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1  Economy / Computer hardware / [SOLD] 1 BFL Single, 3 BFL Little Singles, 1000W PSU on: December 15, 2013, 06:22:39 PM
This lot is already being sold to Delarock, but he requested a public record of the transaction with pictures.

BFL Single, nominal 60GH/s, actual 61.2GH/s
BFL Little Single, nominal 25GH/s, actual 30.5GH/s
BFL Little Single, nominal 25GH/s, actual 27.0GH/s
BFL Little Single, nominal 25GH/s, actual 23.3GH/s
Tuniq Ripper 1000W PSU

The above actual performance figures were measured a few weeks ago, and are what I based the prices on. Today, to my surprise, the 23.3GH/s unit came on at 26.3GH/s, with all 8 chips alive instead of 7 before. Bonus if you're lucky!

Also included:
4 USB cables
4-port USB hub
2 BFL LS power supplies (untested)
3 power cables
Original box, manual, and extra cables for Tuniq PSU

All will be shipped out Mon Dec 16 2013 by an overnight service, either USPS or FedEx, for delivery Tue Dec 17 2013.

Total price: 3.14 BTC

Payment should be sent to 1N2zhcMnyb7fThQvWvQNpmSF1c3EeVyuXr before noon PT Mon Dec 16 2013.


GPG signed:
2  Economy / Trading Discussion / Dispute arbitration needed - hardware buyer trying to back out of trade on: October 19, 2013, 05:42:58 AM
Is this the correct forum section?

I recently sold an Avalon and two BFL Singles to wrawb, with a return policy covering under-performance. These units ran fine for me for months. But he says one of the Singles occasionally needs restarting, and he hasn't yet managed to configure the Avalon. He is now trying to partially back out of the trade and return both the Avalon and the one unstable Single. I argue that the return policy only allows him to return units that don't perform as advertised. The one Single may be unstable because of his software (BFL's Easy Miner) or power supply, or insufficient cooling in the room. The Avalon just needs to be configured for his network and pool account. The escrow service we're using doesn't want to take a side without community input.

This is the trade contract we agreed to:
Wrawb (*****@*****) is buying two BFL SC Singles and one 3-module first-batch Avalon from Keefe (*****@*****) for 28.94 BTC, including shipping and escrow costs. OgNasty is providing escrow service. Each BFL unit comes with a USB cable but no power supply, and the Avalon unit has a 650W internal power supply and comes with a power cord with US plug. There are no known defects. In total, the three units hash at ~191 GH/s as reported by bfgminer and Avalon's cgminer.

Wrawb will send the 28.94 BTC to OgNasty at ***** by 2pm PT Oct 12.

Keefe will ship the three units by 3pm PT Oct 12 from *****, via USPS Priority Mail (insured, and with signature required at delivery) to Wrawb at the following address:

In the event Wrawb fails to pay on time or Keefe fails to ship on time, either party may cancel the trade or renegotiate terms. In the event the units do not function as stated above, Wrawb must ship the units back to Keefe within 48 hours of receipt, in the same packaging and by the same shipping method, to get a full refund.

Wrawb will inform OgNasty of the status of the trade within 48 hours of receipt of the units.

Upon release by Wrawb, OgNasty will send 28.65 BTC to Keefe at ***** and keep 0.29 BTC as the escrow fee.

Wrawb received the units Tue. I've offered to help configure the Avalon, and Wrawb let me access his computer remotely Thu evening. We got as far as connecting the Avalon to his laptop by ethernet and logging into the Avalon's web interface, but his laptop battery ran out before I could configure the wifi and pool settings, and he stopped responding. The next I heard from him was Fri afternoon saying he had repackaged the Avalon and one Single and is planning to ship them back Sat. I told him I would refuse delivery and asked him to allow me to finish configuring the Avalon for him.

How should I handle this?
3  Economy / Computer hardware / [SOLD] 4 BFL SC Singles (50-60 GH/s each) + earn BTC before receiving unit! on: October 02, 2013, 08:59:35 AM
EDIT: *** Auction canceled due to forum downtime. All 4 units sold to a private buyer. But I'll be putting up for sale/auction some more BFL units soon. ***

I am selling 4 new BFL SC Singles, that BFL shipped Sep 25, 2013. Actually I must say they're slightly used, as I have been mining with them for half a day already and will continue to do so until I ship them to you.

Here are the test results from a few hours of mining with bfgminer 3.2.1:
Unit #1: 60.0 GH/s, 81C, 289 W
Unit #2: 51.9 GH/s, 66C, 252 W
Unit #3: 60.9 GH/s, 72C, 299 W
Unit #4: 54.8 GH/s, 70C, 266 W

Ambient (intake) temp was about 28C. Power draw was measured at the wall with a Kill-a-Watt, while powered by my Corsair TX950 PSU at full load where it should be about 86% efficient. NOTE: I am not selling the TX950!

I have not attempted to tweak these units, so it may be possible for you to get more performance from them.

Start earning as soon as the auction ends (8pm PT on Oct 4, 2013)

Since time is money, especially in bitcoin mining, I want to reduce the uncertainty of when you start earning. You will earn bitcoins as if you had received the unit at the moment the auction ends! I will give you the bitcoins you could have mined between the time the auction ends and the time the shipping carrier first attempts delivery to you.

When you confirm that you've received the unit and there is no problem with it (and you release escrow if applicable), I will check the package tracking and calculate the amount of bitcoins the unit would have theoretically mined (100% PPS, no txn fees, free electricity) and send it to you within 24 hours.

