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1  Economy / Computer hardware / For Sale: UK 10x Baikal Giant+ (A2000) and 3x Quads - Profitable Machines! on: July 22, 2018, 07:15:25 PM
Hi all,

I've got 10 x Baikal Giant+ miners and 3 x Quad's (600 MH/s) looking for new homes Smiley

Before electricity:
Giant's earn about 0.007 BTC / month each at 430W.
Quads earn about 0.0025 BTC / month each at 184W.

Both are profitable to run at the current BTC price assuming your electric isn't overly expensive (break even is about 13p / kWh). Obviously the higher BTC goes the more profitable they become Smiley

Quiet enough for running at home these are rarely for sale!

Giants - £400 each
Quads - £150 each (if all three are bought together then I'll include a suitable 850W PSU which will run them all)

Payment in fiat or crypto (BTC, LTC, ETH or XMR).

Collection from Gloucester is preferred and can be demonstrated working.
Alternatively happy to post after cleared funds and will be fully insured for damage in transit.

This is a private sale of some of my own personal miners but we are a limited company registered at Companies House and happy to give all the company details so you'll know exactly who I am and no chance of running off with any money!
2  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Announcements (Altcoins) / [ANN] LANT Founder's Node Sale * Existing Uses * Backed by Private Equity * on: March 16, 2018, 04:12:45 PM

LANT is a new currency being introduced by Lantic Trading Ltd. which will initially be used in our three existing companies. This will ensure an immediate value and use for the currency whilst new partnerships and uses are added. 20% of the group’s net profit will be used to buy back and burn coins to support and increase the coin’s value starting in Q3 2018.

Please see the links at the end for more details on our Founder's Nodes, LANT and companies.

Founder’s Nodes
Founder’s Nodes are the foundation of our partnership with investors in the LANT currency and an integral part of shaping our future development with the introduction of voting rights. No further Founder’s Nodes will be created after this sale however they will be transferable. There will be no Master Node sale and all future coins will be mined.

Founder’s Node Sale - 19 March 2018 – 16 April 2018
Mainnet Release Date – 30 April 2018
Founder's Node Maximum Quantity - 100
Founder’s Node Price – 5,000 LANT = 5 ETH

Founder’s Nodes will have the following additional benefits over standard Master Nodes;
•   Voting rights on spending of the reserved premine to support the currency objectives,
•   Voting rights on the listing of new coins on Lantic Exchange,
•   Will pay no trading fees on Lantic Exchange.

The funds raised by the Founder's Node sale will be used for
•   85% Initial liquidity for Lantic Exchange,
•   10% Marketing for LANT.
•   5% Development costs

LANT Details

(block 1 = premine, 2-500 = 1 LANT to prevent instamine)

Premine Allocation

Links for more information:
LANT Founder’s Node Registration –
LANT Founder’s Node Details -
LANT Details –
LANT Roadmap –
Lantic Trading –
Lantic Mining –
Lantic Funds –
Lantic Exchange –

Please note there is currently no bounty campaign for pools, translations, explorer etc.
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