an output which is unconfirmed.
5  Bitcoin / Development & Technical Discussion / Is it possible to..? on: February 08, 2015, 10:21:56 AM
Hi is it possible to know the hash of the block before it is even minted? What I mean is lets say that I set up my miners on ghash pool using cgminer(or other software) would I be able to know the hash of the block at least the right side of the hash? Also (I am pretty sure it's impossible but maybe there is some kind of a secret) is it possible to predict when a block will be minted?
6  Other / Meta / I think it's not fair to judge ponzi creators on: January 13, 2015, 08:05:38 PM
While I don't really support ponzi's and gambling in general(unless it's for fun) I don't think it is fair to judge ponzi creators for being a scammer. If you look at every single one of the ponzi creators you can see negative trust. I think if an owner clearly states that it's ponzi(not like cough pbmining cough) and you can loose money on it(and If he puts it on the gambling section) it's unfair to add negative trust and I would say it's trust abusing. Why don't you add negative trust to casino operators? You will still loose money on casino why do they have no negative trust? Because they run a legit business? You gamble on both either it would be ponzi or a casino so why one of them has neg trust? Are you adding neg trust to ponzi creators because they are newly created accounts and they will eventually run away with the coins? In that case I kinda agree. But there might be legit owners who are intent to earn money by taking fee and not by stealing.

Again while I don't support ponzi's I might be willing to open one too and I think it's abusing to add negative trust to the owner's(I don't want to get neg trust bombed while just wanting to make profit from commissions)
7  Bitcoin / Development & Technical Discussion / Are big capacity mutli-sig transactions still non-standard on: January 11, 2015, 04:48:03 PM
Well the topic's name is kinda weird(was not sure how to form it) but what I meant is. Does x out of y mutli-sig transactions are still non-standard where's x is more than 2 and y is more than 3? If they are still non-standard when they will be standard?
8  Bitcoin / Development & Technical Discussion / [WTB]Tutorial on how to make non-standard outputs on: January 05, 2015, 08:08:45 PM
Hi I would like to buy a step by step tutorial on how to make OP_TRUE and OP_EQUAL(tx like this non-standard outputs on bitcoind or bitcoinqt debug window(raw transaction).An example of how to make OP_RETURN tutorial

Will pay a little amount of 0.01BTC for it.
9  Other / Meta / Avatar gripes [OT divergence split from tech board thread] on: December 26, 2014, 10:01:31 AM
PS: When will I be allowed to use an avatar so that I can stop posting this image?
Probably never. At least for now they haven't yet announced that they will allow avatars in future.
10  Bitcoin / Development & Technical Discussion / What is the possible biggest free transaction in bytes? on: November 28, 2014, 12:28:28 PM
I would like to know what is the biggest transaction(in bytes) without a fee could be created that node would relay?
11  Other / Beginners & Help / Newcomers must watch on: November 22, 2014, 02:51:04 PM
If you just heard about Bitcoin you should really watch this amazing movie about Bitcoin called "The Rise and Rise of Bitcoin"

If you liked the movie please tip their makers here 19xb2pAzyv7feFkBhbh3n3rtBJ9JPTufm
12  Bitcoin / Development & Technical Discussion / Why first instead of second? on: November 11, 2014, 01:59:53 PM
So recently I made these 4 transactions

All those four transactions had 0 fee 20 inputs and only 1 output all those four transaction was a little bit over 3600 bytes all those four txs must have NOT been confirmed all those four transaction got confirmed by f2pool and all those four transaction were double-spends of these four transactions

All these four transactions were pushed on and were relayed by Eligius all these four transaction were sending the coins to them selfs all these four tx's had 20(only first had 21 inputs) inputs and 1 output all these four transactions HAD a fee of 0.0004btc all these four transaction must HAVE been confirmed by Eligius in their next block BUT their were not because f2pool mined their conflicting(double-spend transactions).
So my questions are:
1.Why f2pool picked first ones instead of the seconds?(They are confirming first saw and not with the highest fee?) And why they even picked a 0 fee low priority transaction?
2.What should I do next time for those 0fee tx's to not confirm and the ones that pay the fee to confirm?(Just don't answer like "Just don't send them".
13  Bitcoin / Development & Technical Discussion / Problem with raw transaction on: October 28, 2014, 05:15:00 PM
I never had a problem creating a raw transaction until now. I tried to spend that 0.00094btc from transaction b8c789d4fce1ecf81f1a0c560aa10ae92f1d62bbbd34fea3a1b58c9a13ba0720( So I imported the keys in to my bitcoin-qt client and typed listunspent and for some reason it returned
It was strange but I ignored it so I typed
createrawtransaction [{\"txid\":\"b8c789d4fce1ecf81f1a0c560aa10ae92f1d62bbbd34fea3a1b58c9a13ba0720\",\"vout\":2}] {\"13eaMbuZYdwwyDjv9DH2kP2HKCJMrNdHwH\":0.00010000}
It gave me this
Then I tried to sign it
signrawtransaction 01000000012007ba139a8cb5a1a3fe34bdbb621d2fe90aa10a560c1a1ff8ece1fcd489c7b80200000000ffffffff0110270000000000001976a9141d0b7c5540cfa07fd7eda5238396ab7573c2705788ac00000000
It returned in to this
"hex" : "01000000012007ba139a8cb5a1a3fe34bdbb621d2fe90aa10a560c1a1ff8ece1fcd489c7b80200000000ffffffff0110270000000000001976a9141d0b7c5540cfa07fd7eda5238396ab7573c2705788ac00000000",
"complete" : false
and I am stuck right here I don't even imagine what the problem is, is it with the vout? I tried everything until vout25 everything returned false.I am sure that I have the priv keys in that wallet and I am using bitcoin-qt 0.8.6.Can you guys tell me where the problem is?

