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1  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Announcements (Altcoins) / [FRN] Francs. the UNMODERATED Thread. on: January 22, 2016, 12:36:54 AM
FRN devs don't see any problem having 550k coins when coin have 561k supply

THAT said here the recap of the ANN so you will have some basis to start the unmoderated discussion  Grin

11.000.000 FRN
Algorithm : Scrypt
Launch date 01.10.2015
Source code

FRN France
FRN International
Francs have been known as France's historical
currency from 1360 to 2002 and Europe's most
prestigious currency for centuries. French-speaking
countries currently represent a growing number of
250 millions people making French the second political
and strategical language in the world after English.
According to projections, french speaking countries
will represent close to a billion people by the year 2050.
Paris is international and carries a strong
and attractive image around the world. France holds
the key of attractiveness, quality and refinement,
prestigious brands, immovable property, fashions
or gastronomy. A lifestyle greatly prized by
foreigners all round the world whether as investors,
businessmens or residents. Paris remains year
after year the most touristic city in the world.


National and Global

Francs FRN are France's new generation currency inspired by Bitcoin and a global currency for wealth and luxury
transactions. As long time crypto enthusiasts we plainly understand the potential of Bitcoin and the blockchain
technology. We know that Bitcoin will be a game changer in the way human society trade. If we support
Bitcoin as a global decentralized currency, we believe also that our national history is something too important
to be antiquated and left behind. We believe in our own potential and wish to coexist with the global Bitcoin
network by building a strong position in this new ecosystem.

Backed by History

Sixteen centuries ago a tribe of horsemans known as the Franks created the embryo of what would became
France, the so-called "country of freedom". The word Francs can be translated as "free" or "liberated". FRN is an
alternative monetary system designed to protect their users from corrupted institutions. We are libertarians. We
hope to make France a major player in this new-born ecosystem and help to build tomorrow's decentralized economy.

The Journal. Our press.

The French public still lacks understanding of the possibilities given by cryptocurrencies. Tens of millions of French
speaking people around the world are not informed as many of them do not read English on a daily basis. For that
purpose we created the JDF (~ the Franc's Journal)

With all the essential news in a single place, Banking economy, Crypto economy, Francs news, Web articles.
Our Journal aims to become the leading source of cryptocurrency news for the french speaking public. Educating
people about everything crypto-related with an elegant, open and friendly interface. Finally but not less important,
it will give the currency an excellent visibility via Google searchs for all keywords related to cryptocurrencies.
Redirecting all the searches to the FRN main page.

Marketing and promotion.

With a smart and efficient use of local information networks, street advertisement campaigns and media
channels, we will rise public attention on FRN as well as on cryptocurrencies and the Bitcoin industry in general.
As soon as the Franc's infrastructure will be fully operational we will work to organize wide promotional campaigns
using our knowledge and experience in that field. A series of Portraits will be shot in the form of mini-documentaries.
We plan to organize some footage with special guests here in Paris. Also, we would like to organize crowd-funded
promotional events such as a subway ad campaign. Stay in touch !

Mining model and specs

Francs mining curve is designed to mimic gold. Just like Bitcoin. While on a shorter time length. There will be a
finite supply of 11 millions FRN that will be mined over a period of 11 years. Once the cap is reached the miners
will be rewarded with transaction fees, there will be no inflation. Block time is 4 minutes, Block reward is 20 FRN,
halving every 2 years. You can find the list of registered mining-pools below in the Pool section.

The Core Team

The core team is currently composed of 9 persons. The team is divided between developers and
professionals working in commerce and marketing. A. is the creator and coordinator. Zero is the core developer.
L. is the community manager. C. is the responsible of the FRN China branch. The team integrates various kind of
artists and entrepreneurs. We have a responsible for Paris and suburbs. We are looking for more contacts in major
cities such as Lyon, Nice or Strasbourg. Our team have two members which are native Chinese-speakers.


FRN premine is shared between A. (3%), Zero (1%) and C. (1%). The premine is a reward for their personal
investment. Considering A have been working on the project for a whole year. In case of sufficient price growth
the money earned will be used to push further commercial developments. For example, owning our own
professional video camera would be great (top material such as the RED Epic serie costs ~ 13.000€)


Our work structure is still open and we are looking to integrate new talents !
We wish to refine further the system's infrastructure, before starting some exciting promotional campaigns.
If you are willing to help the project, we invite you to check the Task List on the official forum.
We hope to find a large public of enthusiasts so we can work and move forward as one. If you
want to share your talents and invest your time into building FRN's future, please contact :

Adding a business to the business registry - 25 FRN
Translation (see here) - 75 FRN
FRN version of LocalBitcoins - 750 FRN

_______________________________________________________________________________ _________________________

Dear supporters

For the last 12 months I've been working on an original currency able to push the limits of altcoins.
Little by little I have been rallied by a team of skilled and passionate people. Some freshly converted
to cryptocurrencies, other being long time enthusiasts. The cryptocurrency scene leaded by Bitcoin is growing day
after day and we believe it is now the right time. We wish to make FRN a true payment network.
Our goal is adoption.

