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1  Economy / Economics / Blockchain and Artificial Intelligence (AI). on: February 27, 2021, 09:28:28 PM
Blockchain and Artificial Intelligence (AI) have advanced into driving advances that control advancement over nearly each field.Blockchain may be a decentralized organize of computers that records and stores information to show a chronological arrangement of occasions on a straightforward and permanent record framework.

What will be your opinion about this combination? can both of it will change the scenario of the world?
2  Bitcoin / Mining software (miners) / Anyone GPU Bitcoin mining in 2014? on: March 22, 2014, 01:05:10 PM
We are all well aware that it is not profitable to do so and is less productive than banging one's head against the wall, however hobbyism and enthusiasm has made me do it last summer, and I considered it multiple times for the heck of it. Leaving one out of 8 GPUs bitcoin mining isn't much of a loss anyway.

I'd really like to know people's experience on mining software, pools, solo mining, p2pool usage, etc ...

3  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Altcoin Discussion / I'll get 7800€ of one of my accounts. Why should I buy your coin? on: March 20, 2014, 06:48:25 PM
Please read for the perspective.

My country is also being "helped" by the IMF, and sooner or later it may happen here.

Now, I need a coin to store value and also use to buy products if the need arises, without too many loops. This means I don't want devaluation, otherwise it's just changing the kind of risk. Which coin(s) should I pick, and how is your coin better than Bitcoin?
4  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Altcoin Discussion / Let's fight SCAMS: please use your signature for SUGGESTIONS/WARNINGS. on: March 07, 2014, 11:54:39 PM
In order to stop people from being scammed; promote the credibility of alt-cryptos; prevent the degradation of BTCTalk; and motivate people to really invest and trade cryptos, please join my effort and use some of your sig space to put a message like mine, a link or whatever you see fit.

Thanks!  Smiley
5  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Altcoin Discussion / Newbies: be careful with coin "shills" ! on: February 18, 2014, 05:10:16 PM
Pay attention to them, and don't blindly follow "advices".  I mean, if there's some hype to mine a particular coin and someone points his hardware to it, at most he lost the cost of electricity. Hype to buy a particular coin, however, leads to people spending BTC or fiat (which I suppose comes from a job and savings) and ending up holding the bag.

Be suspicious of even seemly "unbiased, fundamented, well thought-out" opinions. If someone spends too much time and effort writing about a coin, that may just mean he holds it and wants to hype, pump and dump it. Not to speak of the blatantly obvious shills that don't even make an effort, lol. Otoh, they can however be devs and honest supporters of a decent coin, but you should see if it's the case.

No need for a long post, just to say be careful with YOUR money. Read extensively from supporters and bashers before investing, and figure out what is best for YOU.

Edit: in addition, some coins are vulnerable to 51% attacks, loss of support, de-listing from exchanges, etc...
6  Other / Politics & Society / Huh? on: February 14, 2014, 02:41:40 AM
7  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Mining (Altcoins) / How to OPTIMIZE your videocard for hash speed, low power and safety on: January 31, 2014, 04:46:38 PM
For mining, you are repurposing a gaming card in a market where OC editions are sold for a premium, where more FPS gives advantage on online gaming, where enthusiasts overvolt to get benchmark records, the profit margins for the manufacturers can be low and where they source cheap components to cut cost. While gaming, there are pauses, stuttering (e.g. when loading texture from disk) and the load distribution of games alleviate the card somewhat from 100% or peak usage. When the card goes over capacity, the system will lock up, the card will throttle to lower fps, the drivers will restart, the game will crash to desktop, etc... and you are nearby and KNOW that something is wrong. You act immediately by powering off/restarting the system.

Leaving card(s) unnatended, mining 24/7 at a stress and power usage perhaps equivalent to Furmark(?) is a different purpose and scenario for using this device. Very different. Here you want to optimize your hash rate, for profit. Having low hashrate, using too much power, killing your card or even setting the house on fire is surely detrimental to your purpose.

Now to the point... How to OPTIMIZE your videocard for hash speed, low power and safety.

If you have a 7870XT, 7950, 7970 or 280x videocard, go and post on this thread: Donate/pay upfront for the service (if you have a card, you already mined coins) and post your ORIGINAL bios. Wait patiently and grab your modded bios.

