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1  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Altcoin Discussion / DNAtix – The Future Of Genetics Is Here on: August 19, 2018, 09:16:51 PM

DNATIX intends to create a future ecosystem for Genetics where consumers, researchers, laboratories and clinics operate making Genetics more accessible, transparent and anonymous. DNAtix intends to offer cutting-edge Genetics and Blockchain services which intend to be anonymous and encrypted and intends to include: analysis, storage and transfer of digitized DNA sequences through a Direct-to-Consumer platform (D2C).

DNAtix intends to sell a crypto Token – DNAtix token, that intends to support future development and use of its DNAtix genetic platform. The DNAtix platform intends to enable users to upload partial or full genomic sequences in an easy and anonymous manner. It intends to allow genetic tests to be performed and intends to offer clients the opportunity to get referrals to an appropriate solution provider for tested genetic conditions. DNAtix intends to enable its users to take ownership of their genetic data, encouraging them to manage their health today, moving from Reactive to Preventative medicine.

Our Technology

Our Services


DNAtix intends to be at the forefront with its technology:


The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has recently allowed 23andMe to market 10 genetic tests direct to consumers. These tests include health-related genetic tests for Parkinson, Celiac and Alzheimer’s disease (1). This first approval will enable other companies including DNAtix, to offer genetic services directly to clients. DNAtix is currently the only company that offers a working platform performing digital analysis, storage, and transfer of DNA sequences soon to implement an encrypted block-chain technology.


The costs of Full Genome Sequencing are dropping. What was once completed at a cost of $3.5 billion and required 13 years, will very soon be offered at the price of $100 and will be completed in just a few hours (2,3).


Up until now, there has been no way to provide anonymous, direct to consumer genetic services. The DNAtix token will enable, for the first time, an anonymous and secure method for analysis, transfer, storage, and payment of DNA sequences. This white paper presents our strategy for becoming the leading company in the D2C genetic services space.


We in DNAtix believe that the blockchain technologies being developed by the company should become available to all players in the genetic ecosystem. This includes Genetic counselors, genetic laboratories, hospitals, health care providers, research institutes and R&D companies. For that purpose, DNAtix’s founders intend to establish a foundation which will develop and deploy the dedicated genetic blockchain. The foundation intends to promote the development of genetic decentralized and tools to the world. By empowering developers and researchers, we intend to produce next-generation decentralized Genetic applications (GDAPPS).

The DNAtix Genetic ecosystem will invite other players to collaborate in advancing genetic applications and solutions.

DNAtix intends to build the genetic ecosystem of the future that will eventually bring to the world new possibilities in genetic preventive and personalized medicine. The ecosystem that will emerge will support different players participating in it. It will form new and exciting grounds for genetic research. DNAtix believes that by merging genetics and blockchain the next phase of genetics where people can stay anonymous but still have access to the important knowledge of genetics. Among potential participants making use of the DNAtix genetic ecosystem are genetic labs, genetic research institutes, genetic researchers, hospitals, companies that provide full genome sequencing, crypto-miners and etc...


The initial DNAtix Token is an Ethereum based token which will be used in the DNAtix Genetic Ecosystem. The initial DNAtix Token is created on the basis of the ETH standard ERC20. This standard guarantees that the token will work in the Ethereum blockchain in a predictable manner. Based on this standard, more than 8,000 tokens have been released. For more information please look at this: Our smart contract for token release will be available soon at:

DNAtix intends to develop the most innovative Genetic crypto-wallet that is intended to enable different kinds of users of the ecosystem to perform and pay for different Genetic services. The DNAtix Genetic Wallet is intended to connect the two worlds of Genetics and Blockchain. Through the wallet, users can upload DNA sequences to the DNAtix Blockchain.

Total DNTX Tokens to be issued: 150,000,000

- Initial Token Type: Ethereum ERC-20
- Token smallest portion: 0.0000000001 DNAtix token = 1 NUCLEI
- 15% of tokens will be locked up for 12 months – a total of 22,500,000 Tokens. All locked up Tokens will be released to the Foundation for supporting the foundation activities.
- The company’s goal is to sale up to $30,000,000 in total.
- Purchases will be available with cryptocurrencies such as BTC, ETH and more.