France by its history and culture still exerts an important attraction around the globe. We wished to put forward
all its uniqueness. FRN is not only an ambitious project for France, it were also designed as a global currency.
Carrying all the exclusiveness of Paris. It's dual positioning making it original and unique.

There will be some updates. Stay in touch.
Thanks for your support.


_______________________________________________________________________________ _________________________

2  Economy / Exchanges / [bitfinex] 7h35c4mm3r'5rh370r1c [bitfinex] on: August 29, 2015, 01:24:29 PM
Hi guys; tricky title isn't it?

I'm dreadz on twitter; slavo on here.

I never thought I'd have to bother the community with my quite boring life but going public seems the least I can do after bitfinex rekt'd my account in the "close position" bug. (they call it "order stacking bug")

TL;DR version:

During this

I was short from 260, clicked "close position" multiple times as position was not shown as closed.

-> account started trading alone in both ways ending up losing -65% after i closed with profits; or 81% of the account not counting the last trade.

Bitfinex is now blaming my "misbehavior" when they failed to honor a simple contract

Please understand that it's not supposed to be a public whine session but a way to make people think a bit more about who we're dealing with and more important; are we in control of our money there?

I honestly just realized where my money was; innocent me.

I'll let you judge with the detailed post; hope you're not bored to death yet.

I had a 2k account and shorted 18 btc around 260 before the drop; i reduced my risk to around 14.9btc at 257 as you can see

I clicked multiple times on the close position button when the site lagged as hell - the site was lagging but still working; my position still showed as opened; and the button was still offering me to "CLOSE" afaik.

I ended up closing my short at market at $222 as you can see in that history; (didn't knew back then)

My problem is that big block of orders coming just after and it traded for an hour without me doing anything. (last one seems to be a margin call, what happens before I think it's just a series of opposite

trades  + lag; but I may be wrong as I still don't know what happened really...)

that is $1,620.11652258 (according to bitfinex history) swept off my $2000(+short closed +$555).

-65% after i closed; or just 81% of the account as it was the previous day depends how you want to count.

because i'm a silly fish; I used bitfinex as I use a bank... but as with banks, trust is now broken.

Not because of that bug; which is something that could happens in any business; you screw up; you fix with apologies and everyone's happy; but because of what they answered to me now.

As you might have heard their CFO on teamspeak; they would not refund anyone who tried "to get a free ride" on them. I heard it that's why i'll show you something:


(lol i'm laughing at myself right now... whatever ^^)


and just before that I live tweeted

1st tweet


didn't check what timeframe each site is but I was tweeting and mailing real time; but you can check that easily if needed.

I didn't clic anything more than close as I don't wanted to fuck up the "contract" implied by my close clic which for me is still CLOSE MY POSITION.

That was the part which explained the case so there can be a "common audit" of the situation; because bitfinex is now talking to me like i'm the one to blame for their bug lul.

you'll find my history with them; their answers and nonsense

interaction with support:

TWITTER (they first answered here; then through mail/tickets)

their ticket system says my first mail was "Submitted: 08/19/2015 12:07 am" which is during the lag/crash/shenanigans... so you may understand that I never asked for a free ride but just wanted to have my

position closed before going to sleep. amen.

mail history

(you already saw ticket 972392 they didn't answered this one but the next one 877918)

me again

me & me again

when suddenly

My answer then:

As it is like screaming to a deaf that his ears sucks I didn't answered but will comment here with his last answer.

My conclusion is that I really don't want my money to be involved with this kind of business anymore; i mean a business setting rules; breaking them and then blaming their customer's "behavior"

I still want my money back; and i'd like other people in the same situation to also have their money back. And overall I'd like people to leave before a bigger shit happens and they blame us all.

If you are still happy trading there; I wish you good luck. If not please leave that place and that post would at least have been useful somehow.


Now is the time to get drunk.

