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1  Economy / Computer hardware / [SOLD] Spondoolies-tech SP20 - $450 + shipping on: January 06, 2015, 10:16:19 AM
This is a review unit so it probably doesn't have a warranty.

Here's the review + some pics:

What this deal includes:

- Spondolies-tech SP20 1700GH/s sha-256 miner
- Cooler Master fan

Price is $450 + shipping.

I couldn't get the fan speed to change which is why I'm including the CM fan.

Shipping to US only. Ships from Sacramento.

BTC only.

Miner has been sold.
2  Bitcoin / Hardware / [Review] Spondoolies-Tech SP20 on: December 18, 2014, 06:39:43 AM
Disclaimer: free review unit


- Easiest setup possible.
- Build quality 10/10.
- Simple yet functional web UI.
- Very stable/maintenance free. (so far)
- Autotuning feature is nice.
- Easy to over/underclock.


- Fan is incredibly loud and the speed is unchangeable.
- Fan connector not standard.
- Very temperature sensitive.
- Help page seems lacking.
- Packaging. Not impressed with the cardboard padding.

Overall: 8/10 (9/10 with fan replacement)

Although it's not perfect, I will say it's better than any other miner I've owned. My main issue with the sp20 is the noise. I know many have complained about it but I was genuinely surprised by how loud it is. I'm sure it would be much more tolerable if I was able to lower the fan speed, but at it's current setting (80%?) it's far too loud to be a home miner.

Overall I'm very impressed. I can officially confirm that all the hype about SP-tech gear is warranted. I will definitely consider buying their next gen hardware but only if they address the noise issue.
3  Economy / Scam Accusations / Definitive proof the owner of pbmining is a scammer on: December 07, 2014, 02:08:49 AM
To summarize, it's now been discovered that the owner of pbmining (Jason Boyko) created a phishing site ( about a month before creating his extremely shady, zero transparency cloudmining company.


It has come to our attention that specific company information about PB Mining is very hard to find beyond the fact PB Mining (Piggyback Mining) is operated by a company in Canada called Digital Mining.

PB Mining is an ASIC Bitcoin cloud mining service with headquarters in Saskatoon, Canada and with the majority of our operations in Iceland.

Mailing Address:
Address: 314 33RD STREET EAST
City/Province: SASKATOON, SK
Country/Postal Code: CANADA, S7K0S4
Attention: JASON BOYKO

We pay out 100% of what we receive from all mining sources.  It is impossible to pay out more than that.
If you do pay out 100% of mining revenue instead of straight PPS, that would be understandable. Of course luck affects every miner.

Could you point to a time when your luck was over 100% and you paid out more than 100% PPS? Awesome, thanks Jason.

Jason won't be answering your questions, but I can sure help.  May I ask what your customer # is?  Perhaps I could take a closer look at your specific account.  E-mail and we will take a look.

Registrant Contact Information:
    Name: jason boyko
    Organization: digital mining
    Address 1: 314 33rd street east
    City: saskatoon
    State: Saskatchewan
    Zip: s7k0s4
    Country: CA
    Phone: +1.3067160288

Looks like he tried to fake the registrar data after realizing it might have been a bad idea to use his real name when registering a domain for his scam. The updated info says the domain was created on May 16, 2014, but he was clearly already scamming by November 20th of last year:

Credit to Mr. Teal, Warren Buffet, and Puppet for finding the info.


These are instances where pbmining was using new investor funds to payout "mining earnings". This doesn't happen anymore because they began running all purchases/payments through a coinmixer.
4  Economy / Service Discussion / Cloudmining without proof of mining [poll] on: October 29, 2014, 09:43:07 PM
As most of us know, the great invention known as the blockchain gives us the ability to see exactly how much BTC any address holds and where it came from without requiring trust in a third party.

Strangely enough many cloudmining companies are not taking advantage of this incredibly easy way to prove their legitimacy which requires practically no time and effort.

Just curious to hear some thoughts/opinions.

If you haven't already I would check out this blog to get a better understanding of how the blockchain and mining works:

Bitcoin lead developer Gavin Andresen's take on cloudmining:
5  Economy / Computer hardware / [sold] Corsair RM750 Gold Rated PSU 750W - $70 on: September 08, 2014, 07:59:45 AM
Here is the PSU on amazon:

It's in great condition. Used lightly for a few months (60-300W).