For serie 7 videocards, R9-270 and R9-280 you should lower the voltage of the bios to 1075 mV or below with: Visit this thread for some comments on bios flashing and hash speed/low power usage tips and optimization:

Running on default voltage will KILL or seriously reduce the lifespan your card, so you MUST lower the voltage. Mining 24/7 can destroy the voltage controller, capacitors or the rest of the power block, even more if they are cheap sourced and don't have proper cooling. Some people had their cards throw sparks, put out smoke and even catch fire.

You must make sure you have information about "VRM temperature" on your card. See screenshot below. If not, you're mining "blind", praying, and in this case you MUST lower the voltage even more.

You also MUST run the fan at decent speed, at least ~70%, even if sgminer shows low core temperature, to cool the rams and power block. Note that the GDDR5 rams are hammered at scrypt mining with unusual access patterns, considering that cards are game accelerating devices. rams tipically have no cooling, no heatsinks. The effect of scrypt mining on rams is unknown for me atm, but artifacts are to be expected if you want to play games later or sell the card to a gamer, despite error correction. Don't push the card fans too much though, because they can degrade quickly too at max rotation. You should provide extra cooling for your cards, pointing an household large fan to your rig.

Then go to the link mentioned above, pick sgminer and those .bin files on the top comment:

Copy those bins to the sgminer folder and either use on your config:

"thread-concurrency" : "24000",
"gpu-threads" : "1",
"intensity": "20"


"thread-concurrency" : "8192",
"gpu-threads" : "2",
"intensity": "13"

Use also:
"gpu-memclock" : "1500",
"gpu-memclock" : "1600", if it's stable and faster.

For "gpu-engine", start at ~950 and raise it 10 Mhz at a time until you max out the hash rate and while the card is stable, of course. Somewhere from 1000 to 1100.

GPU0 is my cheap brand 7970 card pulling now 790 Kh/s at the edge of stability, for a screenshot. It's usually at 770 Kh/s and for shits I already pushed it to ~820 Khs but I was not happy about the required voltage and power consumption. Before, I was at ~680 Kh/s with 710 very hard to reach.

Note the acceptable values of "GPU temperature", "VDDC", "VDDC current In" and "VRM temperature". If your card VRM does not report those values, you have a subpar card for mining. Undervolt more and be content with decent speed at low power usage.

Feel free to correct and add further tips. Note also that this is about videocards only. Nothing here discusses the remaining good practices, the REQUIRED high quality PCI-e risers, motherboards and GOOD Power Supply Units
8  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Mining (Altcoins) / Buy 5 R9-270 OC, 3 R9-280X for ~750€ or just let them go? on: January 23, 2014, 07:48:27 AM
Both are Sapphires. The 270's come with Battlefield 4, so I'd get 5 BF4 coupons.  Tongue

I expect 700 Kh/s out of the 280x, but the 270s may be lemons with slow, high latency vram. I'd get 400 Kh/s instead of 470 like the Gigabyte R9-270 OC offers.

Is this a good deal in the first place considering the upfront cost, power cost in E.U. and the incoming ASICs, or should I forget about it?
9  Other / Off-topic / What other ways do you use to make money online? on: January 17, 2014, 10:20:30 PM
PTCs, CPA offers, affiliate links, trading, services, make and sell software...?

What are you guys up to?  Tongue
10  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Mining (Altcoins) / Please post brands and models of 7870's or 270x that give 450 Kh/s and above... on: January 15, 2014, 10:48:12 PM
There's a lot of variation in these cards and I guess it has to do with vram speed, quality and programmed latencies on the bios. Since there isn't afaik a way to program those timings with software or bios mods, one has to handpick cards.

Please post as much info as you can from brand, model, hashrate,miner settings, voltage needed, power usage ... Thanks
11  Economy / Currency exchange / [WTS] BTC for Paypal [CANCELLED] on: January 02, 2014, 08:15:46 AM
I want to sell small quantities of BTC for Paypal $US at MtGox rate, but I'm open to negotiation. I understand that Paypal is reversible, so there's the risk of me ending up without BTC and suffering Paypal chargeback. Therefore, I ONLY accept offers from reputable members with positive feedback and trade history. I'm willing to send first. Up to 0.1 BTC per person, for now.

Start by posting your offer here, please do not send pm.

