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1  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Mining (Altcoins) / Understanding Filecoin with the goal of running a full mining node on: June 01, 2022, 07:00:14 PM
Hi all. 

Just finished bringing a 10TB IPFS server online just for kicks (, provide 54TB to ScPrime's network, and run a Tor relay node.  Keeps me from getting bored <smile>.

Obviously, while researching IPFS, Filecoin came up.  I'd like to know more!  In the olden days, coins would have a basic stat page on that would provide basic stats like block time (apparently 30 seconds for Filecoin?), Max number of coins/tokens?  Current number of mined coins/tokens, reward method, pre-min amount for PoW coins,  etc.  Is there such a thing for Filecoin?

Basically looking to see where I would be in the project if I invested enough to build a mining machine.

Also curious about if/how hardware requirements are expected to increase as the size of the blockchain increases.  e.g. I'd be pissed to spend $20K+ on a server and have it, or some component, become insufficient in 6 months.  Related, concerned that the current specs are close to the edge with regards to current technology.  For example, pcpartpicker does not even support the Ice Lake CPUs recommended (shame on them, but point is they were only released 2Q21).  Basically want to make sure that such a beast of a machine will continue to function for several years, without hitting something like a GPU memory restriction.

Given that most dual Xeon (my "goto" config for large servers) motherboards support 10 6gbyte/sec SATA connections, I could see having 160-200TB of storage along with a 2TB NVME disk for OS, ZFS cache, and 1TB for sealing cache (although I wonder if that space would be better served in the general ZFS log/cache space).  My understanding is that FIL needs to be purchase to functional "allow" storage space to be used.  How much FIL would I need to purchase to support, say, ~128TB of usable (10x16GB ZFS RaidZ2)?

Thanks in advance for any feedback.
2  Bitcoin / Hardware / Intel Blockscale ASIC on: April 07, 2022, 02:58:20 AM
Any word on manufacturer's that will be utilizing the new Intel chips?  The announcement indicates a few large mining firms will be the first to get the chips, but I didn't spot anyone listed that offers home users complete solutions.
3  Bitcoin / Hardware / legit? on: December 30, 2021, 06:43:39 PM
This seems too good to be true, although prices vary so much I wonder:

I seem to recall S19Pros selling for under $3k back with Bitcoin was struggling around $10K, $15K at $60K BTC.

Rather warry since I found the site embedded in a e-bay ad... (which I'm pretty sure is against e-bay terms and conditions - and if they will violate those, how trustworthy are they?)
4  Bitcoin / Hardware / Is Blokforge still legit? on: October 01, 2021, 03:42:12 AM
Ordered (2) S19Pros from them back on September 5th.  Estimated shipping was 2 to 14 days, as it is today on their website.  Apparently they are "backordered", with no known actual delivery day per an online chat I had with them awhile ago.  I rather presumed they were in stock since out-of-stock items are marked that way on their website.  I've tried submitting a ticket asking about status yesterday.  It was on their ticket site for a bit, then simply removed with no response.  I tried again today, and even though I received a confirmation e-mail, its not showing on their site.

Its been a few years since I ordered something like 50 Avalon 841s from them.  They were excellent to work with back then, but the lack of response to my tickets, and having tickets disappear, is raising concerns for me.  I could buy a decent car for what these two miners cost - starting to freak out a bit (but also needing to start replacing my 100odd S9s).
5  Bitcoin / Hardware / S19 price history? on: July 27, 2021, 11:56:41 PM
Anybody recall what Bitmain originally charged for the base S19 model?  I was under the impression Quantity 1 was something like $3500, but I wasn't watching closely.

I did see an article about somebody buying 8000 of them for $17.7M ($2212 each).

I see Blokforge is currently selling them for $7330, include the 27% Trump tax ($5772 pre-tax).

So are prices coming down?
6  Bitcoin / Hardware / S19 vs S19j on: July 27, 2021, 07:36:59 PM
Beyond the basics, like power consumption and speed, what is the difference between S19s and S19js?

Looking for an answer along the lines of the S9:  14th - best chips, 13.5Th - initial production batch, 13th - worst chips

I've been very pleased that the bulk of my S9s were the 14th variety.  Many of those still run relatively efficiently at 7.9V where the 13.5s and 13s often run much less efficiently to get to the same TH output.