Asking $70+shipping.

Shipping from California.

6  Economy / Computer hardware / [WTS] 480 GH/s Technobit HEX4M on: August 06, 2014, 04:50:46 PM

This includes the chips + assembly service.

The chips have yet to be assembled so it's not shipping immediately and I will only be transferring the order.

The miner will be shipped directly from technobit (you will have to pay them for shipping).

Asking $335.
7  Economy / Computer hardware / [SOLD] BTCGarden 307GH/s 1.05w/gh (Includes everything) on: July 29, 2014, 02:01:52 PM
This package includes everything you need to get started mining.

It's the same miner listed here but without the blue led fans:

Miner also comes with upgraded silent fans (link) which make it almost impossible to hear (also ~8w less) but it will also include the original 0.4A fans.

Everything is used for ~1 month and was new before that.

What it includes:

- 1 BTCgarden AM-V1 miner with 2 blades and 16 AM BE200 chips per blade.
- Raspberry pi model B
- 8gb SD card (preloaded with the software, only requires minor configuration via the webUI)
- 500w gold rated silverstone PSU (link)
- 5 meter ethernet cable (can include a much longer one for a bit extra)

Price: $340 + shipping

Ships from California.
8  Other / Meta / Should Notlambchop/Crumbs be re-banned? on: July 04, 2014, 11:10:58 PM
Sure being massively annoying and trolling is not against the rules (as far as I know) but I am sure there has to be some rules broken like spamming memes/childish insults, distracting/detracting from literally every thread he posts in, alt accounts to avoid ban (he previously went by "crumbs")

Here's a list of known alt accounts:

-IPO magic
-Ask Ken About Love

Here's his main account:;u=263109

Between the accounts there is a total of ~5000 posts and not a single one of them says something nice.

Anyways, just curious if anyone else finds him as annoying as me.
9  Bitcoin / Hardware / Is Novello Technologies a scam? on: June 05, 2014, 01:10:05 PM

Announcement thread:
10  Bitcoin / Mining / [Poll] - Is pbmining legit? on: May 03, 2014, 10:02:28 PM
This thread created because is lacking a poll.

As far as I can tell pbmining has provided no photo/video evidence of their massively scaling 300TH farm.

They also run their coins through a mixer which can only be a bad sign.

They seem to be paying out regularly but this would be entirely possible if they were a ponzi.
11  Bitcoin / Hardware / 2 Phase Immersion cooling for the home on: April 14, 2014, 08:28:16 PM
Anyone know if this is practical?

Edit: (nice video about 2 phase)
12  Economy / Securities / [WTB] 5 rockminer shares on: April 08, 2014, 02:56:01 AM
Looking to buy five (5) rockminer shares from this thread:

I want to pay 0.15 btc/share (50% more than IPO)

PM me if interested.
13  Other / Meta / Should trust system spammers be banned? on: April 06, 2014, 08:42:04 PM
As many of you already know, josh (inaba) is running a contest to win a monarch if you post positive trust on 3 bfl accounts and leave negative trust on 3 critics accounts every day. This is not a temporary problem because the contest is never ending so it needs to be dealt with. (ends when they begin shipping)

More about the contest:

I think this is spam and abuse of the trust system. Josh seems to think this proves that the system is flawed but I disagree. Blatant trust manipulation can be dealt with by mods/administrators with little effort.

So should those who have sold their sole and dignity for the chance to win some vaporware be banned?

Maybe they should be banned until monarchs finally ship?
14  Bitcoin / Hardware / [BFL] List of Lies on: March 22, 2014, 06:41:11 AM
Just thought it might be fun to make a thread to create an organized list of all the blatant lies from BFL. I am talking about things that can be factually proven to be inaccurate/misleading/bullshit. I would like this to be a civilized discussion so please attempt to keep the trolling to a minimum.