DNAtix will publish the different wallets addresses for the Pre-Sale and Public
Token Sale at a later stage.




2  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Altcoin Discussion / LiquidTrade - CrowdSale And Bounty Offer! on: August 12, 2018, 06:57:49 PM

Dear LIQUID Community,

First off, we want to thank everybody for your support so far!

We are excited to announce our CrowdSale date, living up to the expectations of all stakeholders, and that start date is August 15th, 2018 as the first day, and extending to September 30, 2018.

LiquidTrade is a tokenized global crowdfunding ecosystem, providing traders with secondary market liquidity, and is built by the original custom online crowdfunding software experts. The LiquidTrade team has been around since 2009 providing the crowdfunding industry's most stable and successful software for capital raising.

LiquidTrade intends to provide online crowdfunding/capital raising opportunities around the globe for small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs). We will target PR efforts to sustainable businesses in "emerging" economies in Asia, Latin America and Africa, as well as established markets in Europe.

We believe that LIQUID tokens offer investors a unique opportunity to own a "cryptocurrency" with a clear path to increased value, as well as to become part of a game-changing crowdfunding, investing and trading ecosystem which reaches all parts of the globe and new diverse opportunities.

Please help us spread the word if you have possible attendees with interest!

Again, Thanks everybody for your support and we'll see you at the CrowdSale!

Arrive early for the highest discounts!

For further details, please look below:

Official Website:
3  Economy / Economics / Has Crypto Changed? on: August 09, 2018, 10:22:09 PM
If crypto has fundamentally changed over the past few months and whats “in” this month in cryptocurrencies?
4  Economy / Trading Discussion / Bitcoin ETF .. do we really need it? on: August 09, 2018, 12:51:00 AM
The SEC decided to postpone a decision on the Bitcoin ETF for 45 days. The crypto community did not take this news well, with the market dipping almost 10% as a response. In this video I ask a very important question.. do we even need the Bitcoin ETF.
5  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Altcoin Discussion / The Ultimate Guide to Blockchain Technology for Beginners (FREE Edition) on: August 07, 2018, 01:39:45 PM
The online world has become the MOST crucial aspect of people’s lives, especially Youngsters. And, one obvious reason for interest is to make additional income, but doing earning online is not easy by any means.

However, with the recent rise of Blockchain technology and the Crypto world, it has really opened new ways to earn and build successful careers for many! But to be able to master the Blockchain concept is not the easiest. So, why not have something that could TRULY make things straightforward for everyone! The Book that is going to make the term Blockchain very familiar for ALL is finally here!

Presenting to you "Blockchain Technology: The Ultimate Guide to Blockchain Technology for Beginners"

If you EVER thought that understanding about the Blockchain Technology was tough then now is the time to think again! With the ultimate edition of Blockchain Technology book, it will teach you EVERYTHING you ever wished to know in an EASY way!

By reading the Book, you are going to learn about:

•Precisely what the blockchain is (in the simplest terms)
•What you can use blockchain for.
•Where the unique opportunities for blockchain lie.
•How you can get started with the blockchain right away (it's not as hard as you think).
•How you can position yourself to take advantage of the future benefits of the blockchain.

So, you are basically a step away from mustering up the Blockchain technology in a simple, easy and straightforward way and language!

And all this is not for 100 or 200 USD, but all this is for FREE till 11th August 2018! With just 4 days left, don’t miss out on this life-changing opportunity! Be sure to leave up your views, reviews, and feedback!

Get the FREE EDITION COPY from here:
6  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Altcoin Discussion / HORAE — Open A New Era of Token Investment on: August 01, 2018, 07:45:38 AM

When the Internet economy is booming, the sharing economy is in the air. How can we get the trains of the times, and take the opportunity to become an excellent co-constructor and sharer of the great era?

Responding to the aspirations of the investors, HORAE should be born in time to realize your dream!

