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1  Economy / Service Discussion / BlockFi Loan Advocates on: February 22, 2023, 06:26:17 PM

The BlockfiLendingAdvocates group is the rapidly growing Reddit community (now more than 143 members strong) raising awareness of the legal rights of the Blockfi Loan Holders for a favorable ruling for the return of their collateral. This open, free-to-participate group shares valuable information on bankruptcy proceedings on loan collateral, answers each others questions, and discusses strategy and best options for a favorable outcome.

A subset of this group (Ad-Hoc Committee of Blockfi Loan Holders) is funding to retain an experienced bankruptcy attorney for legal representation to make the fight on our behalf for a favorable ruling direct with the bankruptcy judge, the UCC, and Blockfi. This subgroup regularly interfaces directly with our counsel to receive legal advice, discuss legal options and strategies, answers open questions, and receives first hand updates on proceedings. Our legal counsel is only allowed to provide legal advice direct to this paying group, but the advice he will give should be generally applicable to most, if not all, group members.

Note that we are all in the same boat. Some people may have more collateral on the line, but the Ad-Hoc Committee aims to act in the best interests of everyone.

Over the next few days, we will review a draft engagement letter and hopefully, begin truly engaging with legal counsel to get more information about how the Court currently views loan-holders, and what we can do, if anything, to optimize the outcome for Loan Holders.
2  Bitcoin / Electrum / Need Specific Change Addresses to Move BCash Coins from Offline Wallet on: August 10, 2017, 06:56:25 AM
I've been trying to generate specific change addresses that I see in my watch-only offline wallet so that I can sweep their private keys to get my BCC tokens.

I've tried create_new_address (with a 200 for loop) and I've yet to generate this address.  I've tried typing in the public address and it seems to not recognize it.

Any help would be appreciated!

3  Bitcoin / Electrum / Critical Old Wallet Issue - Just Lost All of My Labels on: February 16, 2017, 08:12:22 AM
I finally installed an updated Electrum after using 2.5.4 for the past year or so and my hot wallet, with all of my labels to transactions has been lost.  I restored it fine - but the process for losing it was truly scary and a mess.

When I attempted to load my old hot wallet I got a message saying something about unsupported multiple identity wallets? (which I had no idea my hot wallet was) and that it would now 'Save' it to a couple of wallets with the locations of the new files.  I said OK, assuming idiotically that I'd be able to find them in the default wallet location folder. 

I have no idea what happened.  I've looked for them in the AppData/Roaming/Electrum/wallets folder.  I run searches on today's modified *.dat files and now I'm just at a loss.  Where are they? 

I recovered the wallet through the seed, but I really need my labels for my taxes.

I'm an old progger.  And I feel that this was a mess.  I don't care what your program is supposed to do, but user data is sacrosanct.  It seems that 'default_wallet' gets over-written under certain circumstances? 

Sorry to rant, but I'd appreciate any help in finding my old wallets and where 2.7.18 put them. 
4  Bitcoin / Electrum / Interesting Profile on ThomasV - Le logiciel nancéien qui sécurise le bitcoin on: April 13, 2014, 03:20:44 PM

(Google Translation)

In Nancy, curiosity, a computer scientist is interested in cryptomonnaie. Since then it has developed software that allows for more secure transactions. And will create his company: Electrum Technologies.

At the age of 40, Thomas Voegtlin is a conscientious researcher. Until there is little, he worked for the National Institute for Research in Computer Science and Control (I NRIA) on artificial neural networks. "Just curious," he fell into the mysterious world of the cryptographic currency, especially the bitcoin, the most famous cloud currencies. "It is by studying the bitcoin, he says, that I understood the workings of the currency in general. "

Yarn needle, curiosity turned into appetite before becoming a real issue. The computer was designed and developed Electrum, a software to send and receive bitcoins. "At first, I did it on my free time, and then using my time-saving account. "Since the beginning of the year, Thomas Voegtlin is off to start his own business, a start-up incubator hosted by Lorraine in Nancy. However, it maintains links with Inria, "the development of security aspect mainly was done in collaboration with one of their teams."