Updated last: May 4 2014

List of Lies
1. (monarch) The fastest and most power-efficient Bitcoin miner yet
2. Butterfly Labs has shipped more ASIC products than all competitors combined
3. Our facility in Kansas has the largest production capacity of all Bitcoin hardware manufacturers.
4. The Competition at least $ 17.50 /GH
5. 65nm ASIC chip is now powering the majority of the bitcoin network
6. The bottom line is that BFL is the only 28nm chip manufacturer on its 2nd generation ASIC
7. All manufacturers in this space have experienced some degree of delay with their first generation ASIC
8. 28nm products won't begin shipping til year end
9. (monarch) plan to begin shipments in February, 2014
10. Orders are shipped in order date priority so any order placed now should be expected to be delivered in March.
11. We are pioneers of the industry - having manufactured the first commercial Bitcoin mining hardware.
12. November / December    Initial Shipping
13. still on track for December/January
14. As we enter the 28nm era, we're the only competitor with a proven ASIC design in the field.
15. Tape out August 2013
16. Gen1 65nm asics will be around 1w/gh
17. BTC mining, being a zero sum activity, makes it viable and profitable to get as many people to cancel their orders as possible, so your position improves
18. We are so confident in our power consumption that we are offering up 1000 BTC to charity if we miss our power consumption targets by more than 10%
19. Everyone should be aware of the fact that you are allowed to upgrade 1, 2, 3 or 4 Jalepeno's to 1 Single and keep your place in line
20. Individual orders that are less than 6 months old and that paid for the reduced price 600GH or 300GH Monarch will likely not be delayed past the expected delivery date
21. We have developed the most technologically advanced, most power efficient mining chip on the planet by a factor of two.
22. KnC's new 20nm chip isn't even close to our 28nm chip in terms of performance.
23. I have spoken with Theymos, the operator of Bitcointalk, about this and I have his full knowledge and permission to perform this experiment
24. plan to begin shipments in March 2014
25. However, this is our second generation, so we have much greater clarity on the process
26. meaning the deployment of the Monarch will be delayed about 5 weeks from now
27. it is possible we will begin shipping limited quantities by the end of the week of the 21st(april), it's more likely we will begin shipping the following week, assuming no blocking issues arise.
28. our mining chip is more than 2x efficient than any other chip out
29. The Monarch product line is essentially 3x - 5x more efficient at any comparable hashrate than the competition
- (monarch 600GH) 350w (0.6w/GH conservative estimate)
- Orders are shipped in order date priority so any order placed now should be expected to be delivered in June.
- Refunds will be issued in 30 to 45 days from the date of request of refund. Refunds will be in USD.
- We plan to begin shipping within the next 10 - 12 days, but that timeline is still in flux as we adjust the board components to best utilize the chips.

- Josh/Inaba of BFL has now resorted to paying shills to boost his own trust rating and defaming critics by leave false negative trust.


1. See KNC, Avalon, Bitfury, Bitmain, Bitmine, Cointerra, Hashlast, Spondoolies, Dragon/lightning
2. Obviously not talking about hashrate because that would be absurd. I assume # of products which is still untrue considering the amount of asicminer/bitfury usb miners sold.
3. If largest production capacity means shipping out hardware in a timely manner, I would say they fall in dead last. (maybe hashfast is slower in shipping products)
4. Competition is actually as low as $3/GH. See bitmain
5. Obvious lie. Unless less than 5% of the network is now considered a majority.
6. See KNC.
7. See asicminer/bitmain
8. Already 3 months past years end and this statement is still not removed. *unless they mean this years end which would probably be accurate
9. Misleading. They have planned to ship every month since October of 2013.
10. Devices confirmed to not be shipping march.
11. See asicminer
12. Still have yet to ship anything.
13. See 12.
14. Was said literally months after KNC gave us a proven 28nm design.
15. Tape out September 2013
16. Actually around 3.5w/gh
17. Absolutely ridiculous to believe anyone would think this.
19. Jalapenos intentionally sent out first.
20. March was expected delivery date for all orders before march.
21. Bfl 28nm chip is estimated to be 0.45 w/gh. Knc is estimated around 0.35 w/gh.
22. See 21
23. "He asked me whether he could demonstrate that the Trust system is broken. I said that he could, though I didn't know exactly what he was planning, and I don't like what he's doing" - theymos
24. March has officially passed. No products shipped.
25. Delays from gen1 were 8 months. Delays from gen2 are currently 6 months.
26. past 5 weeks since announcement.
27. past 2 weeks since announcement.
28. 2x better than bitfury would be below 0.2w/gh
29. see 28.
15  Bitcoin / Mining speculation / The Bitcoin ASIC Arms Race on: February 17, 2014, 10:29:21 AM
We are currently in the middle of an asic technological arms race.