Edit: Going to lock. I've read more regarding Paypal and I see further risks (including cancelling my account). I feel like an imbecile for wasting people's time. I apologize.
12  Other / CPU/GPU Bitcoin mining hardware / Currently the best deals I can find aren't the 7950, 7970 or 280x on: January 01, 2014, 01:45:46 AM
Due to those being sold out or with inflated prices, the Sapphire 7870 GE for 137€ and R9-290 w/Battlefield4 for 341€ are my current candidates

Could someone disprove my assertion by providing a link to sub-270€ 7970's or 280x?
13  Other / CPU/GPU Bitcoin mining hardware / Random lockups/freezes on mining rig. 0.1 BTC bounty for a fix on: December 23, 2013, 03:03:33 AM
So, I have a Gigabyte 990FXA-UD3, an AMD FX-6100 CPU, a XFX 850W PSU and 1x4 GB Kingston Value Ram with currently mining with a 7970, a 6950 and a 7870

I can't get around random lockups and freezes.

At least this was attempted:

- I switched the PSU by a Corsair 650 (using just 1 card), the RAM by 2x2GB Gskill Ripjaws and the motherboard from an Asrock 970 Extreme4.
- I've disabled every single feature on the motherboard not useful for mining: Sata, firewire, sound, power saving states, turbo core and others. Likewise on Windows.
- Underclocked to down to half the speed and/or overvolted by 5 to 10% every component on the bios. I relaxed timings on RAM and ran passes of memtest86 without errors.
- I ended up modding the BIOS of the 3 videocards, however the rig locks up even if the GPU cores are down at 500 Mhz.
- I removed the hard-drive and I'm booting from an USB pen. I tested Win7 32 or 64 bits. I used one GPU at a time and switched slots.
- I've read threads online of people complaining about lockups and freezes on this platform.
- It gives me the impression that the rig locks up when left on it's own. I don't remember it even locking up once while interacting with it.
- I updated the bios of the motherboards and even used a suggested bios by someone from Asrock.
- With the autoruns.exe utility, I disabled un-needed device drivers. I test with and without MB drivers installed.
- I've read plenty of threads. For example and even
- Temperatures are fine and ventilation is good. GPUs below 60ºC and everything else below 40ºC, even down to 10. I've checked all temperature sensors available via software. Fans are working fine. The CPU cooler has Artic MX-4 thermal paste applied.

I'm pretty sure that experimented more stuff than this. The point is that I need to do something substantially different to fix this crap.
Could someone advise on how to solve this? Thanks.

Edit: I will leave for a few days to be with my family. Please keep replying to this thread, even if I cannot post from there.

Edit2: I can send 0.1 BTC to an escrow if you like. However the machine has to be stable mining 24/7 for at least a week
14  Other / Off-topic / Cheap dial-up access? on: December 07, 2013, 12:21:32 AM
If you are aware of an inexpensive 56k dial-up access, please PM me in the format:

Phone #: international prefix-number, e.g. 351-671515000
Cost of connection:
Cost / minute:

Preferably from Portugal, Spain or other EU countries.
Thanks. Please no tangent replies... "oh why do you need dial-up in 2013?". Don't waste your time and mine. Thanks again
15  Other / Politics & Society / Banks Warn Fed They May Have To Start Charging Depositors on: November 24, 2013, 11:16:02 PM

The Fed's Catch 22 just got catchier. While most attention in the recently released FOMC minutes fell on the return of the taper as a possibility even as soon as December (making the November payrolls report the most important ever, ever, until the next one at least), a less discussed issue was the Fed's comment that it would consider lowering the Interest on Excess Reserves to zero as a means to offset the implied tightening that would result from the reduction in the monthly flow once QE entered its terminal phase (for however briefly before the plunge in the S&P led to the Untaper). After all, the Fed's policy book goes, if IOER is raised to tighten conditions, easing it to zero, or negative, should offset "tightening financial conditions", right? Wrong. As the FT reports leading US banks have warned the Fed that should it lower IOER, they would be forced to start charging depositors.

In other words, just like Europe is already toying with the idea of NIRP (and has been for over a year, if still mostly in the rheotrical and market rumor phase), so the Fed's IOER cut would also result in a negative rate on deposits which the FT tongue-in-cheekly summarizes "depositors already have to cope with near-zero interest rates, but paying just to leave money in the bank would be highly unusual and unwelcome for companies and households."

