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1  Other / Beginners & Help / Suggestion Needed: where I can get free images to be used in writing. on: October 18, 2018, 05:24:07 AM
Hi All.

I am recently interested in writing and I noticed almost every article has some kind of image in it.
As far content is concerned, I am confident that I am able to create it but I am stuck with the image part. My research told me that there is lot of sites that offer free images or in subscription basis. Is it ok , if I use these free images?  or any other better option exist?

I will be writing as  amateur (not as professional,so will not like to throw some bucks.) My targeted platform is most likely Steemit or Medium.

Do you guys have anything to suggest me in this regard?
2  Other / Meta / What is difference in privilege of banned user vs Guest user in this forum? on: October 05, 2018, 06:44:07 PM
 I heard that banned user are able to login but not able to send the PM and write in this forum.

It makes me wonder is there is any difference between guest user and banned user?  Why forum allow login to them?
3  Other / Meta / How to unlock sMerits Potential and a step towards stopping Merit abuse. on: October 04, 2018, 06:47:44 AM
During my analysis in last thread sMerits,Merits and quality : Where the gap lies? , I come to the conclusion that not all the sMerits were used by Merit Sources. Merit Sources also have difficultly in finding the quality post in which they can award Merits. In short, We lost sMerits for that month and almost 2x Merits that can be potentially generated by them.

Instead of lapsing these sMerits, we can rollover these sMerits and equally distribute  these sMerits to the Merit sources who are able to use their quota fully. (Do not tell me that none of the Merit source is able to use his/her quota fully. In this case, we should increase Merit Source (not sMerits) so that we have more eyes to find a good post buried in spam for awarding Merits.)

Currently, Merit is somewhat analogous to the "Chain Effect" and stopping the chain (not able to award all sMerits) is somewhat hurting the system.

Second concern is related to the Merit abuse. It look like most of the air dropped sMerits are used but still some people have stock of them and they misuse them time to time. Now system is almost 9 month old, I think we should scrap all the airdropped sMerits and put them back in pool for Merit sources to award them.

I will also like to suggest to wipe the sMerits as Theymos wipes the Merit history in profile after 120 days. sMerits generated today should be used in next 120 days otherwise they will also move to sMerits allocation pool. If somebody have only .5 sMerits left then that user can be exempted and  user 120 days cycle will start when user have 1 sMerit to award.

We can also create a sMerit sink where user can dump their sMerits if they are feeling burden in awarding the Merits and these sMerits will again go and add up in sMerit allocation and equally distributed to the merit source.
4  Other / Meta / sMerits,Merits and quality : Where the gap lies? on: October 01, 2018, 09:31:04 AM
This thread is inspired by questions asked on my own thread Number of Merits generated (mathematically) ,sMerit participants – a worrying descending trend (!/?) by DdmrDdmr and a request for becoming "Merit Source" application that pops up in Meta every week.

I will  start with Merit Source "sMerits" and the potential to generate Merits mathematically, leaving all "Air dropped" merits behind.

When we have 80 merit source they have 17800 smerits =>  potential to generate 35588 merits.
When we have 84 merit source they have 19500 smerits =>  potential to generate 38998 merits. (Not sure about when they are increased
 in June or before, but they are definitely  increased  in July.)

When we have 120 merit source they have 23045 smerits =>  potential to generate 46088 merits.
(For understanding the calculation , visit  Number of Merits generated (mathematically) )

Now , I will like to use the below graph/image by DdmrDdmr to continue my analysis.

Awarded Merit graph

I will start analyzing data from month of April, believing in 2 months all "Air dropped" smerits were used. (I know my assumption is wrong but definitely majority of "Air dropped" sMerits were used.)

