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1  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Service Discussion (Altcoins) / How to choose the right bounty campaign? on: March 22, 2018, 04:19:48 PM
I guess many people are having the same question on this forum, wondering how to choose the most profitable bounty campaign. I would like to share the process how I choose the bounty and what criteria I find essential to consider:

1. Research the project - Main part for me is the potential of the project. I check the team, the idea, experience, whether there is MVP and if the project can really solve the issues it claims to solve. I don't want to join the project which is not genuine or that doesn't have potential to meet its funding goals, as then also my bounty will either not get paid or the tokens I get will be worthless

2. Bounty tokens allocation amount - I tend to check what % of total tokens supply will be dedicated to bounty campaign to make sure I won't get only changes for my efforts. Usually it's from 1 - 3 % of total coin supply, which proved to be fair amount.

3. Particular bounty campaign to join - Consider which of the bounty campaigns for the project you want to join and see what is the proportional % you can get from the whole bounty pool. For signature campaigns, you can expect to receive from 25 - 30% of the whole bounty pool. You need to divide the number by the amount of stakes, that is the number of tokens you will receive.

4. Bounty length - Usually bounty campaigns take from 1-2 months, I don't fancy the longer campaigns as the reward is normally the same whether you do the campaign that lasts for a month or 2. Avoid campaigns taking 3 or more moths.

5. Bounty campaign progress - I try to find the campaigns that are just about to start as then I can benefit the most by working on the campaign for longer than only last few weeks.

If you have some other criteria based on which you choose your bounty campaigns, please don't hesitate to share with me in comments!
2  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / Must read for crypto newbies on: February 09, 2018, 04:28:46 PM
I often see new members of crypto community making the same mistakes I did when I entered this industry. Therefore I would like to share certain advices and resources to start with in order to prevent making same mistakes all over again. Crypto transactions are irreversible, therefore you need to be very careful where you send and store your funds. The best resources I found helpful to learn bitcoin basics are: and

Please don't buy or sell btc before you understand the basics on how blockchain works. Recommended trustworthy wallets and exchanges are for me Coinbase, ItBIT and Bitstamp. They have been around long enough to prove their capabilities.

Regarding wallets, you will make good if you use blockchain info or coinomi, those are 2 best ones for me.

If you have some further questions, I'm happy to answer in comments below.


3  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / Bitcoin in Korea back on track on: February 09, 2018, 04:18:58 PM
Good news, it seems crypto in Korea is getting back on track, as Bithub managed to implement new KYC. Seems like beginning of something huge to me Smiley
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