Cheers & thanks for reading through all that shit Smiley
3  Bitcoin / Pools / [close plz] on: August 18, 2015, 10:18:26 AM
pooltobe btc ann was there

we had 0 miners as planned  Grin

nvm we're killing it cheers
4  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Marketplace (Altcoins) / [searching for a c++ dev] for a new project in crypto; need some advices/quotes. on: June 21, 2014, 12:21:05 PM
hi guys Smiley

i'm searching for a talented dev (c++ needed) to work with on a (crypto related) project.

I would like to know feasibility of that projects; the different possible paths to make it; and obviously a quote.

If you think you have enough skills to talk seriously; just send me a pm.


5  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Announcements (Altcoins) / [PRE-ANN] [DBC] Distro-Blitz Coin | The biggest faucet in history | IPO in BLTZ on: April 26, 2014, 05:17:56 PM
Thread is closed.

---> new thread
6  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Altcoin Discussion / [BLITZCOIN] Needs his community manager ! on: March 29, 2014, 03:36:23 PM

So here we are, all mining the BLTZ for profits.

But profits won't come if there is not a strong community behind it.


I'll take every application and put this in OP.

Applications must be provided as follow :

-Nick : "btt nick"
-Motivation : "motivation"
-Experience : "not needed but if you have some experience/background in cryptos just put it here"

The community manager will have to be 100% working on the coin development.

He'll be in touch with blitzcoindev to have every info he needs to promote bltz, and will also have to be present on IRC to make the chan live.

I'm personnaly giving 2500bltz as donation to pay the community manager  Grin I encourage everyone liking this idea to do the same.

I'll release the fund with an increasing factor (tell me what you think, i want to prevent people from running with our money) so that'd mean :

-first week as community manager = 0%
-2nd week = 1%
-3rd week = 3%
-4th week = 5%

then 5%/week until fund runs out of funds (you will be able to donate without any time limitation, as i will release the bounty by 5%parts maximum, so if there's donations regularly coming, the reward will increase. I'll personnaly donate more if this operation's a success)

The BLTZ addy for donation : B9PDuhTquSsVCY8pJ2JTmsFUgedmQoNgyR

u can check the donation fund balance here

I'll take applications until end of mining period, then start a poll on here to vote.


*edit : To be more clear I ask every candidate to make their own candidature on a dedicated thread.

So just pm me the link once done and i'll add it to OP.

Introduce yourself maybe, your background, and more important, your plan on how you'll try to manage that community.

ACTUAL BOUNTY IS 44399,84492754 BLTZ

Donator :

Slavo : 2500bltz
Blitzcoindev : 2500bltz
Anonymous donator : 5000bltz
DRPD : 1500bltz
rmd79 : 30018.84492754
Anonymous donator : 47bltz
Anonymous donator : 1234bltz
Anonymous donator : 100bltz
ZeroControl (yeah, himself  Grin) : 1500bltz

pm me if you donate. I'll refund you if we don't find the mighty community manager. (amount and txid plz)

I imagine that we have no community manager ?

It could be good to start a thread with open applications, then a vote to elect someone taking care of PR and community management

It may be a speculative coin, but some dedicated people would help a lot.


Yes, it's a speculative coin, but it's peoples coin as well. I'm not a dictator and I will not prevent usage of BLTZ, just I'll not encourage it.
Slavo, I encourage you to make your idea happen.[/size]

1st application : ZEROCONTROL

7  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Marketplace (Altcoins) / [WTB] MintCoin vs Bitcoin on: February 22, 2014, 01:41:00 AM
just pm me reasonnable offers Smiley

No amount under 10M.

8  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Altcoin Discussion / [EBT GIVEAWAY] don't post adress please ! on: February 14, 2014, 05:32:46 PM
U can be part of the EBT giveaway here :,1011.0.html

Or you can also simply follow @EBTocin and @BitCOOP on twitter :

and post ur adress here, we will consider making more giveaways soon.

Cheers !
9  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Altcoin Discussion / [WTS] 50k TAK for 2.5btc on: February 12, 2014, 06:12:12 PM
PM me if interested.

Escrow if you want, but I've already been escrow myself and trustworthy.

10  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Altcoin Discussion / Small time miners, why not mining some EBT's on: February 11, 2014, 12:04:48 AM
Everything is in the title.

With the actual diff, and before the block halving, you can mine some EBT's at very low diff.

+ fair launch
+ nice pow/pos currency with pos minting (u keep mining with your balance)
+ u decide if it's a real crypto or not by mining, using, and talking about it.

Just sayin'.

