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1  Economy / Computer hardware / [WTS] 2 BFL ASIC Single 60GH/s 56 BTC or 29 BTC EACH on: August 27, 2013, 05:23:53 PM
Looking to sell two units as per title. The price includes shipping to US.
Escrow accepted.

2  Economy / Computer hardware / [WTS] BFL ASIC Single 60GH/s 125 BTC IN-HAND on: May 08, 2013, 03:07:06 PM
I'm looking to sale my BFL order as per title. The order was made by Philj and this is my share of his previous mining operation PIMP.
More details here:

I accept escrow with a reputable provider, and the funds will be released to me only after you receive the unit. The unit will be shipped to the new owner by Philj. For any problem with the unit after delivery, you will have to deal direct with BFL.

I will ask Philj to confirm in this thread that I own the unit.

Thank you.
3  Economy / Scam Accusations / SOLVED: MintCondition of ABCPOOL on: November 27, 2012, 07:32:12 PM
As you may know, Abcpool website had his security breached a year ago.

I was stolen 25BTC from my account. I was the one who pointed out the security hole to the pool owner, thus minimizing pool loss.
Mint Condition has promised to return all the coins from the mining fees I pay in the future. He paid around 3 BTC then he stopped. I tried to contact him for more than a month, but he is not answering at all. He has to pay me at least 12 BTC in fees I paid.
4  Economy / Computer hardware / [WTS] BFL Single FPGA 50 BTC on: November 21, 2012, 01:43:36 PM

I'm looking to sell a BFL single as per picture.

50 BTC shipped to North America.

5  Economy / Lending / Monthly deposits at 2% per month (400 BTC availability) on: September 27, 2012, 06:42:21 PM
Hello there,

I'm accepting monthly deposits paying 2%. 400 BTC availability at the moment.

Thank you.
6  Economy / Securities / [GLBSE] CIUCIU.MINING 0.1 BTC/ 26.88 MH/s shares with 1% dividend on: August 01, 2012, 05:10:26 PM
The shares are now available on GLBSE

"Each share will give his owner 1/37200 of the bitcoin production of a BitForce Mini Rig ‘SC’  by Butterly Labs.

The share price is set at 0.1 BTC. 7200 shares will be kept by the operator as operating costs.

Each share will receive 1% weekly dividend paid by the operator until the unit arrives. When the ASIC unit starts mining, the interest paid in advance be the operator will be deducted from the weekly profits. If the mining equipment is not delivered by then, the dividend paid will be reduced to 0.5% at the moment the bitcoin reward is halved.

Should mining become unprofitable or other circumstances cause the operator to be unable or unwilling to perform his duties, sale of all hardware and equal distribution of funds will commence according to the number of shares held by each individual."


Q: When will the first dividend payment be made?
A: All weekly dividend payments happen on Wednesday. The first payment will be on August 15th.

7  Economy / Securities / [CLOSED] CIUCIU.BOND on: July 26, 2012, 03:52:28 PM
2012/02/01 Claim process CLOSED! Please check your email you had registered with GLBSE and follow the instructions! Please claim by March 15th.

As you may know, the first emission of CIUCIU.BOND is now live on GLBSE

CIUCIU.BOND pays 1.1% of face value every Friday. Percentage will remain at 1.1%/week until the bond is bought back by the bond-issuer. Bonds will be issued at .1 BTC, and each share will pay .0011 BTC weekly. There is no limit on how many bonds may be issued, nor when they may be issued. Bonds can be issued and sold without warning by the bond-issuer at any price. Bonds cannot be sold back to the bond-holder except in case of a buyback. CIUCIU.BND does not have a set date of maturity.
The buyback price is set at 0.1011 BTC per share.
The bond-issuer is not permitted to change this contract at any time under any circumstance.

Thank you.
8  Economy / Computer hardware / [FOUND] BFL singles on: June 30, 2012, 01:27:40 AM

I'm looking to buy 2 BFL singles. Let me know what you have and your asking price.

Thank you.
9  Economy / Securities / [GLBSE] CLOSED THREAD on: June 25, 2012, 09:16:10 PM

As you may know, I submitted ASIC.COOP for IPO on Friday, requesting to go public after the minimum time allowed of three days. It got published only yesterday, to be live on Thursday.

Today, Inaba posted his company BFL.RIGS to go live tomorrow, without the need for 3 days as all the other companies. I know that my offering is an inconvenience for him, and I think GLBSE is giving him an unfair advantage.

