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1  Other / Beginners & Help / Protect Your Earned cryptocurrency : Tips on Security on: February 19, 2018, 09:34:25 PM
I know these things have been said over and over in this forum as well. But still many people loose their hard earned assets to hackers and thieves. So here are some of the tips on Securing your wallets, accounts & passwords and private keys.

To-Do : Always do the following things if you want to be protected

1. Always use 2-factor authentication.
 Always use a hardware bound authentication app like Google authenticator. This is available on both Google Playstore     and Apple Appstore.
2.Use a good Anti-virus software.
 Use a reputed anti virus software such as Avira, Kaspersky etc and keep it updated to the latest update available. This can prevent viruses, trojans, keyloggers infecting your computer.
3. Use a complex an secure passwords or passphrase
 Most recommended way is to create a passphrase, since this is mandatory for all the accounts or wallets, create a passphrase that is secure and not easy to guess, and change it according to the account you are using.
4. Keep wallet files on multiple offline locations
 Always try to use a hardware wallet. It is the most secured way. If it is not an option you can use USB drive or Computer, but make sure not to connect the computer to internet.
5. Always keep original links to online wallets, exchange accounts Bookmarked
 Always keep them bookmarked and Always double check if its the correct site before logging your passwords. There are many phishing sites in the internet which are trying to steal your data.

Never-Do : Don't to the following if you want to be protected

1. Never send your private key, Passwords over the internet.
 Never, ever send your passwords or private keys on the internet. Don't email, upload to cloud storage services like dropboxor google drive, send via online messengers etc. These services can be hackable and it is a huge risk.
2. Never use the same password/passphrase on multiple accounts.
Always use a set string for the password/passphrase and change a part of that according to the site.
3. Never click the links that don't reveal their destination.
Don't click on the links that are shortened using link shorteners. (ex:,
4. Never install or run executable (.exe) files from an untrusted source.
 Always check for lots of online reviews when installing or running such files and always do a virus scan on that first.
5. Never keep you passwords/privatekeys on computers without encryption.
 Always encrypt the passwords/privatekeys using a good encryptions software if you are keeping them in your computer.

I hope the above tips will be some help to you. Thanks and Have  a good day Smiley
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