God bless Satoshi
16  Other / Off-topic / williambanzai7, the ZeroHedge artist illustrates the "almightier bitcoin" on: November 18, 2013, 10:27:04 PM  
17  Other / Beginners & Help / - realtime trades into BTC per currency on: November 12, 2013, 04:09:40 AM
fiatleak - watch the world's currencies flow into BTC in realtime

When one of the fiat currencies listed below is used to purchase BTC on any of the bitcoin markets (MT.GOX, BITSTAMP, BTCChina, Bit2c) a bitcoin is sent from the currency counter in red to the country on the map. The total BTC value is listed in green and plotted across the map.
18  Local / Portugal / Alguém tem hardware para venda? on: November 10, 2013, 04:47:51 AM
Estou interessado em saber condições para graficas ATI, FPGA ou ASIC.

Até 300€ por equipamento. Para entrega em mão em Lisboa e pagamento a dinheiro.

Indique marca, modelo, preço, consumo, hashrate

Propostas razoaveis, por favor  Wink Obrigado.
19  Economy / Economics / ZeroHedge: Ebay Expands Digital Currencies, PayPal May One Day Incorporate BTC on: November 04, 2013, 01:57:12 AM

First it was China hinting that where Silk Road failed in monetizing, pardon the pun, BitCoin, the world's most populous nation could soon take the lead. Then, none other than private equity titan Fortress said it had great expectations for the digital currency. Now, it is eBay's turn to announce that it is preparing to expand the range of digital currencies it accepts, adding that "its payment unit PayPal may one day incorporate BitCoin." But not just yet. FT reports that according to eBay CEO John Donahoe, "digital currency is going to be a very powerful thing."

    The ecommerce group, which has more than 124m active users, is initially focusing on incorporating reward points from retailers’ loyalty schemes into its PayPal wallet. “We are building the container so any retailer could put their loyalty points into the PayPal wallet,” Mr Donahoe said. "There is a limit to how many cards you will carry, or remembering what points you have or don’t have,” he said. “But in a digital wallet, you can put 50 different loyalty cards.”Mr Donahoe said Ebay was not expanding the PayPal wallet to include Bitcoins, “but we are watching it. That same technology could accept other digital currencies,”

While traditional retailers have so far balked at even the vaguest idea of considering allowing BitCoin as a viable payment method, all that would take to start a seismic shift in perception would be one angel idea "investor" to show that it can be done. That someone may well be eBay, which in a radical attempt to curry favor with "fringe" buyers and sellers, could open up its ecommerce platform, which started as an auction side for small traders, but may well become something far bigger.

    eBay’s efforts raise the possibility that virtual currencies such as Bitcoin may in time move beyond a niche role in online commerce. Some enthusiasts believe Bitcoin and other currencies that exist outside the traditional banking system represent the future of online payments.
    The work to expand the PayPal wallet underlines the emergence of virtual payment systems as the latest front in the battle between the global technology giants, including Google and Apple, to increase consumer reliance on their products.
    Corporate initiatives have sought to drum up interest in digital wallets for use online and on the high street. Companies from mobile and technology groups to banks and retailers are racing to use new mobile wallets to upend the payments business.
    Most of these efforts have focused on new ways of paying with traditional currencies such as the pound and the dollar, rather than with niche mediums of exchange such as loyalty points or Bitcoin.    Bitcoin transactions are conducted through a peer-to-peer network of computers, outside the traditional banking system and largely beyond the control of governments and monetary authorities. The digital currency is accepted by very few retailers at present.

Paradoxically, the more accepted BitCoin becomes in the conventional marketplace, the more subject to various forms of mandatory regulation, supervision and enforcement it, its purchases, and its users will be. So will BitCoin ultimately become a victim of its own success? That remains to be seen, although what we do know is that neither eBay nor anyone else tightly embedded within the monetary fiat framework, is even close to contemplating expanding the Petrodollar cycle to include gold or other precious metals as viable legal (or illegal) tender.
20  Other / Off-topic / Do you know any wifi usb card better than the Alfa AWUS036H, for long range? on: November 03, 2013, 04:11:57 AM
Since I'm having an hard time getting a reply, I might as well try here too...

In a few weeks, I will need to connect to an hotspot 200m away with obstacles in between. I already have an usb adapter and an hand-made antenna, however the signal is unstable and faint. I've read good things about the model in the thread title, however I'd like to know if someone has first hand experience with long range-wifi and knows of a better adapter.

Thank you!
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