So, any knowledge?  I'd settle for informed speculation? <smile>
7  Bitcoin / Pools / Anything up with Slushpool as of May 1st, 2021? on: May 02, 2021, 02:46:32 AM

I haven't seen that bad of a run of luck in a long, long time there.  Normally I ignore all but the 250 block value to average out the variance, but that is just plan ugly.

Wondering if its just down because of the recent drop in Chinese mining (coal power plant issues)...
8  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Mining (Altcoins) / Can the L3 mine nScrypt? on: May 22, 2019, 06:58:07 PM
Recognizing that "normal" scrypt is the hash function called with N=10, I'm wondering if the L3 has that hardcoded or could be coaxed into running with other Ns?
9  Bitcoin / Mining support / (1) of (48) Avalon 841s limping on: May 06, 2019, 09:04:55 PM
I have (48) Avalon 841s all using the latest low power mode firmward. ONE has recently started having problems:

A841S-3-2 has failed to respond to reboots, power cycles, cleanings, etc. Any suggestions?
10  Bitcoin / Pools / vs. Slushpool on: May 05, 2019, 08:46:11 PM
Pros:  BTC.Com - lower fees (1.5% vs. 2%), FPPS (daily payouts)
Cons: BTC.Com - owned by Bitmain, operated out of China, FAQ is typical "Chinglish"

Pros: Slushpool - great user interface
Cons: Higher fees, higher variance

From a business perspective, where I need to maximize profit and politics aside, why wouldn't I want to mine at

ps.  Running a ~1.6PH farm and need regular income to pay over $10K/month/USD electric bills, so simply can't afford to "ramp up" on any smaller PPLNS pool, even if they have lower fees.  Although not really a daily decision, mining profits are marginal enough that profit is checked daily to make sure price and difficulty are still in line.  Mined with this farm from November 2017 to November 2018, hibernating until April 2019.  Now watching things closely.
11  Bitcoin / Hardware / April 4th, 2019 Canaan Low Power Mode on: April 14, 2019, 09:06:46 PM
Wanted to share my early experience with this new Pi firmware and matching MMC update.

FYI:  Download from

Right order appears to be to upgrade your Raspberry Pi first using system->flash firmware and specifying the .img image downloaded.

After that, use status->cgminer configuration and select LowPower mode

Then use status->mmupgrade to load the .mcs file downloaded.

Based on a single test, prior to using this firmware one of my 841s used 1285Ws to perform at 13.3TH/s for an efficiency of 96.4 J/TH.
After upgrading and selecting LowPower Mode, the same 841 is using 750Ws to perform at an average of 9TH/s for an efficiency of 83.3 J/TH.

This brings the 841 into alignment with Bitmain S9s running their 2019 firmware in terms of efficiency.

I'm guessing the 841 is NOT using ASIC Boost.  If it could, the numbers would presumably improve more.

Has anyone else seen different results or tweaked beyond this?
12  Bitcoin / Mining support / Antminer S9 March 4th, 2019 firmware experience? on: April 08, 2019, 08:51:12 PM
Hi all.

Bringing some S9s back online and noticed the Bitmain site has a Antminer-S9-all-201704270135-autofreq-user-Update2UBI-NF.tar.gz firmware release posted.

Google seems to be failing me on any commentary however, and its been over a month.  

I'm coming from the 1117 release and was curious what peoples experience has been like.  Is it recommended?  Website claims the reboot problem has been fixed, which would be nice.

See there is a newish "Low power enhanced mode" (came out in December firmware) that really seems to underclock the box.  Only one review online that I've found so far though.
13  Other / Serious discussion / YIIMP Support on: November 12, 2018, 03:18:47 PM
Is there anyplace one can get support for YIIMP?

I'm seeing exception: CDbCommand failed to execute the SQL statement: SQLSTATE[22003]: Numeric value out of range: 1690 BIGINT value is out of range in '((count(`Yiimp`.`shares`.`id`) * 2097152) * 4398046511104)'

and wondering what to do about it.
14  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Announcements (Altcoins) / [ANN][BOOT] Bitcoin-Rebooted on: November 10, 2018, 11:19:12 PM
Announcing the new Bitcoin Rebooted coin

Coin Details

Ticker: BOOT
Algorithm: SHA256
Block Reward: 50 BOOT
Block Time: 150 Seconds
Block Maturity: 100 Blocks
PoW Reward: 50 BOOT
Difficulty Retargeting: New Fuzzy Effect Wave DAA
Premine: 200K BOOT (about a weeks worth)
Total Supply: 268,234,500 BOOT (50 years of mining)
Website: https//
Hashtag: #GettheBOOT

This is a "soft launch".  We have been internally developing and testing since July of 2018.  The coins tests out.  The DAA has been extensively tested (over a 1000 hours).  We have had the website publicly available for close to a month.  An explorer went online two weeks ago.  We have an experimental yiimp pool that appears to be up and running, but no promises there - pool operation is not our forte, others are coming online to do that job right.