一、The historical mission of HORAE — discover the value of the blockchain

HORAE is committed to creating a golden platform for venture capitalists who dare to challenge and venture to realize their dreams of venture capital:

(1) Converging new energy in the Internet era

Based on the technology of “blockchain”, HORAE scientifically uses this “unorganized organizational strength” to build the best platform of investment and entrepreneurship in the Internet era.

(2) Creating milestones in the era of value Internet

Value Internet has gradually transformed traditional central business companies into distributed non-profit communities. The traditional binary-opposed business model has been transformed into a shared economy in which everyone participates in and everyone gets benefits. The digital tide of assets has transformed the traditional equity in the financial sector into a token investment.

HORAE provides professional token investment management services for non-professional retail investors, and then develops this service to thousands of professional token investment managers through decentralized platforms, and finally allows retail investors to invest in the blockchain of 2.0 era.

First, build a truly trustworthy, transparent, efficient, and highly circulated token investment management service platform;

Second, attract global professional token investors to participate enthusiastically, so that superior private token investors can stand out;

Third, let more retail investors benefit!

二、HORAE’s goals and responsibilities

HORAE is to lead the era of token investment 2.0, establish a new generation of digital asset management platform, and create the “Berke Hill” in the blockchain era!

HORAE is committed to building a decentralized token investment management community, to creating a professional, trusted, intelligent, efficient, open, transparent and extremely mobile platform for professional token asset managers!

三、HORAE’s ace products — — DAP

In the new era of token investment 2.0, Horae will launch a new digital asset investment ecosystem in the world, launching a new generation of digital asset management products DAP — a token-based digital asset portfolio.

Horae itself does not produce any token investment products, and all blockchain asset products (DAP and globally distributed computing power) come from Horae-certified professional investment managers and institutions.

As a third party, Horae will become an open and transparent bridge linking the vast number of digital asset investors and professional investment managers, eventually leading the era of token investment 2.0!

Or go ahead, or advance together, or follow, and enter the “everyone’s age” early, and soon become the tide of the era of “building and sharing”!

Change is in the air. The bright future starts with the wise choices!

HORAE will be available in August!

Contact information:

7  Economy / Trading Discussion / Bluepips – The proven and verified way of Forex trading! on: July 29, 2018, 10:33:25 AM
Money is the most important requirement of humans. And with the rise in population, it has become an even bigger challenge due to the ever-increasing expenses. With offline 6-9 jobs not enough to fill the desire, there is always call for alternative ways to make extra income. With the desperate requirement of more ways to earn, it is obvious that Forex stands as one of the most trustable and easy to do work for everyone.

However, it is fair to say that over 90% of the traders are losers, so why will you wish to try something with such failure rates? It’s because the business is not wrong, but the method of doing it is wrong!

We are here to introduce you to the latest sensation called “Bluepips” to set things right for you!

Bluepips is a creation that is specially built for beginners, it is built by someone who knows the pain, who understands how life can be without financial security, it is created by someone who understands how it feels to lose the hard earn money.

Bluepips is the creation that purely aims to make the life of an ordinary BETTER and that in easy, simple and straightforward way. Bluepips offers Mirror Trading, Signals, Algorithms Software, Training program and more to help people working with comfort and confidence.

It is not a randomly created thing, but an entirely proven and verified system in place, which allows one to confidently pick any of the services. And can seen and checked through MyFxBook, which is completely verified. Whether you are looking for weekly trials, monthly packages or 1-time purchase, it’s ALL available here.

With able to generate up to 500 pips per week, an average of 70 to 90% accuracy rate, it is an option that is almost certain to bring you REWARDS!

Bluepips also offers FREE and PAID educational courses, which guides one to make over 500 pips per MONTH! If a person empties his purse into the head, no one ever can take it away from him. An investment in knowledge always pays the BEST interest!

So, come and be part of this thrilling experience with which all the guesswork will be taken out of trading!

