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1  Economy / Digital goods / Make $3,000 USD in one hour. (Once every 2 months) on: December 18, 2016, 04:29:18 PM
So this is a method that takes advantage of Uber. It's not illegal and it's actually beneficial to them. This can be done multiple times by multiple people but to prevent it being leaked, I'll sell it to 3 people MAX.

Proof can absolutely be shown. I've used this method twice so far.

NO vouch copies at all due to the confidentiality.

Price is 0.6BTC.

If you ask me why I'm selling it: extra money never hurts. And I can still use the method myself.
2  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Announcements (Altcoins) / AndroidsTokens - ADT - proof of stake Coin - 66 Billion - Trade on Cryptsy! on: August 18, 2013, 03:48:38 AM
ADTv2 =  

ADT was never abandoned, zach has demanded to do this this repair, but now that he has, he believes he owns it...1 repair, out of how many did i do?...l i forget... and as far as 200m adt i still have it and i have no problems doing a free give out of those in the next few days now that cryptsy chat is back up Smiley   and zack as far as your bad rep on my post stealing?  why would anyone steal 20 bucks in coins? plz dont show your pettieness insulting others...."risked ballance 50btc" rofl just some of the reasons zack is not someone to work with.... carefull guys.

I will continue to side support the coin when i have a chance. but due to zachs persistence he is now the lead dev of adt v2.

plz use new links in thread above. you guys are in good hands with zach. he works hard even though he isnt much of a person.

Androids Tokens. What all electronics/androids* will be running on in the future is the goal.

This coin was made in realization that BTC has claimed its throne as the main cryptostorage unit.
US debt is around 16.7 trillion, all of the coins that are 10-20-200 million are less then a rare collectors card print,
thus aiming for BTC storage throne,
ADT is large enough to be a small currency,  we are aiming to be #1 crypto currency, not crypto storage unit.

The future is here!

Get bulk while its around and start your projects ! ! !

I will be spending a lot of time on this project, so no doubt we're going far!

Stats are here:

100% Proof Of Stake.
Proof of Stake 0.001%, 30 days/60 Max Weight
Premine = 2%
Tx Fee = 0.1%
RPC Port = 2543
P2P Port = 2454
66,000,000,000 Max Coins Ever
524288 Coins Per Block, Halving every 100,000 Blocks
30 Second Blocks
Low starting Diff
Retarget every block
70 Confirms per block
6 Confirms per TX


We are no on:    start your shops/projects now!!!


Exchanges:  chrome lets you pick what language to see the site in

Spend your ADT:   < 7 Shops that accept us so far Smiley


Portable savings wallet winqt:


block explorer:




forums: / /

FREE ADT @ the faucets get them while they last!



Cryptsy trading tool:

Disclaimer: I did not create the coin,wallet,forum,pool,block explorer, or anything for that matter, i will be posting credits of all that have/are/will be working on this project unless they do not wish to be listed. I am giving this project my all. and if the name MUST be changed just ask and it will be done, everything is still very malleable all input is welcome.
Reasoning: Androidz is only 1 letter change and they are a go, this is 2 ss and i dont see why a square tabletphone or OS should have the name android where it has nothing to do with the actual definition or *wiki=Android (robot), designed to resemble a human, anyway, there are coins called pennies...yes an actual US currency title, so.....i don't think this name should be a problem.
This is an open source community cryptocurrency.

Credits:   Coin-                           shakezula
                PSW-                        commissioned by zackclark70
                Wallet-                       shakezula
                Linux32wallet-            elrapido
                Linux64wallet-            elrapido
                Block explorer-           Harbinger
                Forums-                      zackclark70
                1st pool-           
                2nd pool-         
                Game dev-                  elrapido
                game1-                       MobGod
                1st faucet-                 zackclark70
                2nd faucet-                Harbinger
                 Logo-                        alanox
                 Trading tool#1-           elrapido
            rest added live as bounties are filled  
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