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1  Local / Deutsch (German) / Bitcoin-Qt (Core) + Avira Free AV ( on: April 04, 2014, 09:24:20 PM
mein Avira hat eben während dem Laden der blockchain einen Virenbefall gemeldet:

Konkret geht es um die Datei .../chainstate/237995.sst (AppData\Roaming unter Windows).
Der Zugriff wurde sofort gesperrt, sodass Bitcoin-Qt abgestürzt ist, und die Datei vermutlich nicht vollständig geladen wurde. Ich habe sie trotzdem mal bei VirusTotal geuppt:
Erkennungsrate: 6 / 51

AntiVir             Spoiler
Avast              Plastique-521
ClamAV            Peace.1
Ikarus              Virus.DOS.Saturday14
Sophos            Shake
TotalDefense    Pixel 3

Hat jmd Schadcode in der blockchain hinterlegt um bei Usern AV-Meldungen zu triggern?

Danke an fronti von #bitcoin-de für die Info:
2  Economy / Service Discussion / Mt. Gox user details for sale on: March 09, 2014, 07:24:15 PM
I won't post the link to the source or his email address, but apparently nanashi___ is selling the Mt. Gox user database:

Official sale of MT.Gox database: personal details for almost all Bitcoin users.
I am selling all data obtained in recently MT. Gox database hack. File is ~20gb and contains full personal information of all clients in gox system, including passport scan. This document will never be elsewhere published by us. Selling it one or two times to make up personal loses from gox closure. Asking 100BTC for entire document. Willing to sell it in pieces, 10BTC for 2gb of data.
I will verify that I am in possesion of this data before you make purchase. Interested buyers can contact me and I will send you all information contained in file about you personally. No one contact asking for parts of the file for free/me to send file before payment.

I hate those blackhats ~.~

EDIT 11.03.2014:
new info:
Mt. Gox database sale: steps to remove yourself from dump before sales.
Most around here know we are selling gox customer info. Many have contact us requesting to pay to have their data removed before we sell. We are doing this for a cost of 0.25 BTC per person removed. We have already sold and release 20% of data to 2 buyers, so if you are apart of that it's too late for you.
We are release the rest of this data to our buyers sometime this week, so after that happens it is too late for everyone who has not been removed already.
1) Email [...] with the email you used with mtgox.
2) I will check file already sold, if you are not part of that I will send you unique bitcoin address. If you don't get response it means your data has already been sold in first batch or we have finalized sale of all data.
3) After you have sent .25 bitcoin payment, email us again to inform us of this.
4) Thats all, we will delete your personal data and passport scan from all copies of database.
DO NOT email asking to do this for cheaper unless you are doing 10+ accounts at once. Also do not email us asking to confirm what information we have about you. If gox had it, we have it, and as you can read on boards we have confirmed possession of this dump for many people. We let you use our same email for this as all other gox hack communication so you know we are same people. Doing this things will cause us to ignore all further message from you.

Also do not email us asking to confirm what information we have about you.
Interesting how this is the opposite of what he said before.

Afaik nobody has proven to be in possession of such data yet (please correct me if I'm wrong).
I'm starting to think this is all a scam.