Check out below for more info:

Official Website:


Social Media Links:

- Facebook:
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- Pinterest:
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- YouTube:

Contact us at:
8  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Altcoin Discussion / Medical Innovation Holding - The future of Healthcare! on: July 27, 2018, 06:49:05 PM
Health is the most important aspect of any human. And with the rise in population, it has become an even bigger concern. However, the current state of the Healthcare is such that a major portion of the industry is left to suffer from not getting the much “BASIC” need of healthcare.

With the desperate need of more hospitals and better medical facilities, it directs towards the requirement of a major overhaul to get the situation under control for the common man!

And that exactly is done with the arrival of “Medical Innovation Holding” – the path-breaking concept for the Healthcare!

Medical Innovation Holding Inc. (MIHI) Stock is reaching new heights in terms of profit making for investors! The goal is to trade within the general markets in 2019. With the stock at a low price due to reverse merger, it is all set for a skyrocketing breakout. It sets the potential of gains to crazy numbers up to 1000% with major campaigns running to spread the awareness, it should see the prices as high as $5 by the end of the promotion with profit percentage going to some unbelievable numbers!

Medical Innovation Holding, Inc. (stock symbol – MHI) is a publically traded company with the entire focus on reducing the costs of health yet increasing the quality of it. The aim is an improvement in giving easy access to health services for the majority and monetizing assets to bring the value to shareholders.

Medical Innovation Holding Inc. is building a comprehensive telemedicine platform to bring unparalleled access to top-quality healthcare, in real time, to anyone who needs it. With organized in Colorado, it is a conglomerate of companies built around the central theme of delivering quality health care to medically underserved areas and that will be through the strategic plan of delivering unparalleled access to REAL-TIME care through its subsidiaries: 3PointCare and BKare Diagnostics, as well as through a tactical partnership with telemedicine provider TeleLifeMD, which maintains a roster of specialty healthcare practitioners.

3Pointcare: implements, manages and supports the delivery of personalized virtual Health encourages (i.e. telehealth). The primary role is to support TeleLifeMD, a multi-disciplinary specialty healthcare practice with strong experience in telemedicine services. By providing administrative support that ranges from claims processing to software rollout, 3PointCare removes these burdens from TeleLifeMD so that its administration can focus on delivering world-class health care.

BKare: is the products and services arm o MIHI and is tasked with delivering medical and health-related services other than medical consults. Offering such as Laboratory testing and diagnostic services, are designed to support remote Health Care encounters. It is also developing remote monitoring services and medical devices that can enhance patient well-being, prevent chronic diseases, and enable telehealth providers to monitor patients and their conditions in REAL TIME from remote locations.

Medical Innovation Holding Inc. is applying the cutting-edge technology and time-tested business practices to the Health Care industry to improve the quality of the care delivered to patients Telemedicine offers the PERFECT data-rich environment through which to tackle the challenges facing Modern Healthcare.

Medical Innovation Holding Inc. is establishing a nationwide, state by state, multi-disciplinary specialist providers/practice network, staffed by 16 types of Physician Specialists, who serve the rural patient population via a seamless, comprehensive, sophisticated telemedicine program. The platform is specifically designed to bring unparalleled access to quality healthcare in real time, as needed, and create huge cost savings and efficiencies.

Medical Innovation Holding Inc. fully integrated practice management system provides EMR/EHR, patient scheduling, real-time insurance verification, billing, video conferencing and all systems in an end to end technology platform coupled with all the components of a dynamic telehealth delivery system. Their unique telemedicine platform brings together many different modalities of telemedicine to create a virtual multi-specialty practice within their referring partner’s primary clinic practice. Their business model greatly increases the access to specialty providers, including, neurology, dermatology, ENT, tele-stroke, management of high-risk pregnancy, mental health, endocrinology, pediatrics, cardiology, nephrology, pulmonology, OBGYN, maternal and fetal and others.

So, this is the lifetime opportunity to be part of something that is going to bring revolutionary changes to the healthcare industry! And with the stock is trading at a very LOW level due to the reverse merger and it is poised for a skyrocketing breakout!

Investor awareness campaigns are running full blast and the stock should see prices as high as $5 by the end of the promotions for a profit potential as high as 20 to 1! So, don’t miss out on this!