Companies are fighting to have the most efficient miners for the best price while shipping the soonest with the least bullshit.

As of writing this, bitmain has the biggest gun in the fight with the antminers. Bitfury, knc, avalon, and the secondary companies (HF/CT/BA/BM/ActM)* have chips that will compete with bitmain antminers but they cannot produce them at the same rate and low price like bitmain do. *have yet to ship or prove themselves

Future asics include but are definitely not limited to kncminer neptune and asicminer which will destroy any and all current tech asics. Chip estimates are 0.6gh/w for asicminer* and 0.7gh/s for knc compared to bitmain antminers at 1.6gh/w.      *rumor

Can't forget about avalon and bitfury. Avalon will surely release a next gen chip but I have not heard anything about either. Seriously where do they post their news?

And then theres BFL who will (imo) still be there in the end pumping out the same crap and selling to the never ending waves of bitcoin noobs.

Vote if you think.
16  Bitcoin / Hardware / advertising scams? on: February 16, 2014, 10:29:56 AM
Seems like this is the default wiki for bitcoin so why do they advertise so many scams? An example of how horrible their pages are:

So many obvious scam companies and missing many legit ones.

Anyone know someone who can edit the page?
17  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Mining (Altcoins) / Experiences? on: January 23, 2014, 08:30:13 AM
Many may have noticed offers nearly unbeatable prices on gpus. Even though they are out of stock, the backorder date doesn't seem too far off. I decided to go with a 280x and when the backorder date arrived (originally 1-10-14) the cards were still out of stock and I was notified via email that the expected shipping date was changed to the 25th.

I saw a similar story on reddit and was wondering if anyone else had a similar experience. Surely I couldn't have been the only one to notice their great prices and give them a shot.

I suspect that it is a manufacturer delay and not some bullshit on shopblt's end but who knows.
18  Bitcoin / Mining speculation / Bitcoin difficulty eventually linear growth? on: January 03, 2014, 09:10:10 AM
Right now as the asic arms race is in full swing we are seeing exponential growth from 20%-40% per difficulty change. My question is will the difficulty rise eventually slow down? To the point of linear growth?

My prediction is that once we see fully optimized 20/28nm asics we will stop seeing such dramatic increases in difficulty because there will not be much room for improvement.

Also eventually electricity efficiency will become a limiting factor and only the most efficient mining operations would be able to continuously add hashing power.
19  Economy / Computer hardware / (sold)[WTS] USED Radeon HD 7970 - $350 on: December 28, 2013, 07:35:31 AM
Bought this to mine ltc but it doesn't fit in my case so I am going to buy a slightly smaller gpu.

Was able to test it without a case and it averaged 590kh/s but I am sure it can do better.


Model:   AMD Radeon HD 7970

MPN:   AX7970 3GBD5-M2DHG
UPC:   4712505029399

Clock Speed:   925 MHz
Memory Size;   3 GB

Expansion / Connectivity
Compatible Slots:   1 x PCI Express

Ebay listing:

Asking for $350 shipped*. BTC rate will be weighted avg from

*Free shipping only applies to US 48. Additional cost for international.

Escrow accepted at the cost of buyer.

Any questions let me know.
20  Economy / Digital goods / * Steam Holiday Sale Service 2013 (Dec19-Jan3) * on: December 20, 2013, 05:49:14 AM
Offered this service last steam sale and it went well.

Buy any game from the current steam sale at with bitcoins at the listed sale price plus a small fee.


- Max order of 50 USD (~0.07 btc)
- Will charge a flat rate fee of 10% total order (or 2.5% non-sale price).
- If interested send me a private message or post in this thread the game or games you want.
- Will use current mt. gox weighted average rates to calculate the price of the games.
- When an order is placed I will purchase the game via paypal and send it as a gift to any account you request.
- Escrow is accepted.

Escrow terms:

- Will use trusted member as escrow if I consider the member trustworthy.
- Can hold btc or steam game in escrow
- is an acceptable option although I have never used it. Buyer pays fees.

If you have any questions please post in this thread or you can also PM me.

If you are ready to buy you can add me on steam to work out the details.

steam account:
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