I'm obviously on it and will make my best to make it known.


edit : link --->
11  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Mining (Altcoins) / HELP NEEDED ON XUBUNTU PLEASE / reward 0.1btc.(closed) on: January 31, 2014, 02:36:58 PM
Hi all.

I'm new to linux and have a problem running cgminer with scrypt-jane.

I'm really stuck/lost with screens sessions and stuff.

I finally achieve to patch cgminer for scrypt jane mining, but have now troubles setting it up well.

If someone good @ unix could help via teamviewer and make my sys finally works, I can pay 0.055 btc for it.

I'm sure it won't take long to someone mastering unix.

Thanks in advance guys

12  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Mining (Altcoins) / cgminer patch on: January 30, 2014, 08:24:44 PM

I'm searching for a step by step tutorial to patch cgminer for scrypt jane, someone can help ?

I saw those

I actually run cgminer 3.7.2 on xubuntu and would like to mine some scrypt jane... I'm stuck since 8 hours without the beginning of a hash Smiley I'm not good with linux, I just switch a week ago.

If u can help; I'll tip as I can !
13  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Mining (Altcoins) / help for setup scrypt jane mining on xubuntu please - WILL TIP - on: January 30, 2014, 03:12:00 PM
Hi everyone,

I've got a (little) farm, and I just install xubuntu on all my rigs, as I don't like to crack windows, nor to pay for it.

All the setup is working fine now, but I'm willing to mine some scrypt-jane coin and don't know how to do (i'm a linux noob, but I want to improve ^^)

I would really love some help, and I can later update this thread to a tutorial about it, as I can't find anything with google about simple steps for setup scrypt jane.

Cheers guys and thank you.
14  Local / Mining et Hardware / Mining @ Toulouse on: January 18, 2014, 10:54:11 AM
Salut tout le monde,

Je viens voir si mon projet peut intéresser des gens habitant du coté de Toulouse.

Voila maintenant 1 an et demi que je mine comme je peux dans une pièce de mon T2, et je commence à sérieusement être envahi par les câbles et les mineurs.

Si jamais vous étiez dans la même situation, seriez-vous intéressés par une collocation pour mineurs. J'ai regardé rapidement et l'offre de bureaux à Toulouse est énorme, et si nous pouvions nous regrouper nous arriverions à un coût par mineur raisonnable, pour un dérangement bien moindre.

Je suis en train de monter encore des mineurs, et je devrais recevoir mon premier ASIC en plus la semaine prochaine, donc je ne suis pas super présent sur le forum.

Si le projet vous botte (au moins l'idée) ajoutez moi sur skype (@exilepoker) ou par mail dice-sectionAROBASEhotmailPOINTcom.

Merci et n'hésitez pas à bump.

15  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Mining (Altcoins) / [HELP!1LTCbounty] Stuck with my computer parts >:( on: January 11, 2014, 01:45:24 PM
Hi everyone.

I'm running several rigs without problem using old parts (7950 and am3+ cheap mobo) without pb since 1.5 year.

I just ordered 6 new rig with boxes; as I plan to sold them later as computer.

I have :

mobo : ga-z77x-d3h
Core : i7-3770
Ram : 16Go
Sapphire 280x : X3
PSU : 1000w gold+

My problem is that only two cards are recognized by every OS i've tried, when the 3 are plugged in.

I tried with a powered X1 riser and the last card was showing up (in bamt), but not hashing, when temp was showing 511° (card was cold).

I have 6 mobo and 18 cards waiting in there boxes, and I really want to avoir riser cables.

Can it be one bad mobo ? I don't want to unpack if I have to change them; so only one is usually open (the one i'm testing obv)

If it's a mobo problem, which mobo can I take in exchange; if I want everything to work on the mobo pci-e slots.

When u read this I'm going to try underclocking every card to check if it's a PSU pb, but with three cards it shouldn't be a problem before mining starts.

I'm giving a 1ltc tip for the best answer (if it solves my problem.)

I'm so stressed as this investment is not only mine; so THANKS IN ADVANCE GUYS.
16  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Altcoin Discussion / HELP please. Infected pc. on: January 04, 2014, 06:44:13 AM
Hi everyone.

3 days ago I was trapped here like a noob by a post about pts gpu miner. I downloaded it; and now I'm infected.

I have a process running (a fake jhproto process i assume) which can't be killed without killing the session and make the pc hard reboot.

I made a malwarebyte and antivirus scan without success.

I have disconnected that pc since I installed this shit. I would like to avoid reinstalling the 40000000 wallets on it so if it could be cleared without reinstalling that'd be great.

Could someone help me with this ? Thanks.