Check out below for further updates:

Official Website:


Social Media Links:

- Facebook:
- LinkedIn:
- Gplus:
- YouTube:
9  Economy / Trading Discussion / What are the reasons you prefer investment in Bitcoin over other Cryptos? on: July 26, 2018, 05:42:47 AM
I believe investments in Cryptos are the priority for beginners. But most people like Bitcoin since it’s obvious, so are you like that? And if so then what’s the reason for your investment? My reason is that the potential is huge in this as compared to some others, but I do know that higher amount is required to gain more.

Here are some reasons by experts, and I agree most of these but like to see how many of you guys agree with.
10  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Altcoin Discussion / HotMoneyDog – The route to your financial freedom! on: July 24, 2018, 07:58:11 PM
When one talks about online investment, it is not difficult to imagine life for an ordinary individual. Whether the investment is made in Forex, Binary, Stock, Binary, HYIP, MLM or anything else, it’s always a risky deal due to the majority not having the experience and capability to do PROPER research.

It eventually makes one lose or push things into such a direction that no gains can be made no matter what. So, how does a COMMON MAN rides through such problems to EARN money, to EARN profits? It’s simple and that’s by joining something that’s transparent, straightforward and easy to participate in.

With the combination of all such, I like you to welcome “HotMoneyDog”, the route to your financial freedom!

HotMoneyDog is an easy money making way, which enables every individual to perform well and to achieve good profits without having to stress over too many things. It is the simplest way you can make money by doing basically NOTHING because everything is DONE for you by highly qualified and proven team of experts. HotMoneyDog comes from people with experience of losing!

It comes from people who understand the value of MONEY and value of trust. It comes from those who know how hard it could be to lose your lifetime income on false programs and investment schemes. Therefore, it is a creation with the main objective of helping the COMMON person grows without having to take any risk whatsoever.

HotMoneyDog is an advanced platform, which allows people to make investment easily with the high level of security with online and offline data, which is to ensure every possible security situation can be tackled without ANY hiccups for the investors. The highest priority is always given to customers to ensure not just their gains but also their comfort.

HotMoneyDog offers multiple packages, which allows one to earn up to 1900% after completing the term with a fully payout system in place, which is to ensure complete transparency and comfort. But that’s not ALL; you can also make the EXTRA commission with the Affiliate Commission Program, which allows you to earn 10% commission out of your referred person.

So, what are you waiting for? Come and be part of this magnificent ride, which will ensure EASY profit making for you!

Visit the Official Website for more Info:

Or have your questions asked at:
11  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Altcoin Discussion / Bitaedifex - The simplest formula to earn! on: July 24, 2018, 05:58:21 AM
It's not hard to imagine your life today stuck in 6 to 9 job, day in and day out. Yet your financial situation is near the level of broke. So, what exactly you are doing wrong? The answer is not much, as majorities are taught to do their work like a robot with minimum expectations and absolutely no goal in life.

So, is only Miracle can turn your life and lives of many around towards? Is the miracle required to give you the Financial Freedom? The answer is no, Miracles are not required, because something BETTER and realistic has just arrived to solve everyone’s problem in the simplest way.

Introducing to you Bitaedifex – The RARE breed in MLM!

Bitaedifex is simple Bitcoin MLM site, which enables Bitcoin investors growing their holding and making some Bitcoins of their own. It is a very simple and straightforward system in place, which allows good profits with no shady elements in trying to grab attention.

Bitaedifex, unlike other MLM sites, this doesn’t have any referrals or Affiliate bonuses, which means everyone gets EQUAL benefits. And there are no fake theories like Trading Bots or the misleading false testimonials of people are used! With Just 0.02 to Buy-In, you are guaranteed 4X (0.08)! There are just 2 levels which for simplicity sake will be termed the “building” (with 5 slots) and the “top” (with only 1 slot) levels.

A member buys-in by purchasing a slot (or as many slots as he/she likes) either randomly or on an existing table. Depending on the number of slots already taken, the member either proceeds to the top level or waits for the table to be filled out.