EDIT 19.03.2014:
04:37 <nanashi___> email change to [...]. use pgp from original hack posts to confirm i am same person. cost is 0.35 bitcoins for full perm data delete
04:37 <nanashi___> http://[...] use public pgp from there or any original hack posts to confirm its me
04:38 <LennyBruce> How do I know my data wasn't part of the piece of the file you have already sold?
04:38 <nanashi___> if you don't start getting spam/phishing emails yet, you probably not part of the piece sold. email me with address and i check sold file.
04:38 <nanashi___> if your data is not part, i send you bitcoin address and perminantly delete your data after payment recieved.
04:38 <nanashi___> [...] only, do not use old address.
04:39 <nanashi___> use same pgp to confim it me. i delete everything including passport scans and bank info.
04:40 <gonzop> nanashi is your group responsible for the new login on
04:40 <nanashi___> we did not do login. they still control as far as i know
04:40 <gonzop> We're supposed to trust the guy who stole the DB and sold them?
04:40 <nanashi___> don't care. just responding. if i wanted to control i probably could.
04:40 <gonzop> Ok so it's safe to login to Mt Gox?
04:41 <nanashi___> yes as long as you trust frenchman who stole 951,116 btc. he probably had to put this up for legal reason
04:42 <MagicalTux> Nothing was stolen by me. Time will tell the full story. On the other hand you are exorting people after stealing our customer's info. You are probably the hacker who stoll all our Bitcoins in the first place.
04:42 <nanashi___> bla bla bla bla
04:42 <nanashi___> yes I stole one billion dollars and now am sticking around to sell data dump for peanuts
04:42 <nanashi___> ps they were not your bitcoins, they your customers
04:43 <MagicalTux> they're
04:43 <nanashi___> two people commit suicide already because of your fraud and you joke. you care?
04:43 <MagicalTux> How many people will kill themselves because of what you are doing?
04:43 <nanashi___> few poeple kill themself because of viagra spam. you ruined many people
04:44 <MagicalTux> Lots of people kill themselves because of identity theft, which is happening with the data you are selling.
04:44 <nanashi___> this is serious? if you are so concerned next time protect customer info better. why you even keep passport scans on server?
04:44 <nanashi___> if not for us someone else would have done exact same
04:44 <nanashi___> at least we give people honest chance to have data deleted before sale
04:44 <gonzop> nanashi is it too late to have my information removed before you sell the database?
04:45 <nanashi___> gonzop maybe not. have sold 10% of dump and am waiting until thur/20 to sell rest while allow people to pay to be removed
04:45 <MagicalTux> Pure extortion. I can't wait until they catch you.
04:45 <nanashi___> can't wait to see you behind bars mark. you rob one million people.
04:45 <MagicalTux> I didn't rob anyone. You are a criminal.
04:45 <nanashi___> maybe but i need sell this data to feed my family. you took food from their mouth like thousand other when you stole our bitcoins
04:46 <MagicalTux> You are a scumbag.
04:46 <nanashi___> what does that make you?

Thoughts? Clearly the bitcointalk nanashi___ isn't the real one, but has anyone tried to contact the real nanashi___? Could he prove possession of Mt. Gox user data?

P.S.: I don't even know whether these chat logs are real or not.
3  Local / Presse / [2014-02-05] SWR Landesschau RP - "Bitcoins - virtuelles Geld der Zukunft?" on: February 06, 2014, 09:18:57 AM
Kurzer Beitrag vom SWR
4  Local / Deutsch (German) / Wieso kein Steuer-Sticky? on: February 03, 2014, 09:14:38 AM
Hi Leute,

worüber ich mich wirklich schon seit längerem ärgere, ist, dass es nirgendwo eine zentrale Anlaufstelle in Sachen deutsches Steuerrecht und Bitcoin gibt!

Könnten wir vielleicht alle Informationen diesbezüglich in einem Info-Thread zusammenführen und diesen als sticky markieren?

5  Local / Trading und Spekulation / Wo Bitcoins ohne Verifizierung verkaufen? on: August 19, 2013, 11:58:05 AM
Hi Leute,

hab schon seit ner Weile keine Bitcoins mehr verkauft. Vorher immer über MtGox gemacht, die wollen aber mittlerweile, dass man sich dort verifiziert.

Wo kann man derzeit am besten Bitcoin gegen Euro tauschen, ohne seine persönlichen Daten hinterlegen zu müssen (mal abgesehen von den Kontodaten)?