02-04-2018 to 29-04-2018 =6542+5946+4449+4820=21757 ( Potential unlocked 21757/35888*100 = 60.62 % +7%=67.62 (added 7% because data
                                                                                            is of 28 days period, instead of 30 )

For May month
30-04-2018 to 27-05-2018 = 5043+4685+4431+3903=18062 (Potential unlocked 18062/35888*100 = 50.32% +7% =57.32)

For June Month (partially includes May)
28-05-2018 to  24-06-2018 = 4248+4473+3953+4574=17248 (Potential unlocked 17248/35888*100 = 48.06% +7% =55.06)

For July Month.(include one week from June)
25-06-2018 to 22-07-2018 = 4684+4367+4109+4277=17437(Potential unlocked 17437/38998*100 = 44.71% +7% =51.71)

For August Month.(include one week from July)
23-07-2018 to 19-08-2018 =3809+3489+4199+3767=15264 (Potential unlocked 17437/38998*100 = 39.14% +7% =46.14)

For September Month.(include one week from August)
20-08-2018 to  16-09-2018 =3763+3136+3536+3586=14021 (Potential unlocked 14021/38998*100 = 35.95% +7% =42.95)

The percentage marked in red color simply means, that Merit generated overall are less than the quota of the Source merits. (Or not all sources used their source merits completely)

Before we all, start accusing Merit Sources for not using the source merit completely, I like you to look the below statements from them:

It's no good looking on the beginner's or discussion boards. They are all about bounty and air drops and social networking stuff. I'd like to award members that are interested in Bitcoin and reputable crypto currencies, but I've almost given up trying to find them.

I have the same problem.  I need to get rid of sMerit.

I'm far down on this list, but I definitely support newbies IF they make good posts.  I've been hunting outside of Meta lately, looking for good ones by lower-ranked members (not just Newbies) and they are hard to find--and then there's the issue of having to check for plagiarism before giving someone merit.  I got burned once on this and almost got burned a couple of times, and it's annoying to say the least.

Incompetent and lazy people always blame others for their poverty and lack of success. This forum has more members trying to help people than any other forum I can think of. Note the use of the word "trying", it's water, horses and drinking again, I've stopped trying to help thirsty asses, and spend time with the members who make their own way to the water holes.

The Merit system is working just fine! What you call "people who need them", I call spammers. They are the reason we have the Merit system, and it's designed so they won't rank up.
To me, it doesn't matter whether or not someone "needs" Merit, I give Merit if the post is worth it.

theymos suggested that I'd give merits to some newbies in the forum who make good posts, but then I don't wanna waste too much time looking at threads for hours just to find one.  

The newbies that are here to learn won't care about merits, the newbies who want to rank up quick for the bounty moniez will..

I've tried to help newbies but only end up meriting senior members.

I feel that I ought to help junior or new members, but they are either on ignore, or they are hiding from me. Smiley

With  50 done so far  about 20000 posts looked more then 16750 were bounty facebook twitter etc.

and at least 2750 were low quality junk

Say less then 500 have a little something worth while.

Those who will still say that there is lack of Merit is actually overlooking that there is lack of quality in this forum.

People still applying for Merit Source position (due to their claim that there local board lacks merit source, then below is the reply from Theymos)

Only a few local sections don't have sources now.

So, my conclusion is simple, we do not need more Merit sources but some motivators that can guide the forum from shit to good. I know , it is somewhat impossible task , if bounties and Sig campaign exist.

One suggestion from my side for those who are still applying for Merit source.
Instead of quoting 10 meritable post, just quote 10 user whom you changed from shit poster to average poster.

To all , still complaining for Merits, You have to raise the standards, There is very less possibility that Merit Sources will lower the standards,They might be happy to let their sMerits unused, instead of meriting low quality. You might be lucky to trick them(or other users) for 1,2 or 10 Merits but not for 100+ Merits.


5  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Altcoin Discussion / [Self Moderated] List of Bounties accepting Cooper member(Asking for Suggestion) on: September 23, 2018, 03:50:06 PM
 Hi All.

Few days ago Theymos demoted Jr. Member that do not have any Merits and suggested to buy Cooper membership.

Many of these limitations can be eliminated with a copper membership. In particular, you can set a signature at Member level if you wear a copper membership.

I just checked  few bounties but did not find any that is accepting Copper membership.
My idea is to create the list, so if you know any then reply here.

PS: Copper membership will not give you right to spam and post low value  post.
6  Other / Beginners & Help / [Motivation] A little extra effort will pay you in long run on: September 22, 2018, 02:05:25 PM
Feeling demotivated after recent rank demotion? Everybody says make good post but how to make good post?
With so many user do I really stand a chance?  Will I ever receive a Merit?

If you are struggling to find all the answer and thinking too much then let me help you.