As soon as all 5 slots are bought, the member at the top level automatically gets paid 0.08 (or 4X) while each member on the building level moves on to the top level on a fresh table (or several fresh tables if more than one slot was bought on the building level by a single member) and awaits 5 buy-ins behind him/her in other to be paid.

Bitaedifex is built by a highly qualified team of professionals with also being Cryptocurrency enthusiasts, allowing people a simple, profitable and straightforward system, which is absolutely transparent and completely sustainable as well!

So, change your life today by becoming part of this thrilling ride, which promises to be a game changer!

Visit the site below for more information:

Official Website:
12  Economy / Trading Discussion / How do you track what happens in Crypto industry daily? on: July 21, 2018, 12:55:42 AM
It is something that is very crucial to discuss, as there are far too many people who have no proper way with how they trade, which eventually leads to MAJOR problem and losses. So, how exactly do you track the daily happening in this enormous Cryptocurrency industry?

I don’t keep too many options instead I focus on pretty straightforward site. Right now, I keep entire track of all the happenings in the Crypto industry through AsiaCryptoToday, it is a pretty cool way to get non-stop news and updates. Which one do you follow?
13  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Altcoin Discussion / FOMO 3D (F3D) – Decentralized and trustless Blockchain game to win BIG! on: July 18, 2018, 09:53:51 PM
The Crypto industry, in particular, Bitcoin has become the MOST crucial aspect of people’s lives, especially youngsters. So, with the trend so hot, the right option for people is all that’s missing. An option that can appeal every potential investor with a genuine concept and likable structure for everyone involved. An opportunity that could life-changing, this is exactly what FOMO3D (F3D) aims to bring to the table!

FOMO3D is a decentralized, trustless Blockchain game running on the Ethereum exit-scam Network. The game consists of a smart contract, which is programmed and designed in such a way that no one can influence or impact the game including the creators! The core functionality of the game is entirely powered by a deployed open-source Ethereum smart contract, and since Smart contracts are immutable, there is no one who can access the funds but the autonomous program. It makes it such an epic creation with ensuring comfort and security for every individual.

You can join up anytime you may wish, simply by visiting the site.

It is a LOTTERY game, where the last person to buy a key at the end of a round wins the pot!

During a round, people can purchase 1 or more keys, which add time to the timer and marks them as the CURRENT leader. With each key purchase during the round, the key price increases slightly.

All the players receive a stream of passive income from the game as keys are bought during the round and these rewards are allowed to be withdrawn ANYTIME.

When the timer reaches zero, the last person to buy a key win! (F3D players/P3D holders get a piece too!).

With a few cool added game mechanics:

Players select from one of four teams which determine certain rules during the round.

P3D holders receive dividends on each key purchase and at the end of the round.

Players can purchase a vanity URL and/or refer your friends to the game for extra rewards.

Buying keys offer you a % chance to receive an "airdrop" winning ETH from a growing side-pot!

Game Modes

Fomo3D is split up into two separate games each designed with custom rules sets to generate different experiences, volumes, and different scales of jackpots: long and quick. Long is launching first, and then quick will be launched at a later date.

Notable differences include that long does not have an ICO phase, uses different timer durations, and has a totally different key price scaling model than the quick mode.

Check below to know further details:

14  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Altcoin Discussion / KevCoin – The World’s FIRST Crypto Feature Film! on: July 14, 2018, 11:14:42 PM
With Cryptocurrencies still in the very early days of becoming adopted by the mainstream, there is still a huge space for new blockchain projects to break through. The World-wide $40B film industry is a prime example of needing blockchain transparency and new routes: to investment, to market and ultimately profit!

Is the World’s 1st crypto currency feature film and it’s Ethereum based tokens the answer? Possibly…

With that, let us to introduce you to KevCoin the erc20 (ethereum) token and the feature film movie it funded!

KevCoin: The Movie – A Crypto themed hybrid Documentary, funded by KevCoin: The Token, is the world’s FIRST Crypto Feature Film.