MfG Smoke
6  Local / Trading und Spekulation / Was war heute bei MtGox los? (low: 82,00 EUR) on: April 10, 2013, 10:05:07 PM
Last price:106.29101 €
High:203.00000 €
Low:82.00000 €
Volume:27026 BTC
Weighted Avg:153.45165 €

~120 Euro zwischen Low und High, was ist heute passiert, dass sich der Bitcoin-Wechselkurs halbiert hat?
7  Local / Off-Topic (Deutsch) / database leak on: June 09, 2012, 01:28:20 PM
8  Bitcoin / Mining / Comparison of all known pools on: May 22, 2011, 12:35:10 PM
Hey guys,

could one of you write an article that shows what the differences between the following pools are ?

(are there more known pools ?)
9  Economy / Marketplace / [WTS] 1675 BTC for 1000 EUR or 1425 USD (update 2) on: March 26, 2011, 10:14:46 PM
I want to sell 1675 BTC for 1000 EUR which makes ~0.597 EUR/BTC
or 1425 USD which makes ~0.85 USD/BTC
(I prefer EUR)

Since it is a large amount I won't accept PayPal this time.
Only bank wire.
(I will accept PayPal only from highly trusted members)

You send the money first, then I will send the BTC.
I have a pretty good forum reputation so this shouldn't be a problem.

If you are interested feel free to reply here or send me a pm.
10  Bitcoin / Project Development / Bitcoin Proxy Concept - does it work ? on: February 27, 2011, 01:31:35 PM

this way recipents would only see the "mix proxy address" and transactions can't be assigned to the users since neither timing attack nor checking for amounts would work.

is this correct ?

EDIT: image is not online anymore
11  Local / Deutsch (German) / Deutsche Bitcoin Seiten on: February 26, 2011, 03:50:45 PM

was haltet ihr davon, wenn wir hier mal alle deutschen Bitcoin Seiten, Artikel, Bilder, ... zusammentragen ?

Ich fang dann mal an:
12  Economy / Marketplace / [WTB] Bitcoin car sticker on: February 26, 2011, 02:06:04 AM
Hey guys,

I'm interested in a bitcoin sticker for my car.
Should be around 10cm x 10cm.

Basically anthing from these threads goes:
I'd prefer a transparent background and the rest coloured.

Does anybody know where to get something like this ?
Maybe someone is already selling these ?
13  Economy / Marketplace / Rainbow Tables on Hard Drive - interested ? on: February 21, 2011, 10:01:52 PM
Hi, I'm just curious.

Would you buy hard drives (up to 2TB) with rainbow tables(lm, ntlm, md5, sha1, ...) on it ?
14  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / HTTPS Everywhere - Rulesets for etc. on: January 15, 2011, 09:09:09 AM
Hi guys,

I guess most of you know the Firefox addon HTTPS Everywhere by the EFF.
If you don`t know it yet, make sure to check it out, it`s awesome.

EDIT: (check my other posts in this thread for the newest version)

This file contains rules for:

Just install HTTPS Everywhere and extract the zip to your HTTPSEverywhereUserRules folder.
Example for Windows 7:

If you want other sites to be added feel free to ask here.

Have fun !
(and if you like that, you could send me some bitcoins Tongue see the sig for the address)

Well, I tried to write my own rulesets for several bitcoin related sites.


<ruleset name="">
   <target host="" />

   <rule from="^http://(www\.)?bitcoin\.org/" to=""/>

(also for bitcoinmarket, bitcoin2cash, bitcoin4cash, bitcoin2cc, mtgox, mullvad, mybitcoin and privacyshark)

I put it into the HTTPSEverywhereUserRules folder but somehow it doesn`t work.

Any idea ?

15  Other / Off-topic / Decriminalize consume of cannabis in Germany - An official petition on: January 06, 2011, 07:19:42 PM
Hello my dear Bitcoiners,

we have a running petition in Germany, that intends to decriminalize cannabis consumers.
The petition is open for anybody, even non-germans.

If it reaches 50k signs, the petition will be heard by the Bundestag.

If you like to support us, please feel free to sign the petition.