17  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Altcoin Discussion / HAAAAAAAAA 0QQC LEFT what a shame u miss it. on: December 29, 2013, 04:55:00 PM

I'm waiting WTF



thanks phinino for his donation.
If people want to give more, pm me.

18  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Altcoin Discussion / [BTC/QQC] Google Spreadsheet Exchange on: December 29, 2013, 01:57:16 PM
Here is the 1st QQC/BTC spreadsheet exchange.

I hope you enjoy trading here.[/color][/b]

Escrow Service available with a 2% Fee

Send your offers here AND PM ME PLEASE; I'll update the spreadsheet as it comes.

If you wanna trade based on the spreadsheet with escrow :

1) Contact Slavo  
2) Send BTC to provided Bitcoin address  
3) Provide Slavo with QQC address  
4) Maximum wait for QQC from seller is 24 hours  

1) Contact Slavo
2) Send QQC to provided Memorycoin address
3) Provide Slavo with BTC address
4) Maximum wait for BTC from buyer is 24 hours

Exchange URL :

Have Fun.

It's my first time running this; feel free to tell me if I forgot anything.




i'm back.

but I have to go out for some time.

If you want me to escrow your transactions it's possible.

Just PM me with amount QQC/BTC + both adresses + btctalk nickname.

Send me QQC here : QPc6D7jDbR1UMVBNeDuQPVEJA8UcisCJ6S

Send me BTC here : 1HYCrHcefxvA2vV26wReZf9UCQbUWVH7hA

U can check with transaction ID if everything's ok. I'll make the transaction asap when I'm back.

Don't forget to pay the 2% fees please as it's some kind of free work Smiley

+ if you trade without escrow think about tipping  Grin

I'll put this in the OP in case.


Any tips ? QRMpL4cXk4TUsiT7uYXTHx4fDHMRcH3in3
19  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Altcoin Discussion / QRK transfer error - did You receive 11403QRK ? - on: December 24, 2013, 05:58:11 AM
Yesterday while cashing out from bter I accidentally send them to a bad adress (autofill was enabled).

This adress was used by me to give QRK away to someone I don't remember.

The adress is QPpUJ1DnrcWrWdevQ6MY66QZgK21sv9PaF

If it's you please be kind and give them back, those are my little lifesaving; and yes, I know, I suck Cool

my adress : QVGhYVSgaaPr36XqxFryA5Bcn8JAsEQgam

Thanks and bump this thread please  Cry
20  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Altcoin Discussion / [TUTO] Cloud mining MMC with windows Azure. (200$ free) on: December 20, 2013, 08:56:53 PM
Hi everyone.

As I took some time configuring that stuff (yes I know, I'm no good  Roll Eyes ); I thought I'll share this for other noobs Cool

So first you have to go to

Select the free trial.

Enter your credit card info (it won't be used unless you authorize it later) to have your 200$ (or 150€) free credits.

When you are done; go to the portal (upright corner, i'm lazy, u won't have a pic  Kiss )

In the portal :

1 : Go to virtual machine ---> NEW (downleft corner)

2 : Select "compute", then "virtual machine", "quick create", choose a dns name, windows server 2008, and "extralarge core (8core)

You want to create 2 'extralarge" vm and 1 "large" (you can't have more than 20 cores)

3 : Connect to your virtual machines

You will download a .rdp file. You can store it anywhere to have access to it later.

4 : Open your VM using your .rdp file

5 : Download memorycoin wallet using IE (preinstalled) - here is the OP if you are browsing this tuto through your vm  Grin

     Unzip and open the QT

6 : If you have sync issues like me, go to "help", "debug window", then add addnode add, type ENTER, and add addnode add

7 : When wallet is synced; enable mining (mine 8 processes for the 2 "extralarge", and 4 processes for the "large")


You can also mine every single CPU coin you want, just do as you'd do on your desktop computer.

You need to retrieve your wallet.dat at least before the free trial expires, or anything you've mined solo will be lost.

My english is not that good, but I hope good enough for that tuto.

Btw, if you see something bad in this tutorial, just tell me, i'll update if needed.

There is no affiliation link, so if you want to tip, here are the currencies I follow  Grin

PTS : Pa9mQ3sysEQBaPYG4hSsyQTVHn63rdYaag
MMC : MHLX59W5d2jR6CerC5aBr4qrqpWLDFMVH6
QRK : QVGhYVSgaaPr36XqxFryA5Bcn8JAsEQgam

BTC : 1QKrUKW8x4ytX6nCj8ZLt7N6qL2RLCwBAN
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