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1  Economy / Goods / [SOLD] 5x Sapphire 5830, 5870, 5770 - Free dummy plugs! (USA ONLY) on: September 27, 2011, 05:29:43 AM

***All cards have been sold***

Selling off my extra mining cards because I don't have time to keep all my rigs running.  Shipping only to Continental US.

All prices are in USD or BTC equivalent. Payment through BTC or Dwolla.

5x Sapphire Radeon HD 5830 Extreme
In original box (matching S/N) w/ CD, manual, molex-->PCI-e adapters as well as a dummy plug (for headless initialization in Windows)

These cards get 320MH/s!!! Great $/MH ratio
$100 shipped each - $95/ea for multiple

Next up is a reference Visiontek Radeon HD 5870.  This is a card *direct* from manufacturer.  Had it running at 423MH/s at 60% fan speed under 70C in a closed case.  Really excellent cards.  Only selling one of my two  Grin  Including Molex-->PCI-e adapters and dummy plug
$220 shipped

Finally an XFX Radeon HD5770.  This was my primary card for a while before I discovered bitcoin mining.  Don't remember what my hashrate was on it as I bought more hardware than I needed and left this sitting in a bag.
Runs great and never caused me any problems
$75 shipped

Here is everything

2  Other / CPU/GPU Bitcoin mining hardware / Sapphire 5830 failed flash - how to recover? on: June 22, 2011, 05:18:51 PM
I have a pair of Sapphire 5830 that I'm trying to flash to be able to use them at 975/325 in Linux (could only hit 900MHz using AMDOverdriveCTRL).  i first confirmed that the clock speeds were stable in windows by setting to 975/325 and mining for 6 hours.

I used Radeon Bios Editor and only changed clock settings and fan settings

I changed clock settings so full speed was 975/325

I changed the low & medium speeds so clock speed and memory was lower than full speed (i think it was 300/300 and 600/315, respectively)

I flashed the bios using ATIWinFlash.  Flashed the bios on a single card and booted back into windows.

When I opened afterburner to try to check clock speeds, it did not show anything for the speeds

I attempted to start a miner and the system froze

I rebooted back into windows and tried to set a clock speed in afterburner to default (800/1000).  it froze

I rebooted again and tried to set it to 975/325.  It froze.

I decided I would roll back to stock bios.

I booted back into windows with non-flashed 5830 as the card the monitor was plugged into. 

I attempted to flash back to the stock bios (backed up, of course) using ATIWinFlash (selecting non-active card).  It only got about 10% of the way on teh progress bar then hung.  I left it for an hour and came back.  The mouse was still moving but the flash had not progressed.  I attempted to close ATIWinFlash and the system insta-hung.

So how should I proceed?  Is flashing in windows ill-advised?  Can I still recover a card if it died *during* a flash?

What are most people changing in RBE for the 5800 series?  Are they changing the actual clock speeds or just the clock range so they can use AMDOverDriveCTRL?

Please halp!
3  Bitcoin / Mining / Solo mining sanity check on: June 15, 2011, 03:21:28 PM
Just wanted to make sure I'm doing this right for solo mining backup

Start the daemon, set RPC username/password, allowed IP range and port number.

Use phoenix to connect to localhost with those parameters.

I should be seeing "Result didn't meet full difficulty, not sending" until I generate a block, at which point it will be "accepted" and reflected directly in my balance.  Is that correct?

4  Bitcoin / Mining / Out of power :( on: June 11, 2011, 06:32:47 AM
Boo.  Just got 2x 5870 and have 2x 5830 on the way from amazon and my breaker keeps tripping after upgrading just ONE of my 5830 to a 5870. 

Gonna have to think about a different strategy.

Is it difficult to wire a surface mount outlet box & conduit within a few feet of the main breaker to a new circuit?  I may just have to run cat5 to my garage and put some computers out there. 

As luck would have it, garage is on the same circuit as my office on teh OPPOSITE SIDE OF THE HOUSE!

bleh growing pains... if I didn't already have a media server, esx server and s/w aquarium in my office it probably wouldn't be such a problem... the 30" + 2x 20" monitors isn't helping either...
5  Bitcoin / Mining / I've found the ultimate mining case on: June 09, 2011, 07:11:00 PM
What better to mine with than a bulldozer?

6  Bitcoin / Mining / At first I was like :), then I was like :( - HD6970 on: June 09, 2011, 05:50:21 PM
Found what I thought was an awesome deal on a 6970 from Microcenter

Only $159 with a $10 rebate!

It turns out microcenter is just a bunch of morons... card is actually a 6790, available for the same price from everywhere else Sad
7  Other / Meta / Affiliate codes for TradeHill need to be controlled on: June 08, 2011, 09:44:26 PM
From what I've gathered, using an affiliate code for Tradehill (new mtgox competitor) gives the referring account a percentage of the referred account's fees, as well as a discount to the referred account. 

We are going to get the crap spammed out of our forum with these things and there should be a policy against it, IMO.

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