1. Read,Read and Read more.
Read some books like Mastering  Bitcoin. Read articles from reputed site like coindesk and cointelegraph. Avoid reading from ICO promoting sites.
Forum has good source of information ,start with reading stickies in the forum

Reading will give you first hand knowledge in subject , vocabulary expansion  that  ultimately help you in writing good post.
What to avoid in reading : Speculative topic, Price discussions and thread after first 3 pages Conditions Apply*.

2. Show some posting etiquette:
Do not post in Mega threads, no body reads there, they are just farming grounds of activity
Before replying to OP, Read all the replies in thread.
Do not reply if you have nothing to add in  previous replies.
Do not post off topic replies.
While replying, do not quote the full post , Just quote the relevant part of the  post that you want to reply.
Check your reply for spelling errors and read it once before posting and read again after posting to check whether sentences are meaningful and making sense and everything you quoted is coming properly.
Address each other with their Forum names only, Be humble but use of "Sir" and  "Please" is not required. Make sure you have searched it yourself before asking in the forum.

3. Practice as Practice makes man Prefect.
There are boards like "Fit to talk" where you can practice. You can start your topic and reply on existing topic. Legendary member like Jet Cash and jackg
will help you by improving your already written post. So you can learn ,how to post better.

4. Diverse yourself in this forum.
For better use of forum, you should visit multiple boards in this forum. Do not get yourself stick in one board and be ignorant of others board. This will help you in learning different thing simultaneously.

5. Choose your signature campaign wisely.
Do not join a  campaign just for rewards. Join the campaign that suits your posting habits. Do not join campaign that ask for 25 post in a week when you are comfortable with 15 only. Instead join which ask for 10 only, that will give you a time to research.
Some campaign allow post in local board to be included so they can be a good option too.

6. Be Yourself
Do not try to chase Merits but try to gather knowledge. See what others are requiring and try to come up with a solution.
Take some initiative/or participate in initiative  that may bring good to forum. You might get insulted but there is no need to react on the insult.
Always work on developing your skills.

7. Put some little more effort.
A little extra effort will pay you in long run and I will explain this mathematically.
.01 is only 1% of 1.  If you see at a glance you will not say that .99 and 1.01 is a huge difference.

But a huge difference occurs when they are multiplied repeatedly.
(.99)100 = .3660
(1.01)100 = 2.704
(1)100  =1

1 % laziness repeated in 100 post reduce your chances of getting merit from 1 to .366 but in other hand 1% of extra effort repeated 100 times will increase your chances from 1 to 2.704.

This is important, because Merit giver/ source do look in the history of poster. You might not get Merit for your all posts but if some Merit source/giver decide to give you Merit than he/she might double up seeing your history. In other hand if your continuously making bad post then Merit source/giver can change its mind by seeing other bad posts.

 Few topics for your further reading:
TMAN's Guide for getting merits
Fit To talk project
Improve your English skills
Guides to earn Merit
Attitude matters

Edited: 1 and 2.
7  Other / Meta / Number of Merits generated (mathematically) on: September 20, 2018, 04:50:52 AM
There are 120 merit sources with a total merit generation of up to 23045 sMerit per 30 days

When 1 Merit is given it generate .5 sMerits. I found many times user trying to calculate like from 23045 will create 11522 and then 5761  and so on.
But they are not able to reach the number at end (after all the sum of halving merits).

So I decided to calculate it Mathematically. Since number of smerits will halved every time and 23045 is not perfectly divisible by 2.
We need to represent 23045 as sum of numbers that can be easily divisible by 2 at every stage till we reach Merit 1 .

In other words, first we need to put 23045 as sum of numbers in power of 2

23045 = 16384+4096+2048+512+4+1
23045= 214 + 212 + 211 + 29 +22 +20

Now we start with  214 i.e  16384 and check how many merits it can generate.

16384 + 8192   + 4096 + 2048 +1024 + 512 + 256 + 128 + 64 +32 + 16 + 8 + 4 + 2 + 1 =  32767
Similarly, for other terms
4096 + 2048 +1024 + 512 + 256 + 128 + 64 +32 + 16 + 8 + 4 + 2 + 1 =                              8191
2048 +1024 + 512 + 256 + 128 + 64 +32 + 16 + 8 + 4 + 2 + 1 =                                          4095
512 + 256 + 128 + 64 +32 + 16 + 8 + 4 + 2 + 1 =                                                                1023
4 + 2 + 1 =                                                                                                                                7
1=                                                                                                                                              1

So sum of these number will be  32767+8191+4095+1023+7+1=46084
Since we have 6 number that make up to the sum of 23045 , so  we get 6/2 =3. and further 3/2 =1
You might be wondering why I did not use same formula for 6 (22+21 ) because 6 is converted to merit ,it is not smerit anymore.