Here is a how-to in English:

main topics:
1. raising the "low amount", until proceedings get ceased (maybe to 30 grams)
2. make "low amount" consistent in all German federal states; own "low amount" for own needs (no dealing) shall not be chargeable
3. growing of a low number of cannabis plants for own need shal be legal; maybe implement Cannabis Social Clubs (Spain, ...)
4. boundary value of THC in traffic (like alcohol) to decriminalize consuments in driver licence right
5. no house raidings in relation with small cannabis amounts

Sorry for my bad english ...
16  Economy / Marketplace / To the iPhone seller on biddingpond: on: October 21, 2010, 06:03:31 AM
I was the highest bidder on your iPhone 3GS 32GB auction at biddingpond., but unfortunetely the reserve wasn`t met.

If you`re still interested in selling it, I`d be glad to give you 2000 BTC for it.
If this appears too low, feel free to pm me, so we can dispute the selling price.
17  Bitcoin / Development & Technical Discussion / OpenCL enabled client - coordinated collaboration on: October 07, 2010, 11:15:03 AM
Hey, I read through all the "gpu topics" now and a question came to my mind.

There are currenty quite a few people who work on CUDA, Stream or OpenCL clients.

Why dont all of you work together to enable OpenCL (as it works on all current graphic cards) at the default client ?
It would be so much easier for everyone if you would work together on an open source code instead of everyone making his own thing.

So, here's your chance to contribute even more to the bitcoin community:
work together for the sake of all bitcoiners Wink
18  Other / Meta / Board request: More signs for the signature. on: July 15, 2010, 04:11:43 PM
Hey, can you please raise the amount of allowed signs in the signature from 300 to 500 ?
300 signs seem to be enough but the bitcoin addresses and the links take quite some place, even if you shorten the links with or like.

If there's more space in the signature, I could write the people which successfully traded with me down for example.
This could work as an proof of trust.
19  Other / Off-topic / F2F Filesharing Darknet - Anyone's interested ? on: July 14, 2010, 06:03:50 AM

I'm trying to find people for a F2F filesharing network for quite some time now, and I think here, in an forum with members who care about anonymity, I might think I could find some people who are interested in such a thing.

I prefer AllianceP2P for the software, because it has the ability to encrypt the traffic, is open-source and easy to use, but if you persist to use another software, feel free to tell me to use that instead.
Alliance is a private and secure place to share files and communicate with people you know. It is easy to use and free.

Technically Alliance takes the best parts of BitTorrent (advanced multi-source downloading), DirectConnect (community) and WASTE (security).

With Alliance users create their own networks. You can either start a new network or get invited into an existing network by another Alliance user.

Alliance is free and open source. It works on Windows, Mac OS X and Linux. Alliance is completely decentralized.

Encryption is an important part of Alliance. Robust encryption (AES over SSL) has been implemented and is available as an experimental option in Alliance. By default Alliance runs on a very simplistic encryption algorithm. Even with the simple encryption Alliance is more secure than normal P2P networks since you only connect to your trusted friends.
20  Other / Off-topic / Good anti-virus tool ? on: July 13, 2010, 10:52:48 PM
Hi, since many people are having problems with Microsoft Security Essentials, why not making a thread about good anti-virus alternatives.

I'm currently testing the free version of PandaCloud Antivirus.
It's an anti-virus tool based on cloud computing so information about newly recognized malware gets instantly streamed to all peers, so its up to date at any time. And it doesn't interfere with bitcoin Smiley

As far as I can judge now, I will keep PandaCloud on my system.

I had Avira Antivir Personal Edition before, but with every new version they released it got more and more bloated and slower (personal impression). It still is a good tool which I used for many years now, so, if you don't trust the new "cloud-technology-antivirus-systems" it's a good choice for you. Didn't have any problems with bitcoin either.

Now its your turn:
Which antivirus solutions can you recommend ?
Which are no-gos ?
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