Thank you.
10  Economy / Securities / [GLBSE] LIVE! CANMINE 0.3BTC 1MH/s MINING BOND WITH CLEAR PATH TO ASIC UPGRADE on: June 20, 2012, 01:03:59 PM
Hello bitcoiners,

22/06 The bonds are now listed on GLBSE

I would like to revive my mining bonds offering taking in to account the new ASIC development.
As you may know, I'm betting heavily against the biggest mining bonds on the market. In my COOP ASIC thread I received suggestion that the mining bonds who presently pay dividents are better than the future bonds. So, I offer you the one and only mining bond with ASIC safety net.

15000 bonds will be sold valued at 0.3 BTC each. Each coupon will be worth 1Mh/s.
The payments will be done from my 15Gh/s mining farm. I intend to start doing payments next Monday after IPO.

From the amount I raise, a third of it will stay in an open deposit making 1% weekly. When BFL or other ASIC producer starts taking preorders we will use the money to buy ASIC equipment. At the moment I receive the ASICS and I put them online, the bond will be upgraded with the exact capacity our reserve fund has bought.

I reserve the option to repurchase bonds at 105% of the highest traded price over the last 15 days.

Note: This investment bear risks! Do not buy bonds with money you can't afford to lose.

Now to the good things: Earlier adopters have chance to better returns until the tehnolgoy gets widespread. I'm sure BFL will give top delivery priority to cash orders, not to upgrades on which other operators base their offers.

Suggestions and advice are always welcome!

Now I have references!

- fulfilled mining contract for amazingrando
- my forsale thread:
- some other references:

Thank you.
11  Economy / Securities / ASIC.COOP ASIC MINERS COOPERATIVE on: June 16, 2012, 02:41:45 PM

12/07/2012 500 shares of ASIC.COOP have been sold. Thanks to all investors!

The IPO is now listed on GLBSE, under the ticker ASIC.COOP.[/b]

This is a project to buy the new announced ASIC miner from Butterfly Labs: BitForce SC Mini Rig 1TH/s, priced at $29,899.

You are buying shares in this unit so you own part of it. This provide piece of mind for future upgrades, but it also means that if the unit breaks we lose our investment.

I will operate the unit at my location. The weekly cost of operating the unit will be deducted from the earnings and the rest will be paid to the shareholders.

For the begining 5000 shares at 1BTC each will be sold.

Here is the IPO description for our COOP:

ASIC Miner COOP is a stock pool with the intention of acquiring ASIC (Application Specific Integrated Circuit) Bitcoin mining equipment. Our goal is to become one of the first in the market to begin mining operations based on ASIC technology, and to give the opportunity for investors to benefit from this technology.

The projected cost of mid to high level ASIC equipment can effectively block many small to mid size mining operations from acquiring these assets. ASIC Miner COOP will offer the ability for these operations and individuals to own dividend bearing stocks and voting rights in an ASIC mining operation.
Butterfly Labs™ has stated in their ASIC FAQ that projected availability will be in October of 2012. This information is subject to change and while ASIC Miner COOP has no control over order and shipping dates, the voting structure of the COOP will allow investors to take part in the decision making of the COOP. This structure allows the COOP flexibility and the ability to react to a changing market.

Pre-order investment funding will be placed in an interest bearing account at 1% weekly. The investment funds will be allowed to compound weekly, until the purchase order is placed with Butterfly Labs™ thus giving COOP and in turn the stockholders an immediate benefit above and beyond share pricing. If at any time it appears an adverse condition will occur with the acquisition of the ASIC equipment during the pre-order stage, a vote will be held to decide if liquidation or investment in other technology will occur.

Dividends will begin to be paid out after mining operations have begun, with all shares having equal standing. The COOP does not charge any load, and only operation costs are deducted from mining proceeds.

Decisions about investing part of the profits into interest bearing instruments to allow the COOP to invest in expansion of the operation will be done by a majority vote of the stockholders.

Addon: If the operator becomes unable to maintain the unit, he will transfer the unit to another member of the COOP after seeking shareholder approval.

IPO description proposal done by dreamwatcher.

Please discuss!

I setup a donation address for the 8BTC GLBSE fee: 15JLZpaYkXB942SoczNvHsXBsEJ8fcTA44
Please send a PM first with the amount you are donating.
First donors will get priority for buying shares.