So in total 46084+3+1 = 46088 Merit will be generated Mathematically.

This all calculation is derived by using the fundamentals of Geometric Progression and sequence, their nth term and sum till the nth term.

Some links to understand Geometric Progression are here  and  here and here

Tabular Data of the Calculation

Hope you all enjoyed the calculation.

PS: 46088  is mathematically feasible and maximum limit that can be generated if we used all source merit but actual number can be less or more because many users will left with residual smerits but this residual smerit can be used next time when they receive a single merit or odd number of merits.

8  Other / Meta / Theymos started sharing one more merit stats on: September 19, 2018, 11:54:58 PM

Theymos started sharing a new stats as below. (Top users who send merit to permabanned user, though it is not clear in this list whether user was already banned when merit was given or banned later on.);stats=topsendban

9  Bitcoin / Development & Technical Discussion / Are Blocks in blockchain are indexed ? on: September 18, 2018, 02:54:45 AM
When we do a transaction then it is made sure that whatever we are going to send to receiver are unspent outputs (UTXO). It means it need to be scanned in entire blockchain that it is not spent.
But I see that transaction are validated within a seconds (or few seconds). Since blockchain size is now is 170 GB plus so it look to me quite a fast speed to traverse all blocks in blockchain.

I understand each block has address of the previous block  so do it have kind of index to reach that last block and we traverse all block one by one?
10  Other / Meta / One pager for newbies on: September 15, 2018, 10:56:59 PM
Hilariousandco suggested that we should send a one pager that we can send to the newbies registering in this forum and this seems to be general consensus of this forum too. I attempted to create a one pager .

Please feel free to give your suggestion, I want to keep it as a size of one page of word document and incorporating all important points.
11  Other / Serious discussion / Welcome to the Bitcointalk on: September 15, 2018, 09:27:24 PM
PS: This is one pager, it exact size is one page of Word document, so please stop comparing with Lauda article.
      If you find first post having too many words and difficult to read then read second post (Version 2)
     Why I created one pager , please read the explanation here

                                     One Pager for Bitcointalk Forum      

Dear User, Heartily welcome to the forum and  hope you will  have a pleasant stay in this forum.

Before you start using this forum it will be good if you get acquainted with the forum rules. The comprehensive list of rules can be read at Unofficial forum rules but  few point you should always keep in mind as majority of users got banned by posting plagiarized content , posting low value, pointless or uninteresting posts , participating in  altcoin giveaway thread or when posting some fishy or suspicious link in this forum so all these activities are strict no.

Before posting your query in this  it is advisable to search your query in this forum. You can use  forum search engine as described in this How to search in this forum guide  or simply use any other available search engine in internet by using format of <query > Also make sure that you are posting your query/discussion thread on the relevant board of the forum. While querying or taking part in discussion please make sure that your post language and discussion board language are same otherwise your post will be deleted.

It is very important for you to get familiarize with various discussion boards of this forum. The brief details of each board of the forum is available on  Unofficial forum rules (yes,same thread contain both rules and description of various forum boards)  . It will help you in posting your query in correct board and help you to get  faster response. It will also help you to know that which board you should visit for the particular discussion or service that you are looking.

Every Board has some sticky topics that are relevant to that specific board. Please pay attention to these sticky topics because most of the newbies/basic questions are already answered there.These sticky topics are rich source of information and they will certainly help you.

Forum is basically a discussion board where users express their opinion freely and there are various boards in forum where bitcoin/altcoin/monetary transaction also take place. Users are requested to do some fact checking before believing in anybody here and advised to use escrow when doing transactions with other user. Forum is not responsible for the scam happened in this forum.

It is in your best interest to safeguard your account. A detail guide for safeguarding your account is available as [Guide] Bitcointalk account security . Currently account recovery took much time and a lot of manual effort  so avoid losing your account by doing silly mistakes.

Forum currently provide a very unique opportunity to participate in the bounty and signature campaign here and earn some bitcoin and altcoins but make sure you follow the Signature guidelines and make sure you know what you are advertising in your signature.