So what is Bitcoin Rebooted?  Well, you can read an overview (or everything you would ever want to know about it in the coin details tab) at:

Here is a bit more detail:

This is NOT a fork of the Bitcoin blockchain, this is a fork of the Bitcoin sourcecode and utilizes the SHA256 hash algorithm so can be ASIC mined

The blockchain has been restarted with a new genesis key, magic numbers, etc.  

Block reward is 50 coins per block, which decreases by 1 coin per year per block.  So 50 years of mining, and no major penalty if your late to the game (at least for the next dozen or two years)

Block time target is 2.5 minutes, just like Litecoin.  Minimum blocktime is 2 seconds, 20 seconds if the block is empty (to discourage mining of such)

Block maximum size is 16mb

The DAA is all new code, dubbed "Fuzzy Effect Wave" and has a few special features, like "cliff" detection to prevent super long blocks that impact many alt-coins when profit-switching pools leave

Segwit support has been removed from the original source tree - we don't believe in it and feel it punishes miners via reduced transaction fees

There has been no ICO, there will be no airdrops, there have been no special partners that benefited early

The blockchain was mined by the developers for the first week in order to establish some checkpoint records to help reduce the chance of early forking.  Announcements then went out via another popular forum and shortly thereafter a pool came online:

What do we consider a "soft launch"?  Announcing there first to get a few folks to help confirm everything was stable for a broader audience.  Now announcing here for a wider audience.   Once a broader infrastructure is in place (bigger network, more pools, hopefully an exchange or two) we will publicize the coin more via other outlets.   Of course, the source code is available and a Windows wallet installation program is available - just hop over to the coin website for those.   e..g.  Not a lot of fan-fare, just public awareness.  We are not in this as a "get rich quick" scheme, but rather for the long haul.  If this takes a year or three, so be it.

Source code at:
Direct Windows installed download via bitbucket:

Project download folder (logos, Windows self-install storage location, etc.) at:

Come join us on Discord:

Known pools (in order of creation): (Mid-West USA) (Australia) (Europe) (Texas, USA)


15  Bitcoin / Mining software (miners) / Avalon Management System on: September 28, 2018, 10:24:58 PM
Has anybody gotten this software up and running?

I'm to the point that the web page pops up, but trying to login doesn't do anything.

I tried to use the "amscli controller" command to add my controllers (although I expected to be able to do that via the web page) and it tells me it can't parse what I put in.

Also unclear about the [farm] and [JWT] sections in /etc/ams.conf.

Sure would appreciate some sample file formats with explainations.  The github issues area for the product seems pretty dead.
16  Bitcoin / Mining support / One Avalon 841 lost on a chain on: September 26, 2018, 11:16:12 PM
Hi all - I'm currently running 31 Avalon 841s and a whole bunch of S9s.

While doing a daily check I noticed one of the 841s, in a 3 deep chain, is missing.  The controller has 13 machines on it (now 12 showing up).  I went out to the data center to visually inspect and all 13 on that controller have blue indicator lights.

I have not come across this before.

Any suggestions?   Of course, I tried rebooting the controller, but that didn't help.