P.S. Rescanning the blockchain now.
14  Economy / Services / Looking for friendly miners on: October 26, 2014, 06:40:58 PM
I don't need it anymore.
15  Bitcoin / Development & Technical Discussion / Help me relay a double-spend transaction on: September 13, 2014, 10:41:52 AM
Now before everyone's going to say double-spending is impossible i want to say that i want to make a double-spend attempt  means one transaction will confirm and one will drop.
I had a success on double-spending these tx's f34a12f0c153055ef8d9ca4c917861de9130651495c21b9eba792050a07bfa71,604ff6cb6b605420139adfbf91fd31266cdafcb7ccd163cfbdbdf5a4fa7a1881 but that was mostly a poor luck because Eligius and BTC Guild have forgotten about my first transaction which had 0 fee. What i want to make is either push two transactions at exactly same time that will both get relayed and get on the network but in the end only one will confirm or either discover a node which relays double-spend tx's and will allow me to double-spend that transaction at any time.I haven't yet tried Petter Todd's Replace-by-Fee Tools, Double Spend feature but that is just because as far as i can tell it creates two transactions one with low fee and one with big and i want to create two transactions which both has low fee.

P.S What happened to
16  Economy / Service Discussion / My account got hacked. on: August 21, 2014, 07:33:26 AM
First of all i want to say hello to everyone. Yesterday i joined chat as usually and i saw 4x0.4 losses in a row so i was like "Lets try my luck" i went to my account, signed in, but the balance was for some reason not syncing so i quickly pressed on the send tab and went to chat again, after 2 mins i tried to send 0.005BTC(yes small bet cause i am not a gambler) to's green and then bc.i was like there is not enough btc adjust your amount i was like "WT*!" went to transaction history tab and saw that all the fund went to this address 194ZtJTvpTvQb6qHLqq4gQcAEjmipjpZxJ

After all the posts that i made saying tips for other people on how to make your coins safe, i got hacked myself(what an irony). The amount of what i got hacked isn't terribly big (0.31BTC) but now my biggest question is, how he did it?If you could bring me all of my coins i would give you 90% of the  0.31BTC If hacker is reading this he is eligible for this too just give me 10% and tell me how you did it. Now that i lost most of my coins any tips of how can i make that back in one month?

Tx id:

Tips appreciated 1FnHPWNjXbaS8k7jxkHBJbzBNPc6ymKnwA (This time i hodl it codl, address was NOT generated on this PC and it is not wallet)
17  Bitcoin / Pools / It is now 51% on: June 13, 2014, 12:27:31 PM

What we can do now?
18  Bitcoin / Pools / Spliting on: June 10, 2014, 08:32:38 PM
Do you think that spliting in two different pools would be a good idea to protect bitcoin from 51% attack?
19  Bitcoin / Development & Technical Discussion / Problem with nLocktime? on: May 27, 2014, 02:01:19 PM
Hello all, so i recently tried to do a delayed (locked) transaction and here is what i got
    "hash": "eb8f2e3bbdf9a16f1dcc863aae6d2cbdbc1024d44ba1420627036e699b9a4c6f",
    "ver": 1,
    "vin_sz": 2,
    "vout_sz": 2,
    "lock_time": 302900,
    "size": 375,
    "in": [
            "prev_out": {
                "hash": "1b4d46059f20525baa9d8880a82f5e27d4d77de788faa713a362caf07ab9636d",
                "n": "1"
            "scriptSig": "3046022100dad23a57bb5419d25331e6a7fd9297408e490edb0044e4d2807e0f49b3a0d94d022100d9d20788ce70388e96fc8c74fabcb6b6f711d3a783674757726a73bf3b31bcab01 0204cd1c526d46d34e7869211cf857541a94b026028fd571a6bd3004e66ee75696",
            "sequence": 302900
            "prev_out": {
                "hash": "dc4cfb20407046982cdbb305f746f685f85e7341d8ff7fbf15193ffbb5084c6d",
                "n": "1"
            "scriptSig": "30450221009deb7676c1ba3c504349d404bc5143ad338bbd84d393f22b8db7bc5e276e5e2c02207a97f752cf4656e1286101b2ec3006a10c3df526290f1ecf96a25e187360b2a501 0204cd1c526d46d34e7869211cf857541a94b026028fd571a6bd3004e66ee75696",
            "sequence": 4294967295
    "out": [
            "value": "0.01000000",
            "scriptPubKey": "OP_DUP OP_HASH160 e0e8fbb1befe6c0a5b1ce82f613f171bbfbc4651 OP_EQUALVERIFY OP_CHECKSIG"
            "value": "0.04821340",
            "scriptPubKey": "OP_DUP OP_HASH160 01103eaf645bcec3ed2ee2fb61a56ca406c10334 OP_EQUALVERIFY OP_CHECKSIG"
But then i tried to push it on it said ''Invalid Sequence Number302900'' what should i do to get around this or am i doing something wrong? What else should i do for my coins getting in the chain but being locked till the xx block?

Best regards,
20  Economy / Currency exchange / want to purchase btc with ltc on: May 22, 2014, 05:54:10 PM
Hello all i want to buy 0.2BTC via ltc. I am paying 9ltc for 0.2BTC and no way higher i am not going first (but you can) so we are going to use escrow.

Best regards,
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