Donors (not including myself):
pekv2 - 0.1  BTC
locust - 0.25 BTC
DutchBrat - 1 BTC
dreamwatcher - 8 BTC

Donations are closed we have the amount needed.
12  Economy / Long-term offers / CIUCIU'S Guaranteed Weekly Term Deposits at 1.5% [CLOSED AVAILABILITY] on: June 15, 2012, 01:11:38 PM

I'm accepting weekly BTC deposits for which I will pay 1.5%. The deposits are fully insured by me from my personal reserves, GLBSE investments and mining.

I was asked about the difference between CIUCIU.BOND and the 1.5% deposits. They will both be run on the same terms, just that the 1.5% deposits can be returned at any time and they have limited availability. CIUCIU.BOND does not have a buy buck date set and I can see it going at this rate for at least 6 months.

I do weekly interest payments, no compounding. Payments and withdrawals take place on Fridays. If you don't want your deposit public, tell me and I will remove your user name.

Thank you.

13  Economy / Lending / [Wanted to Borrow] BITBOND shares on: June 11, 2012, 03:02:05 PM
Looking to borrow 100 BITBOND shares. I will pay double the divident for the period I hold the bond.

14  Economy / Lending / [Wanted to Borrow] GIGAMINING shares on: June 11, 2012, 01:58:11 PM
Looking to borrow 100 Gigamining shares. I will pay double the divident for the period I hold the bond.

15  Economy / Computer hardware / [FS] Getting out of GPU mining sale!!! 7970s, BFL single on: June 03, 2012, 07:22:39 PM

I would like to sell the following video cards. Shipping is included for US and Canada.
Perfect working condition.

I will accept escrow with any free escrow provider stickied on the lending subforum, if you take care of it.

Thank you.

5. 2 ASUS HD 7970 -80 BTC shipped each or 155 BTC both SOLD
4. SAPPHIRE RADEON HD 5830 - 18 BTC shipped  SOLD
3. SAPPHIRE RADEON HD 5850 - 23 BTC shipped SOLD
2. SAPPHIRE VAPOR-X HD 5870 - 35 BTC shipped SOLD
1. ASUS HD 5870 - 35 BTC shipped  SOLD

16  Economy / Computer hardware / ASUS HD 5870 - 35 BTC shipped on: June 03, 2012, 06:33:27 PM

I would like to sell this card. Shipping is included for US and Canada.
Perfect working condition.

Thank you.

17  Economy / Lending / [FILLED] Lend me 42 BTC I will repay 43 BTC tomorrow! on: June 02, 2012, 04:21:46 PM

I need 42BTC for a payment. I will repay 43BTC tomorrow.

Thank you.
18  Economy / Computer hardware / [SOLD] 2 XFX HD 5870 - 75 BTC shipped on: May 29, 2012, 05:21:56 PM

I would like to sell these cards. Shipping is included for US and Canada.
Perfect working condition.
Reason for sale: upgrade.

Thank you.

19  Economy / Securities / [GLBSE] SHORTING ... paying 50% MORE DIVIDENT on: May 28, 2012, 04:04:48 PM
Looking to borrow GIGAMINING, BITBOND bonds.

Paying 50% more dividend as long as I keep the bond. Minimum term two weeks. The first payment will be prorated according with the day I receive the bonds. The payment day is Monday.

For contract terms, I propose using the following form:

"Upon acceptance of this contract, I will transfer (Number) (Name) mining bonds to your GLBSE account.

For as long as you hold the bonds, 1.5 the amount of any dividend these bonds receive goes to (Bitcoin address) within 24 hours of that dividend being paid out by the mining bond.

At any point in time you are allowed to send back any amount of these bonds to my GLBSE account and pay proportionally fewer dividends from that time on. If however the bond issuer paid dividends, but you are within the 24h window, you still have to pay the doubled dividend, even if you transfer the bonds back in that window.

I reserve the right to cancel this agreement and demand to have some or all (number) shares transferred back to my GLBSE account within 28 days (= not 28 business days, but 4 weeks) which are starting as soon as this demand is posted here in this thread by me. As long as the shares are not in my possession, you will still have to pay double dividends.

All payments have to be made via transactions, not via GLBSE transfers, because then they can be verified using the block chain. Should some rules above be broken (which is easily verifiable for anyone using publicly available information) I reserve to take actions including, but not limited to, asking for freezing the GLBSE account where bonds were sent and/or being reimbursed in bonds and/or bitcoin from the receiver of the bonds."
credit for writing this contract go to Sukrim


20  Economy / Computer hardware / [SOLD] ASUS HD 5970 - 75 BTC shipped on: May 23, 2012, 09:58:31 PM

I would like to sell this card. Shipping is free for US and Canada.

Thank you.

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