You will not earn bitcoins during the following times:
* Before end of auction
* During the time it might take you to unbox and plug in the unit
* After the first attempted delivery according to the tracking (you are responsible for being available to receive and sign for it)

And of course if you must return it due to damage in transit, you will just get your money back and will not receive any extra bitcoins.

Auction Terms

Pricing and payment is purely in bitcoin, with no regard for any currency exchange rate. Payment is due within 24 hours of end of auction.

Starting bid is BTC8.00 for each unit. Minimum increment is BTC0.20. The winning bidders will pay just the minimum increment above the second highest bid for the respective unit, similar to how eBay works.

You are welcome to bid on multiple units (separately), but please ensure you're not the highest bidder on more units than you intend to buy.

Place your bids in this format:
BTC12.20 for Unit #3
(the BTC symbol is optional)

Bidding ends at 8pm PT on Oct 4, 2013.

You can compare with TAV's 105 GH/s Redhash miners (Avalon clone) that they just finished auctioning for up to BTC22 each:;all

These BFL units I'm selling use only half as much electricity per GH/s (~4.9W/GH) as those Redhash units (~9.0W/GH). Buyers of my BFL units here will start earning bitcoins around the same time as Redhash buyers receive their units. So these BFL units are worth more than BTC11 each.


I'll gladly use an escrow service if you prefer, and I'm checking out the options. John K is popular and trusted, but he may be too busy lately with other business. OgNasty has offered to provide escrow for this auction, and I believe he'll be able to handle this quickly. I'll pay the escrow fee. If you want to use another escrow, ask me before bidding.


Shipping is included in your bid amount.

US buyers only! Considering my offer to cover the downtime of shipping, I don't want to deal with the complexities of international shipping, including APO.

I will ship the units from Rancho Cucamonga, California, on Monday (Oct 7, 2013) or sooner, by the most optimal service, considering expected time in transit and cost. If you have specific preferences, let me know. Signature will be required at delivery.

But you will start earning BTC as soon as the auction ends! (see above)

Included Parts

BFL SC Single
USB cable (~3 ft)
BFL custom power supply with US plug

Warranty and Returns

I guarantee that the unit will be fully functional (and will hash as fast as advertised above within 5%) when you receive it. If not, to get a full refund (including shipping charges in both directions), you must ship it back out the very next business day after you received it, by the same shipping method used to ship it to you, and in the same packaging, unless I agree otherwise.

Beyond that, BFL's current warranty policy reads "This units system board has a lifetime warranty from manufacture defect or component failure." It is my understanding that their warranty doesn't require registration, and that it follows the unit, not just the original buyer. But I take no responsibility for BFL's warranty coverage.
4  Economy / Service Discussion / BitPay email invoices like PayPal on: October 15, 2012, 01:02:01 AM
(Is this the right forum section?)

With PayPal, one can login and easily create any arbitrary invoice and have it emailed to a customer. One doesn't need to make a webpage to do so. Does BitPay offer the same convenience? I understand it may be a bit tricky because the 15 min countdown needs to be initiated only when the customer clicks a link in the email, not when the merchant creates the invoice.

I ask about this because it seems BFL is not going to accept bitcoins for upgrading orders from Jalapenos to Little Singles; they seem to only want to send PayPal invoices. I realize they might not want to bother adding a webpage to handle the various combinations (1 Jally to 1 LS, 3 Jally to 1 LS, 5 Jally to 2 LS, etc). So I'm hoping BitPay does, or can, offer the same convenience PayPal offers to merchants in this situation.
5  Economy / Computer hardware / [WTB] Sell me your BFL Singles (FPGA), including pre-orders, up to $725 each on: June 27, 2012, 05:40:57 AM
I'm replacing some of my old GPU rigs with BFL FPGA Singles to cut my power bill, since I have to pay about $0.31/kwh here.

I'll pay up to $725 each, depending on how quickly I can get them in hand. I prefer to pay in BTC, but can use almost any other method you prefer.

If you have one or more in hand already and want to sell them (to fund a new ASIC pre-order?), I will pay $725 (including shipping) minus $3 per day in transit to me in California USA. For example, if you ship it right away via USPS Priority and I receive it 2 days later, I will pay $719. If you trade them to BFL for a discount on the ASIC's, you'll only get $599 credit and you'll have to pay to ship to them, so sell them to me now while they're still worth a premium!

If you have ordered one or more FPGA Singles from BFL but have not received them yet (and you don't want to continue waiting an unknown amount of time), I'm still interested. When you receive it, you can reship it to me. Or if you didn't pay by PayPal, BFL can change the shipping address to mine, saving you shipping costs. I will give you two options for pricing them:
1. I pay based on the day I receive it using the formula above.
2. Or I pay $625 plus $3 per day since you paid BFL, up to $725. The order must be at least 1 week old already. For example, if you ordered the FPGA from BFL and paid them 3 weeks ago, I'll give you $688.
You must choose up front which way you want to do it.

Or make me a good offer and I'll consider.

I have been involved in bitcoin for almost 2 years, and have a very good reputation at I will sign a contract with my GPG key registered there when we make a deal. So the trade should go very smoothly.

6  Economy / Marketplace / [FIXED AGAIN] All funds at frozen? on: March 07, 2011, 02:27:07 AM
It appears that no withdrawal of any currency from Bitcoin-Central is possible, and davout no longer replies to emails. I and at least one other person have a significant amount of money there. Should we be worried that davout has disappeared with it, or that someone hacked his site and stole the money? I have been trying to withdraw both BTC and LRUSD since March 2, and always get an error.

Does anyone know davout personally? Can anyone find him in person and ask him what's going on?
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