Everybody is expected to be following the forum rules but if you find some post/topics are in violations of forum rules then please feel free to press “Report To Moderator” and this Reporting Guide will help you in reporting effectively.

PS: This post/document/one pager contains hyperlinks to the other post and it is highly recommended to read those post also that are getting referred here.
12  Other / Meta / Very motivated to create account here. on: September 15, 2018, 07:51:20 AM
Few days back I reported a user in LoyceV thread for spamming.
Today I am just checking if the user is banned or not and I found out that user is banned but user created at least 5 more accounts to join this forum.

What a high level of motivation for doing shit posting.

13  Other / Meta / Is this can be reported as Plagiarism on: September 12, 2018, 05:03:27 PM

Some body created a post ""  copied from other site but as a source OP just put a below disclaimer.

source : blockchainhub

My reasoning is that disclaimer does not help me to redirect to original article nor it is giving the direct path of the article. I somewhat assume it as a form of plagiarism, (Non clickable or no direct link.)

What you guys think of it? 

14  Other / Meta / User Creating Multiple thread, When all can be said in one thread. on: September 09, 2018, 04:03:04 PM
I found the harjiy creating multiple thread about ApolloX   . 

Go through the  last topics   started by this user , all for ApolloX   putting some information and proceeds on creating another thread. Look like probable case of signature spamming .

Can we demand the ban of profile?
15  Other / Beginners & Help / Is there any progress Release by bitcoin development Community on: September 09, 2018, 03:27:13 PM
 There re so many technological implementation like Lightning Network  and Schnorr signature will take place in future. I understand the repository is available at ""  but is there any weekly or Monthly update by Bitcoin Development community that announce about the progress of projects or expected go live of a implementation.

In short, how Bitcoin Development share the progress to the general masses?
16  Other / Meta / Advisory for Altcoins Boards and request for sticky thread on: September 05, 2018, 05:38:13 PM
While visiting the the Altcoin Announcements (tokens too), Bounties and Service Discussion , I noticed there is no warning thread pinned that warn the investor that nothing in this board  (or any Altcoin) is endorsed by this forum and everybody is free to announce their altcoin here without any restrictions. Forum do not give any kind of advisory that Investment should be done after "DYOR". I think even it is not binding , but forum should put advisory thread in all the boards where monetary transaction can take place or threads created for investment and monetary gains.

I saw many users like ICOEthics and Coolcryptovator are doing a very good job in exposing scam. I agree scam accusation should go on scam accusation board
but I like to request a sticky thread  in Altcoin/Token Announcement board with title like "ICO tht are accused of scam" where user can put the name of ICO and their link to their scam accusation thread. It will really help everybody in searching  the name of scam ICO easily.

Coolcryptovator also created a guide but I do not for how many days it will come in first page Guidelines, how to spot a scam ICO & report effectively. ✔  so I like  to request for the sticky for thread like this or create a very generic thread as a sticky where we can put link of all these tips and technique for busting scam ICO.

Hoping a positive response from mprep  and Welsh.

17  Other / Serious discussion / Is HODL is a good policy? on: August 27, 2018, 07:16:49 AM
HODL is very popular in Bitcoin world and word come into existence when a bitcoin believer  GameKyuubi   misspelt the word HOLD under the influence of alcohol urging fellow bitcoiners not to sell their bitcoin in the crashing market but instead wait for market to recover.

The misspelt word got the fancy of many and HODL stratergy born which simply means to hold your bitcoin in all circumstances. Ironically it is in total contrast with the situation where  laszlo  offered 10000 bitcoins for pizza.

Bitcoiners start popularizing the HODL strategy so much that it raise an important question whether it is a good stratergy or not. First of all,HODL is not a new concept, whenever the market tanks experts always suggest not to panic sell but advice to buy more of stock in cheap to average out and get more gains when market stabilize.

HODL as a concept or stratergy is not at all beneficial to bitcoin ecosystem. Bitcoin is a currency and currency needs to flow, be part of the transactions, involving more and more people using the currency.If nobody use it as a currency then it will just become a speculative asset. Technically Bitcoin network need transactions to keep the miners engaged because block rewards are going to half after every 4 years and Satoshi believed that earning from transaction fees will keep the miners incentivized in future.If there is no transaction fees for miner to earn then why miner will be supporting the network. If there is no network then there will be no Bitcoin, So HODL principle is basically against the Bitcoin network as well as the satoshi dream.