Figured it out:  I just turned all the LEDs on to find the odd-man-out.  It was actually dead after rebooting the controller, so would have been obvious had I gone back into the data center.  In any case, power cycled the box and it came right back up.
17  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Mining (Altcoins) / (2) of (6) TI 1070s just slowed dow on: August 23, 2018, 05:53:08 PM
I have a GPU rig that has been running for close to a year now.  Today, (2) of the (6) TI 1070s took a major plunge in effectiveness, dropping from ~500 sols/s to ~300 sols/s.  The other GPUs continue as before:

   GPU0  50C  85% |  504.3 Sol/s   508.8 Avg   272.7 I/s | 3.92 S/W  131 W |  2.56  100  124
   GPU1  48C  85% |  514.9 Sol/s   506.6 Avg   271.9 I/s | 3.91 S/W  128 W |  2.46  100  135
   GPU2  48C  85% |  339.1 Sol/s   339.4 Avg   176.7 I/s | 2.70 S/W  126 W |  2.25  100  126 +
   GPU3  50C  85% |  502.1 Sol/s   498.9 Avg   267.3 I/s | 3.85 S/W  133 W |  2.26  100  125 ++
   GPU4  49C  85% |  321.1 Sol/s   336.0 Avg   176.0 I/s | 2.72 S/W  119 W |  1.77  100  127
   GPU5  53C  85% |  489.9 Sol/s   490.5 Avg   265.6 I/s | 3.78 S/W  132 W |  3.19  100  131 +
   ============== | 2671.3 Sol/s  2680.2 Avg  1430.2 I/s | 3.48 S/W  771 W | 14.50  100  128

Note GPUs 2 and 4 in the above screenshot.  This represents about a 10% loss in mining efficiency for me.

Any suggestions on how to recover?
18  Bitcoin / Mining support / S9s running warm? on: July 24, 2018, 08:50:16 PM
Spent some time today checking temps on my miners (easily done with Awesome Miner by just sorting on the Status tab).  Anyhow, out of ~120 S9s I found 5 that were running hotter than the others.  Most had reported chip temps in the 60s-70s.  These 5 were 80+.

My first step was to do what I thought was the obvious thing:  tear them down and blow them out.  That actually helped 3 of them.  The other 2 continued to run warmer than expected.

Opened up the web gui on each and discovered both had one fan only running around 2000-2600 RPM.  Swapped the fans out (with spares I had previously purchased from Bitmain), and goodness returned.

Learning for today:  Just because it boots and passes the BIOS fan test, doesn't mean those fans are running correctly!

Oh, for the record: I started down this journey today because Awesome Miner alerted me that one of the miners hit 96C.  Nice to be notified.  Not good that a miner was running at that temp.  I should also note the intake air temp is 90F (32C) right now.
19  Bitcoin / Mining support / Avalon 821 & 841 Socket connect failed => Connection refused on: June 06, 2018, 04:36:28 PM
Woke up this morning to discover ALL my Avalons, both 821s and 841s, offline.  S9s on the same switch to the same pool are working fine.  These Avalons are spread between 3 controllers and 6 AUCs.  All have yellow lights on them.  I've tried rebooting the Pis several times - both by power cycling and soft reboots.

The cgminer API log is showing (with trivial variations):

[Firmware Version] => Avalon Firmware - 20180305
    luci: 62d814c
    cgminer: b5b497e
    cgminer-packages: 960e108
Socket connect failed => Connection refused

These machines have been working well for quite some time.

Any ideas?
20  Bitcoin / Hardware / Canaan vs. Bitmain PSUs test on: May 06, 2018, 09:47:09 PM
Hi all.  My data center is getting warm (air temp at the entrance to the miners is around 85F) and I was curious if one brand of miner PSU vs. the other was dealing with it any better.

Awhile back I ordered a thinking I could use it on one of my power panels, but it was way too light duty.  Instead I spiced it into a spare power cord and put the whole thing in a plastic wall box.  A few wire nuts and a bit of electrical tape later I had a fully functional "watt meter" for my power connections.

Originally I planned on using existing power supplies, one APW3++ and one Sorcerer.  For each test I allowed an Avalon 841 miner to fully spin up, measured by watching the power usage slowly climb until it was bouncing +/- a few watts.

Test 1:  APW3++ 1439.4 Watts, 6.29 Amps at 232.1 volts.
Test 2:  Sorcerer  1451.3 Watts, 6.33 Amps at 232.6 volts.

Then decided to unbox a new APW3++ and test it on the Test 2 miner, since the results were close, and we know individual miners vary a bit:

Test 3:  APW3++  1448.4 Watts, 6.32 Amps at 232.4 volts.

Good news... its appears the power supplies are, for all intents and purposes, equally efficient. 

The APW3++ has a higher rated temperature range, but past experience (especially at the low end), educated me to ignore those ratings by a wide margin.

I know this isn't exciting news, but figured others might be curious as well.
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