Electrum, a key wallet for bitcoin is free to access and free to use. "It facilitates transactions and reduces the risk. Especially, it is more secure in case of personal user error. »Car cryptomonnaie already not easy to understand by the common man (see cons below) may be the victim of three major threats.

Loss of money due to lack of backup, "this is where the software operates. Rather than being dependent on regular backups, your money is recovered automatically by a sequence of random words. "The second threat is theft by hackers. Recent events with the exchange MtGox platform is the best demonstration. The third threat is lying. "If you use a bitcoin wallet, an attacker can try to send you false information, for example make you believe that you sent bitcoins. Electrum has permanent tests to try to detect this type of lies. "

Additional layers of security
"Whenever a platform said to have been deflected, it is unclear whether this is a diversion, irresponsibility or a scam. "Some are already seeing the beginning of the end, evidence, added to his hypervolatility, this virtual currency, generated entirely by computers in the network without god nor master, will never win. Others argue that bitcoin is young, everything remains to be done, including its payment network. Moreover, it is already ecosystem like the web that has a big decade before revolutionizing the media or mp3 there fifteen years. We can not even pay his pizza bitcoin, but the net offers more this payment option and some restaurants too.

Thomas is among those who think the bitcoin dig his groove and will settle down, although it is still fragile and is not free from defects. It provides that the company will be able to generate revenue, because if "the software is free, extensions and additional services are paid and always allow extra security. "Against theft and piracy, new innovations are underway and Thomas will probably not stop the creation of a single software.

5  Economy / Securities / [Bloomberg] Bitcoin Spawns China Virtual IPOs as U.S. Scrutiny Grows on: August 21, 2013, 05:39:37 AM

The lack of regulation, which has drawn scrutiny from U.S. regulators, is why Bitcoins are taking off in China, where the government controls the flow of money overseas and keeps a tight rein on what it views as undesirable behavior.

“The advantage for Chinese users to use Bitcoin is freedom, people can do something without any official authority,” said Patrick Lin, system administrator of and owner of about 1,500 Bitcoins. Lin said he’s sticking to the currency itself, rather than IPOs, in part because of weak regulation. “The Bitcoin world is just like the Wild West -- no law, but opportunity and risk,” he said.

The China Securities Regulatory Commission didn’t respond to a faxed query on whether it’s looking at new rules regarding Bitcoin. So long as it remains small, the industry may continue to fly below the radar screen of a Chinese government more preoccupied with a faltering economy and social stability.

“If the circulation of Bitcoins is still confined to a small circle of people, it won’t be something on the Chinese authority’s priority list,” said Edward Au, co-head of Deloitte China’s public-offering group. “They already have too much to cope with.”
6  Bitcoin / Electrum / Feature Request? Sounds when receiving payments? Ka-ching? on: August 14, 2013, 04:13:11 PM
It's Wednesday and I'm sitting here waiting for Friedcat's weekly dividend payout and I was thinking, it'd be nice if Electrum made a sound when incoming funds came in.   Grin

With optional configurable sounds, of course.
7  Bitcoin / Electrum / List of Commands and Expected Arguments for the Console? on: August 08, 2013, 11:07:08 AM
Is there any documentation for the available commands both from the console and from CLI and their expected arguments?  I've looked through the code, but it's not always obvious how to make the calls.   Huh
8  Bitcoin / Electrum / Common Sense Question - Maximum BTC You'd Store in One Electrum Wallet? on: August 04, 2013, 11:30:45 AM
Just curious... I've got an offline Electrum wallet, never been online, and I'm stashing my ASICMiner divs there.  What would be the max safe amount to store in one wallet?   Cool

I'm extremely impressed with the security and I'm wondering if it should be a concern at all if I keep it offline. 
9  Other / Beginners & Help / BTCT Back Up! on: July 23, 2013, 01:48:41 PM
Apparently... after being down for 8 hours.   Roll Eyes  Sorry to post here, using a new username. 
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