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1  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Announcements (Altcoins) / ⒾⒸⓄ ✅ NEURAL.CLUB ✅ FIRST SOCIAL ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE 🆑✅🈺 Big Data Mining ✅ on: September 01, 2017, 11:02:58 PM
[ ICO ] NEURAL.CLUB - FIRST SOCIAL ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE. Collective Distributed Machine Learning 2018

Neural.Club - First Social  Blockchain Based AI.

Distributed AI Blockchain, Collective Machine Learning, Big Data Deep-Mind Computing, Peer-to-peer Neural Network, Big Data Computing

What seemed like a distant future is ready to happen today ...

Artificial intelligence (AI), deep learning, and neural networks represent incredibly exciting and powerful machine learning-based techniques used to solve many real-world problems.
While human-like deductive reasoning, inference, and decision-making by a computer is still a long time away, there have been remarkable gains in the application of AI techniques and associated algorithms.

Nowadays, mankind has access to knowledge and technologies, through which innovative discoveries are realized. Developers around the world integrate neural networks into everyday things that surround us. Smart cars, Smart houses, household appliances, Internet of things are created. Even today, even a schoolboy can assemble a robot from affordable and inexpensive elements.
The speed of information dissemination is growing exponentially. The accumulation of a large amount of data is called BigData. And once the amount and access to data is close to the stream of real time flows, all data needs to be processed on the fly.

What for?
With blockchain the advent of technology and the popularity of peer-to-peer networks (p2p), it has become clear distribution of information and its decentralization, as well as financial instruments and cryptographic encryption for security.
Looking at all this, our futurists gave a clear model of the new technology, which should connect all the individual components to the universal single intelligent network - NEURAL.CLUB.
In which data storage will be implemented on blockchain technology with a distributed database.

How it works?
As well as the production of various crypto-currency-mining, through the use of computing power. Sending power to the processing of your BigData any field of activity (eg surveying, meteorology, engineering, exchange trade) and use for data processing machine profound cognitive neural network training we realize speedy data analysis and processing. Moreover, each time our system will already have knowledge and process new data faster. As a result, a person will receive a forecast based on his input. For example, the probability of an earthquake in a particular area or forecasting the company's profit in the next year.

Why is this very important?
Having huge computing power, our system will be trained as a reasonable being. Implementing open access According to the API you can integrate the system at any stage of your business that requires computation and data processing. For example, having taught the system to drive a car, it will be able to control any other adapted car.

By using the voice engine, the system will be able to pronounce phrases in any language. And that's not all, equipping your computer optional peripherals, you will be able to communicate with our artificial intelligence, eg to connect speaker system will be able to respond to you by connecting a microphone system will listen to you, and connecting web camera system will even see you and recognize the external data can recognize It is you. And by teaching one robot to perform certain actions and connecting our system to another robot, it will have these skills instantly.

Prospects of application are unlimited, the relevance of this topic affects the next 10-15 years. We have prepared a more detailed description of the technologies used. The system can be integrated into virtually any electronic device, such as watches, smart phones, tablets, and even in your cars. In the development, we plan to use as ready-engines such as Tensorflow from Google, Watson from IBM, distributed database technology blockchain and much more.

The system has a convenient financial model, like the motivation of the miners to direct their computing power to our network, to calculate your BigData. Moreover, our artificial intelligence needs internal design units for the implementation of training, that is, data analysis will have a cost. The cost is formed from the volume of data provided, the specified accuracy of the forecast, the number of spent capacities for analysis. This creates the cost of forecasting using the system NEURAL.CLUB. When analyzing similar data, the cost of analysis will decrease, since the system will already recognize and select the appropriate prediction algorithm.

Promo video 1

Promo video 2

WEB       WWW.NEURAL.CLUB (soon)


Very soon we will begin crowd sale for the most important developments of the 21st century.
Anyone can participate and help the project.

2  Economy / Marketplace / silver for BTC on: September 09, 2011, 07:10:36 PM
Has anyone used ?

Any comments?

Looking to buy silver for BTC.
3  Bitcoin / Mining / Biggest Mine??? on: May 27, 2011, 02:50:36 AM
What is the biggest mining operation in a single area (not distributed, under one roof) by a single person?

Here is one to start the list:
Current net income: $600/day
"This rig is a hybrid of Radeon 5970 and Radeon 6990 video cards, 48 altogether, pulls about 130 amps of electrical service at current configuration and heated up our building like a furnace until I had a local HVAC company add the custom exhaust manifold/hood."

Please post others you know of with photo or video evidence.
4  Bitcoin / Mining / Analysis of Buying a Rig for Mining on: May 26, 2011, 03:48:36 PM
Here is an analysis of a 3x5850 mining rig over the next year:

15%   bitcoin value increase per 10 days
50%   difficulty rate increase per 10 days
1050   hash rate
$2.02   power cost/day (700w @ 0.12/KWh)

As you can see even if the value of bitcoin increases to over $1200 in a year, you are not even going to make your money back on a dedicated rig, at 90 days you are going to start losing money!  This is using a 50% difficulty bump when it is currently around 70%.  If you use 70% you start losing money in 60 days.  Even at difficulty rate increase of 50% and bitcoins increase 30% per 10 days (putting them at a value of over $100,000 per coin in 1 year!) you will still lose money at day 160 with a maximum income of $976.  Subtracting your rig would be a profit of $300 or so, I think its definitive, the ship has sailed on buying rigs for mining.

So what if difficulty slows considerably to say 30% per 10 days (less than half of the current rate)?  Assuming a bitcoin increase of 15%/10 days (value of $1225 in 1 year), you will start losing money at day 190 with a total profit of $1124, hardly enough to be worth the risk.

If you're not doing a simple calculation such as this before buying a rig you should seriously reconsider buying one at all.

So what about more efficient rigs, free power, ASIC, and FFPGAs?  They don't matter, even assuming a power cost of $0 your returns on coins are so minimal after a few months due to the difficulty rating it won't be worth it.  Your cost to simply replace hardware will outweigh the returns.

And the nail in the coffin, "Every 210,000 blocks, the Bitcoin reward per block is cut in half. Right now, the payout is 50 Bitcoins per block. Sometime soon, the payout will halve to 25 Bitcoins per block."  None of this analysis takes this into consideration.

So in conclusion something has to give:
- people will go bankrupt with new rigs, dropping the difficulty rating
- bitcoin will fail altogether and crash
- the value of bitcoin will skyrocket

Hard to say which, maybe all of them a little, maybe one of the a lot.

5  Bitcoin / Mining / Cray Unveils Its First GPU Supercomputer on: May 25, 2011, 01:26:17 AM

so what is the hashrate of 70 teraflops turn out to be?
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