Created by a multi award winning producer team, lead by British duo; Danny Wimborne and Jason Attar. Both highly experienced in feature films, online viral hits and Blockchain tech, having taken part in many successful ICO’s, won numerous awards for feature films and scored multiple viral hits online. These people have a real and rare combination of experience in this exciting environment.

The film is built around KevCoin, a REAL ERC20 token on the Ethereum Blockchain. The KevCoin the Movie story is an outrageous mixture of reality, fantasy, and comedy. The story follows the ambitions of Kevin Powder, an ex rock star “Fixer”, as he attempts to kick start a trillion-dollar Crypto dream, by creating KevCoins, and spreading them as far and as wide as possible.

The very unusual aspect of this project, is that these coins/tokens, really exist and can be bought and traded. There is no reason why the KevCoin token could not become a significant technology in the entertainment industry in the near future.

This is no dodgy ICO! When people buy this newly released movie from it’s own website (for only $5), via Paypal or Bitcoin - You get 5000 KevCoin tokens For free!!!!

The idea behind the time-limited give-away is to build the KevCoin ecosystem.

This is the first phase of the KevCoin blockchain project.

There are so many scam projects, asking for billions of dollars, and have not created anything and possibly never will! KevCoin the Movie is real. The tokens are live. The ecosystem is building. And for $5, the risk is practically non-existent, but the upside, well as Kevin Powder says “Let no shadows be found where dreams are born”

With over 15 unique pieces of international press, including Nasdaq, and Yahoo Finance, Get in early, enjoy the film and keep those tokens safe!

YOUR 5000 KevCoin tokens and Movie download:

Movie Trailer:

Some of the press:
15  Economy / Trading Discussion / Cryptocurrency – the future of money! on: July 12, 2018, 10:05:58 PM
I don’t think it is rocket science to know that Cryptocurrencies are the future way of transaction/money. So, it is very important for any individual to be absolutely aware of all the happening in the world of Cryptocurrency.

I have no worries regarding this thanks to CryptoNewsTrends, where not only one is able to get latest news and happening across the globe, but also trending stories. It really makes working incredibly easy for all involved.
16  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Altcoin Discussion / Here Is What The Tokenaire Platform Is All About on: July 08, 2018, 08:43:29 PM
Wondering what the Tokenaire platform is all about? Then you are at the right place. Tokenaire is a blockchain-powered platform that intends to tokenize users of the platform with a view to allowing them perform troll-free votes and to perpetuate content directly on the blockchain.

In addition, you will be able to share your tokens with your friends and family. That’s not all; you will also be able to perpetuate personal messages for your great-great grandchildren to discover, and learn about their past.
17  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Tokens (Altcoins) / [ANN](ICO) – Mediex – Hacking Evolution on: July 07, 2018, 01:51:43 PM


AUGUST 25 2018

$887032.88245 ALREADY RAISED!!!




Mediex aims to become the leading digital solution for Medical Instrument development Industry.

Mediex aims to become the leading digital solution for Medical Instrument development Industry. To achieve this, we're building an advanced ecosystem that combines manufacturing with, clinics, hospitals, Marketplaces, etc. Mediex is developed to support medical instrument manufacturers. Its use allows patient data to be decentralized and freely accessed at scale.

It also has dividend those involved and a holder of MDX token an active role in our ecosystem: by rewarding them with our token ERC-20 with 10% MDX TOKEN. We want to give our instrument with professionals with the technology needed according to a user, ease the patient load, and reward those who make valuable contributions with us..


Mediex Devices Private Limited shall uphold these values and standards of excellence in selecting the medical devices and services it offers to the community.

The key words medical and excellence (Mediex) aptly summarize the prime vision of the company.

We shall, therefore, deal in medical devices which are excellent and services which are also par excellent.

Mediex shall further represent only those Principals who have demonstrated their commitment to quality and earned their recognition as being among the top three or four organizations known for their product excellence.


Certified and Effective

Our team is 100% certified in NAAC ambulance billing, and we have a 100% pass rate on all Medicare and Medicaid audits. 31% of our clients previously billed with another agency or on their own, and 100% of those clients saw an increase in their financial returns after switching to Mediex.