We exactly need a eco system in which we can earn the bitcoin, spend the bitcoin and save some for our future uses. It is similar system to fiat but instead earning in fiat we need to earn in bitcoin.This will hep us to constantly keep earning the Bitcoin and make us free from worry that what is the price of bitcoin against USD and we will be saving in a global currency. HODL mentality will not allow this ecosystem to be active.

In the end, by HODL you might have saved your investment in troubled time but if you think instead of HODL if you tried to average out your Bitcoin or just doubled up then you will be more happier and have more Bitcoin to transact.

So say no to HODL instead try to earn it and spend and  let the currency keep flowing.

Disclaimer: This is the original post by me though I first posted it in Fit to Talk Board.
18  Other / Beginners & Help / Don't buy steemit accounts from others, buy it officially and legally on: August 26, 2018, 09:28:44 PM
I recently found in Services section of this forum that people are buying and selling newly created Steemit account.

Generally creating account in Steemit requires wait period of 2 weeks and authentication by providing email and phone number.
But good news is that you can create account by paying fees itself in instantly and without providing any email and phone number (same as in Bitcointalk) .

Steps to follow.
1. Go to the url ""

2. As in Step1 there choose the username from all available usernames. If you buy accounts from other I do not guess you will get freedom of choosing the account name yourself. Make sure you copy the password of Steemit in safe place (as in Step 2). If you forgot the password of your Steemit account then forget your account too. Steemit do not have any "Forgot Password" utility.

3. In step 3, You need to download the password backup file. Step 4 is the actual step where you pay the actual fees. This fees can be paid in multiple crypto currencies includind Bitcoin,litecoin,dash,ethereum, dogecoin, bitshares , Steem Dollars etc. Currently fees is fixed at 6.1 Steem having 2 Steem  in your account. For payment in other currency payment value will fluctuate as per the steem value. For doing transation, you need to click "Get Deposit address" and make sure you are sending same type of payment in that deposit address that you have selected as payment method.

Once transaction completes , you will get an instant Steeemit account for blogging.
So Happy Steeming.
19  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Altcoin Discussion / Is Buying Steem Dollars (SBD) looks a good choice. on: August 12, 2018, 10:15:18 PM
All  altcoins are bleeding now including SBD. Is it good opportunity to invest in Steemit platform.
Did anybody benefited there without investing there. Look like they have too much bots ,paid upvotes and likes and hardly anything for a good content.
So I think only few might able to succeed there without investing.
20  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Altcoin Discussion / How to invest in Crypto currencies without fiat. on: August 12, 2018, 03:34:15 AM
Sometimes people want to invest in crypto currencies but they are little skeptical about it and do not want put their funds in cryto currencies with all the FUD surrounding us.There is also possiblity that you want to invest but you are running low in funds for investment.
So here are some of my suggestion to earn some crypto currency.

1. Freelance parttime work.
You can take some small assignment that pays in crypto currency to earn some currencies. You can check with your skill set in Services section in this forum or in reddit(r/Jobs4Bitcoins).
You can post your own advertisement for hire that you think is not listed in these sites.
It is sad that XBTFreelancer has stopped new signup.

2. If you own business.
You can start accepting the payment for your articles in Crypto currency. Benefit of accepting the crypto currency is that you will earn the crypto currency as well new customer base who re also looking for business establishment that accepts Crypto.

3. Bounties and Airdrop.  
If you are not able to fit in any of the above ctegories then you can try Bounties and airdrop. But accept bounties that pay some established crypto currencies.

4. Faucet and PTC sites.
A big no for them but still you want to try faucets then I can say to try faucets. Most of the faucets uses coinhive scripts that just drain your system resources and might introduce you to the virus also.

5. Try to sell your stuff for crypto currency.
You can sell your stuff in Goods board for crypto currency in this forum. Now Craiglist also give option to sell your stuff in crypto currency.

Another way to get cryptocurrency is accepting advertisement services payable via crypto on your sites. You can Google it to find them, some of them are Bitmedia (, Coinzilla ( and so on. I never try them by myself though, so please do your own research.

Please feel free to add, if you have some more ideas of getting crypto currency without fiat.
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