Quality Account Management

MEDIEX provides robust and continuous follow up on claims appeal denials, and complete processing on applications and re-validations. We never cut corners or simply “write off” insurance company denials; we always send all denials for review, often getting these denials paid.

Safe and Reliable Technology

We use redundant, mirrored servers kept in a climate-controlled, fire resistant room, and we run backups several times a day to keep your information fully secure. Our business software was developed in-house and requires no outside support, allowing us to ensure the confidentiality and safety of our accounts.




18  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Altcoin Discussion / Seed Capitals – The seed of your success on: July 04, 2018, 12:57:10 AM
Financial crises are becoming a common aspect of people’s lives, especially ones with a weak financial background. So, with such scenario, the need for solid yet secure income is an absolute must! And, that’s not an easy thing to achieve in present life with good options becoming limited. Therefore, we have come with the creation that’s not just meant to be life changing for many, but it is also going to be transparent, secure and easy.

We are here to introduce you to “Seed Capitals”.

Seed Capital is an online investment and trading platform offering services to institutions and individuals, which opens up doors of life changing opportunity in the land of Cryptos. It's a community, where members can carry out various financial transactions with the highly efficient internal exchange and investment opportunities.

Seed Capital’s roadmap leads to a MASSIVE agricultural investment while exploring the world of Cryptocurrencies with the aim of utilizing the Blockchain technology with an impending ICO. The aim is to ensure everyone is able to generate easy profits and offers an investment opportunity producing 1.5% - 2% daily returns without members breaking a sweat.

You can begin from as low as $20 and able to extract up to $0.3 per day with able to get up to $8.4 per month and runs up to 9 months on full circle. There are 8 packages to select from, so one can pick it according to their requirement and desire.

Seed Capital’s mission is to bring the glory to common people with LEARN TO EARN Campaign, where you could join in with thousands of others to change your financial condition for GOOD and explore your REAL potential. And that's all done by Seed Capital with picking out investment opportunities focusing on the use of the Blockchain technology and Cryptocurrency trading to give members the ADVANTAGE of networking and rewarding them appropriately.

At Seed Capital, the ultimate desire is for giving people peace of mind and something they could trust upon. And that's exactly why Seed Capital is here with not just secure investment environment, but also got great returns with ensuring complete stability due to well-built structure by highly qualified team of experts!

But that’s not all since there is also good rewards available for bringing people to the table with the referral program, which helps member earn more on every referral with 5% interest rate! If you think that there is some degree or skills required for all this, then stop right there! With Seed Capitals, you can receive “PROPER” training to be able to understand the world of Crypto and there is a section for getting regular news and updates.

While one doesn’t require having a Bitcoin wallet because the internal exchange of Seed Capitals takes care of that with the multitude of members available to help fund the wallet with Bitcoin and give one the local currency when there is withdrawal needed.

So, come forward and secure your future NOW!

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19  Economy / Trading Discussion / The Home of Crypto Traders! on: July 01, 2018, 08:49:11 PM
When it comes to Cryptocurrency trading, it is absolutely critical that we make right investment and to make it where we are certain of getting sufficient rewards. If we make random investment, then there is no way to be able to gain from it!

Fortunately, it all has worked rather brilliantly for me. That is all to do with CryptoNewsTrends, it is easily the site you could wish to be at if you are a Crypto trader! It is without any doubt the HOME for Crypto traders.
20  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Altcoin Discussion / Learning Cryptocurrencies Can Be Much Easier Than You Think on: June 30, 2018, 01:05:50 AM
It can be difficult getting into cryptocurrencies. The challenge for most people is too much even before they start. They have to generate wallets, understand what private and public keys mean, keep their tokens, and coin safe, finding a reliable place to trade their currency against cryptocurrencies.

This is just a few of the numerous problems they may face, which could be a daunting task. For a second, just consider what your parent may go through if they have to buy Bitcoin for the first time. Bit-Learn is providing a platform that will solve these issues and make it easier for people to learn about cryptocurrencies. Its ICO starts on 15 July 2018.
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